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  1. the snek is cuter, that is enough reason to bench flask forever besides, more 2" models to rub in your opponents face the better. Especially when its on a danger noodle
  2. Napoleon

    Dealing with brawling teams

    Tapper is hilariously vulnerable to Silence, and he loses a LOT of benefits if you force him to go last even when you aren't focusing him (old jakes - not useable, commanding aura - only benefits tapper, KDing for other players to benefit from? no one else is left) if tapper kicks off and loads himself full you can tuck him too, forces him to blow his activation and stack and means your last activation model (which might be greede goal or bonesaw goal) is not going to have to face a full loaded tapper. Silence is in range of tapper when he does this, but if tapper goes across the board onto silence your team gets the easiest mom farm in the world. (you can also teamwork silence away if he has the ball when he tucks tapper, for max BM, or use the fire blast to cut his range short of you) but i prefer to leave silence in range because farming KD tapper until you casket time him or remove him through a first activation is very strong
  3. Napoleon

    Dealing with brawling teams

    Make their trades bad, Fillet has to pick her targets exceptionally carefully, as long as you don't give her chances to dodge obulus is immortal to fillet unless she has the ball. Ghast is likely to >> unless shes swift stanced, she can't dodge away from models like casket. Don't let her set up a last activation --> first activation chain of devastation. Models like fillet, thresher, rage etc absolutely thrive on these double activations of sheer carnage Shes going to obliterate someone unless you puppet master her backwards out of range which is not always possible. So let her obliterate someone and set up a casket time or set up a pseudo casket time. ie - knocked down fillet on 1-2 boxes (as low as possible) and ensure you win initiative, or that shes positioned in such a way she can't use initiative, like only engaged by 2" and shes KD, so she can't actually move. That way when your opponents go they have to load up fillet and you just obliterate her anyway. (come on mate can either make her 5/0 1-2 boxes or 4/0 5-6 boxes, neither of which will save her!) the team behind fillet is pretty meh, harry is great but squishy, vOx's damage output is surprisingly low due to 2/3, hes more of a setup player, meathook is decent but another 2/3 player. Take fillet out of the equation and your players will beat the butcher players as for vRage, that's much more difficult, vRage's toolkit is immensely deeper and so is his player quality. Fielding 2" reach teams, having great goal threat in mist or A&G, red fury + benediction means its almost impossible to kill rage's influence too. Gutter, Harry and Benediction all allow obulus to be killed, even by rage himself since he can have obulus pushed into melee with him, or dragged by gutter. Simply put, good luck with Rage union... it is a puzzle i have not figured out beyond trying to casket time rage after he kills someone.
  4. BPM is like a more durable version of Cosset, because brainpan can be hiding with his gold standard 4/1 statline and the puppet's "deaths" dont matter due to it retaining buffs. Also is less vulnerable to counter attacks that disengage, like >>, << or >< and is not vulnerable to UM. a counter attack that dodges them out costs brainpan an extra 1 influence to get memory back in which is a very small price compared to cosset losing her followup attacks (and it essentially refunds you the mom you lose, in a way. because while you aren't gaining a mom for the attack the opponent is losing it unless its a poised counterattack). Makes the puppet good into models like Midas and Vitriol, whereas cosset just can't get midas and vitriol requires some setup. Personally my first 2 drafts is usually graves + A&G, and my other 2 are flex choices. Ghast is a safe bet but Casket time is really strong and you can hold the choice for a long time until you know which is better for a match up. Last slot usually goes to Silence, BPM or Cosset depending on how i feel and if im kicking or receiving and what my opponent drafted.
  5. i'd argue that memory ties down no one by default, his tying down people is usually them stubbornly staying there to hit him. his playbook only has damage, no T, no KD. so anyone can just walk away from him at any time and only take a little stab (most likely 3 dmg, 4 if you're lucky, 2 against someone with tough hide). people get tied down when they stay to fight the puppet though which is a trap i see some people fall into. Which is all my statement was, assuming he had to walk tapper / hooper over to memory, not that you were jamming memory up against them like it does anything (it doesn't, esp. vs tough hide) He can deny furious charges, CC and rush keeper fairly effectively that being said. But i wouldn't call that "tying someone up" because they can just walk away
  6. Isn't tying up both hooper and tapper for the cost of allocating bpm 3-4 inf, when the puppet can't physically give up any VPs a really good trade? like, i get that its "wasting" influence, but hooper and tapper are two of the teams heavy hitters esp. since spigot can't even touch obulus. You just play football while they knock the puppet down
  7. Napoleon

