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  1. Captain Selection

    Ferrite, 100%. If you're doing normal deployment that is. Using her legendary turn 1 is vital, I think, as it enables not only her to do what she needs to do, but makes sure everyone else can get up the Pitch and where they need to go. Turn 2 and beyond you're not going to really need it as much as you would the first game. Also Hobble is a nasty debuff to throw on unactivated models. For influence I didn't find that anyone really needed more than 4 at any given time. Ferrite does fine with 3, great with 4, but 5 is a waste. Save that inf for Iron, sledge, and someone else who needs to set them up. Smiths are very efficient and again don't need a lot of inf to succeed as individuals
  2. Most competitive 6 man starter box

    I'm not even going to edit it. As an English major who won a scholarship for an essay, this mistake will stay as a memorial to bad typing with thumbs. Shame, shame, shame.
  3. Most competitive 6 man starter box

    Haaaaaa. Gotchya, ya damn troll. I think I can see why. Corsair: he deserves every single death and loss he gets. That is all.
  4. Iron and Ferrite discussion

    Mhmm. I think that is the main difference, too. You don't want to waste your inf on that damage when you can apply momentous plays instead. Now, she can wrap pretty easily so it's quite likely that she will get it off too, but less of a surety than gut n string
  5. Iron and Ferrite discussion

    Don't forget that under Ferrite's legendary, Cinder can apply -4/-4 mov from 6" away. That's a big deal lol. When I played I completely forgot about Hobble entirely but damn is it a sexy move.
  6. Most competitive 6 man starter box

    Noooooo don't. I tried using her... I really have. Unfortunately she is just very, very poorly tuned. She was built for a whole different erra of gb and there's a good reason were not in season 2 anymore lol. Wrecker is awesome. He's by far one if the fastest mascots out there. Rollerball is no joke and I have achieved a tap in with him. That's a big reason why I enjoy Iron and Ferrite so much. The way I play masons feels even stronger and more efficient when I play blacksmiths. Also don't drop flint because that guy has literally won my games by himself. As in all 3 goals on more than one occasion. He's a very slippery and nasty striker; arguably one of the best strikers in the gamex albeit a little (read: very) squishy.
  7. No no! Not at all! I actually did haha. When I wrote my thoughts in gubs after that first match I made the mistake of saying so, which is a poor assessment. For me, very specifically because of how I play masons, they feel like my own masons 2.0 or a finely tuned and upgraded version. They're more efficient and have all the tools to smoothly and instantly play the football or beater game. I. Love. That. Masons always felt hamstrung in my hands, but mind you I don't play masons the same way as other folks (apparently lol). And that's fine because Blacksmiths feel exactly like the team I want! And man that's an amazing feeling to have.
  8. First Impressions - I ALSO had a lot of fun!

    You're absolutely right haha. Sledge is only the opening act for Iron for me
  9. Most competitive 6 man starter box

