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  1. CaptainFaux

    The Engineers Minor are the Miner Guild.

    Re: entertainers guild Sherwin mentioned their players possibly being based off the 'heroes' and 'villains' of season 1. He also joked about maybe having Hooper, who is always confused with Tapper, being a crossover model and cosplaying as Tapper lol.
  2. CaptainFaux

    Against other guilds

    Anyone that can apply lots of burning can be tough for us to deal with. This includes, especially, Smoke and Burnish. I used Burnish in to other smiths to really shut them down. Smoke can really struggle to get the ball back though, as mentioned. In my last match against her, I had the ball on Farris, who was in cover. Unfortunately my opponent forgot about this and stacked her up for an easy goal run. Sadly, Smoke's 4 tac, 3 because of cover, simply couldn't get past the 3 armor, and thus a lot was wasted there. A Ballista line-up also gives us a lot of trouble. They can beat us out of momentum by easy ranged plays like Deadbolt and Blasted Earth. I really struggled in my matchup against an amazing engineers player. Unfortunately for me, my kickoff was not accurate and scattered off the pitch, which allowed him to give Colossus the ball in the corner. I made the mistake of moving up anyway, which made it extremely easy for him to just wail on me from range lol. I did eventually score, but the snap-back goals are easy for engineers. I think the most important thing I learned at that tournament (Beer City WarmUp) was that if you cannot get the ball immediately, simply stay back by your goal and let your opponent come to you. Even if they are a beating team, hang back. We smiths have a lot of great tools against teams that want to group up, such as the obvious One at a Time, Lads! and burnish being able to throw out 2 rings of fire at a time if captain. We have amazing control pieces with Iron's double push and Hearth's mom-KD one. So even if you want to score, just be patient. Learn to strike at exactly the right moment for the greatest effect. This, however, is one of the hardest things to learn. We can't really waste any activations, right? All of our players want to contribute usefully and have something they can do. All the other teams have options such as batteries and mascots that they can use to waste an activation or two until their key player (a la Shark or Hammer) is primed to go in without worry. Thankfully, though, we also have players that want to do one easy job pretty early and, in fact, the wasted activations are actually to our benefit. For example, we typically want to use hearth to buff up other players with Instruction and Use This, as well as get in a position where 2-3" melee is useful to protect. We also want to use someone like Furnace for Tooled Up pretty early too, and to place his OaaTL in a good spot. 2" melee again is useful. Or we want to use ferrite for her legendary and debuffs to set up anoether player. So the longer the opponent takes to pull their trigger, the longer we have to prepare ourselves to fire the cannon. This timing, then, requires patience, practice, and foresight. If you adopt the visualizations of the essence of a Blacksmith, and then apply those to how you play them, I think you will be very successful as a player with them. Obviously it is easier said than done, but we can all do it with enough practice.
  3. CaptainFaux

    Falling into a trap

    I think so, yeah. The best one I've learned so far is actually to choose to kick and use Alloy to do it. Keep him within 6" of Hearth from the line, and then choose a spot where it will be extremely difficult for your enemy to retrieve the ball. The idea is to either have it yourself without contest or to give him an easy target. Activating near hearth will allow him to take 2" melee and thus make it easier to bounce off someone. I was able to use this tactic to get a first activation goal. Then, you pick a second apprentice to stack up on. For me I allocated Cinder 4inf so that she could tackle the ball (with instruction) and get it back to me if Alloy couldn't do it, or they left a target in range. Unfortunately my opponent was prepared and kept Jackstraw on the goal instead of on the line, so I wasn't able to get the ball back until later. So, after your Primary scorer and Plan B, allocate so that everyone can position themselves for next turn. But also make sure not to over allocate. If I hadn't given Cinder 4, I could have used Quickfoot from Farris to get Bolt to perform a second goal turn 1. Alas, I was just one influence off haha. So instead I had him shoemarang Grange and set up the pair for a turn 2 goal (whicj they got). Cinder and Furnace were able to secure my final goal.
  4. CaptainFaux

