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  1. The closing ceremony wasn't recorded unless they hid a camera very well or I was completely oblivious. ^ This is the only hint I know of that we've collectively managed to retroactively piece together. (inb4 that wasn't one of the 4 hints and we're all being trolled)
  2. Dilly

    The competitive 10

    This is what I feel like as well, and I think that last slot (and your mascot choice) depends on what "primary" team you're trying to run in most matchups: Vince's Smoke gameplan? Flask and Decimate/Harry (Second Wind and reliable 8 dmg and 4 mom vs. extra fire circle, mom pushes, and 2" melee) Goalscoring Midas team? Naja and Mist I've been trying to theorycraft a good team with Venin and/or Crucible but I feel like I don't get enough work out of either of them unless I have both, and I currently don't have room in my 10 for that.
  3. Dilly

    Release Schedule - what we know

    I know in both keynotes they said the transition to plastic would be based on the community response to the idea and whether or not it made financial sense but do we have even a vague timeline for that?
  4. For clarity's sake, the phrase "Playbook results that include damage that hit this model" is different from "Playbook damage results" so am I right in assuming this includes for example momentous guild ball results that trigger a character play that results in damage to Windle? A couple examples: Flask sic 'em charges a conditioned Windle and gets an arbitrary number of Intensifies >= 1. Do they generate momentum? Flask sic 'em charges a conditioned Grange such that he ends up within 3" of a conditioned Windle. He gets at least one Intensify, damaging both models. Do they generate momentum?
  5. Dilly

    Getting reaped by the Farmers

    I was under the impression you couldn't get momentum from that scenario either, as it's worded "Playbook results that include damage that hit this model", which is different from "Playbook damage results". Has that been clarified anywhere? I can't find it in the rules clarifications forums. Edit: I went ahead and asked this question:
  6. Dilly

    3 Goal Team

    I've played around with the idea of a Midas 3-0 team but I'm not convinced it's viable in a tournament scenario because it's not something you want to drop into everyone and I really want to bring Decimate over Mist for other matchups. That being said, in casual games or if you're really committed to the idea, I'd try: Midas/Naja/Vitriol/oKat/Mist/Flex OKat is in there for three reasons: His knockdowns and burning help keep the enemy beaters off our strikers, he can score opportunistic goals himself with 8" movement and a 6" kick, and frankly he's the Alchs best player after the errata and I struggle to leave him out unless it's for VKat in a Smoke list. In most matchups I'd give the Flex spot to Calculus because Blind is really good and her poison can weaken people to help you transition to a 2-2 game if the last goal doesn't look like it's happening. Compound is a good option for teams you think are going to be coming into your half, but if you're going for a 3-0 plan you're probably trying to score with someone turn 1 and unless you pulled Knee Slider they're going to get mobbed by the other team who then won't bother coming into your half until way late in the game. There's an argument to be made for Crucible because she's pretty decent at soccer herself and "Slip Past" can do some real cool things for you, but I've personally been unable to make her into anything but a momentum farm and 2VP for the other team. I think Venin's major strength on this team is his mom T < on 2, but your three strikers are all very capable of getting the ball themselves so it seems of little use. He's also got 8" movement and 8" kick to threaten goals even if the other team manages to tie up your three actual strikers but this doesn't feel relevant often enough to warrant bringing him. Mercury is good for his low tackle and fire, but the tackle is situational for the same reasons as Venin and Katalyst should be dishing out enough fire that I'd rather have Calculus's poison as well, to soften people up for a possible transition to 2-2. On the point of Harry, his control ability is nice, but if you're going for a 3-0 gameplan I think you have to take Mist so it's just something you'll have to live with. I don't think Alchs have the in-guild players available to reliably threaten a 3-0 game while they're taking Harry.
  7. Dilly

