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  1. Shark's Fishermen and the third goal

    Try to score the first goal with someone else, not Shark. This way you can position Shark in the middle of the pitch and threaten the next goal, pretty much regardless where they kick the Goal Kick to. Sakana, Salt and Greyscales are good options for the first goal.
  2. Interested in attending. I'm sure "a few" Germans would attend as well.
  3. Mirror Match

    Final of the German Championship was Hammer vs Hammer, btw.
  4. How to Graves

    Tooled Up on Obulus ist still ace. 7 attacks that benefit from TU are a lot of hurt.
  5. Hunters at WTC

    Now I feel stupid. Should've checked the rosters...
  6. "towards" and A&G takeouts

    Greede is not taken out so the opponent does not get any VP for Greede.
  7. Hunters at WTC

    You never played Skatha. Was it because of the opponent guilds or was it because you felt more comfortable playing Theron?
  8. How to buff Angel?

    At the WTC, the Fish player from Germany2 (the team lost only to Germany1 in the final) played her every Game except the last one (and Shark in every Game except the last one as well), so she can't be all bad.
  9. Congrats to Germany 1 winning WTC!

    Of course, but you normally have one surprise team in a tournament that size and it suprised me that there wasn't :-)
  10. Congrats to Germany 1 winning WTC!

    And Christian only gave up 10 VP over the whole tournament. But this guy is Germany's silent assassin. In his whole GB career, he only lost a total of one tournament game. Played against him in the final of the last local tournament, it was game 4, I was tired and played like crap, he just played like a machine and dominated the hell out of me. What suprised me was that places 1-6 all went to Germany, England and the USA. I would have expected at least one other team in there, there were so many countries present.
  11. WTC Friday Night GRUDGE MATCHES

    So how did the grudge matches end? And where is the Stream? Twitch.tv/steamforged is offline.
  12. Great as always. I really like your videos and the commentary that goes with them. One thing: At 16:00, you used "Field Dressing" to remove KD from Seenah and Heal Theron. That doesn't work. "Field Dressing" only allows you to remove conditions, not heal. So you could've removed conditions from Theron, not heal him.
  13. Best move steppers?

    I think these were the originals: https://frozenforge.com/collections/widgets-and-templates/products/movement-templates-30mm
  14. Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    For Corsair "Slippery Fishes" is the clear winner. Highest Heal rate and helps in the scrum? Yes, please. Deflection is also good but the low heal rate makes it uninteresting, especially compared to "Slippery Fishes". "Footbal Champions" is not a good card. I think "Slippery Fishes" and "Football Champions" should switch heal rate to make them equally attractive.
  15. Sell me on Zarola

    Midnight Offering also gives you a chance to go at someone with Unpredictable Movement, something the Hunters really don't like. Have Jaecar walk to the target with Midnight Offering. If the opponent triggers UM, Jaecar can later go to the target again and cut them up. If the opponent doesn't trigger UM, Jaecar can cut the target up by standing still.