    I agree with you. Ive never once played the kickoff masons. I go honour, harmony, flint, mallet. Then I usually take wrecker with either tower or granite.
  10. I'm ashamed to say I completely forgot Hobble as a part of Ferrite's legendary. This is very, very important because if you pop that turn 1, Cinder can now go off and shoot someone and give them -4/-4 movement between Hobble and Burning. Even if you don't get a momentum out of that, that's pretty damn worth it considering they can't clear it just yet and if they do, they re spending 1 mom and still have -2/-2
  11. I absolutely agree. And I think you were quite right about the difference in what we do and do not know. Like how everyone is drooling for Thresher and friends and not appreciating that first farmers box, where as we're all drooling over the smiths box and are very eager for the next set. The only fumble with the smiths so far is the handling of gencon, as sfg allowed the community to post pictures and cards first in a less professional way, rather than releasing a blog post (or giving the okay for media teams to do it)right before gencon started. I don't blame them though as theyre a small company with several big games attending gencon. Absolutely no blame there. I would just insist on better preparation. And yeah I definitely agree about them being a balanced 6. You guys covered pretty much all the reasons why haha. I definitely enjoyed hearing that we shared the same sentiments on them being similar to masons. Earlier today I said that "On a scale of Fish to Butchers, both masons and smiths are right in the middle." They're both very adaptable. Now, smiths are not at all masons 2.0, but they feel similar. Even for me! I play a strict 3/0 honour masons, completely ignoring take outs. When I tried smiths, I felt like was playing a better tuned version where I actually can do 2/2 if I wanted. This is not because the teams are designed that way, but merely because (as I discovered upon reflection) I very much enjoy teams that capitalize more on mistakes than make them. I believe the blacksmiths do that very, very well. Them being slow is what helps you do that, I think, insofar that you have to advance rather cautiously. As soon as your opponent places one model too far forward or exposes someone with the ball when maybe they shouldn't have, you pull the trigger. That trigger is one captain setting up either sledge or iron or both. Ideally, I think it is important to focus on a 2 activation play. Either you secure a kill or you secure a goal. It doesn't matter what combination of master and apprentice does this, just so long as it happens. With proper positioning, it doesn't seem difficult to achieve. You've got cinder as a striker, sledge as a beater, and iron in the middle (not counting all the weird nuances like long bomb). I think each master has the ability to, in turn, set up a goal or score... though anvil seems to be pure beat down while furnace is a wired hybrid. Ferrite can easily set up a kill or just score herself out right instead of setting it up.
  12. I think it's nice for sure. I saw a few comments on how he looks quite a bit like Connor from Assassins Creed. I don't necessarily agree with that, but I seriously enjoy the aesthetic. Im quite curious to see what his box mates will be. We've all been thrown for a loop about these six, as y'all mentioned, so I'm sure what comes out next will be a surprise. My expectation is that he will stick to his story and art fairly well. I imagine he will be along the lines of Fillet; fast and stabby. He could possibly be the first master to really focus on damage, and his apprentice might be a support piece. I think it'll be a lady friend, and Id place bets that she enables him to enact a condition game. For example if they activate near one another (in whatever order), she gives him a poison attack. He could also very likely inflict bleeds everywhere. I don't want to see him step on the toes of boiler or meathook, but I wouldn't mind something similar. Also if you'd like some other discussion points, take a peak at the threads in the smiths subforum. I wont flood your thread with all that haha.
  13. First Impressions - I ALSO had a lot of fun!

    Hahaha, yeah. I can see what you're saying. I agree about sledge. I did give him 3 to secure the kill, but I didn't end up needing it. He killed Chaska, on 1hp, with 7dmg lol. A head smashing blow for sure. I was left with 1 inf that I just used for piledriver for countering. Actually, I really think 3 inf goes well on him for just two attacks. You get a free piledriver from anvil, right? But if he has 3 instead of 2, you can secure, at minimum, two piledrivers. That also gives you more chances to wrap to trigger it off a character play for later since it sustains. This makes his counter attacks very, very dangerous.
  14. Vassal Bug/Suggestion Thread

    I played Eric, a new player, today. He was on mac. He had issues getting vassal to update from 7 to 7.6, as it wouldn't do it automatically. We went ahead and played though. One big issue we ran in to was drawing plot cards. He wasn't able to consistently draw them at all, regardless of clicking and resetting. We skipped those too. Not sure if it was because of the versions, but you.might look in to that.
  15. I think y'all covered it all pretty well. While I've only had one very casual vassal game, it seems like you were pretty spot on. To answer about Alloy: his family has been indentured servants, house karls, for a long time. They do all the under-table dirty work. He is indeed a master. All the masters have shields that they make. Earning your shield (and making it) is how you attain that status. One thing y'all might discuss is the fact that Anvil can trigger while it's hot on a counter attack, assuming it wasn't already used. Its directly towards either goal, but still. A 6" pulse like that on the counter attack is pretty sexy!