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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/122889625162?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 Hello Everyone! Got too ambitious for my own lack of wanting to paint GB miniatures, so I am selling my Union team on eBay, and am including all of the exclusive stuff I got from Steamcon USA (namely the cards for Harry and A&G).
  2. General Question about Death on the Pitch (fluff)

    True... But then the fluff even said they followed the "old way" or something like that. I can buy in to the fact that they don't have the same respect for other guilds. Do they even have a seat in the shadow games?
  3. General Question about Death on the Pitch (fluff)

    Here is my opinion, for better or worse: In season 1, Shark had the opportunity to attack someone with his spear, but used the blunt end to knock them out (if i remember correctly), which matches up with the fluff posted by @Ik-tornado. Similarly, Ox was taken by surprise when snakeskin took it too far and repeatedly stabbed Brisket. Even boar, a person the fluff says plays the game for the sake of the blood sport, slammed Kraken's head into the ground until he would out cold, but didn't kill him. My point is that the fluff gave multiple examples where players had these deadly weapons but chose to only use them to the point of just removing someone's ability to play. Even Ox, the player from one of the deadliest guilds, was clearly taken aback and offended when a fake fish player took a take-out too far and almost killed Brisket. There seems to be an underlying tone that with no interference from the shadow games, players don't go killing other players outright. It's like a delicate balance between life or death, with a physicians guild ready to cauterize your wounds and fill you with blood in 10 minutes so you can run back out to the pitch. No concussion scandal here. Thus, my order would be: 1) MOST players display mutual respect on the pitch unless told otherwise, thus, players pull punches 2) FEAR of retaliation (e.g. Ox and the Fish Guild Season 1) 3) The physicians Guild skill (although this is much more minor) EDIT: Changed out Fillet for Brisket
  4. SteamconUS

    Don't think so by the way it seems. Just go to Oak Hall early to get a seat
  5. What I want to know is how you all (The Strickly the Worst Crew) view the new deployment mandate gametype affecting the macro trend of ball killing. With the new proposed game type of three distinct deployment zones, my limited understanding of the game would suggest that ball killing would be tougher to achieve. More specifically, putting the ball in a corner would be thought to do with a striker starting the game at the half way line. Putting the ball on a striker who will boot it down the field is also more of a moot point considering the players are forced to be staggered. If this game type became a legal tornament play type, and was put into that "hyperbolic chamber," would it fair better in terms of promoting a ball play game. Finally, I just have to mention that I firmly agree with the statement made that negative play experience in Guild Ball seems to be commonly mitigated by experience... The first time Shark Timewalked my team, all I could think was "well damn" my turns over... After that, I drafted teams and allocated influence to make the most out of that turn and have successfully shut down some good Shark players. Obviously this does not apply to all examples (such as macro level ball killing). As as far as the cast goes, I find you all to be rockstars. Frankly, I'm not the worst player out there but the tips you offer with or without Jordan help me to become an "above average" player. Keep on doing what your doing and don't forget that not everyone will like you. Finally, last thing... thank you a million times over for the tip about knowing what your team is designed to do a few casts back. Let's also hope your comment of a 2" Melee Granite will come true one day...
  6. So as an experienced Mason's, fish, alchemists, and union player, I finally got the chance to put fillet on the table. I was so excited to get her into combat. At the end of my first combat with fillet, four morticians suffered the take out condition on one turn. It all felt too easy, and Fillet felt broken. The whole ride home, I was on an emotional high, that is until I realized that blood rain does 2 damage to the TARGET and bleeding to everyone within 3", but NOT 2 damage to everyone. I have never played with a more broken player that game as I neted 36 damage illegally... ? Lesson learned
  7. Looking for a Normal Honour in Metal, Resin, or Kick Off plastic. Since this is not a limited edition, I am hoping for more reasonable offers. Thanks!
  8. Sorting out the tournament nine

    Frankly, I'm more successful playing beat down with Masons over Butchers when I play not because of inexperience, but because of the low momentus results on Masons play books. The trick is you have to rethink doing damage, e.g. Hardly ever charging into combat, usually favoring walking in. As such, I net one more attack, all my damage is momentus, and the damage is usually stacked with Hammer Time or Tooled Up. so a picture perfect turn imo with hammer would be first activation punishing March (if needed), and iron fist, then walk into combat and take 1KD when possible. Moreover, with 5 attacks, I use hammer to push an opponent into a Crowdout bonus to make matter worse for them. The bonus to this is hammer with tough hide can take a beating and if an opponent dodges away, I just Hammertime and use the influence left on him on other Masons on the field with maxed out influence, specifically mallet since he came ignore unpredictables and dodges with his 3 inch melee. In a nut shell, all the Masons seem to work this way. To me they feel like butchers with armor edit................. when the Masons momentum train starts and naturally stack 5, or expect to get 5+ Through the course of my activation, I start taking non-momentus results to punish people since their top of playbook damage results are no joke
  9. Sorting out the tournament nine

