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  1. The Casual Mortician

    Silence is mah boy. Though with VHemlocke coming into play this week he gets bumped out of the way in Scalpel teams at least. Think he still holds some merit with Obulus at the helm.
  2. Newbie at Tourney

    If you plan to take out a model you will really need to focus them down. Morts don't have a good burst damage unless your opponent allows you to get Cosset with the Dirge assist. OGraves is a great well rounded piece. Tooled up. Tackle on 1. Decent kick stat. Can poke some models and put bleed up. I forget the Memory dodge a lot. I started putting a 2in widget next to him to make it harder to miss. Brainpan and Memory are a very nice flex piece. The puppet can score or put out decent damage plus easy crowd outs Don't get bogged down to much with Obulus. His main draw back for me is he uses up a lot of time on the clock for me.
  3. Bonesaw

    He was playing Rats on release day at a tournament. So I am not sure how much prior practice he got before the event. When I played him we were both 2-0 at the time.
  4. Bonesaw

    I kept pressure on the field with Scalpel, OGraves, and Pelage. With Scalpel all I did was move his influence away from anyone who reach Bonesaw. It forced him to try and scrum it out with less than optimal players. Tormented Agony was a huge factor in that game.
  5. Bonesaw

    I had a tournament game a few weeks ago playing him with my Morts. He scored a goal Turn 1,2 and 3. I just kept aggressively attacking the ball and kicking it to open for Bonesaw to scoop up and score.
  6. Gencon - Welcome to the Pitch

    Getting a pitch is probably the most important accessory you will want to make set up of game easier. Hopefully it will be a full 6 man team from the guild of your fancy.
  7. Bonesaw

    For Rats he is a usual Auto Draft if I receive. I have had good success with Reverie or bouncing off Piper/Pelage/Miasma. Play what you want to play. The only match ups I typically do not like him in is against Brawling Teams. For those I try to load up on all the 2in Melee snce we do have some decent counter attacks across the board. I do hope he gets a small tweak to make the dervish run either cost less MoM or make his heroic... useable? I think I have never used it.
  8. I agree it causes some confusion and they need to make a decision. Though I feel with how the company is progressing toward the painting requirement is going to go out the window. Now I feel that if they go that route they need to make some events or awards that create a desire to get things painted up.
  9. I enjoy painting my minis, but that is my hobby. People get into wargaming for different reasons and I believe in it growing more than forcing people to paint up stuff. Sure it looks amazing when you've got two fully painted team going at it on the pitch. The more people enjoying the hobby the better it will become.
  10. The Goal Post Thread

    Drunken idea came to life. Taking it to my first couple events in the upcoming weeks. Going to be a pain to play around.
  11. Resin Spooks

    Will not be rebuying my Morts unless something happens to the current metal line up. Will wait to see what the thickness and durability of these when they come out. Love the sculpts. just cant justify rebuying.
  12. How do I play against Morticians?

    Morts do not like the condition game. With below average life pools and no heroics/CPs to remove condition. Smoke is defiantly the better match up. Pick off the weakened players and go for a goal once it opens up.
  13. Morts at Spring Fling!

    The couple times I wanted to drop them it was always into someone who had access to multiple AOEs that could do 3 DMG. I like Silence but when Hemlocke arrives hes the one who looks to be cut. I like him for his kick stat and his sneaky MOM2 on 2. My meta doesn't have much of a Engineer presence and Scalpel was a bad choice. Scalpel missed a pass to Pelage which would have set me up for the second goal to make the game at least closer. My opponent played a great game and drafted well to counter my team. I was happy with the 4-2 since this was my first large tournament I've ever played in.
  14. Harrier and Puppet master

    Sorry, I was only asking in reference since the newly spoiled Falconer player mentioned in the question has Hot Shot as well.
  15. Harrier and Puppet master

    Question to add to this: Hot Shot says during this models activation. PM Would not be allowed to use his Hot Shot, correct?