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  1. Who to Drop?

    Why would they score back immediately? Alchs will hide the ball, wittle you down with Conditions/Katalyst2 and only when they have reached 8 VP will Smoke try to score.
  2. This is what I like.
  3. Mold lines - the silent (hobby) killer

    I always use a diamond file on the first pass and then a sharp scalpel to clean up the rest. Works great.
  4. Kickers or Receivers

    I haven't tried yet to kick close to the edge and use Piper to push the receiver off the pitch with his double pushes and heroic. Anyone has tried that? If that works, kicking becomes better. I already like kicking with that team but still receive when given the possibility.
  5. Squeak - I'm so confused how to use him

    With the heroic from Graves2, Squeak gets +1 damage. And Squeak gets +1 net hits if the target has less health than Squeak. So even if you miss all your rolls, you still get the 1 net hit which is 1 damage, going to 2 with the heroic. On 3 attacks you will then always do at least 6 damage.
  6. What to do with Hammer?

    No, only to the kick/receive roll. This is the relevant part from the OPD: "D. Roll off to determine the Kicking and Receiving Player. A Player who is playing a Minor Guild gains +1 to this roll."
  7. Ratcatchers Starting Six Thoughts

    And they are really hit hard by Counter charges.
  8. Ratcatchers Starting Six Thoughts

    I'm using him to KD people at 2 inches and set them up with disease. And do 4-6 damage to them. He's a great last activation in a turn. If I want to make certain that particular players are not my opponents first activation (regardless of me having initiative or not), that is ideal.
  9. Ratcatchers Starting Six Thoughts

    I agree with all of your assessments except Scourge. He's my MVP in every game. I'm also underwhelmed by Skulk but haven't played him into extreme football as well. I don't kick off with Miasma, alsways with Piper. He has the biggest threat on the ball. But your first activation as a kicker should always to run one of your own models up, so Piper has a pass/reverie target after he takes the ball from the opponent.
  10. kick, advance and glide

    "Active" and "Activation" are two different things. See here for the ruling that you can glide a model that you are puppet mastering (and that model definitely does not activate):
  11. I finally managed to get my first video match report finished. I'm looking forward to any feedback you have, be it about the match itself, the commentary, technical feedback about the video, etc.
  12. You don't measure from a spot to a spot. You measure from the ball (which has a base and when measuring from bases you always start measuring at the edge of the base) to a spot. So the second red measurement is correct. If someone said: "measure to a spot 4 inches from Obulus", that is exactly how you would measure that. Edge of base to the spot. In the case of scatters you then place the ball centered on that spot but it doesn't change how you had to measure to determine that spot.
  13. The reason ist that when the ball moves, you measure to a "target spot" and then center the ball on that spot. Centering the Ball on the spot then causes the additional distance.
  14. Initial thoughts after first proxy game

    Haunted melody never uses your own jog, it is an "additional advance". You always have your standard advance. So you can Haunt someone and they say you should jog to them. After you do that, you still have your own standard advance and can jog/run/charge as you wish.
  15. Initial thoughts after first proxy game

    I also had two more games. I received vs. Hunters so I brought Bonesaw and he was great. Shot 2 goals and missed a snapshot. Lost that one 10:12 that came very close when I missed the snack kill on Fahad before losing Bonesaw to Poison. The second game I kicked against Blacksmiths and I played Graves for that match. I missed a crucial >> with Piper so I couldn't complete my goal run with Piper. Instead, I went brawling and ended the game with a snack kill on Ferrite (had killed someone else with Gravedigger before) 12:4. Things I learned from the games: Graves is very good and with his ARM2 he is an excellent ball killer against Strikers with low TAC. Parked him next to an obstruction and and that posed big problems. My teams will be: Always include Piper, Squeak, Miasma, Scourge, Pelage Only exception is Alchemists where I would play without disease If I receive, I take Bonesaw If I kick, I take Graves I only take Skulk if I really think he will help in that matchup. Default is Graves. Always kick with Piper When kicking, the first activation should be Pelage sprinting up the field close to where Piper is Piper is an excellent threat on the ball, not on the goal. You need someone to pass the ball to and immediately threaten the goal with Reverie. When receiving, have Pelage on one side, Bonesaw on the other but still relatively in the middle and Miasma further out on Bonesaw's side. If possible, collect the ball with Bonesaw and kick it to Miasma/Pelage/Squeak If kicked to Squeak, drop the ball on Miasma/Pelage and have them kick it to Piper Last activation is Piper kicking it to Bonesaw and Reverie for the goal.