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  1. thehydrogenator

    S4 Tournament Help

    I think the core of Ox, Princess, Boiler and Shank will get a lot of usage this season. It's a strong mix of ball retrieval and damage output. My Fillet line up still looks like Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Meathook, Decimate, and Shank/Boar but I think she is much more a flex pick now. Against Hunter's the snares will be death for her, and with Blacksmiths easy KD's she has a similar issue. If I received against Mort's I pick Fillet, otherwise Ox is better in most of these match ups now. I have been rocking Tenderizer a lot this season, I highly recommend our goalie now. Early turns he is still a battery and a headache, but later on once our squaddies die he can get in the mix with TAC 6, Reach, an accessible KD and Ground Pound. I wouldn't drop him into Scalpel, she has enough movement tricks to nullify most of his value. Into Hunter's and smith's I think he is still very worth it. That last slot is really up to the match up. I agree with other's here on vBrisket, she's much better in theory. The momentous 2 dmg on the 2nd column for oBrisket is money in the ox aura. She is a strong pick now but not vital if you bring Shank for ball retrieval, it depends on how heavy they go for scoring. I think Boar struggles into those 3 teams though, they are all kill enough to abuse him and with plenty of reach to tie him up. I really like vGutter into Bsmiths, more Anatomical Precision is always good and more ball pressure is critical if they go football heavy. I think Meathook still has value on Fillet teams, but Ox teams aren't struggling for damage and her 3 inf cap still hurts her here.
  2. thehydrogenator

    Initial thoughts after first proxy game

    Not particularly, he starts with disease and as long as you don't get knocked down you're good. It does force you to KD on the first swing if your opponent counter attacks with someone that can KD easily. But he has an accesible KD himself, even against Def 5 models if he charges. They tend to generate momentum easily I've found, so you can stand him up if things go south. Farmer's is probably an unplayable match up for him though with Millstone, Peck and Grange running around. Stay far away from sturdy models generally and just focus on squishies.
  3. thehydrogenator

    Initial thoughts after first proxy game

    I've gotten 3 games in with them, and I'm in love. Morts were my first guild and this team definitely feels like playing Morticians. My line up so far has been Piper, Squeak, Bonesaw, Skulk, Scourge, and Pelage. Piper is really strong, Reverie might be the best character play in the game. The back of his card is just as good, he's so flexible. I'm also a huge fan of Pelage, 10 health is squishy but she has consistently been a thorn in my opponents side. She's a great alpha strike piece because she always does something, is a pain to get rid of, and a legit goal threat with Reverie. Scourge has been solid in my games as well, his dmg is solid by himself and with singled out those wraps get nasty. Reverie gives him a 16" threat range, he is an unavoidable threat if I Kick off and strong last activation.
  4. thehydrogenator

    Which Kat?

    vKat is just too good, Witness Me! has won me countless games. It's good against any team, you just have to play him differently versus some teams. Fighting teams will just eat him, so hold him back. Even Corsair can mess him up good. I find he can be sent into a brawl, but it hinders him late game if he can't get out and he is a huge target for your opponents. It is often better to have him as a threat, try and score your 2 goals while you whittle his victim(s) down and then send him in as the finisher to win the game for you.
  5. thehydrogenator

    Blacksmiths/ kicking & receiving

    I think the Cinder is better than Iron here. You already have 2 great scoring threats in Bolt and Alloy, and she breaks up dead ball situations like no other player with Hearth. You're bringing Hearth anyways and she really turns on Cinder. 2" with UM is great, and Instruction makes tackling from afar a near guarantee.
  6. thehydrogenator

    The competitive 10

    Smoke is really good into Blacksmiths, the low DEF means you'll be hitting most of your aoe's. Focus down the squishy apprentices and try and get off a Witness Me!
  7. thehydrogenator

    Team Fireball

    I think Hearth and Alloy as your last pair really round this team out. You get another good striker to pair with Cinder, and Hearth really turns Cinder on with 2" range to make the most of UM. Burnish should be captain, but Furnace is not too shabby with tooled up on himself after Passing the Mantle. I've been enjoying Ferrite, Farris, Hearth, Alloy, Bolt, and Cinder but this line up is next up to try.
  8. thehydrogenator

    Fillet Fries the Fish

    The battle for Gutter rages on, and the Butchers are determined to grab her. My line up was Fillet, Princess, Boar, vBrisket, Boiler and Meathook with the Life-Drinker GIC. My opponent ran Corsair, Tentacles, Jac, Kraken, vSiren and Hag with Slippery Fishes as his GIC. I won the roll off and decided to receive. Jac kicked off. Boiler grabbed the ball and kicked to vBrisket, but was in pull range of Jac. The fish ganged up on Boiler but didn't manage to take him out this turn. Fillet got a blood rain off on Corsair and Hag and savaged Corsair before dodging out of melee and scoring a screamer to put me up +1 on momentum. 4-0 Turn 2 I won the roll off and instead of finishing off a low health Corsair I decided to try and go for a risky goal with Brisket. My dice did not agree and I only managed to proc Corsair's close control after his counterattack. Hag went next and made a mess of the pitch with her legendary after taking out Boiler. Fillet was in a rough spot ganged up on by 4 fishermen, so Boar charged into the scrum and managed to get 3 concussions off on Kraken to strip him of his influence and deal 9 damage. Fillet managed to make up for Brisket's terrible luck by taking out Kraken even ganged up on and in Dread Gaze. The fight continued and I ended the turn +4 on momentum. 6-2 Turn 3 I won the roll off again and Fillet and friends finished carving up Corsair, Hag and Tentacles. vSiren managed to escape Boar's grasps this turn. Fillet was pounded in retaliation and was nearly dead at the end of the turn. I had run out of time and my opponent got 2 points off the clock this turn. We were tied on momentum this turn. 11-4 Turn 4 my opponent won the roll off and killed Fillet, but Boiler finished off Jac to win the game for the Butchers! 12-7
  9. thehydrogenator

    Tresher Thrashes The Tin Men

    Thresher decided to lend some of his guilds labor to help the Alchemists grab Harry. My team was Thresher (as Ox), Buckwheat (as oKat), Jackstraw, Tater, Harrow, and Millstone (as Boiler) and my GIC was Crack of Dawn. My opponent @TreeGecko was running the starting Blacksmiths box with Ferrite as Captain and Pass the Mantle as his GIC. I won the roll off and elected to recieve. Cinder kicked off, forcing me to grab the ball or risk her killing it. Millstone grabbed the ball and passed it to Thresher to get him up the board. Sledge fall to Tresher after a charge, with Cinder, Anvil and Furnace taking damage from Don't Fear The (Reaper). I was ahead on influence and won the roll off. 2-0 Round 2 started off with Tresher legendary and him taking out Ferrite from full health and some more chip damage on Anvil. Cinder had managed grab the ball off Jackstraw and dodge near the goal last turn, but Tater managed to take her out before she could score this turn. Iron managed to kick it in, but I was up on momentum and won the roll off. 6-4 Round 3 Tresher was loaded up and took out a wounded Furnace and did some chip damage to Anvil again. Tater, Harrow and a tooled up Millstone managed to take down Anvil. Cinder ran back on the field and grabbed her revenge goal. I was down on momentum this turn, and lost the roll off. 10-8 Round 4 Sledge went first and tried to finish off a wounded Jackstraw, but Reanimate stymied him. Tresher went in to kill Ferrite again to seal the win in favor of the Alchemists! 12-8 https://imgur.com/a/z7jaB
  10. thehydrogenator

    Hunters prevail over Alchs in support of Butchers

    Do you have a file for that pitch? That thing is dope.