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  1. PDF rulebook page 31 (bold is mine): "Interception When resolving a kick-scatter, the closest model on the ball-path between the kicking model and the final landing-spot may choose to take possession of the ball-marker. If it does not, the next closest model on the ball-path may choose to take possession, repeat this process until there are no more models on the ball-path. A standard-scatter may not be intercepted."
  2. @Henry But he could only give it up if that occurred during his own activation, as you can only unsnap during your activation, correct? And I think what Nasty Butler meant was not unsnap but just jog to a place where the scatter then happens from.
  3. Old Father's Harvest - New Farmers box

    The second boxes are english only. I asked at SteamCon and they said this was intentional. I suppose this hast to do with the card printing service they briefly talked about at SteamCon.
  4. Just a quick note: If you trigger Sturdy in Corsair, he cannot reapply it for 1 INF. Gaining Sturdy again after having it triggered does not refresh it.
  5. towards my tournament 10

    I think you don't want Tenderizer against Fish and Engineers. They are good enough at kicking, dodging and push/dodging you away from the goal to be able to negate Tenderizers strengths. But where Tenderizer shines is against Teams that want to play a 4/1 or 2/2 but are not the most amazing scorers/dodgers, because for these that 1 goal becomes much harder to get.
  6. NEW OPD (15.12.17)

    @Malritch Page 3, top right: "Models that have not yet been released to the general public at the time of the event (such as those available through a pre-release) are legal for use in Guild Ball tournaments. Alternate sculpts are also legal for use in Guild Ball tournaments." The old clause was: "Models that have not yet been released to the general public at the time of the event are not permitted unless those models are readily available at the event venue (such as convention release models in tournaments held at that convention). Alternate sculpts (such as those available through the Guild Ball Kickstarter) are tournament legal."
  7. towards my tournament 10

    I've also played a fair amount of Butchers in the last months. My thought process for getting my current 10: I have 12 players plus 1 Union, so I have to get rid of 3. I don't need the dedicated striker Brisket1, Brisket2 does most of what I need in a striker. Brisket1 is the better ball killer (because of charmed male), but Brisket2 has means to disengage. So Brisket1 is gone, 2 more to go. With mascots I go the totally opposite route from you. I love Truffles for everything. Put 1 INF on it and it always threatens something. Butchers don't have a lot of KD, so everything is welcome. Even with Boiler in my lineup, I prefer Truffles. So Princess is out, 1 more to go. The last one is not easy. I used to love Ox2 together with Harry. With Harry less useful, Ox2 has also somehow fallen out of my affection. My usual list for Fillet is Fillet, Truffles, Meathook, Boar, Minx/Boiler, Brisket2, so Ox2 doesn't make it into that list. So Ox2 is the third model to go from my initial 13. As stated in my Fillet list above, Minx is usually my Union choice. Your recent reports of using Rage have me interested, so I will switch out Minx for Rage for the foreseeable future. I take Ox into almost everything. I have Fillet for the mirror and against Farmers. Against everything else, I prefer Ox. Against Fish I think that the matchup Fillet against Corsair is really not good for Fillet. Ox against Corsair is good for Ox. Against Shark, Fillet is better, but Ox is OK, much better than Fillet into Corsair. So I will always choose Ox in this matchup. You don't have Tenderizer in your 10. I think he is an excellent flex pick against some teams, so I want him in my 10.
  8. Millstone and timings

    I think that is incorrect. You choose them all before you apply them. So you have to decide to take 2 KDs on the wrap before you apply them and the farmer player has to decide whether or not to trigger Millstone.
  9. Yes, counter charge is an advance and Unpredictable Movement triggers.
  10. NEW OPD (15.12.17)

    One change that I've seen, that is not mentioned in the blog, is that now a prereleased models are always legal. So those Farmers and Blacksmiths bought at SteamCon are legal to use now even before the general release.
  11. Edit: Henry beat me to it.
  12. Are we all plastic now?

    Yeah, happened to me as well. I wanted to state "Yes, I own the Fishermen already and No, I wouldn't buy them again". But the option for "No" never was there and now my vote probably counts as "Yes, I own the Fishermen already and Yes, I would buy them again".
  13. All enemy models in the pulse are also poisoned, the damage still comes from Egret, the pulse only determines the models affected.
  14. No, it means that there is one trigger (start of activation). At the time of the trigger you check all your abilities that resolve on that trigger. You check them, not resolve them. Once you have checked them and found out which will resolve, you can then resolve them in the order you like. In the above example with Tutelage and Stamina, you check at the start of the activation, if Tutelage and Stamina meet their trigger condition. Stamina has no additional requirement so will resolve (later). Tutelage has a condition of being within a certain distance. If you are not in that distance, Tutelage will not resolve. Once you have determined which of these will resolve, you can resolve them in any order.
  15. Union 101

    Yes, Rage2 can play football. I've won with 3 goals and 0 takeouts against a Smoke list.