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  1. Phlop Donkus

    Colorado Guild Ball Master Thread

    Tournament on January 12th at the Haunted Game Cafe in Fort Collins. Starts at 10:30 https://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=1854
  2. Just curious, Vet Cinder's Sweeping Charge says "one or more playbook damage results", would Impale count towards that as it is a character play that causes damage?
  3. Phlop Donkus

    Fishermen in Season 4

    Thanks for the write up! I play fish a lot and it is always good to get another perspective.
  4. Phlop Donkus

    Coffee Shop Triumvirate

    SMITHS OP! 😛
  5. Phlop Donkus

    Selling Exiles singles US only

    Thanks for the transaction! That was fast!
  6. Phlop Donkus

    Post-Errata Corsiar Team and Tactics Ponderings

    A previous thread mentioned using Fangtooth, who I am on the fence with (I have memories of my opponents farming Kraken, this could be the same deal...) but I personally dropped A&G from my roster before the errata and tried gutter a few times, but always found the inf that I gave her would be better used elsewhere. Her 2 momentous dmg is reliable, but I usually had too many buddies around to warrant a good scything blow. I have found that in some cases, with oSiren and Corsair, I can set up a kill with Corsair wrapping and getting a TO all by himself. It's not always the case, there are some teams that this can be incredibly difficult to do this to, so I will try to pivot to goals. My usual six are: Corsair, Tentacles, Sakana, Greyscales, Hag, and oSiren. Shark and vet Siren switch in depending on the match up. But to me Gutter seems to be the go-to for momentous damage. Fish can easily get crowd out support, and I just need to set her up much more carefully in order to get scything blow off. I might experiment with her a bit more. She has good movement and a decent kick, and I have had her go and score goals before as well, so that fits in nicely.
  7. Phlop Donkus

    Piper Preview

    Ya, I can imagine that in most situations the Masons player is just going to laugh...
  8. Phlop Donkus

    Faithful of Solthesius in May

    Really?! Awesome!
  9. Phlop Donkus

    Faithful of Solthesius in May

    I want to be excited, but rebuying 4 models kind of hurts
  10. Is Hammer able to take influence off of models that have already activated? I don't remember seeing anything in the rule book that a model loses its influence after it activates, so I think it would be ok, I just want to make sure. Thanks!
  11. Phlop Donkus


    A bit disappointing that the models are not being sold separately
  12. Phlop Donkus

    Friendly Model Pushed onto Trap

    That makes sense! Thank you!
  13. This came up in our game yesterday and I could not find any information on it, so I am sorry if I just missed how this would work. Jaecar places a pitfall trap, and then is pushed. Is Jaecar allowed to be pushed onto his trap, and if so, how would that work? Would he be on top of it? Thanks!
  14. Phlop Donkus


    Has anyone played this format with the new Guild Identity cards? I personally haven't yet but to me, it seems like the identities do a good job of speeding up the game, giving potential extra vp, which is what I believe this alt formation was trying to do as well. I personally have a hard time with the alt deployment, but I am attributing that to not playing enough games using it and my skill as a player Just curious if this format with the identity cards would create some strange situations?