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  1. Blacksmiths elect to receive the ball, Brick kicks a wide ball, and stands imposing and stoic midfield. An intense melee forms in the centre of the pitch, Blacksmiths seem out for blood, resulting in Honour and her monkey being bludgeoned by Iron and Furnace, Flint spies an opportunity after the ball remains free ascoring the first goal! The ball is kicked back into play landing at Iron’s feet. Flint, playing to the crowd following his goal, slides up the pitch blissfully unaware that Sledge’s Hammer is completely in range. A swift vengeful piledriver from Sledge hits Flint, smashing the pretty boy and breaking him. Sledge moves on to beat Mallet. Blacksmiths -5 Masons -4. Sledge and Anvil make short work of Mallet, during the melee Honour, accompanied by her beloved Marbles beat Ferrite taking her off the pitch, Furnace and Cinder fail to stop the beating but return the favour sending Honour and her ape back to the medics. Blacksmiths -8 Masons -6 The masons take the initiative in the final moments of the game, Ferrite makes her way back on to the pitch screaming at Iron who barely notices the ball at his feet. Honour spots this and rushes at Ferrite in the hope Iron hasn’t heard his captain’s instructions. Honour pushes Ferrite to the floor, but is unable to silence her. Iron charges up the field with impetus, no one fool enough to stand in his way. With the crowd chanting his name, Iron the tryhard hoofs the ball into the Mason’s goal causing the crowd to roar as Blacksmiths claim a 12-6 victory!
  2. Or giant robot man spiders, and football playing puppets.
  3. SwogMonglet

    Rat Catchers Guild

    Wonder what his updated card will show?
  4. SwogMonglet

    Mystery box!

    Masons and Hunters here (I have neither which is a winner for me!) Easter Fangtooth Chibi Obulous pin Chibi cards for Theron, fahad, Hammer and Wrecker Butchers dice (already have these ) Masons dice plot cards and big league play cards Cant complain though for £50
  5. Haha! Yeah, was considering stealing that idea for a bloody coin token! I'll ensure she remembers. I'm playing my first game against Farmers tonight, wish me luck! Again, great to meet you, hopefully we'll cross paths in the future for a game.
  6. @Paul Waters You played against a friend of mine and her Union during a bye, looked a good game! Remember the bloody coin!!!!!
  7. SwogMonglet

    Old 3 man box sets

    I ordered engineers in s3 from SF store, they had the S3 cards, however I can't speak for other stores, also you can't buy the 3man starters from SF anymore.
  8. I was there, finished 63rd! My first tournament! Had some close games and some not so close games! Still learned a lot from the weekend and had a great time! Going to be hanging up the Butchers cleaver for a while and accepting the Bloody coin from Rage until Blacksmiths land. Well done to @JJLayfield for a great win and good luck in the USA!
  9. SwogMonglet

    Beating the Brewers

    Having never lost a game to Brewers I can tell you, Brewers think they got a fighting game, but Butchers are on a whole other level! My s3 lineup consists of Fillet, Truffles, Meathook, vOx, Brisket and either minx, boiler, shank or tenderiser. Take the time to pick your target, when you spot a chance. Also a tapper team wants a scrum to get plenty of knockdowns, you want a scrum to spread blood rain. If you can get a kill with vOx, tool fillet up with Meathook, get some bleeds on the board with Meathook and let a +3 dmg Fillet run riot. I managed to take vet katalyst off the board with 2inf with this set up. The damage output is scary. Brewers can't contend with it. If he's fielding stave, ensure you aren't bunched up, and punish stave when he's vulnerable. He's like an mp piggybank. Murdering Spigot, Friday and stave should be relatively easy. You should be able to kill these 3 in 1 turn easily.
  10. SwogMonglet

    Engine Engine, Number Nine. (Upcoming Tournament)

    I was thinking more along the lines of lure, and drag tbh. Pulling them away from goal. You could strategically place nests around your goal defence to reduce TN dice pools too? For kicks/ potential ranged attacks
  11. SwogMonglet

    Engine Engine, Number Nine. (Upcoming Tournament)

    Corsair,Kraken and Siren would be their undoing? I'm interested in this tactic. The thing which got me excited was using mother to build a bunker for Ballista! That is fantastic! And you can still advance out of it! Brilliant! Does the -1 to TN affect attacks or just character plays & kick actions? It may change my league 9 pick! It may push mainspring out of my mascot pick!
  12. SwogMonglet

    Dealing with Hunters.

    Aha! I'll let him know for future reference. Cheers guys.
  13. SwogMonglet

    Dealing with Hunters.

    Cheers guys, all amazing points to take away, one thing I wasn't sure about, the guy had placed jaecar's pitfall, I left it untriggered, he wandered down to me and replaced it on me. Is that doable? Looking back, I wasn't aggressive enough with my first moves which allowed early snares etc.
  14. SwogMonglet

    Dealing with Hunters.

    I'll give Harry consideration! Thanks Never thought of the passing game to get me up the board. Butchers don't play football!
  15. SwogMonglet

    Dealing with Hunters.

    Hey guys, played in my first 20man tourney yesterday (Potters guild Stoke UK), went 3 wins in a row (12-10 Alchemists, 12-8 Brewers, 12-11 Butchers- mega intense amazing game!) Final match to decide the winner was down to myself (Butchers) vs Hunters. I've had zero luck playing this opponent in the past and last night was no exception. He beat me 12-1, completely outplayed me. The heavy loss pushed me down to 5th place in the final rankings. Line ups Butchers- Fillet, Truffles, V.Ox, Brisket, Meathook and Minx Hunters- Theron, Fahad, Jaecar, Egret, Chaska and Minx I won initiative and retrieved the ball, by the end of turn 2 Hunters had the ball by my goal. I got completely snared up and battered. My dice just weren't doing anything for me. Managed to scrape a kill on Fahad before the end. I failed as a Butcher My question is this, HOW DO I DEAL WITH THESE GITS!? If I start too aggressive I get face pounded, snared and trapped. If I start too defensive, I get snared, pinned and murdered. I think in future I would have taken Boiler in place of Minx. For the marked target and swift stance. Any advice for future matchups would be greatly appreciated.