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  1. Quwaz

    Ongoing dervish debate

    That makes sense, just strange wording, thank you.
  2. My dad just got the Mortician guild and whole learning about tactics and strategy in playing the guild o keep seeing something that makes no sence. So I have seen MANY people talk about using football dervish for an 8" Dodge and this has been bugging the hell out of me. I've seen it being used on videos of matches and on the forums here. The card very clearly says "the friendly model may immediately spend 1MP to make a pass that targets this player INSTEAD of making a Teamwork action. So can someone please explain how you can pass and make a 4" Dodge (which would be a teamwork reaction) and also dervish, and then make a second (legitimate) 4" Dodge? Was there a rule change? What am I missing here?
  3. So in the write up they talk about her using Impact for the free attack in the middle of a Sprint movement and then continuing to move afterwards. But I have a few questions: Doesnt the opponents model get a free disengage attack when you are continuing to move? I could see Impact being really strong with a 1 or 2 hit KD result, but Farris only has KD on 4 hits, and that's really hard to hit on 6 dice especially since you don't get the charge +4. I guess I don't really see the utility of the ability unless the model you are hitting is already KD or if you can take it out with the 1-2 damage you can probably inflict. Am I missing something? Do they not get a disengage? Or is it more for just free chip damage hit on a KD opponent?
  4. Quwaz


    A card is (at retail) cheaper than a model and there are hundreds of MTG cards and dozens of GB models.
  5. Quwaz


    I'm not complaining that engys get the hat. And I'm not pissy "rage quitting" either for the smug fan boys. I'm just saying when was the last time you bought and played a miniature game (or board game) where a model is litterally made unusable? Other games have things that aren't tournament legal, I get that. But to make players waste money is different.
  6. Quwaz


    So veteran "female hat" is going to Engineer guild, but what will happen to my Harry? Will he still be playable with his current errata card rules? For how long? In the keynote the dev said "union players will no longer be available once the matching minor guild is released" so does that mean my Harry is just a useless chunk of metal soon? What about the decimate and A&G I have too? Is Steamforged going to refund my money for selling me non-playable models? I can't exactly sell them to a union player since Union is squashed soon too.
  7. Get a proper foam case. Why would you chuck all your hard work in model building in a bag?
  8. Maybe, maybe not, we have no way to know yet. It would be cheapest for SF to just make 1 version of Avarisse/Greede, and because they are making everything pre-assembled now we are basically at the mercy of whatever they choose. (without major model surgery)
  9. I'm not complaining that it's plastic, I'm upset that it looks cheap and is much lower quality than the models of the past, and I'm very worried about what the future holds with the direction they are shifting the game and the models and making worse for people who actually care about how the models look. Starter set(s) with premade simple plastics, sure. ALL models only available in cheap premade plastics, come on. Add new alternatives, don't push everything over.
  10. So your positives are: they aren't "too terrible" and they aren't incompetent in gluing. Then say you are going to be cutting off the bases and doing the same process of painting that the metal models had in better quality, so why is this better? If all you want is simple and cheap models why even paint them? They are pre-glued and colour coated for your convenience after all! I could even maybe live with the lower quality castings if they weren't all premade and cheap looking (yes they look cheap). They don't look like a miniatures game, it looks like mini-figs you would find in a boardgame at a toy store. Guildball the Boardgame
  11. They are all pre-glued and assembled, so it would mean carving out the model to magnetize yourself. Unless they are super generous to give a magnet to everyone who buys the model (a step backwards in saving casting cost), there is no easy way to magnetize. All the preambled packs are doing is making it harder for customization and displaying.
  12. What about Avarrse and Greede? With the new plastics you won't be able to magnitize as easily (if at all) so are you just going to be forced to have a double Greede on the field? Seems like they are pushing for more of a newbie/simple market plan while slowly alienating their current fans.
  13. Blacksmiths and Farmers are all plastic one peice models, and they don't have as much detail as the other metal models. I also don't like the bases they are connected to either.
  14. Quwaz

    Why Midas?

    I've had multiple games go that Smoke and Vitriol score twice and then Vkat uses "Witness Me" for the win. I've even had several games where I only score once. I don't really find the need to have a super heavily offensive lineup. Someone even said it earlier, Alchemists are about control and possession. Keep good zoning, and strike when there is an opening like Naja would. Between Calculus, Vitriol, and Hemlocke I always have plenty of AOEs on the table each turn for Smoke to work with. I don't think I've even used Smoke to tackle more than a few times, that's what the hitters like Katalist, Venin, Mercury, and Compound are for, and Vitriol is a great ball winner. (I don't use much Union talent, mostly because of model cost)
  15. Quwaz

    Why Midas?

    I get that Midas is a good independent player on the ball and with on ball defense, but Guild Ball isn't a 1 man sport. Smoke has so much more mobility and unpredictability. With her and Vitriol throwing smokes they can cover a lot of the pitch and lure defenders out of position for each other. I also see long kicks as decent, but I would take a 4/6 over a 3/8 any time. I've scored loads of goals with Smoke having her pop around to get set up. There is no point in kicking it from 8-10 inches out if you just miss the shot with less dice to roll. The only match I lost playing season 2 was also one of the few times I tried Midas. I was against Fish who tied Midas down for the 3 turns it took them to score enough to win.