    Unsnapping During a Kick

    This is a little bit different, though, as the kicking model (Snow) is moving in the middle of the kick sequence via "Oooh... BALL!". So the ball path actually would no longer be crossing Salvo's base.
  8. Smoke faced Brisket in a battle over Harry and his inspiring hat today. Lining up for the Solthecians were Brisket, Strongbox, Grace, Benediction, Mist, and Hemlocke. On the other side of the pitch were Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Mercury, Veteran Katalyst, and Decimate. Calculus kicked off into the nearby forest, and Benediction jogged up and passed the ball to Mist. The rest of the Alchemist team grouped up and launched poison and fire, and Calculus managed to blind Brisket. The Solthecians worked the ball over to Brisket and Hemlocke returned fire at the Alchemists (or poison, rather). Brisket tried some interplay with her nearby teammates, but the Solthecians were unable to complete a single pass. Smoke then spread fire and poison across the entire field, catching the entire enemy team within the clouds. Brisket attempted a second goal run, gliding through the Alchemist lines and managing to tap one home. 0-4, Solthecians. With a poisoned target nearby, Katalyst wasted no time charging in to take Brisket out and bring himself down in a blaze of glory. The crowd goes wild. 4-6, Solthecians. Mercury and Calculus stayed near their captain and continued launching chemicals at the enemy team, and Hemlocke began to falter. Decimate, sensing weakness, danced into range of the witch, who fell quickly to her rapiers. 6-6 all. Shortly afterward the chemicals across the entire field managed to penetrate Flask's clockwork mechanisms and gum them up, and the robot overheated and was temporarily incapacitated. 6-7, Solthecians. Katalyst returned to the field and sensed weakness in nearby Mist and Grace. There was a shared glance between the hulking brute and Decimate, a "you get one, I'll get the other". With this understood, Katalyst charged into Mist, riling up the crowd and showing off his strength once more. 10-9, Alchemists. Before Decimate could reach Grace, however, Brisket sensed an opportunity. Using her immense speed and agility, she first coverd the area Benediction was overseeing, allowing the knight to move and tie up the Alchemist's duelist. Brisket then sprinted over and retrieved the ball from where Katalyst dropped it as he fell, before passing it to Grace and then using Bendiction to pass the message to pass it back. The movement of the ball allowed Brisket to close the distance to the goal, and she shot a screamer for the win. 10-13, Solthecians. In an interview after the game, the Alchemist coach was positive. "Katalyst may have been a little too excitable out there, but I won't fault my players for their enthusiasm. It was a tight game up until the very end and we made an error underestimating Brisket's ability to close the distance quickly. Given just a few more seconds, Decimate had the win wrapped up for us. Sometimes this is the way things go, we'll get them next time."
  9. Bolstered by their tactic's success in their pre-game scrimmage, the Alchemists fielded a never-before-seen lineup in their game against the Hunters yesterday. Midas led the team onto the pitch, followed by Flask, Calculus, Katalyst, Crucible, and Avarisse and Greed. Well... not quite. Crucible, unused to being a starter, apparently returned home with the practice squad, led by the rookie coach from the pre-game scrimmage. Determined to make the tactic work, the head coach asked Compound to do his best Crucible impression. The keeper was happy to oblige and play upfield for a nice change of pace. The Hunters kicked off, with Theron masterfully (luckily?) putting the ball out of reach of the entire Alchemists side. The Alchemists, suddenly unable to play the ball game they love so much, attempted to pivot into a brawl game led by Katalyst and Avarisse and Greede. This is widely regarded as a huge tactical blunder by the coach. Avarisse and Greede and Compound (Crucible?) started forward, while Midas led Katalyst into reach of the enemy team and Calculus attempted to deter Jaecar from retrieving the ball with a poison cloud. Before Katalyst could charge Theron, the Hunters captain pinned the flaming brute and forced him into a forest. Katalyst managed to escape, only to be met with a rain of arrows from Egret, and was unable to reach Theron. Next, the gigantic bear charged poor Katalyst, knocking him down and causing him to bleed, but fulfilling the Alchemist player's dream to catch 'em all. It was at this point that everything suddenly went even further downhill for our poor Alchemists. Hearne showed up with a new bag of tricks the Alchemist's coach had never seen before, knocking down Avarisse and Compound (Crucible. Compcible? Better than Crupound). With the remaining Alchemists unable to do anything but watch, Jaecar finished off Katalyst and Egret sprinted up the field to score. Soon after, Avarisse fell to an aggressive hug from the bear, and Flask, weakened from one of Jaecar's traps, overheated and was out of commission. Midas retrieved the ball and attempted to move both to safer ground and into a position to launch a goal run, but was caught out by Theron's range and succumbed to Egret's poison. The pitch was not a pretty sight for Alchemist fans at the whistle. Final score, Hunters 12 - Alchemists 0. In an interview after the game, the Alchemist coach regretted his excitement to try out his new tactic. "I believe it has promise, but against the kind of game the Hunters play, it was most certainly ill-advised. We needed a completely different game plan. Next time we play them, I think Smoke will be the name at the top of the team sheet."
  10. We've managed to get a peek at a closed-door practice for the Alchemists before their next match against the Hunters. Midas, Calculus, and Flask, the ever present starters, switched between both sides. The first lineup was completed by Katalyst, Crucible, and hired thugs Avarisse and Greede. The second team consisted of Mercury, Compound, and boot-for-hire Mist. The Alchemist's coach appeared to be testing out a new strategy with the first team ahead of their weekly match, and early signs appear to be positive. The second team, led by a rookie member of the Alchemist's coaching staff, played a more traditional goal-scoring style, but the first team managed to seal the victory 12-4, with Midas scoring an early goal through both Compound and Flask, followed by Avarisse and Greede taking out Mercury, and Katalyst taking out Midas. Mist scored a consolation goal for the second team, but Midas then retrieved the ball and slotted it past Compound once again for the win. The game was so lively, our photographer was so enthralled in the action that his camera sat unused for most of the match, although we do have some shots of the final goal to share.
  11. Dilly

