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  1. BarrieVoice

    The lab rats for a event this weekend

    No worries, it's not like I picked up on it either.
  2. BarrieVoice

    The lab rats for a event this weekend

    Hi Aaron, I played you game 2 and think you might be mixing some stuff up with other games. I kicked off to a bit of a weird place and managed to get the ball back with Mist. I then spent a couple of turns struggling to push Decimate off the pitch with Mist and Vitriol, which might have been a mistake although I was concerned about moving one away with the ball and risking you getting it back before I could score. Once I scored your Smoke sat on the ball for a few turns as you needed to get to 8vp because at this point I was on 8vp and would likely counter your goal with a winning goal if you scored earlier. In the end I clocked out and gave up a couple of VP’s before you got a takeout taking you to 10vp and I conceded as I had no way of making 4vp with the activations I had left before giving you the final 2vp you needed for the win. Frustratingly we missed the call for the end of the round when I was 8-4 or 8-6 up which not only cost me a win but more importantly my lunch as I think it left us 10mins until round 3 was due to start. Either way congrats on winning the event and I’m sure we’ll meet again when I’ll be hoping for 3rd time lucky against you.
  3. BarrieVoice

    Kicking Roster after Errata

    I used Midas, Naja, Vitriol, Mist, Original Katalyst and Compound during all my games at Nationals and went 4-2. The two losses were also pretty close and with hindsight the last game was still winnable when I conceded after clocking out and failing to get that final goal. 1 minute activation led to a terrible final decision..... With hindsight I should also have taken Calculus over Compound as my opponents strategy was based around tooling up Obulus and killing the ball. I like having the three strikers, with two the opponent can usually put the ball out of reach of my unactivated striker and then my game stalls. I still kick with Vitriol and then activate Midas first to lure Katalyst forward and get old Vitriol turn 1 threat on the table. This never got me a goal in the tournament though. I was still able to get takeouts in most if not all games but had to lean heavily on Kat with support from Vit and Midas who can both output decent damage when required. Midas is also really good at walking players off the pitch which I managed at least once at Nationals and many times before that.
  4. BarrieVoice

    Vengeance/Tournament Terrain

    All the terrain came in one big box and I'm pretty sure it was all Solid Ground Studios.
  5. BarrieVoice

    The Who Cares Who Wins Rusty Cup 2017

    Payment sent for two players: Barrie Voice and Oliver Visick Thanks
  6. BarrieVoice

    Back of Marbles' card

    So I used Marbles for my three games in the Sunday tournament at Steamcon and felt he did well. In one game he goaded Stoker in a position that would force Stoker to trigger Brick's counter charge if he decided to move and so influence was instead spent flinging fire at Brick rather than beating on Honour. I know this is something that was possible in S2 but was helped by me being more willing to move him up the pitch. In another game he counter charged into Vitriol who had spent a decent amount of time trying to get to Harmony whilst avoiding Brick's counter charge. I have to admit that this didn't stop Vitriol stipping the ball and kicking it away but it did use up time and extra Inf. Against a 1" melee stiker that charge would likely have kept the ball on Harmony. I think with practice I could pull this of more regularly and can see uses in Marbles counter charging people to push them off of Brick, as well as working with him to cover other players.