    Falling into a trap

    I'm only just rejoining my local meta, and it seems we've dropped the love for GICs and alt-deployment. So using Pass the Mantle seems to be out of my reach for now, until it becomes official. Turn 1 Ferrite goal is also a huge thing on my radar. I should mention that I am absolutely all about the 3-0. Even with my Masons, I almost solely focus on the 3-0 lol. While they are known for being flexible, I think BS have an even easier time and more tools at their disposal. I love how SFG really did a big psychological trick on folks when releasing the farmers and smiths. They seem to be counterintuitive; you dont expect farmers to be the beater team, and you definitely don't expect the smiths to be the footballing team. If you're not aware of where they are centered, its easy to get caught up by their aesthetics and our preconceptions. At the same time, as we see, both teams can happily do both things, so that is nice too. When to do which, I think, comes down to you as the player / coach. Its about understanding your resources, your plan, and what your opponent can do. I think playing the 3-0 game is really a lot of "How can I make this goal happen?" every activation and is more reactive, where going for the TO is "How can I get that player dead?" which requires a lot of proactive actions that are more prone to failing. Then again, both of those statements are more over simplifications than not lol. To answer simply: have a plan and figure out how to make that happen on an activation-by-activation basis. Understand the big idea of each team, then tackle it (heh) piece by piece rather than trying to make sure it happens to the letter no matter what (Also useful advice in real life).
  5. CaptainFaux

    Falling into a trap

    I think it would really be changing up who you bring. For example: while I never really liked Furnace that much, I've grown to appreciate him a lot more recently. Last game I played I used box 1 (2nd box hadnt arrived at the store yet :c ). I hadn't played in a while too, so I got my ass handed to me and made quite a few mistakes. But, Furnace did secure a goal by taking the ball off of Jackstraw. Even though the scarecrow has a tackle on one, Furnace's legendary gave him 3/3, negating the 3 tac from Jack. I laughed. The 2 inch reach kept him safe from Fallow? Farrow? (pitchfork support that isnt tater), who was guarding the goal. I think BS shine in the ability to play 2-2 or 3-0, easily and flexibly. While you have to decide who is going to do what at the beginning of your turn during allocation, and thus telegraph just a bit, you can still usually change it up on the fly, right? Iron is a great example. He's deceptively speedy af, but he also access to some stupid damage results. If you load him up with 4, he can be your flex activation at the end of the turn, or whenever you see an opening. This is where box 2 becomes awesome because now we have access batteries like Hearth and Farris, who both only really need 1 or 2 inf at the most, right? Unfortunately for Anvil and Sledge, they're just not worth taking unless you're really committed to an all takeout game, I think. For me, this is because my usual answer to something like a Vet Rage or butchers is to just score faster than they can kill. Smiths are tough and can definately get kills (SLEDGE PAIN TRAIN WOOP WOOP), but it requires so much more setup, mental energy, and influence than just scoring some goals lol. With box 2, this is especially true, as we now have Allow, who is a god, Cast, who doesn't care where you hide the ball, and Hearth, who gives Cinder a ranged tackle on 1 (barring close control). BS have a ton of great tools to play the 3-0 game. Unlike my masons, how they do it can also really change, which is why I love them. Furnace can deliver some seriously surprising goal runs and be very, very safe while doing so (legendary for def 3, arm 3 and his free One at a Time, Lads!). I think he'll be my go-to captain from now on just for the +2 inf buff.
  6. CaptainFaux

    Let's Revisit Lucky

    This is a fair assement.
  7. CaptainFaux

    Let's Revisit Lucky

    I agree with Rahn here. In fact allocating influence around hammer is pretty vital. Brick has some great attacks that deserve investment, or at the very least give him 1 so he can clear himself from a sticky character and be able to counter charge. Giving him 0, always, seems like a big misstep, but more likely a poor choice of words lol.
  8. CaptainFaux

    Let's Revisit Lucky

    I forgot minx being a battery. Though I actually don't feel that bad on influence? Kind of? I prioritize brick last and if I have an extra, he gets it. I'm considering giving him two after turn 1 just so he can useful and charge. But will alternative deployments, I think mist gets even higher value. If you start him on the middle line, with cover (which is very easy to do), you no longer have to cast smoke bomb and he automatically threats a further, what 4 or 6 inches, than before? You can go ahead and get that automatic first activation goal (lol it's happened like 3 times to me now damnit) and then you've got a whole flint and honour/hammer left to see what they can do. Lucky isn't a bad striker either, given the option.
  9. CaptainFaux

    Let's Revisit Lucky

    At first I was like meh... but in revisiting Mist I think I agree with you there. For the last two spots Id say lucky and vHarmony if it's normal deployment and granite if it's alt.
  10. CaptainFaux

