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  1. szendroib

    Midas vs brewers

    It's a really bad matchup, especially since vDecimate arrived and Esters got more pupular. Esters, Spigot and Friday can just keep the ball with 6 def and 1 armor in a scrum, and you can't really do anything about it expect hope for a spike of 6-es. It either happens or it doesn't (usually it doesn't). I find this Friday combo quite broken tbh, more than vDecimate. It was there before, but Esters and brewers got way more popular since vDecimate, and most of my games are against Brewers now either with alchemists or hunters (hunters have even less chance to get the ball, but at least they can fight dirty). Other problem with alchemists vs brewers is the tough hides. The only target for vKatalyst is basically Spigot, and he can stay at the back. So if Brewers want you can't really play ball, and you can't really use vKat either. The matchup can still be won, but it's really an uphill battle.
  2. szendroib

    Resin Hunters

    I have to agree, that Zarola is the only one I like better than the original. Most of the metal hunters have that calm feeling like they are waiting for their prey, and it really fits the team. These sculpts are in silly action poses, and it doesn't really fit them. I really like the tree goalpost, but I just created a custom goalpost for the team. And I have a custom build trap-ball aswell :D.
  3. szendroib

    Getting value from oKatalyst

    He was great in scrums before the Harry nerf, but at this point every time I choose him he is just a liability. There are so much 2 inch characters with low KD in the game now, that he becomes quite useless when he gets KD-d by any of them from their reach. I might see reason to bring him in a 3 goal oriented Midas team, since his fire spreading ability is quite good if he can charge in, and his KD is useful aswell. That team would want to win quite fast, so oKat probably wouldn't spend half the game lying on the pitch, and making himself useless by removing conditions. My best advice would be to leave him as your last character choice, and if the enemy team doesn't counter him hard, you can try and ply him. Otherwise just pick the veteran version, you will surely have conditions in your team to make him work. That said, don't take my words granted, as far as I know everyone has a preferred Katalyst, it just depends on playstyle :).
  4. szendroib

    Struggling with vKat

    One tip (it doesn't help with the first kill) is that after you got a witness me, if you play smart the second one is actually easyer. When vKat comes back, he can be back in the game surprisingly fast. He jogs in 5 inch, there are 2 initiative cards that give him +2 inch, and his threat is 10. So if you use the previous turn to set up 1 or 2 enemies, they usually cant't hide. Your job is just to make sure you farm momentum to possibly start, and move the enemies into position. One thing that you MUST watch out for, is vKat not to get tied up by a 2 inch enemy. If you move him into a battle, be sure, that he can get the takeout (assuming 12 damage usually works, but he will often deal more), or it is late in the turn and you can get it right at the beginning of the next turn.
  5. szendroib

    Minerva, The bird is the word.

    One thing that crossed my mind, is that since Minerva can replace oHearne, now we can field a 11inf Sheena team that sounds kind of good. The downside is that we will loose the snared from original Minx and oHearne in this case, so it might not work as well instead of the +1inf :).
  6. szendroib

    How to deal with brewers

    Hello! I haven't found any post errata topics about dealing with brewers. In my 2+ years of Guild Ball somehow I never played against brewers, but now that vet. Decimate is coming, they got more popular amongst our players (ok, my new brewer team is on it's way aswell, they seem like a fun bunch ). My question would be, what lineup can we bring against brewers that can do anything decent on the pitch. When I played against Esters, she and Stoker were really useful against the usual condition game (and they have Lucky, but that might be an overkill against conditions). Mash can keep the ball really well with 3/2 and unopredictable against Smoke and Mist. oKat kets shut down hard with 2"melee and KDs, since you have to remove conditions and move into melee, vKat hates tough hide. Tapper and the 2" beaters can beat up Midas real bad. It seems like Brewers have the perfect counter for everything. As I see, Smoke could be good against Tapper and Midas maybe against Esters, but it's kind of a coin toss which matchup will happen. So it would be great to hear about viable tactics against Brewers, since it actually looks like one of the harder matchups at the moment.
  7. szendroib

    What AoE marker do you use for alchemists?

    Thanks for the help guys! I hope the ideas will help others aswell. In the end I went with Frozen Forge acrylic rings. They have the advantages of both worlds. They are rings (duh :)), and they are color coded by default :).
  8. Hello! It's time for me to get some aoe upgrades for my paper cutouts that I have used this far. My question would be what aoe markers do you guys use, and where to get it? :). I have tried the official neoprene markers, and while they look good, they are a paint to put over/under figures, removing at the end of the round, etc. Are there any alternatives to them, like ring markers? I saw metal rings in Vincent Curkov's videos, and they seem to be useful, and easy to handle, but couldn't find 3 inch rings anywhere :D. Thanks for the answers in advance!
  9. szendroib

    Using Crucible

    I also think she would need a little more health if she wants to put conditions on herself. But one of the new Identity card could help in this department if I remember right.
  10. szendroib

    Harry the hard hat

    Haha Aaron, campaigning in both guild's chat? Anyway, I play both, and I think alchemists need this one much more. Engineers already has a hard time to decide whom to leave home, while alchemists are in huge need of meaningful decisions in their lineups since the errata.
  11. szendroib

    How do i play Smoke well?

