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  1. szendroib

    Theron team in season 4

    Hello! In season 3 I was playing mostly Theron, but in season 4, I still struggle to find the perfect Theron team, like I had in s3. So what team setups did you guys tried that worked well with Theron?
  2. szendroib

    So... Vitriol...

    To be fair in the s4 lineup thread almost everyone plays Smoke as she is a much better captain in most cases. I still like Midas since he was my first captain in the game, but I think that outside of his +1 kick he became even weaker in some scenarios than in season 3. His main appeal is that he can brute force a goal with 6 inf, and support the team a little. But I think Smoke is a better football captain than Midas usually, and even if you play ball with her team she has a much stronger plan B. Now that I cried myself out, with Midas I find that Vitriol is super valuable, as you already have a 1" striker who can get the ball from almost anyone (Midas). So I bring Vitriol and Crucible with him. The 3 of them can play the football game quite well, and the girls are quite inf efficient with 3-3 inf. The lineup I try for now is Midas, Vitriol, Crucible, Flask, Mercury, and oKat or Venin. I personally don't like oKat that much, and wouldn't play him against teams with 2"+easy KD enemies, but sometimes he can be useful.
  3. szendroib

    Alchemist ball ideas

    My ball idea was some stone that the alchemists created during their practices, so I've went to a hobby shop and bought a pack of glass pearls. I combined it with my other idea, that Katalyst kicked the ball with full force and its buried in the pitch, and voila: Oh yeah and I love the gelatinous cube idea mentioned in this topic, I might try that one aswell :).
  4. szendroib

    Possibly tweeks in S4

    Too bad that you get her playbook with it aswell :D.
  5. szendroib


    I have to agree, she makes me excited to play some games with Midas before season 4 (but won't invest too much effort, since a lot will change in some months it seems). But mostly, she just made me super pumped for season 4 alchemists :).
  6. szendroib

    Ratcatcher's hopes for s04

    I'm not sure ratcatchers will be changed this soon, they might have been designed with s04 in mind, and they are at a good place atm. That said Bonesaw and vGraves should be buffed/tweaked for both guilds, no question there :).
  7. szendroib

    szendroib's guilds

    Wow, pictures got really pixelated during size reduction . I might try to convert them with something else and replace them :D. EDIT: realized I can add links to the pictures, so changed them to better ones :).
  8. szendroib

    szendroib's guilds

    I've bought my engineers half-painted, so I'll only show the 2 figures I did myself, and my kit bashed + green stuffed Colossus proxy. (we all know, the only reason behind re-releasing the old guilds with new models is to fix the silly looking Colossus model):
  9. szendroib

    szendroib's guilds

    Theron and his boys (and Zarola). Chaska got an owl, little did I know back than, that Minerva will have one too, but at least they have something to talk about now: Lots of details were lost on vet Minx's skull helm, but oh well : And now, something new. These alchemists were my first painted Guild Ball figures, only Venin is recent, since he is my secret weapon and he deserved to get a paintjob:
  10. szendroib

    szendroib's guilds

    Hello! I have finished painting my hunters (technically I'm missing Ulfr and vet Hearne, but they haven't earned their colors yet ), so I thought it's time sharing my painted guild ball minis. I have 3 teams I really enjoy playing: hunters, alchemists, and engineers, and I keep alternating painting figures from these guilds, so the progress was quite slow :). Let's start with the hunters: My goal post, trap-ball marker, and first batch of the players. I've seen the idea for Skatha's hair in this topic I think, and really liked it. She has ice at her feet, but It really doesn't show on the picture :D. Hearne has a little badger companion, but as it turned out it's really hard to photograph snow bases in white light :D. Egret and her animal pals: Sorry for the repeat, but the forum always attaches this picture to the end of the post
  11. szendroib

    List choices v Alchemists

    I think Friday is really strong against teams that want to play ball, maybe a little too good combined with Esters (6/1 at least for the legendary turn, if you want to use her ability for damage during the other turns). This team setup has one of the best ball killing in the game, can kill 1-2 models a turn, they can clean the conditions against Smoke, and tough hide/glut mass is great against alchemists limited damage game. It's still possible to win for the alchemist player, but it's an uphill battle for them. One thing to watch out as the brewer player is when to go for the goal kick with Friday. The optimal is for the last 4 points, because otherwise you give up the ball and Friday might be too ahead of the team next turn for a vet. Katalyst kill + a return goal. Just keep her and Spigot at the back until it's time :).
  12. szendroib

    The Goal Post Thread

    The previous hunter goal post is so cool, gave me some ideas for future projects :). In the meantime, my winter themed hunter goal post (some kind of druidic nature altar for the Moon Goddess):
  13. szendroib

