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  1. Jynxed85

    V-Katalyst in Season 4 ?

    He is better at Area damage then anyone in the guild but it just comes with way to much risk. I'd much rather have oKat KDing a model and taking them out. Its a shame because he used to have a high risk/reward that doesnt exist anymore.
  2. Jynxed85

    When do you not take Scalpel?

    Obulus is much better into team Butchers/Brewers when you need to pressure for more goals. Scalpel is amazing into Blacksmith. They have a lot of auras they needs to be in to get maximum use and she just ruins that.
  3. Jynxed85

    store idea

    In the web shop when you scroll over the mat it self does it not give you the zoomed in image to view?
  4. Jynxed85

    Good models vs each team

    VHemlocke will work to some conditions but after turn 2 and the middle starts to foRm they have so many models that will just reapply conditions. I think Scalpel and VGraves are great models to push into Alch with their average defensive stats they should bring the pain quite well. They don't have easy work arounds for KD's.
  5. Jynxed85

    S4 Line ups

    What type of line ups are people trying for the different captains? Ive only got 4 games in so far with 3 of them being Smoke. Smoke/Flask/Venin/oCalc/Mercury/oKat. Midas/Flask/Vitriol/Mercury/oKat/oCalc The Midas list is the one Im struggling with the most. It just doesn't feel as free flowing as the Smoke list.
  6. Jynxed85

    Good models vs each team

    Against Butchers I've found that Casket and Ghast throw a good wrench in their plans. Casket really stops their charges with Ghostly Visage plus his rough terrain. Ghast give you free mom and makes them pay extra influence for attacks.
  7. If a model dies in the new end phase from a condition such as bleeding/poison/ect does Minerva get a chance to use the Free Encourage. It states after current actions are resolved and wondering if an action is required for this to happen.
  8. Jynxed85

    Gutter help

    Also, against his brewers team if he stacks a lot of models with Resilience Boilers Marked Target is a good way at range to remove it with out having to get close with attacks.
  9. Jynxed85

    S4 - Morticians vs Butchers

    Last weekend I played in a small tournament with playing twice into Butchers. I think Scalpel is a bit of a uphill fight with just how much sheer damage they can do. Planning on trying Obulus lists this weekend to figure out what he can do to slow down their damage plan. Im thinking of trying an Obulus/Dirge/Cosset/Casket/Bonesaw/Silence list. Working on isolating targets with Silence and trying to Lure/PM in Take outs. While setting up Bonesaw and Obulus for goal runs. Havent played a game with Casket yet but plan on trying to use his Foul Odor plus Ghostly Visage to stop charge attacks.
  10. Jynxed85

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    Scalpel very much likes to kick off. I found if you keep her centerish and kick to the wings it creates a couple problems for your opponent. 1. If it scatters well it often isolates a target on the wings/ they cant retrieve the ball and they lose a valuable resource. With the new Bonesaw he can often jog + jog/spring get any ball and kick it back to your line. 2. She can pretty much sprint or charge their starting line right off the bat and with the starting MOM can often score or mess up their game plan right off the line.
  11. Jynxed85

    Well Oiled Machine

    The only difference is that VFang is spending a MOM to do the pass instead of a pass and move option.
  12. Question came up in a game. If Scalpel is engaging Granite and attacks another model. Granite triggers Between a Rock and walks out of Melee with Scalpel. On the parting blow from Scalpel would that be another trigger for Voodoo? I know Voodoo is only during Scalpel's activation which it still is during the jog.
  13. Jynxed85

    Season 4 token changes

    -wake the dead +Maybe tokens for who has been moved but voodoo strings? +
  14. Jynxed85

    Alchemists Season 4

    Im excited overall. The play style just seems to be made fun. Looking forward to repainting them and getting some games in.
  15. Jynxed85

    Vileswarm and pelage proxy

    Pelage would be a little difficult but VSwam could be proxied with a D&D Ratswarm pretty easily. For Pelage maybe look at a Malifaux model the Doppleganger.?