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  1. New to masons - tackling blacksmiths

    I played on vassal last night with hammer, wrecker, mallet, tower, flint and minx. Won 12-2. if you can score first then they have to work more on take outs but if they score first, flint can hold the ball until the opportune moment
  2. New to masons - tackling blacksmiths

    Just wait until they score if you aren't receiving the kick off. With Hammer, Mallet and Tower, you should be winning the fights so they need to score to be optimal. Also, consider taking wrecker to break up some of their positional dependency. If you aren't running Honour, you don't need marbles as much.
  3. New to masons - tackling blacksmiths

    Use him to kill the ball. close control and 4/1 vs males goes a long way.
  4. Let's Revisit Lucky

    Mist and Minx both have their virtues which have been clearly stated in this thread. My personal opinion is based on captain. I really like Minx with Hammer for marked target, furious and snared - I believe he loves Minx. Where I prefer Mist with Honour, it makes with Flint on one wing, mist on the other and Honour and Harmony in the middle, almost impossible to hide the ball. The threat on the ball is insane. Because you can only take one union in the ten man roster, it's really going to depend on your captain of choice which then depends on your personal play style. Purely on face value, without everything else in consideration, I don't think one is clearly better than the other.
  5. Project positivity - making Masons great again.

    Another with the Wrecker love. I've been playing a lot of Hammer in S3 and always use Wrecker. Put the ball on him, get inside cover, it's a 4 hit downswing including armour to get the ball off him. Roller ball can help push models with unpredictable movement into Hammer so you can put them in the dirt. Being a influence battery because you rarely, if ever, need to put any on him. Lot's of utility in one model without needing influence on him. Mason's have been in my opinion good all season, we have the flexibility to fight when needed, score goals when needed. Thanks @BunkerDan for the thread, I wish more of the forums were like this and I'd actually post more often.
  6. Has anyone received their split order from Steamcon / Black friday sales? It was due to be delivered to me around the 8th of January but still is waiting stock... Cheers
  7. Chisel

    Yeah fair point, overlooked that
  8. Chisel

    Do you think she didn't see changes to the length of her playbook because of Hammer's heroic (iron fist) and Tooled up? Do you think that given access to effectively +2 to damage results, being able to wrap easier might make her too powerful? Take cossets play book with 4 on 5 hits and 1 on 1 hit, if chisel wraps just one over with the heroic and tooled up, that would be 9 damage. I see that Cosset has access to tooled up and then assist dirge as well but she can only have a max of 2 influence. Would trading down from 2/4 to 2/2 and reducing the playbook to 5 instead of 7 improve her?