    Harry the Hat!

    VetKat isn't a brawler, he's a VP missile. If he ends up in a brawl he just hands the other team momentum and a kill.
  12. Dilly

    Current alchemist 10, it's tough!

    My current list looks pretty similar. In a local tournament this past weekend I took: Smoke, Midas, Flask, Calculus, Mercury, OKat, VKat, Compound, Vitriol, Decimate. I think Smoke is the captain played into most matchups currently, with Midas seeing play against Engineers and in the mirror. With this in mind, I'm building primarily for Smoke here. I'd rather have Naja for Midas, but it came down basically to Naja vs Compound and I'd rather have Compound for some matchups (Butchers and goal-scoring teams if I'm receiving). I'm also considering dropping Decimate for Harry. Lately I've been really hurting for 2" melee. He's not what he used to be, but he still brings some good tools to the table and lately I've been no stranger to running teams with no 2" melee at all which is super rough. I don't think Venin and Crucible bring enough to the table to warrant a spot. Venin is almost good, but he needs a little bump to make the 10. I'd honestly like to see a larger range on his heroic (6"? That might be too much, I dunno). If he can put bleed on people from farther way, I think he becomes a flex pick. Crucible is super good in theory, but she's far too squishy to be where her traits want her to be. You can only bring her in if you have a scrum totally under control, and Alchemists don't have the tools to do that. Otherwise the opponent just walks someone over and farms momentum and/or kills her. I'd like a 2" melee and re-word Slip Past to read "engaging" instead of "within [1"] inch of". This helps enable the gameplay that I originally envisioned with her, her and OKat running into the scrum, him in front playing bodyguard and her staying behind and messing with the enemy. 2" melee I think would be fine, but the Slip Past change might be too strong, so a 4/1 or 5/0 stat line would also probably bring her into consideration for the 10. It's just less fun. I also keep coming back to the idea of an all-out ball-playing team with Midas/Naja/Vitriol/Mist/Flex/Flex (two of Calculus, Mercury, Compound, and OKat depending on the matchup) but I'm not convinced this is workable into an actual competitive 10.
  13. I've been measuring Smoke's Chemical Shower like I do for Calculus or Mercury's plays. Measure 8" to the center, and that's as far as the AOE can be placed. But after re-reading the wording, it seems to indicate that you would measure to the nearest edge instead, effectively giving Smoke 11" of threat with the circles. Here's my logic: The first sentence from her legendary reads: "Position two [3"] AOEs within [8"] of this model." "Within" is defined as: "A model, marker, or template is within a given distance when any part of the base or template is within that given distance, including touching." Also, the section of the rulebook that says you measure to the center of the circle is located in the "Character Play" section, so it wouldn't affect Legendary Plays. Is this correct, or do you measure to the center like all other AOEs?
  14. Dilly

    Alchemist GIC Theory Thread

    Sure but Vitriol can do that for either captain. Why take Midas over Smoke for that card then?
  15. Dilly

    Alchemist GIC Theory Thread

    I don't feel like Lead to Gold is a great card for Midas. If you're trying to set that up, you're delaying Midas's goal for two whole activations which gives the opponent a ton of chances for counterplay. These overall seem interesting and I'm excited for them, but they all seem better with Smoke than Midas. This is odd to me, as after the errata I've been taking Smoke into pretty much every team except Engineers, so I was expecting at least one Midas focused card to bring him back up a bit.