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  1. Her artwork has also been my favorite by far. I don't see her in a dress though as by her rougher attitude.
  2. Yep, Report as many games as possible. I'm fully pledged toward Edge. Gaffer seems to be in good contest with the Blacksmiths while Edge only seems to be a few guilds 2nd or 3rd choice. I want her to be in Scalpel's lady crew of doom.
  3. Jynxed85

    Traps mechanics changing.

    From my understanding its changes so that all traps work the same way and have a max limit of 5. So Jaecar/VMinx/ and Chaska all share the same trap design.
  4. My top 3 in order right now are Edge>Kami>Nomad. I think Bonesaw is going to be a solid Striker in S4 but Scalpel still scores more goals for me any day.
  5. Jynxed85

    The Free Cities Draft

    I know he is dead and what not, but what about Ghast. Them some luscious locks.
  6. Depending on the changes to Casket and Ghast, he has potential.
  7. Each day the next Rookie becomes better and better. Edge by far is my favorite with them crazy eyes.
  8. Jynxed85

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    I take oGraves more for his tackle on 1 than anything else on his card. Running him plus VHemlocke has made it hard for my opponent to kill the ball on anyone. I only ever use his Tool up on Turn 1. So if he loses that for something else more fun I wouldn't be upset. With the S4 Scalpel being able to reposition them to provide crowd outs for her has been pretty nice as well.
  9. There will be something in the core rules of S4 that will prevent this I believe.
  10. I'd love to see a condition removal model with some tech to reduce character play costs or debuffs to throw out. Though I would love to get another footballing lady to throw into my Lady line up with Scalpel.
  11. Jynxed85

