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  1. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    I think what ever the SOO was this year was also confusing to people. Why was there a US nationals qualifier in Canada. That might have been SFG attempt to do a service Eastern players. If so it was awfully strange.
  2. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    I love this idea. The only way to have a truly national representation and equitable shot at the crown. East and West qualifier type series. East champion and West champion face off at Steamcon. In an absolute pinch they could face off on vassal. Most of my group would be hard pressed to travel East just like you are hard pressed to travel west. We cannot have an east west animosity if we want to sway SFG to a dual championship. I am curious how US nationals is working as National championship is at steam con. Will the winner of US nationals be reimbursed?
  3. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    Please not in Winnipeg. I have heard you have mosquitoes as big as helicopters out there in the summer and snow deeper than a house 😀.
  4. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    Snacks and things like that were okay to bring in. The pizza place/snack bar was open all day and there was water available from them and the pub when they opened at 4. You could bring your water bottle there and fill it as opposed to buying all the time. The point was to support the pub and pizza place instead of going off site and eating food in front of their businesses. We kept it going at a good pace. Most people had plenty of time after their games no one went hungry Those who did have games go long had food delivered to them, and we were doing awards by 9:30. CrazyBlaine if it is in Saskatoon I am there I need closure after I defeated myself against you in deployment. You played great and took advantage of every of the many mistakes I made. I haven't been 12-0 in a long time. Here is my little wrap up the event I want to thank everyone for making this a fantastic event. 19 people throwing dice and having a great time. Congratulations to Blaine Dobson. We all wish you the best of luck in Chicago at Worlds in December. Represent Canada well down there. Player Team 1 Blaine Dobson Hunters 2 Owen Bell The Union 3 Colten Svennes The Union 4 Sam Cameron The Union 5 Cam Johnson Butchers 6 Benjamin Byers The Union 7 Darren Wachnuk Fishermen 8 Kellen - Spigman Brewers 9 Taylor Kew Alchemists 10 David McGrath Alchemists 11 Paul Sabourin-Hertzog Engineers 12 Jeremy Kralt The Union 13 Wallie Desruisseaux Fishermen 14 Bernie Anderson Fishermen 15 Gord King Brewers 16 Derek Taylor Hunters 17 Chris Farrer Hunters 18 Joshua King Hunters 19 Joel Daley Butchers https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/guild-ball-world-cup-qualifier-canada-attack-x-2017/standings
  5. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    I love this idea.
  6. Attack-X is a week and half away. Buy your ticket now. The main event is is Canadian Nationals. The winner gets an expenses paid trip to Chicago for the Guildball World Championships. In addition to Nationals there is a three round tournament Friday and team event Sunday. Sign up on Tiebreak as well. http://www.attack-x.com https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/guild-ball-world-cup-qualifier-canada-attack-x-2017/feed
  7. Brewer GIC Theory Thread

    It was all bad that turn. Average to below average dice was all I needed. No mp meant no old Jake's no true grit no smashed shins only one inf on hooper. Luckily he rolled below average on Friday. Tapper and Hooper did what they needed to do next turn and Friday potted the closer. Dice recovered.
  8. Brewer GIC Theory Thread

    I had a game where Tapper bought commanding aura missed all my subsequent on Theron. That was a sad turn. Couldn't old Jake's Hooper. Cost me a two take out turn. This card elimanates that nightmare scenario.
  9. Union goal - Blackheart's Ghost Ship!

    Gw steampunk dwarves. Arconauts not sure of the spelling. New age of sigmar faction.
  10. Regale me with your cool stories!

    Quaff. Sic em under commanding aura and a couple of crowd outs wrapped and shoved original rage off the board from closer to center than the edge.
  11. Advice with Vet Rage!

    My seasoned Brisket team is. SBrisket Strong Box Mist Harry Grace A&G Ran them in a tournament a few weeks ago. Went 3-1. Only loss was against Engineers. I kicked to him. We just traded goals.
  12. Advice with Vet Rage!

    I love her in my 3-0 Brisket team. She turns anyone with the ball into a threat and mist and Brisket into scary long threats. Like MechMage said other than that leave her on the bench.
  13. Butchers Redux

    I find you can out beat them. You need to isolate them and gang up. They can't take a punch like you can.
  14. State of the game?

    I agree completely with Ben's original post. I have cautioned my LGS about stocking more than new releases and starter boxes. Everything else is special order that way they are not holding excess stock. Enough of the locals are doing the special orders through them instead of online to essentially pay where we play.
  15. Is scoring goals too easy.

    You have You have now invalidated everyone's mat. As a T.O. withh more than a few mats that are now useless this would send me right out the door.