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  1. Just want to make sure I'm understanding something right. Because the frost-tokens are neither an "ongoing effect" nor a "sustain effect", they do not get removed during the maintenance phase, and remain on the model until they are used, correct?
  2. Skatha Experience So Far

    Yeah, as a rule I find turn 1 goals are to be avoided, regardless of the team, regardless of the player, because more often than not you're giving your opponent a sacrificial lamb, and losing a player early on for a 2pt lead. I have found Skatha to be quite useful so far, but like SN0flux, I'm running her more in a support role than a striker role, using cold snaps to soften the defense, dropping fast ground behind the opposing team when possible so-as to render it useless to them in moving up the pitch, and forgoing it when I can't, and generally using Snowball to dodge the receiving player far more often than than Skatha herself (one of the best uses I've found for snowball is to keep Seenah from ever being crowded out to the point that he can't Roar and charge)
  3. Hunters V Butchers

    True, but Minx does have Screeching Banshee for the -1 def (though man do I miss that -4/-4 on SB), and I'm a huge fan of Marked Target, especially when running Seenah. Throw together MT, Skatha's fast ground, and 2" reach and suddenly nowhere on the pitch seems safe. And while I see your point on clearing snares, I've had turns where between Mins and Cold Snap, I've dropped 6 snares, and that just starves the other team for momentum. But I totally agree on the value of being able to drop a trap and leave your opponent with a bad choice on how to deal with it. Don't get me wrong, I love Jaecar, and on the right squad I'd probably take him AND Minx. I just don't know that I'd call him an auto-include anymore.
  4. Hunters V Butchers

    Yep, you're right, somehow I completely missed the "playbook damage result" in LE, and now I feel an ass.
  5. Hunters V Butchers

    Last season I probably would have agreed with this, but with her changes this season, I think I'd pretty much always take Minx over Jaecar if I only had space for one. Her lack of a push is a little sad, but other than that, I feel like she is just easily better at doing what they both do, which is laying snares and heavy damage and not being around to face the consequences.
  6. Hunters V Butchers

    I actually just ran a Hunters-Butchers game yesterday that ended Hunters 12-0 Butchers (though admittedly against a much less experience player who I was helping improve her game), and was fairly happy with how my squad operated, running Skatha, V. Hearne, Ulfr, Minx, Seenah, and Snow. I would actually call Minx an auto-include with the Heralds, because together with Skatha's nasty-wasty Cold Snap, she makes a phenomenal enabler for V. Hearne to be used as a second striker, because Skewered gives him massive mobility around the pitch when he's dealing with models who already have a snare on them, and Minx just dances around dropping those snares. And I find Seenah does well with this squad as essentially and enforcer, with heavy damage, easy knockdowns, and 2" reach, playing the Butcher's game so the rest of the Squad can focus on the football (especially if he can goad the Butchers into ganging up on him). Especially because Skatha can extend Seenah's threat range and keep him from getting bogged down by tossing him Snowball's, so that even when the other player was trying to lock Seenah down by putting more players around him than he could roar away, it wasn't working. Obviously strategy is never gonna be perfect in real time, but my main sort've goal with this squad against Butchers would be Skatha, V. Hearne, and Snow play a tight spearhead to be able to take advantage of Pack Mentality, and focus on getting the ball and passing it off to Ulfr, who acts largely independently in order to take advantage of his +2 TAC so he can get his +2"/+1 Kick, while Seenah softens up the defensive side with knockdowns and takeout, while Minx dances about snaring targets for Seenah (and Skatha supports Seenah from afar with Cold Snap), as well as establishing targets for V. Hearne to use to skewer and jump across the pitch when he has a better scoring opportunity than Ulfr.
  7. New Hunter person

    My personal opinion? Not much, really. I mean, MO can be good for getting a certain big, nasty bear into a better position to charge first turn, and used right it can also be used to help Fahad makes some nasty attacks early game, but honestly, there are better ways with players with better playbooks to accomplish this (e.g., have Skatha pass Seenah a snowball for a 4" dodge up the pitch)
  8. Ooooh...BALL!!! or Snap To, which resolves first

