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  1. Adisidarian

    Non Thresher Farmers - Anyone trying this?

    I personally never play Thresher. I don't have fun playing with him. My usual line up is Grange, (Either Mascot), Tater, Harrow, Jackstraw, and the flex spot goes to Grace, Millstone or possible Ploughman depending on whom I'm up against.
  2. Adisidarian

    Close Call Against the Engineers

    SonofMars' Engineers: Pin Vice; Mainspring, Hoist, Velocity, Ratchet, Decimate GIC: We Can Rebuild Them My Farmers: Grange, Peck, Windle, Jackstraw, Tater (Proxied by Lucky), Harrow GIC: Spirit of Cooperation Turn 1: Decimate gets ball, Kicks to space towards Ratchet; Harrow drops harvest marker, moves up, tools up Tater; Ratchet moves, passes to Pin Vice, Tools up Pin Vice; Tater beats on Decimate; Pin Vice legendries, controller’s Mainspring, moves up, passes to Mainspring (bug dodges); Mainspring passes to Velocity (bug dodges), Velocity spends oil token to pass back, Mainspring uses oil token to pass to Pin Vice (bug dodges), Pin Vice uses oil token to pass back (bug dodges); Mainspring moves up, scores goal; Grange moves up, grabs ball, passes to Tater (Tater dodges); Hoist moves up; Jackstraw moves up, crop dusts Pin Vice; Velocity moves up; Peck moves up(Windle Dodges); Windle moves up Turn 2: Tater hits decimates, scores goal; Ball kicked out, Pin Vice grabs it Alternators self, sprints, scores goal, Knee sliders; Grange moves up, KD’s Velocity, Honest Labor, damages Velocity, Damages Hoist; Hoist hits on Grange; Harrow engages velocity, does damage; Ratchet Blast earths Windle; Windle beats on Ratchet; Velocity attacks Harrow, dodges, walks up and hits peck to tackle ball, kicks ball to space; Jackstraw moves, kicks ball off board, scatters to Grange; Decimate engages Grange; Peck moves Turn 3: Hoist takes ball off Grange but I forgot to keep enough influence to kick it; Tater takes out Decimate, takes ball and unsnaps it; Mainspring moves; Grange grabs ball, KD’s Hoist and damage, fails goal kick; Velocity moves up; Harrow tools up Windle; Ratchet moves; Pin Vice sprints to take out harvest markers, gets KD on a parting blow from Jackstraw; Windle Beats on Hoist and Mainspring; Peck moves Turn 4: Tater hits hoist scores goal; Velocity grabs ball and scores game winning goal. Now this was a very close game, had I chosen to not hit Mainspring with Windle at the end of turn 3 and focused on taking out Hoist, Tater would have won the game at the start of turn 4, so mistakes were made but it was amazing fun!
  3. Adisidarian