    Tournament list with less used Union models

    Any time i run mist w/ a sol, like benediction it always feels insanely strong to give mist an extra 2" of movement for free. I really like benny in vRage teams to begin with because he can arc node red fury
  8. Hes very good into compound too, for teams that like to run him, since memory never pays for a kick and only moves through dodges compound never does anything
  9. Never play B&M into butchers. VOx is a butcher staple and he can trigger The Owner aura by killing a 3 box puppet B&M is good into basically everything else
  10. Napoleon

    Is scoring goals too easy.

    Some more impactful plot cards might be helpful, at least impactful in that they don't buff football (ie - don't bring one touch football back, as awesome as that card is). Right now knee slider only has 1 card that counter balances it which is Who Are Ya?, but knee slider is better than who are ya typically. that being said, i have played the "kill the ball super hard" game. it's awfully dull, but extremely effective
  11. Napoleon

    Vs Morticians

    Would love to hear some alch (primarily midas) vs morticians advice from the alch perspective
  12. Napoleon

    Is scoring goals too easy.

    That really isnt even a choice. Bringing the captain back even if he just sits on the side to use healing will never ever be the wrong choice when the alternative is "play without 4 influence, lose an activation" The game should have interestinf choices, bringing back players is only the wrong call in super rare cases
  13. Napoleon

    Is scoring goals too easy.

    i think they mean if theres a player in the way, rather than -1 dice, they have a chance to intercept, so models could be placed blocking goal shots to more effect than "shark loses a dice and bonus times back up to 4 dice"
  14. Napoleon

    Can't justify Skatha over Theron

    You mean bringing snow?
  15. Napoleon

    Can't justify Skatha over Theron

    Seenah typically loves the threat range boost that skatha provides, and seenah can be a key source of extra VPs via bear hug. despite 0/2 and 2-1 (yuck), i feel like seenah is one of the best hunters models to bring in a lot of situations The other big weakness of the pin strategy is it requires theron to go first, and unlike mortician control, theron can never guarantee hes going first, unlike obulus. You then slip in a big captain activation, score a goal etc and by the time theron gets his go, it's too late to stop a big activation and once theron is in a position where hes trading 3-4 influence to potentially, but with no guarantees, cancel out 3-4 influence you're at a neutral position at best. basically reason why pinned typically can't be used before a big captain activation because hunters are quite poor at momentum generation, a lot of their MP goes into heroic plays (like blessing), character plays (Theron, chaska, zarola, egret, hearne etc), and non momentous, but really important results like jaecar gutting and stringing key players that don't want -4/-4 and -1 def, on top of typically lower than average inf scores meaning their max potential momentum was already lower. i've played a lot of games against theron and am just never impressed at his toolbox. One of my most regular opponents ran hunters religiously, and they're quite popular in my meta but theron's never amounted to more than "free wins". As long as you position well, the threat of using your own players to pin you is effective but doesn't come up often because hunters don't form a big ugly scrum like say, brewers, grange farmers or corsair fish do. So you can spread out. i think my most common result vs the theron pin strategy was just to puppet master or drag theron in w/ corsair or obulus respectively. With shark it was usually just about winning initiative so that shark could legendary the team and score and ignore pin because his activation came and went before theron. that's my anecdotal experience, but the last time i lost a game to theron was 6 months ago, he just has too many holes in his gameplan and there's plenty of ways to work around pin, like spacing your models because hunters don't effectively scrum. stopping opponents models from doing what they want to (mortician style) is only effective if you can score vp in the meantime, and theron doesn't do much to enable that.