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  1. Jynxed85

    Veteran Fangtooth

    Im excited to get some games in with him this weekend. Going to keep it within Order only. With him and SSpig they will help fill in the lack of Take out options they struggle with.
  2. Jynxed85

    Seasoned Spigot

    He has me excited to play them. When SBrisket became available I started playing her a lot and it really improved my Goal driven teams. Going to get some more games in this weekend with him and VFang as well.
  3. Jynxed85

    Seasoned Spigot

    Played a couple games with him this weekend and while I didn't score an actual goal with him he was still a real solid addition to SBrisket. Game one he Balls Gone off of Corsair to an Engaged Brisket and she dodge toward the goal on the next activation. Was a bounce target for Brisket with Im open for her to score her second goal. Game two with Shove the Boot in game plan and Brisket already engaging Jaecar he put 12 dmg into him in one turn and taking him out. Tac 8 +1 Dmg on a KD Model was nice.
  4. Jynxed85

    Seasoned Spigot

    This is the 2nd model within The Order that can move the ball out of activation. I am beyond excited for the jank. Good overall stats flexible enough to do damage if you need him to with the help of Fangtooth hopefully having a low enough KD.
  5. Looking to sell both Alt models VGraves and Bonesaw. Comes with extra goodies of cheese ball all 8 Alt Cards for Rats. 30$ buyer also paying shipping. Wants: Preferring cash but will also do a trade for Alt VHearne and Alt Egret. SOLD.
  6. Jynxed85

    Veteran Chisel - no more speculation

    I played against her this weekend with my Morts. She is going to be almost definite against control type teams. Provdied great support for Hammer with assist allowing him to continue his deletion of models. Shuffled influence off Flint who I had shutdown with Rabid animal plus blind. Stole the ball with her T on 1 and kicked back to Hammer so he could then pass and engage. She is a new solid tool that brings a lot to Masons.
  7. Jynxed85

    VHemlocke Play Test

    BPM always miss at least one per tournament on their own. My worst experience was missing 2 tap ins and two goals shots in one game. Thank god this is a dice game and things happen.
  8. Jynxed85

    VHemlocke Play Test

    I think its customary as a Spooks player to miss a tap in at every tournament.
  9. Jynxed85

    Help with Morts

    I have pretty much switched to just playing Scalpel as Pelage and VHemlocke play heavy into her strengths. My 10 as of right now are Obulus/Scalpel/VSwarm/oGraves/Pelage/VHemlocke/Bonesaw/Ghast/Skulk/Brainpan+Memory. I play a aggressive football game and go for typically 2-2 or 3-0 with Scalpel. I like to bring Obulus still since he scares people a little more and people typically draft a captain expecting him. For kicking off I typically do it with Scalpel and putting it near the edge of the pitch. this allows her to recover the ball or pick on the model that retrieves it. If receiving I typically always draft Bonesaw and he scores a turn 1 goal by bouncing off of Scalpel or Pelage. Pelage is typically more free since a lot of people don't want to engage her. Went 4-2 with her at Spring Fling and had a great time. I hope she gets a little tweaking on her playbook choices in S4 but she works pretty well and is less stress on my clock time.
  10. Jynxed85

    The Casual Mortician

    Silence is mah boy. Though with VHemlocke coming into play this week he gets bumped out of the way in Scalpel teams at least. Think he still holds some merit with Obulus at the helm.
  11. Jynxed85

    Newbie at Tourney

    If you plan to take out a model you will really need to focus them down. Morts don't have a good burst damage unless your opponent allows you to get Cosset with the Dirge assist. OGraves is a great well rounded piece. Tooled up. Tackle on 1. Decent kick stat. Can poke some models and put bleed up. I forget the Memory dodge a lot. I started putting a 2in widget next to him to make it harder to miss. Brainpan and Memory are a very nice flex piece. The puppet can score or put out decent damage plus easy crowd outs Don't get bogged down to much with Obulus. His main draw back for me is he uses up a lot of time on the clock for me.
  12. Jynxed85


    He was playing Rats on release day at a tournament. So I am not sure how much prior practice he got before the event. When I played him we were both 2-0 at the time.
  13. Jynxed85


    I kept pressure on the field with Scalpel, OGraves, and Pelage. With Scalpel all I did was move his influence away from anyone who reach Bonesaw. It forced him to try and scrum it out with less than optimal players. Tormented Agony was a huge factor in that game.
  14. Jynxed85


    I had a tournament game a few weeks ago playing him with my Morts. He scored a goal Turn 1,2 and 3. I just kept aggressively attacking the ball and kicking it to open for Bonesaw to scoop up and score.
  15. Jynxed85

    Gencon - Welcome to the Pitch

    Getting a pitch is probably the most important accessory you will want to make set up of game easier. Hopefully it will be a full 6 man team from the guild of your fancy.