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  1. Hey all, So I've been out of the loop for quite a while but I saw the Blacksmiths guild stuff and I'm intrigued. But from what I understand new guilds, starting with the Farmers and including the Blacksmiths, are plastic. And not hard styrene type but more the slightly flexible pvc type stuff. Is this accurate? And is this the only way they will be cast? It might be a deal breaker for me. Not a fan of the privateer press stuff or the couple of malifaux minis and especially dislike that reaper stuff. I would definitely be more interested in metal
  2. Brad Crawford

    Hunters Guild Tokens - Revisited

    True that. That's what happens when I rush
  3. Brad Crawford

    Hunters Guild Tokens - Revisited

    So I did a quick look at the cards and whipped up a list of tokens needed. Please take a look and see if I missed anything or messed up. Standard sets have 15 influence token and 2 goal influence tokens. 6 snared pinned arrow to the knee sun strike 3" natures growth blessing of the sun father x2 Midnight offering tough skin mud concealer then, if doing custom tokens 6 bleed 6 poison hemlocke blind slippery 3" noxious blast minx marked target screeching banshee
  4. Brad Crawford

    Hunters Guild Tokens

    So has any info come out regarding when we might see a token set for the Hunters? Hopefully sooner rather then later. I'm hoping we just haven't seen anything to avoid rules spoilers
  5. Brad Crawford

    Tallest Figure?

    Really? He seems so huge and out of proportion, even compared to the other infamy figures. But I guess KS Obulus is a few mm taller then regular Obulus, and floating at that.
  6. Brad Crawford

    Alternate colour schemes

    Example (sorry for the poor photo quality)
  7. Brad Crawford

    Alternate colour schemes

    I think to really pull off these types of colors you need to mute those colors at the base coat level. A bit of black or brown will do it, but I like adding a bit of the complimentary color, like adding a tiny bit of blue to orange, for a more "natural" look
  8. Brad Crawford

    Tallest Figure?

    My Kickstarter Obulus mounted on a Kickstarter resin base insert stands at 55mm. Infamy Harry WAY taller, but I don't have him handy to measure right now.
  9. Brad Crawford

    Alternate colour schemes

    I am leaning towards a autumn type color scheme with like a red oxide, yellow ochre, and a muted green with a warm charcoal. I may have a bit of a rasta vibe going on, but very muted.
  10. Brad Crawford

    Hunter's Guild Goals

    Heh. Steal away! I bought these bits years ago just because I loved them. So when I started thinking about a goal for the hunters and digging around in my bits boxes I saw them and I knew I had to use them. They are Gw from some big ogre creature with a skaven gong.
  11. Brad Crawford

    Hunter's Guild Goals

    Here is my wip Hunters Guild goal
  12. Brad Crawford

    Looking for the other eleven!

    If you saved the email Rich sent you can make some educated guesses. He just CCed everyone so you can see all the email addresses
  13. Brad Crawford

    Looking for the other eleven!

    We would tell you, but you know, there are consequences. Coughcough*thosewhoorderedthekickstartershirt*cough
  14. Brad Crawford

    Looking for the other eleven!

    I am part of that very small group