    It's exactly the right forum for it, which is why there was a lot of attitude towards your post, because your post was unwarranted; it added nothing to the discussion and was unnecessarily authoritative, despite you neither having the authority, nor even being correct about where this discussion belonged
  9. Ooooh...BALL!!! or Snap To, which resolves first

    Did you even read my post before you responded to it? Literally per the rules of the rules forum, it is exactly -not- the place to discuss if you think a ruling is wrong, the guild discussion forum is.
  10. Ooooh...BALL!!! or Snap To, which resolves first

    Yeah, in fact the sticky thread in the Rules Clarifications section actually states "Please don't turn a thread into a discussion. This is not the place to discuss why a particular ruling is great/lame because of all the cool/horrible stuff you can do with it. There are, handily, forums for each specific Guild on this page too, which are perfect for that sort of thing." I mean, maybe I'm bad at reading comprehension, but this would imply to me that contrary to Dracilic's comment, discussing your problems with a ruling is a-okay, and this is exactly the place to do it. That's weird, by the way. I'm used to dakka dakka-style modding and rules lawyering. Where's the authoritarianism? Where's the abuse of mod power, the heavy, iron-handed use of the banhammer to make sure your interpretation of the rules goes unquestioned?
  11. Ooooh...BALL!!! or Snap To, which resolves first

    This Also partially my point when it comes yo Dracilic's comment. I've read through the rules of conduct several times now, and nowhere does it say "once the Lawyers Guild has ruled on something, it may never, ever, ever be discussed again, nor may you raise points that show issues with their interpretation." And I assume that if they or the mods do feel that that is or should be the case, they can simply ask us to refrain from discussing this and close the post, so I'm not sure I see the point of Dracilic's comment.
  12. Ooooh...BALL!!! or Snap To, which resolves first

    Dracilic, with all due respect, I would argue that no, this hasn't been ruled on. A few people have stated their interpretation, and as best I could tell, none of those were people who had any authority to "rule on" or make a final determination, especially as, as I pointed out, they seem to have failed to take into account at least one pertinent rule, and as the actual question I posed, which is whether Snow's jog would resolve completely before the snap did, has not been answered. As to which forum this should be posted in, my apologies, I simply assumed this belonged in the Hunters section, as the question was related to a Hunters player.
  13. Ooooh...BALL!!! or Snap To, which resolves first

    And while I can see the point the person was trying to make in the post you linked, -if it covered all the relevant rules-, I think they've erred by not considering the line of "If the ball-marker is not in a model’s possession, the ball-marker is a free-ball." Because that tells us that even if we consider the semi-colon to create two different clauses, the second one is a definition of terms, not an order of operations. "To give up possession, the model places the ball-marker within [1”]" I.e., this is the process by which a model gives up possession of the ball "the ball-marker then becomes a free-ball" This is a reiteration of the earlier statement that the ball is a free ball if it is not in a model's possession.
  14. Ooooh...BALL!!! or Snap To, which resolves first

    See, that's what I'm not getting where you're getting it from. Because the rules state: "If the ball-marker is not in a model’s possession, the ball-marker is a free-ball." And "During its activation, a model in possession and not engaged may give up possession at any point. Giving up possession is not an action. To give up possession, the model places the ball-marker within [1”]; the ball- marker then becomes a free-ball" And "If the ball-marker is placed within [1”] of a model, that model may choose to take possession of the ball-marker; the ball-marker will immediately snap to that model." Based on that, the ball becomes a free ball the instant the token is placed on the pitch not in possession of a model, which is also the trigger for a snap-to. This would imply that no matter how instantaneously the process of relinquishing the ball, placing it on the pitch within 1" of the relinquishing model, and another model choosing to take possession of the ball marker because it was placed within 1" of them, in the intervening time it is, according to the rules, a "free ball", and Ooooh...BALL! would trigger.