    S4 Scalpel playtest

    My local group we decided to get some games in this weekend playing with all spoiled cards that we have seen and as much of S4 new game play that has been given out. So, playing with +1 MP for the kicking player, Tap in passes, aoe/ball placement stuff. Played 3 games. One to Brewers. One Falconers. One into Blacksmiths (With new Anvil/Sledge) Game 1. Scalpel/Dirge/Silence/oGraves/Bonesaw/VHemlocke Tapper/Scum/Hooper/oSpigot/Friday/VDecimate Lost roll off and kicked with Scalpel to the right side of the pitch with only Scum able to get to it. He retrieves with Scum and passes to open toward Spigot and it snaps to him. I activate Scalpel and Sprint her up about an 1 1/2 outside of Spigot. Using the starting MoM I Spirit Bomb him to me. Tackle the ball. Do a couple attacks doing damage to him and Voodoo strings Scalpel toward the goal/Friday back away from the starting line/oSpigot away from Scalpel so she could have no penalties on the goal. She second winds herself and kicks on the goal. She runs the length and second winds away from the line. Firday scores a counter goal near the end of Turn 1. I kick the ball out to Bonesaw and he passes to Scalpel to start Turn 2 with the ball and initiative. Turn 2. Scalpel with only 3 influence. Advances up to Spigot. 3 MoM damage and pushes herself to the goal. Scores again. Opponent kicks out to a dead zone and kills Hemlocke and Dirge. Other fighting occurs mainly him setting up more take out for the next round. End of turn 3 Friday ends up with the ball near covers but far away from Spigot. Turn 3. Hemlocke comes back on the pitch with the shadow like with in 8in of pitch. Shadows toward Friday. Jogs toward her. Mom Tackle. Soul seer +1inf to Midnight herself. Jogs toward goals and scores. Game ends 12-7. Game 2. Scalpel/Dirge/Silence/Bonesaw/VHemlocke/oGraves Devena/Frelsi/Ikaros/Mataagi/Minerva/Rundaas. Just recall the base of the game as it was late and I couldn't remember all the finer details. My opponent was rather new the Falconers so most this game was frustrating to him as he was figuring out orders of activation and influence allocation. I made Devena activate early with Silence. Used Scalpel for take outs and pushing my players out of placed Harriers. Scored a goal with Scalpel and Bonesaw. He was on the backfoot the whole game after Scalpel took out Devena Turn 2. Game ended 12-1. Game 3. Scalpel/Dirge/Silence/Bonesaw/VHemlocke/oGraves Ferrite(Captain) /Iron/Anvil(new)/Sledge(new)/Farris/VCinder This game had me scared with the new Beat Down Bros in the middle. My Opponent was playing the fast engaging Smiths. Turn 1. I Kick off and fail the kick so it scatters pretty close to VCinder. He starts moving the ball forward on Anvil using Ferrites Legendary and Iron to push everyone forward plus Anvil's two in dodge. That 6 inch of extra move on turn 1 is nuts. I lob a Fireblast with Silence to slow down the advance. Move up models around the Deathball in the middle. Fail a Blind on Sledge with Hemlocke which lead to her Death. Generate a little Mom with Graves on Ferrite and tool up Scalpel who activates last. She spirit bombs 3 models and pushes two that weren't on fire into the fireblast. Moves around and generates enough Mom to put me in the lead for next turn. Turn 2.Scalpel activates first and Moves into Iron and starts moving everyone around. I push Iron toward his goal for later dodges for Scalpel. She pushes Anvil/Farris and Sledge close together. Dodge/Pushes herself off of Iron. Spirit Bombs 4 models and makes a cage around Sledge so he has to activate very late. Shoots on goal and dodges away. VCinder on the charge plus other attack does a nice 8Dmg to Scalpel. Anvil passes to Farris who Snap shots in a goal. I kick out toward Bonesaw and it ends up Ferrite. Turn 3. Scalpel gets the ball off Ferrite passes to Bonesaw who dodge away from the scrum onto fast ground. Also, pushes him another 2 inches with Voodoo and Spirit Bombs the only models that could have engaged him away out of threat. Sledge Deletes Silence. VCinder Kills both Scalpel and Dirge in her activation. Bonesaw runs off and scores. oGraves passes out bleeds to Ferrite and Iron. Turn 4. Game is 8-11 with who wins activations winning the game pretty much. I win with the -1 Inf on a charge close to the pitch. Scalpel comes back on and has Iron and Ferrite both in her sights. Iron had 2 life left after the bleeds and fire has ticked him down and Ferrite had 4. Silence charges into Iron and wraps for a Mom 1inch dodge and 3Mom damage for the take out and pushes herself plus the dodge into Ferrite. She buys one attack and does a Mom2. Gets counter attacked and Disarmed. I pop her heroic and land a Spirit Bomb on Ferrite for the take out. Game ends 12-11. I've been playing Scalpel pretty much exclusively since Feb. Her new edition is quite a change but I love how she plays. She is a larger asset to her team and can assist in their mobility. Disruption for Auras and crowd out like a charm. Now I know for those who are play testing her this is a vacuum since we have no idea how the rest of the team will change but they've made her even more enjoyable. The only thing that is a negative about her is the options you get with Voodoo Strings. I used to love her since she was less of a drain on my clock than Obulus. Now with Strings it taxes your time more since you can do so much with it!
  12. Jynxed85

    Scapel S4

    Im excited to play her. Getting a game or two tonight with her. Hopefully another or so on Sunday. Will post results!
  13. A lot of its continuous use came from other guilds that can still use her as their Union Choice. Mason's Superior Strategy double jog bonus. Scalpel I would use it every damn turn and still plan to. I think with its Cost reduced to one you will see it used a lot more often since it wont be as much of a burden on your inf.
  14. Jynxed85

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    I'll be hopefully getting in a couple games this weekend with her. She definitely will take some table time to get used to. I think her Strings add a lot of choices that may be a strain on clock play with all the choices. Really dig the new play style and cant wait to get her on the field. The evil plans are emerging already.
  15. Hoping with S4 their condition game or making Midas fun and flexible. Alchs were my first team in S1 and with most the changes still my first love. i'd love for Midas to get his S1 Heroic back with maybe the +1 dmg replaced with +2 TAC. Making Venin and Crucible playable. Giving Smoke a ranged play that does damage.