    List choices v Alchemists

    I don't play brewers, but played against them as alchemists often. After vDecimate, I think Esters is the obvious captain choice, she is good against both captains now. My fellow alchemists will hate me, but I would change Stoker to Friday, to destroy their game. Stand her in cover, or near your other figures so the alchemist receive some dice penalty, and they won't have too much chance to tackle it from Friday's 5/1 or 6/1, cover, and minus dice. If you place your tough hide models in the way of vet. Katalyst, he will have a hard time killing anything, because his usual hit deals 2 damage instead of 4 against tough hide. If the enemy brings oKatalyst just KD him with a 2" figure from reach, and he is not that scary. So if you control the ball wisely, the alchemists will have to rely on huge luck spike on their dice to tackle the ball (and not loosing it to counter attack or disengage), and tough hide kills their plan B pretty well. One solution against this playstyle that was mentioned on our forum against this was for the alchemists to bring Decimate, and try to thousand cuts Friday while she is only 5/1, but the alchemist must have Decimate in his/her roster, and pray for a 5 to have a game plan for the turn.
  14. szendroib

    Possibly tweeks in S4

    I've played quite a lot of hunters recently, and they are my favorite team at the moment. I think Theron is at a really good spot right now strength wise, but usually when I win with Skatha it's because my opponent made a mistake (or missed a goal). That said I didn't practice her that much as Theron, but her team is quite handicapped compared to the "A team". I think the greatest problem with hunters lies in their design. I feel like all our playbooks are tailored with snared enemies in mind, and other models like Skatha are having additional handicaps, because of her fast ground, etc. This stops snared being a fun and unique boon to the team, and makes it into a tax you have to apply to do anything well. I feel like this mechanic is balanced well for a Theron team, since they hand out snared like candy. On the other hand a Skatha team doesn't have too much easy to hand out snared options, and other guilds started getting "free" condition removals in the new boxes, that makes her life even harder. This leads to my wish for S4 hunters: if nothing else, please look into the tackle potential of the team. Looking through our figures, the best we get is T on column 2 and 3, having TAC 4 or 5 on these figures. This means if the enemy simply parks a 4/1 figure in cover, we have to roll 3 success out of 4 die to tackle the ball, and this is one of the better chances for tackleing in the team without snared (even with 5 dice, T against 4/1 is 50%, and it usually just gets worse). I think little changes would go a long way to help our ball game, like our better ball players getting +1 TAC (they probably wouldn't turn into damage machines, but slight playbook changes could be needed). If I could have 2 wishes, the second would be to give us answer for some matchups, that I think is really one sided if an experienced player plays the other team. Some of these matchups for me is Esters brewers (Friday+Esters+Spigot), Hammer masons (might get better with falconers ranged help, but he is pretty much untouchable in melle if the enemy is clever), and Pin Vice engineers (can't really get ball against two 5/0 and close control, and inf is usually not enough to kill reanimated figures when snared is lost). Some quick character improvement ideas, but I don't have that much useful ones Skatha: give her +1TAC, and maybe +1MOV, and as others said let her bless herself. Theron learned how to do it aswell :). Snow: I started to use her when I want to play ball, since feral instincts boosts our chances a lot. That said, I don't want to pay 1 inf for it, other mascots can do stronger things for free. Either let her do it for free, or if that would be too much, stick an oktoberfest hat on her and change it to a free +1TAC like Quaff Egret: I agree with light footed, and if possible +1 TAC (might get too much if Snow can hand out 1 aswell) Seenah: Compared to other guilds characters with free charge and huge damage, she just feels really lacklustre, maybe forget about the +VP and make her feel more like the rampaging bear she is? I think she would need more damage at the top of her playbook (I know, but if the enemy is snared, we can't get more damage since it's easier to reach), OR she should bring inf. But the best would be a complete overhaul :). Zarola: at first I didn't really used her, now she is the MVP in most of my games. Just remove her playbook alltogether, it confuses new players. But in all seriousness as someone mentioned previously, vet. Hemlock showed us that Zarola could still improve a lot, and SFG was a little too cautious when the hunters were designed. Ulfr: No matter how many times I try him, I always feel he is just one inf short to do what I want him to. Either he runs out of inf to kick, or if you want to get momentum, you can't improve your kick, or by the time Skatha gives him fast ground + dodge the ball carrier just walks away, etc. He is usually good for 1 goal, but playing him is more like a necessity, since we don't really have other options (Jaecar is fast and shoots at 8, but 2 kick is quite bad if your win conditions are goals). He would be infinitely more fun if he had a T+1 damage result in one of his columns, or a <+1 damage maybe. I think it would fit with his theme, and pulling it off would feel great aswell.
  15. szendroib

    Midas vs brewers

    Thousand cuts is actually a great idea, but it's really hard to hit from playbook to avoid the 6 def. Maybe if you charge and the enemy doesn't have mom to def stance. But even if you hit it, Friday can just move away from your strikers after it, since she is really fast. I'll keep it in mind anyway, because it seems like the best solution for now. Maybe vet. Calculus will have some nice football abilities like most of the new players.