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  1. TheRaven

    Alchemists Season 4

    Where are these cards? I went to the website but it's only the podcast. Where did they put the pics up?
  2. TheRaven

    Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    I do think Minor guilds will be an issue that causes a lot of players (New and Old) frustration. The way I see it is that minor guilds really don't work well as stand alones. They feel like they are meant to be an expansion if you already play the major guild. Something that gives you extra choice for a few players and an alternative side guild option to shake things up. Just when I felt like the lack of individual model sales were not going to be an issue (As we've been in full box only mode for a while now), they do the minor guilds. Take for example Falconers. I love the look, I would love to play them. However, I do not want to spend another 100+ dollars just to get the final 2 models to round the team out! It's ridiculous. Falconers only seem reasonable if you already own hunters and have VHearne and Egret. I can just see a new player picking that box up. Going "Oh this one other player looks really nice! How do I get that player? What do you mean I have to spend 75 USD as the only way to get one model I need?". As far as a competitive standpoint, I don't see the factions being a major issue. Table top gaming across the board has issues with needing to memorize "Gotcha" moments. Warmachine was terrible for that, more than factions you had to know the rules for every potential caster. I don't think rule wise Guild Ball is any worse than the other major competitors.
  3. TheRaven

    Plastic Fisherman interest registration.

    The questions bugged me. All it asked was "Do you already own the Fishermen Guild", I said "Yes" and it just stopped. It didn't ask me if I would still want them in plastic even though I already own them. Seems like there should have been another question..................
  4. TheRaven

    What about Bolt?

    Counter charge is "An Advance", don't see why counter charge wouldn't trigger? You seem to be hung up on the idea of "Advance as a phase" not "Advance as an Action". Counter charge doesn't read "Whenever a model end's it's Advance Phase" it's "An Advance". Since jog is an Advance, and after that advance they are in countercharge range (Or parting blow or any other rule) it seems it would trigger.
  5. TheRaven

    What about Bolt?

    I got that from the wiki. But here is the official Rules Thread The movement section says: ActionsMovement (pg 22-24)There are two types of movement - Advances and Repositions. Placement is not a Movement. Movement:- A controlling player may not voluntarily move or place a friendly model off the pitch (even when affected by plays such as Lure and Puppet Master). Advances:- All Jog, Sprint and Charges are Advances.
  6. TheRaven

    What about Bolt?

    Was something chanced from a rules clarification from last year? May 28 2016: Advance: Jog, sprint or charge are advances, any other type of movement of a model is a Reposition. Dodges and Pushes are Repositions. Since it's a jog, why would it not be considered an advance?
  7. TheRaven

    What about Bolt?

    I'm open works, but his double move is a bit finicky. It's a regular Jog not a dodge the length of his jog movement like we're used to seeing, wouldn't it therefore trigger things like countercharge? Also the second job has to happen at the start of his activation, so it always has to happen before i'm open. I can see it sometimes being frustrating having to make sure you don't job out of I'm open range.
  8. TheRaven

    What about Bolt?

    What do you mean by insane dodge threat?
  9. TheRaven

    Black Friday Sales

    They have most of the prices. 20% off the Darksouls Game. 20% off Kick Off and it comes with the Lucky model. 20% off the terrain and the Proving Grounds Mat if they're bought together. Free Dice if you buy the Farmers or Blacksmiths box. The stuff that doesn't have prices is The Steamcon Swag Box, and the 2 limited edition model packs. I imagine all the other stuff is just the currently listed MSRP.
  10. TheRaven

    Black Friday Sales

    Black Friday Sales previewed. Not too excited honestly. It seems like SF is very much about focusing on new players. I get that's important, but I feel like as a 2 year supporter nothing is aimed at me. It's also tough to compare to last year's sale which was phenomenal. I was hoping for individual model stock to be put up one last time. As someone that just needs 1 fisherman player, 2 Engineers and 3 brewers, it really sucks that the single models were pulled. Also I always hope for another round of Limited edition original captains. I'll probably be spending my black friday money on a website that still has the individual models left in stock. I was also hoping that maybe there would be a limited number of the second Blacksmith and Farmers boxes for people to log on right when the sale started and have a chance at getting them without traveling across the world. The new Gutter is good and I'll probably try to make sure I pick that up. Still undecided on the Christmas characters. Free Shadow Games with 150+ pound purchase is actually good but I don't see myself getting even close to that.
  11. TheRaven

    Fallow is up

    I think the point that is trying to be made is the exact line is "THIS MODEL does not suffer crowding out penalties". It says nothing about opposing models not getting crowded out bonuses against Fallow..............
  12. TheRaven

    Fallow is up

    Gotta say.... I love how weird and different she is. The one thing that kind of makes me sad is that it doesn't shade the idea of the farmers being a beatdown team. I was hoping for something with a little more scoring potential. As it is right now Blacksmiths seem much much better at scoring goals with Alloy and Ferrite just for starters. Still a really cool team though now that we know the full 12. She seems much better with Grange, might even make Grange much more viable with a piece that has such a high end like this.
  13. TheRaven

    OPD Changes November 2017

    So I'm a bit confused. Is the way it's going to be. Roll for kick/receive, then both players pick captain/mascot, then pick players?
  14. TheRaven

    Bonesaw... just Bonesaw

    The problem with bonesaw is that he's in a team full of 2/6 kick players. Assuming you're not spending an influence for the reroll that means he needs to stay within 6' of another player and has a 65% chance to not fluff the double pass. If he's passing between a 3/6 player at least that goes up to 75%. To me that's not consistent enough. When a setup that requires the ball, multiple players, and decent banked momentum (No easy feat with Morticians) just straight up fails 25-35% of the time and gives you very little options for a "Plan B", you feel like you've been punched in the gut.
  15. TheRaven

    An Issue with Morticians

    I can tell you how I felt at the beginning of the season as a newer player (Pre Brainpan and Memory). The big issue for me when playing Morticians was the lack of Momentum generation. The problem with being the team that specializes in "Control" plays is that they're all character plays. This means that they cost a lot of influence but don't give you back any momentum. Additionally there are key plays that 1 dice just isn't good enough (Cough Silence) so you feel like those character plays need momentum put into them. This is meant to be offset by Obulus's legendary but that's only one turn. Compounding the issue is that because they are such a good control team, they can't be too good at kicking or taking things out to compensate. It was really hard to gain momentum through the kicking game. Bonesaw is actually a decent player but other models can't interact with his 8' kick, just about everyone has 6' kick. I feel dirge should be a ball retrieval tool but 1/4 is horrid. That makes Morticians lean heavily towards takeouts. Brainpan and Memory are too necessary it seems but they get that momentum really easily. Other parts of our game that are quite good include Graves and Cosset. I feel that the "Special Tricks" that are meant to make up for our "Special Tricks" gameplay style just don't mesh well enough. Obulus is once per game and almost makes him feel too essential. Ghast just hasn't performed for me, he can be ignored well enough and being 1/3 in a team that is starting to feel influence starved hurts. Also I'm not a fan of his playbook (You need to get to 4 hits to get a momentous damage), Silence is a momentum black hole, Dirge's -2MP feels like it can be worked around. I also play engineers and I feel their momentum schtick is so much better to compensate for their bad playbooks. Balista lets their range game generate momentum, they are a much better passing team. Right now I feel a team has to start with Obulus, Dirge, Graves, Brainpan. Morticians feel like they have some of the least variety.