    Masons Bury the Engineers

    SonofMars' Enginers: Pin Vice, Mother (Proxied by Quaff), Hoist, Velocity, Ratchet, Salvo GIC: Clockwork Perfection Masons: Honor, Marbles, Harmony, Mallet, Brick, Flint GIC: The Greater Good Turn 1: Honor gets ball passes to Marbles; Salvo moves up; Marbles moves, passes to Harmony; Mother drops a nest marker, moves up; Harmony passes to Flint, Flint dodges forward, Harmony passes Flint one influence(with the help of the GIC); Ratchet tools up Pin Vice, moves up; Mallet moves up; Hoist moves up, blasts earth in front of Flint; Brick moves up; Velocity does nothing; Flint charges Mother and dodges; Pin Vice moves up. Turn 2: Flint charges Mother, scores screamer; Pin Vice legendries,controllers Velocity, passes back and forth with Hoist and Velocity, dodges into brick, scores creamer; Velocity grabs ball, misses pass to Pin Vice; Honor Moves up, chain activates Harmony; Harmony hits Pin Vice; Mother moves, drops nest marker; Mallet beats on Pin Vice; Ratchet over-clocks Hoist moves up; Marbles takes out Pin Vice (forgot she had reanimate), Hoist Burrows, Charges Flint; Salvo flurries Brick, Marbles, Honor, and Mallet. Turn 3: Marbles moves up, fails a goad on Hoist; Velocity moves, dodges out of Brick and Marbles, tackles the ball off Honor and scores; Mallet moves, hits velocity, passes to Flint; Hoist takes ball from Flint; Honor grabs ball, passes to Flint (Flint Dodges) beats on Hoist, chain activates Harmony; Harmony hits velocity; Mother engages Brick; Flint hits Ratchet scores screamer; Salvo grabs ball, drops it off to Pin vice; Pin Vice gets KD by Brick on attempt to score goal Turn 4 Honor takes out Hoist winning the game. Fantastic game and not bad for my first time using the Masons. Kind of glad to put the other half of the kick-off box to use.
  4. SonofMars' Morticians: Obulus Dirge, Cosset Casket, Vet Graves, Silence GIC: Inheritance tax VS. My Union: Vet Rage, Strongbox, Decimate, Gutter, Benediction (proxied by Avarice), Mist GIC: Pirates Ransom I lost the roll off and my opponent elected to receive. Turn 1: Silence with picks up the ball on a bad kick off scatter, moves up, passes to V.Graves and misses, ball ends behind his goal line; V. Rage Quick-times Gutter Moves up; V. Graves moves, grabs ball, misses pass to Casket, ball scatters to mid line; Gutter Charges Silence for damage, grabs ball; Obulus moves up, puppet masters rage up; Strongbox moves up; Dirge moves, fluffs attack on V.Rage; Mist moves up, smoke bombs to protect VRage; Cosset charges and deals a bunch of damage to V.Rage; Decimate moves to block Casket; Casket moves, puts VRage in the box, Attacks Decimate does nothing; Benediction moves up Turn 2: Gutter KD’s Casket, does damage, scores goal, Knee sliders into Obulus; Casket stands, hits Decimate (She counter attacks out of his engagement), Heavy Burdens Benidiction, and drops Ghostly Visage; Strongbox moves up; V.Graves moves up, Gravediggers Decimate, Passes ball to Silence who dodges; Decimate Thousand Cuts & beats on Cosset; Obulus moves, KD’s Decimate; Benediction does nothing; Dirge engages Decimate; Mist engages Cosset; Cosset takes out Decimate; Silence Moves up Turn 3: V.Rage beats on Scilence, KD’s him, Decimate ends with ball; Casket KD’s Strongbox; Decimate beats on Silence, moves up; Dirge Charges Gutter (Sick ‘em) singled out; Mist hits Cosset and Casket (moves Casket); Cosset beats on Gutter; Benediction sprints to and kills Silence; V.Graves gravedigger takes out Gutter, hits Strongbox; Turn 4: Mist hits Casket generates momentum; Obulus hits on Strongbox; Decimates second winds herself, shoots goal; Casket Damages and KD’s Strongbox; Cosset glides, engages Strongbox; Gutter sprints up; Dirge engages Turtle; Rage quick-times and charges Cosset; Graves fails takes out attempt on Strongbox Turn 5: I lose an initiative roll while up 3 momentum; Vet Graves takes out Strongbox for win. Overall not a bad run for my first time playing Vet. Rage, made a few mistakes, but I had a blast doing it!
  5. Today, I subbed in the blacksmiths instead of my usual brewers on Vassal, My list was Ferrite(as captain), Anvil, Hearth(on the pitch represented by Furnace), Iron, Sledge, and Alloy(on the pitchrepresented by Cinder versus SonofMars' Ox, Truffles, Shank, Boar, Meathook, and Vet Brisket. Here's the rundown: Turn 1 Boar Beats on Alloy; Shank beats on Sledge; Ox takes some damage; Boar Beats on Alloy. Score 0-0 Turn 2 Shank takes out Sledge Hits Anvil; Anvil Knocks down Shank and Ox, Singles out Ox; Meathook takes out Alloy; Ferrite Grabs ball, Legendaries, drags up iron and unsaps; Ox Stands, stands Shank, Beats on Anvil; Iron Scores; Brisket Charges Ferrite; Hearth beats on Ox, knocks down shank and Ox; Boar Takes out Ferrite, beats on Iron. Score 6-4 Butchers Turn 3 Ox pops legendary, takes out Anvil, puts butchery on Hearth; Alloy scores; Truffles beats on Hearth; Hearth Beats on Ox and Truffles, Tries to escape; Boar takes out Iron, fluffs charge on Alloy then beats on Alloy; Ferrite Beats on Ox, Meathook takes out Alloy. Final score 12-8 Butchers. Overall, a fantastic game with a great opponent! Not too bad for my first time out with the Smiths! I had a few issues that I know to correct the next time I play with them. The Lineup https://imgur.com/b7Pou1F Top of turn one https://imgur.com/v4pk2e2 Final round https://imgur.com/5USAX1K