    I finally came up with my 9 The Base of my team: Hammer and Honour: As everyone else has suggested, I like the flexibility of two Captians Marbles: I love Wrecker, but this Guild requires sacrifice, and I find that flexibility in my Team Roster has more utility than another Mascot Brick: Usually a first pick for me. Not always, but the majority of the time, Marbles and Brick feel like a bad infomercial where I "set it and forget it" Old Harmony: The Synergy between Honour and Old Harmony can set you up for early takeouts that the opponent can't stop. Even stacking 10 influence on these ladies can come out with Net benefit if the takeout causes the opponent to loose allocated influence. Plus, when they follow each other, the Masons momentum train starts leaving station ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Toolbox: I find with the rest of my 9, I am always picking to address problems I predict on a given match-up. Thus, I consider the rest of my players like a tool-box to be utilized in the right drafting situation. Flint: If I want to have another serious goal threat on the board, especially if Honour and Harmony are not present Tower: If I am expecting more of a scrum on the pitch rather than a football game. Mallet: Easily my favorite Mason. Mallet is my super efficient set up piece. With one-two influence, I can usually get off what I need to get done, with momentum to match the expenditure. 3" Tackle and Pass, Singled Out Knocked Down, Smashed Shins and Something Else. He sees most games ...and on the fence between: Minx: Super efficient player who can get work done with the influence she is given or simply give influence to players better positioned to get work done and Snakeskin: I would honestly not take snakeskin in as many match-ups as Minx, but I can see the benefit in running her into Football teams given their prevalence in the current meta and spending 3 influence to effectively kill the ball for a long time on her. I can't decide who is better for the team, but I am leaning more towards Minx for the efficiency. Full disclaimer is that I have not played with Chisel yet, so I fear my 9 may change, I just don't know who Chisel would replace. I will say that the only problem with Masons is that no matter what, when drafting it is almost impossible to not broadcast your team. If I ever choose OHarmony, I will most likely choose Honour, then most likely Brick... Its ironic that I often choose my Captain first for that reason (you know, get the obvious choices out of the way first).
  10. What's the best attack you've ever made?

    Maybe my favorite attack/best attack is not as exciting, but it was my first season three game, butchers in the engineers. It wasn't so much the attack itself, but the absurd nature of the after affect. I gave boar swift stance from boiler, and charged a full ballista within range of the owner, after leaving him on around 2 or 3 and KD-ed, my buddy charged me. I don't remember who it was, but I remember the look on his face when I defensive stanced against his charging engineer and he failed to get a single hit on a Defense 5 brisket, oh I mean boar... :-) Its the small things, right?
  11. Theme Songs for the Guilds

    Whenever I roll my last dice of a winning game: All I Do Is Win, DJ Khaled. I throw the dice, turn and walk away... Rage: He is a nut job so I think: In the Begining, K'Naan Boar: Killing in the Name Of - Rage Against the Machine 4:35 in exactly (explicit material) Midas: The Man. Aloe Blacc
  12. Second wave - mascot +

    I don't think that if Honour made an appearance on the team that she would have to be a Captain. In the fluff, don't all of the fish see ol' Greyscales as a leader of sort on the team even if he doesn't have the official title. We could be dead wrong and this player's name is actually Pumpkin Slice, the Slow One, but I just have a feeling that SFG would benefit to tie this guild to their existing character portfolio through a dynamic in the story. Just to add to my theory and if my memory serves me right, SFGs stated on Guild Ball Tonight during the plastics episode that people cared more about the story, cinematic plays, and the game balance. It would make sense for them to tie in a character that people are bonded to. As for her game play, this makes perfect sense... I personally think that Season 1 Brisket doesn't look anything like Seasoned Brisket
  13. Second wave - mascot +

    Maybe, but the last fluff game she was in she got bashed up. Plus, ox came back as a standard player after getting beaten up himself (captivity). SFG seems to establish the notion that anything is possible... Just seems to be a reasonable possibility
  14. Second wave - mascot +

    Buddy of mine said that the dual axed woman with ankle and chest armour looks shockingly like someone called Honour...