    I still don't get oKatalyst. All the enemy needs to do is engage him with a 2 inch enemy that can KD him, and he is dealt with. If he stands up instead of moving he can't do anything basically. If he removes conditions with momentum, he doesn't burn anymore, reducing his potential. He can be good sometimes, but most teams can controll him really hard with not too much effort if they really want to. On the oppsite side vKat can deal momentous 4 damage on 3 net hits, plus the added aoe damage for other unfortunate enemies, and has the really important 2inch melee zone. But it's true that you have to play him much more carefully.
  12. szendroib

    How do i play Smoke well?

    Calculus, Mercury and Katalist is a stable core, but lately against the less killy teams I like to play Smoke, Naja (or Flask if I have Sic em), Calculus, Vitriol, Vet. Kat, Venin. It's not that stable but I find it more fun than waiting out the 2 or 3 turns. My game plan when receiving is to activate Smoke as the 5th activation, move the poison aoe and use legendary, score the goal. Last activation is Venin to hand out bleedings to the enemy. That's usually a lot of 8 damages (2+3+3), and a lot of target for Vet. Katalyst, starting next turn. Sometimes he can kill 2 figures with 1 activation this way, if he hits his aoe. I usually only use Witness me if there is a chance for 2 kills at the beginning of the turn to get to 10-2. I wouldn't necessary use it as a competitive list, but it works and it's fun.
  13. szendroib

    Theron and Hearne Both Buffed in New Errata

    Yeah, that was what I meant, sorry if it was misleading :). Usually Theron didn't receive too much inf before, because others spent it more efficiently. He was good in the first round, but he shot 2 for 5 inf. If you wanted to be efficient with your blessings, you had a really strict activation order aswell to hand out buffs in the team. Now he is much better both in ranged and melee, so I find it hard to allocate 4 (or sometimes even 2) on Chaska.
  14. szendroib

    Theron and Hearne Both Buffed in New Errata

    Strange, I've played 2 games since the errata and my experience is quite different. I've played Theron, Jaecar, Chaska, oHearne, Egret, Fahad and Theron, Snow, Jaecar, Egret, Minx, oHearne. For the first time i felt that hunters can do what we were promised: keep the enemy away, soften them up from range, than swiftly attack and vanish. Egret: first turn I put 3 inf on oHearne, 4 on Egret, and rest on Theron, since the rest of the team is quite fast by themself and they can get into position. If you activate your sunstrike + blessed Egret last, you have a great chance of succeeding with the aoe attack, damaging possibly multiple enemies. One enemy hit means 4 damage that you caused because of the poison. If you hit multiple enemies it can ramp up quickly. Also she usually has a snared 2+ or 3+ enemy to farm momentum and to win the initiative (but you might want the enemy to start so he doesn't have any momentum, and he can't really reach your team). After her turn Egret can go back to the shadows and get out of reach from the enemy. In my 2 games I managed to stay away from the enemy for most of the first 2 turns and wear them down. One important thing is that Egret isn't an offensive striker , her tackle is too high for her 4 attack. Even if you charge you are better off with the momentumless 1 damage + T result, since you can dodge at least. She is great when you keep her back, deal damage from far, and you use her to answer the enemy goals. If you need goal pressure, Ulfr is your man. But Theron control doesn't worth too much without ranged damage, what's the point than? Chaska: he was one of my favorites, but the reason he was so great is because Theron was just a battery player after the first turn, and his inf was perfect for Chaska. Since Theron is a real captain now, it's hard to find the required inf for mass boomboxing. I feel like boomboxing now is more fun than useful. Shooting more than 2 needs setup and Chaska isn't the hardest model to kill. He also doesn't really like to be engaged, pushed too far away, etc. I feel like almost every team has an answer against him that can make the inf less useful on him. Also he turns 4 inf into 8 damage by himself. Other characters can do the same with better chance, and get 4 inf in the process (Jaecar to name one).
  15. szendroib

    Rosters after the balance errata

    I played Midas with vet Kata and Harry as brawlers and usually went for 2-1 or 2-2 games. I've seen the new A&G in play and I'm not totally sure they are what I'm looking for instead of Harry. The auto KD is nice, but the problem that Avairasse only has 3 inf, and it's not enough damage. Especially if you KD-d first. And in damage mode you have less dice. So what I want to try is use Decimate instead of Harry. She has great character plays, she can play football if needed with her tackle+dodge and low double dodge results (2 dodges on 2 success, and her tac is 6 with -1 armor). She can easily deal out 4x2 momentous damage, or hand out -2 def to the enemy to set up for vet Katalyst. Sounds great on paper, we will see.