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  1. WASandD

    Formation line ups

    I thought about How, but her main use for me is to push Corsair up to the centre, if he starts there I thought I could use the versatility of Sakana. Where would you suggest starting her and what would you use her for? I will swap Kraken for Jac though, the pushes and Goad will be helpful in the scrum.
  2. WASandD

    Formation line ups

    Hello fellow fishies. With the new formation line up document out I've been toying with the idea of a few different formations. What do you think of: Corsair and Kraken up front to drag them in to my scrum and beat them down. VSiren and Greyscales in the middle. VSiren to hammer into the scrum with dread gaze and the old man can scurry down a wing when the balls available. Salt and Sakana are ready at the back. Salt waiting for the snap back goal and Sakana can either get up into the scrum with armour pen nice and easy or he's fast enough to slip around the side. Potential swaps I'm thinking of are Sakana for Av&G, I'd drop the gruesome twosome on the deployment line, drop VSiren back as she's fast enough to get up front anyway. Or I'd switch Greyscales for Av&G. What do you think of this potential line up? Have you guys tried any formation set ups?
  3. I'm really struggling with what to do turn one. I end up basically just wasting the entire turn. If I receive I just pass down the line to stack momentum and move guys up a little to increase the chance of T2 goals. If I kick off I'll either kick off with Siren looking to retrieve the ball with Seduced or I'll KO with Corsair to get him up the pitch, or if they're on low defense I'll KO with Shark to tee up the T1 goal. But that's where my tactics end. If I'm kicking off I never really generate any momentum and lose the race for T2. What are your T1 plays? Where do you try and get your players?
  4. WASandD

    Shark Learning Curve Plateau

    I have literally never gotten a taken out with my Shark team apart from once. I got one push off the table because Jac abused them running down the wing. Apart from that once I don't get take outs. Every player I take is to get the ball and control the ball. Ball retrieval is the hardest part of the ball game, but Shark or Greyscales can get the ball back from almost anywhere.
  5. WASandD

    Enter The Blacksmiths...

    In last night's q and a they actually addressed rookies. I think they're still being worked on.
  6. I think the whole reason long distance strikers have that ability is that if they get too close to the goal they'll melt.
  7. Now it's a ten player roster I feel like it opens me up to the fighter builds. I've been focussing on football as I have more practice with it. My current 9 is: Shark Corsair Salt Greyscales Sakana Kraken Jac Siren Angel But now I can have ten I'm thinking of bringing in Vet Siren and dropping Angel for Tentacles to make both lists viable.
  8. WASandD

    Some observations from a fresh fish

    It sounds like the long drawn out slog great was your main reason for not enjoying the game. Have you considered paying with a clock? You both have a few games under your belts and the tone pressure can mix it up a bit. I would download a chess clock app and give yourselves an hour each to play the game. Pause if you need to look up rules or anything and even then the game won't last five hours!
  9. WASandD

    Match Report - Engineers vs. Fishermen

    Look forward to seeing it!
  10. WASandD

    The Salt shuffle. Why?

    I last saw it in T&G's match report a couple of weeks ago. When playing aggressive with the little guy, do you leave him to one side of the goal or stand him front and centre in range?
  11. WASandD

    Match Report - Engineers vs. Fishermen

    Love your match reports, guys. But I just don't understand why you shuffle Salt? Why leave him there with no Influence?
  12. WASandD

    The Salt shuffle. Why?

    I've been watching a few match reports on YouTube and I've seen "the Salt shuffle" a few times. Why is this so common? What's the point? How do you do anything with him when he's got no influence? I just don't get it!
  13. WASandD


    It sounds like you made all the right calls. At the end of the day this is a dice game, happens to us all!
  14. WASandD

    How to retrieve dead balls?

    Absolutely a Shark show. Now you've said it, it seems so obvious. I'll spread out and abuse 1v1s next time!
  15. WASandD

    Guild Ball Events 2017

    A one stop calendar would be ideal. I never know where best to look.