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  1. Mootaz

    Explain Ebb to me

    Horizon is the first to go 🙂 Basically it comes down to "Angel or Ebb" for me. Maybe I value "Linked" too much, but I think Angel is stronger than him in Navigators. For me that whole "terrain" mitigation is not an issue as it is very situational (too situational). I will have to do some tests to see if he does enough damage to reliably go for a 2-2 (with Azimuth). Maybe the way to go is "Angel when receiving, Ebb when kicking".
  2. Mootaz

    Explain Ebb to me

    I've read on several occasions that people are very high on Ebb. For me he is one of the easy drops in my lineup. So what do people like about Ebb? He is a source of damage and can potentially deal momentous damage. But I don't think he is really efficient and mostly a supporter that I don't need.
  3. Same here. I always switch it to horizontal view in that case to see that info but it would be nice if I didn't have to do that.
  4. Mootaz

    New OPD Maintenance Phase

    Yes, and the OP's question is if the "(allocates Influence)" means "ONLY allocate influence".
  5. Mootaz

    False Start

    What the OP means (I think) with the Benediction question is this: If you are exactly 4 inches away from Ballista (by pushing twice for 2 inches each) and then start moving, the first part of movement has to take you out of the 4 inches, so no damage. So there never is "movement within 4 inches".
  6. Can you add Angel and Siren1 to the Navigators?
  7. Mootaz

    Kicking in to Smoke

    It is something you really have to practice. When you send in the assists you already have to be thinking "where will I later put Gutter" so your other players won't be in the way of that scything blow.
  8. A player makes an attack an gets 1 net hit, the other dice are misses and are rerolled with some ability (e.g. Confidence). They come up again misses. Can you now choose to reroll the hits in order to get 0 net hits (to avoid having to damage someone with Loved Creature or Rising Anger)? A player makes a 2 dice kick at the goal. One die comes up a hit, one a miss. Can they reroll the miss hoping for a 6 and if that 6 comes, reroll the first die (the one that hit) hoping to get another 6 for a screamer? That way you could try for a screamer without endangering the goal. With the Navigators being able to reroll attacks and kicks this will probably come up more often, but was already possible with the existing reroll abilities.
  9. The PDFs in the resources section are not updated for the exiles models. Are these available anywhere? Especially in the "print format". Edit: I found them in the "Preview" section of the forum, but it would be great if they could be added to the normal PDFs.
  10. Mootaz

    How rough are the seas?

    Better luck next time. With the forest having to be 2 inches from the goalpost, how did it impact the shots so much? I found that the opponent then has good enough angles around the forest.
  11. @Siberys I disagree. "When a ball-marker makes contact with an obstruction during a scatter, use the rule of least disturbance to place the ball-marker in base contact with the obstruction along the ball-path." So if you kick while standing on an obstruction, and the ball scatters, the ball will not really travel the distance. It immediatly contacts the obstruction and the quote above kicks in.
  12. Mootaz

    Kickoff derferment

    The kicker is always the person chosing sides. So if you win the roll and want to chose the side of the pitch, you chose being the kicker.
  13. Mootaz

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    I deinstalled and then reinstalled GB Scrum, fixed the issue for me.