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  1. Mootaz

    Wrapping and harriers

    All results are determined at the same time, they are simultaneous. But you can then decide the order of applying them. So in your example, the damage would not benefit from the Harrier. Here are some examples: 1) Harriet causes damage and ><. You can chose to do the damage first (and trigger "Dodge a wrench", thereby scattering the ball) and then dodge to maybe pick up the ball. Or the other way around, your choice. 2) Fillet wraps for Blood Rain and damage. The final damage is calculated before Blood Rain is applied, so does not benefit from the newly bleeding target. But you can decide which of the two you want to apply first (if it matters).
  2. Mootaz

    S4 – Alchemists vs Farmers

    I play Midas, Flask, Crucible, Calculus2, Vitriol, Venin and go for 3 goals. I create the conditions during the turn and use them to fuel my abilities (Midas dodges, etc.). Peck removes them at the end of the turn which is a pity, but I don't rely on them for damage anyway.
  3. With the lamplighters as the Alch's minor guild, who do you think the crossover players will be? For me it is clear that the lamplighters will be more fire-based and the only fire-based squaddies in Alchs are Vitriol, Mercury and Katalyst1. Katalyst1 is out for fluff reasons, so the crossover players have to be Vitriol and Mercury.
  4. The kill is with Smoke and it is not about the 2 VP, it is about gaining the board advantage.
  5. Let's assume I have the possibility to either kill Miasma or Scourge at the beginning of turn 2. To get that, I also have to do some things in turn 1. Total probability to kill Miasma: 73,9% Total probability to kill Scourge: 67,6% I don't want to get into the details of how I'm getting to these probabilities or what I have to do to get there. This is not what this is about. If the actions in turn 1 work (which I obviously know beginning of turn 2), the probabilities for the rest of the kill obviously go up, as the probabilities from the first turn can then be ignored. The probability to kill Miasma is then 84,4% The probability to kill Scourge is then 70,2% If the actions in turn 1 fail, the kill is no longer possible and I will of course abandon the plan and do something else. That's not a problem, the stuff I have to do in turn 1 are not wasted and I'd probably do them anyway. If the actions in turn 2 fail, I've wasted the Initiative, about half my Inf stack and have no Momentum at the end of my activation. Knowing all that, what would you do? Kill Miasma? Kill Scourge? Neither as too risky?
  6. Mootaz

    Midas vs Smoke?

    Midas definitely has his spots. I play him against Butchers, Union and Farmers. In these matchups, I desperately need to score fast and Midas does that better than Smoke and sets his team up better, especially when kicking.
  7. This is different. The push only triggers by damaging.
  8. I have a room (two separate beds) at the Holiday Inn Express https://www.booking.com/hotel/gb/holiday-inn-express-manchester-traffordcity.de.html and I'm looking for someone to share. Friday to Monday, 170€ per person.
  9. Could we get a reroll option in the odds calculator?
  10. Mootaz

    Auras with on-going effects

    Only when they change board position, not when Mercury changed board position.
  11. Mootaz

    No Grace card?

    The order cards from the resources section DO contain Grace.
  12. Mootaz

    Alchemists Season 4

    Naja is the mascot if you want more Momentum (give her 1 INF to hit for 1 Momentum and Poison, take the Poison to attack again for another Momentum and then use the Poison with another model for e.g. free charge, etc.) Flask just hands out free INF for a char play which normally means more damage without Momentum gain.