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  1. Kat 1 and coming back on

    This is surprising. Can you give a little more explanation? "Taken out" (PDF rulebook p. 18) says that a model loses all other conditions when it is taken out. Nowhere in that rules does it state that the model cannot gain new conditions in this state. The order of phases is Maintenance phase Activiation phase End phase If Katalyst suffers the taken out in the Activation Phase, he would lose the ifre condition. Katalyst's rule would then apply the fire condition in the End phase. Katalyst then returns in the next Maintenance Phase. icy sponge only removes the taken out condition, not all conditions. So where is the error in my logic? By my reading Katalyst returns to the pitch "on fire" and also directly suffers fire damage in the turn he returns to the pitch.
  2. Who to kick with?

    All good options. So now I know even less who to kick with.
  3. Who to kick with?

    I'm not really sure what our best kick off option is. For me it comes down to either Bonesaw or Scourge. With Bonesaw I can pressure the ball, with Scourge I can start bringing pain and disease. I can always bring the other one up with Reverie. But Bonesaw is very vulnerable so far up. What do you think?
  4. New Errata

    If you want to see an expert use of Jaq, look for the videos from the WTC. Martin from Germany1 makes him dance. And I just played against Timmay and man was that Jaq a pain.
  5. Release dates

    So, the Ratcatchers' Guild releases on 20th of April, the Launch Kit at 16th of March. Do we know of any pre-releases? At what events will the Guild Models be available before April 20th?
  6. Steamforged plays Ratcatchers vs Union

    Without having Piper's playbook, this makes no sense.
  7. There are many very good video battle reports for Guild Ball out there (Run the length, Beardmini, etc.). Most of them don't just have the (sped-up) game video and additonal commentary, but they also have things they added to the video (rules shown, score, influence allocation, etc.). Adding most of these is a lot of work and I want to also dabble a little in making video battle reports. So I'm wondering which of these additions are things that you as a viewer find important and which are merely nice to have? These are things I mean: Current score Guilds/names of the players The card/playbook of the currently activating player Special rules that are coming into effect (like showing the text for Back to the Shadows, etc.) HP totals at beginning of the round Influcence allocation at the beginning of the round Clock if not already visible in the main picture Selected playbook results Are there others I've missed? For me, the only important things are the current score and the clock. Everything else I just need as audio (allocation, playbook results, ...). When I watch these, I always have the player cards on a second window/on my phone open anyway, so I don't need these shown on screen. It is nice, but not necessary. But that is only me, what do YOU consider important in video battle reports for Guild Ball?
  8. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    They are not actually one piece casts. Many of them are multi pieces that are already assembled.
  9. Gluttonous Mass and Momentum

    Hearne never gets to select the . The complete attack is ignored. So you only check if you get at least one net hit (to trigger GlutMass) and if you do, the rest of the attack is ignored.
  10. Scourge Review Video

    The Ratcatchers also don't seem to have a lot of KD (so far only Scourge and Graves2, as KD on 6 for Skulk doesn't really count), so Graves2 is one of more reliable KD. And KD ist where Disease really shines.
  11. Steamforged plays Ratcatchers vs Union

    I so hope they spoil the mascot together with the captain, so we can start testing these. I want to play them at tournaments shortly after the release. I can wait for Miasma, will just use Bonesaw for the time being.
  12. Steamforged plays Ratcatchers vs Union

    It is one MP gained regardless of how many MP are spent.
  13. Without a chance against masons?

    KD on counterattacks is not a problem. Just stand up with Momentum. You should have generated that momentum on your first attack.
  14. Steamforged plays Ratcatchers vs Union

    That was a very interesting game. Did anyone collect the spoilers?
  15. Falling into a trap

    And your opponents your these 6 very well, too. If you break away from the models that are always played, you can suprise them.