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    New Fishermen player!

    Hi to all! I'm a new fishermen italian player. I played some games in 3 vs 3 format (S2) and in 18/12 i have my first tournament, here in Rome. Tournament is with S3 rules and Speed Ball! format. I have all fisherman guild miniatures (plus Gutter and Hemlocke) and i'm looking for some good advice for the rooster and strategy. Thanks for the help!
  2. Diacono del Coriandolo

    New Fishermen player!

    Thank you all for the hint! I really like the "Jac Gambit"! I want to try it asap.
  3. Diacono del Coriandolo

    New Fishermen player!

    I want to try both. At today I only play Shark, Angel and Siren against other guild starters. I don't know how Greyscale, Jac or Kraken work in game. I'll play soon some game test of both rosters and thanks for the tips. Another question: with high mobility of fishermen i have to play with miniature close one to each other? Or i can keep them distant? (p.s. sorry for my horrible english)
  4. Diacono del Coriandolo

    New Fishermen player!

    Thank you a lot! I think about on something similar but i was undecided between Greyscales and Sakana.
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    [Rome 18/12] First Italian Tournament

    Hi to everybody! I'm glad to present the First Guild Ball Italian Tournament! Where: Macro 138, via Nizza, 138, Rome When: Sunday, 18/12/2016 Tournament with Speed ball! rules. Here the facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1646204369012707/