    Mmmm, Hammer

    Too tired to do the full writeup, but I do just want to say I had a great time at a tournament to say with Hammer. Went 1-3 vs fish, hunters, morts, and farmers. Used hammer for all but morts. We used GICs and alt deployment Farmers game was the most questionable about that damn clock... not sure if i was just tired or what, but being 40 min with him at 20 is a little weird but what can I do lol. Made it a point to bring lucky and Tower for the last game to try them out. Definately loved them there. Lucky was able to set up hammer pretty well with his KD and extra damage. Tooled up and iron fist is disgusting lol. Hammer was able to lay about 7-9 damage in to Tater per influence for a nice takeout and did serious work on grange. One problem across the board was over extending and getting ganged up to give my opponent easy points. Fatigue definately played a role in that. First game was my favorite by far. My opponent deployed shark within 3 of mallet on the halfway line and was kicking... poor guy. First activation is a loaded mallet on shark, giving him smashed shins, singled out, and KD then punting the ball back in to the team. I think flint got 1 goal and hammer got 2? I can't remember. Shark wasn't a problem though. A missed goal actually played in my favor because Hag was forced to retrieve rather than swinging around Fangtooth with that one play. Good guy flint earned his golden boots again though. Hammer was definately the MVP for me and I found that I was seriously missing playing him in morts. Hunters had to be the hardest matchup because I over committed poor flint and hammer who got eaten by the bears free charges. Definately need the WTC streams up so I can watch good ole Germany lol.
  11. CaptainFaux

    Minimum Age?

    I taught some 5-12 year olds at an after school program earlier this year and last year. I've also been teaching some of the disabled folks I work with. So far it seems that most people are able to easily pick up on jog/Sprint, kick, and tac. Like one they understand how the dice numbers work, the ranges click pretty quickly after and they can basically play the game.
  12. CaptainFaux

    Calling All Statisticians!

    Ooooooh. That's great advice. Didn't even think of the spider diagram, but I think that is a fantastic one to use. But yeah, finding the specific metrics is the tricky part. I may go back to last year's thread and look at their metrics again. The problem is what to value over what. Playbook contents themselves make it pretty difficult too because there's no quick way to solidify those numbers. It'll be a lot of imventorying heh.
  13. CaptainFaux

    Let's Revisit Lucky

    Thanks @kryzak! That is some great information to have. I'm definitely going to pull him out. What you mentioned is more or less what I had in mind. Although I have added Granite in almost every game we've played recently. Our area has adopted the new deployment rules as standard these days and I do love having her in there. As it turns out... she gets to move AFTER the kick... which means she can potentially retrieve the ball before your opponent even has the opportunity to do so. Which is disgusting. As for Lucky, he's definately going to find a spot on my roster after seeing that information. I wasn't confident in his abilities, but like I said the more I look the more and more I'm sold on him.
  14. CaptainFaux

    Calling All Statisticians!

    So, I've been working on an infrographic and presentations for my tech writing class. I decided to go with Guild Ball and specifically making a nice graphic/presentation to attract new players and help them pick a team. As it turns out.... this is a fking hard thing to accomplish lol. Since there hasn't been anyone making up to date graphs and charts, I had to try and do this myself. The good news is that I got some hands on learning with excel. The bad news is that it looks like trash. Its also pretty thin, as I was only able to compile basic information from each player from each guild and not the more complex rating stats that I saw others do (such as how many mom results, kds, etc). And while I tried to use this information in my own graphs to help, it was useless! That game is too balanced (not a bad thing) for interesting graphs lol. The only big, easily seen comparison is armor averages. Smiths came out on top at 1.8 with farmers on the bottom at .3; median is ~.7. This does not include Burnish or mascots. What I would love to see is a single, live document that is updated to this latest errata. While I myself can write a statisical analysis, I struggle with creating the really nifty graphs and such or putting them in a sexy, digestible graphic. I dunno. What do you all think? Would it be helpful for new or existing players? I told my classmates today that the first step to picking a guild is find a theme or aesthetic you like and go with it. Once you learn the game with them, then move on to more complex decision making. But someone like me likes to see numbers in addition to looks, if only to build a foundation of thought. What about you all?
  15. Heya! So between my wife, kid on the way, and overall lack of interest I'm looking to part with my stormcast, or at least some of them. I have a pretty big chunk of folks with much of it being unbuilt, partially built, or at least unpainted. I currently own masons and I'd love to have more full teams. I'm ESPECIALLY looking for a GB carrying case so I can treat my teams a lot better. :'( I'll take cash too, if you really want lol.