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  1. polluxx66

    Canadian National (Western) Championship

    We are in the final countdown to National. There are 5 tickets still to be sold till we hit the magic 30 number to qualify for travel to Steam Con UK and Guildball Worlds. https://www.guildballevents.com/
  2. polluxx66

    Canadian National (Western) Championship

    Guildball Nationals are a month away. There are still spots available if you are on the fence. Buy your tickets and sign up here. https://www.guildballevents.com/ As a teaser here is the ball marker that will be in the swag bag. For Something Closer to home Attack-X is happening again this year in September. The Guildball tournament will be Saturday with some fun events Sunday. http://www.attack-x.com/event/attack-x/
  3. polluxx66

    Canadian National (Western) Championship

    My flight leaves early Sunday as well. Final round of Nationals should be done by 2. The alternate side event may run longer but we all have to leave when we have to.
  4. polluxx66

    Vancouver Summer Tournament

    Hello Vancouver Guildball Players. Or players who are interested in Vancouver There will be a tournament July 14, 2018 hosted by Ages Three and Up in Burnaby. If you are intersted in the game or lurking come by and look at games in actions. Start time is 10:00 AM and entry fee is $10.00 https://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=1231
  5. polluxx66

    Canadian National (Western) Championship

    Reminder Time. Canadian Western National Championships are now a few days away from being 2 months away. swag and sponsors are starting to pile up. The event is filling up. If you are planning on coming sign up soon to reserve your spot and take your shot at worlds at Steam Con UK guildballevents.com nationalchamps Home
  6. polluxx66

    Canadian National (Western) Championship

    Plans for the event are well underway. We are half way to 30 sign ups. Buy your ticket now before they are sold out. https://www.guildballevents.com/
  7. polluxx66

    Model distribution needs to change

    I agree you can't please everyone. Recent decisions and multi boxes have made me think long and hard about continuing purchases. My local stores have all been burned carrying both singles and boxes. With such a capped range unless getting new teams or the occasional new release purchases are limited and it sits on the shelf longer than most other products. They are all special order only.
  8. polluxx66

    Mulligans during play.

    Nothing else has been resolved there is no game state to rewind. In my opinion choosing a different result is just fine.
  9. polluxx66

    Damage Trackers

    For damage I use the card and show or hand it over. My dislike of them is the nudgeing and lack of accuracy. That being said card also have that problem because as the name impllies dry/wet erase is also not permanent :).
  10. polluxx66

    Damage Trackers

    I agree I don't use them at all. I didn't even punch out the ones for my plastic team's.
  11. Playing on the clock. I have never seen the Mexican standoff but the clock stops this and other forms of unintentional slow play. Stave also can break it up and mess with his plan as he is pushing people around can let you commit by pushing them towards you.
  12. polluxx66

    Wet Coast GT

    Six days till Wet Coast 2018. We Currently have 12 people and spots still available. If you wanted to come and don't have your team's painting done I have Union, Brewers, Morticians, and Mason's available to be used. Remember plastic models do not need to be painted. If you are on the fence I have some great prize support and the swag bag has a new set of widgets made be Miner Creations. Melee range widgets. I would like to thank our sponsor's Strategies Games & Hobbies, Ages Three and Up, Hidden Forest Gaming, and Rain City Hobbies and of course Miner Creations. Buy your ticket here: http://wetcoastgt.com/
  13. polluxx66

    LE Gutter in Butchers

    I would assume not. LE rage was declared that it could be used as both versions. LE Gutter is a union model not a butcher's model. Allowing original models as their union in chains veteran versions which are friendly guild models and not friendly union models playing for butcher's in your example.
  14. polluxx66

    Wrecker, anyone use him much

    I used him to push Soren off the board last week. It was glorious. Even as a crowd out he almost never gets attacked due to his stats. There is almost always an easier target.
  15. polluxx66

    Wet Coast GT

    Wetcoast GT is two weeks out. There are still seats available. This is a qualifying event for the Canadian Western National Championship. Top two participants receive complimentary tickets to the national championship.