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  1. Best and worst pairings Smoke/Midas

    Alex plays grace on his 10 for farmers. The millstone and peck stuff is pretty mitagatable but the harrow aura and grace combo effectively prevent the condition game from being a thing. I play Midas in this matchup. But if they don’t have grace I don’t think the matchup is that bad. Farmers are clearly favored but they are when you drop Midas too.
  2. Best and worst pairings Smoke/Midas

    Play Midas into Grace. Play smoke into everything else.
  3. Midas post-nerf? Little buff pls?

    Midas is fine. He is almost as strong as he was before the nerf. You are under valuing the legendary. The fact that it lasts across the turn line is very good. What Midas actually needs is 1-2 players that support him well. The midas nerf was fine what destroyed him as a captain was losing Harry and Vitriol. Decimate helps but she is a far cry from being as strong as Harry was and Vitriol losing her ability to fight is a pretty big deal. If Venin or Mercury gets a buff and they become higher tac pushing, knockdown, fighting models Midas will make a big come back. I would just hate to see a buff for our faction wasted on a good mini when we have other ones that desperately need it.
  4. I think that is a pretty far leap. If it said re-roll failed kicks that would negate the roll two. I all honesty I just want this ruling to go away it only applies to three things in the game currently; Initiative, Match Fixing, and Cabbage Punt. It breaks one, makes one rule go from ok to bad, and it fixes the third.
  5. So this has been a rock in my shoe for some time now and I haven't seen it officially addressed. Per rulings that have happened in the past, a re-roll can never be re-rolled for any reason. So in Nationals my round 1 opponent and I tied our initiative roll re-rolled the dice then tied again. Per this previous ruling, the game cannot progress in any way. I asked the judge and he told me to re-roll again. (which is how I would rule it.) What's going on with this? Is the initiative roll immune to this rule or is Match Fixing a good card again?
  6. Forum! Run the Length is back and it is a brand new year. We are kicking things off with my last Alchemists game (for a while at least.) This episode has everything there is action, there are goals, there is new OPD. And best of all the longshanks is guest starring! Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov Follow Sam on Twitter: RedSamNotBlue https://twitter.com/RedSamNotBlue Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ The Longshanks.org
  7. GB resolution for –18?

    Hit 1,000 subs All three STW members qualified for Worlds. Paint a guild in monochrome Learn to use my dremel. Find another Guild for RTL
  8. The competitive 10

    The only matchup I am 100% in on compound for is Butchers. He can fairly reliably ruin Filet's day. I think he is playable in quite a few matchups but I would not give him staple status in smoke. I think decimate is much closer to a staple. I think if you picked compound in any matchup where your opponent kicked with mist I would have a hard time criticizing you. As far as a dedicated striker Smoke doesn't really need one. It's really nice to have high-speed models to grab the ball when receiving, but I play Smoke planning to win the game with my only goal, so unless they can fill another role I'm not really interested. If you are interested in playing Smoke against Puppet Master, Lure, or Drag check out Ep. 13 of RTL where I play against corsair and hide behind a wall all game.
  9. The competitive 10

    Ok, let's take a quick stab at this. Hopefully, it doesn't turn into another 1500 word tactica like it did last time I tried to help someone out in the Alchemists thread. The 10 I played in Nationals was: Midas, Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Compound, Katalyst, Vet Katalyst, Mercury, Vitriol, Decimate. I managed to take 3rd losing only to Alex "Guild Ball God" Botts. Midas/Smoke: One of the better captain pairings in guild ball. I play primarily an un-interactive Smoke control list with a pocket super striking Midas. Mascot: I think I am far in the minority on which mascot I prefer to play, but really both are good. Once lines meat no one wants to kill flask and naja is more trouble than she is worth. It's really personal preference. I like flask since his cloud brings influence efficiency to the Smoke list and Sic'em is still in the plot deck. Calculus: Blind is dumb and one of the only 2 AOE throwers in the faction. A staple in Smoke decent flex pick in Midas. Compound: I'm not sure if I made this up or not, but Mat Hart once told me that Compound was one of the highest win rate models in all of guild ball. I don't think this is far off. Maybe the best flex pick in all of guild ball. He turns off nearly all turn 1 pressure your opponent can put on you. I play him as a flex into Butchers, Shark, and Alchs (when receiving) Katalyst: Absolutely nuts. One of the best models in the game but influence hungry. A must take for Midas and playable in Smoke although not my first choice. Vet Katalyst: Total garbage model saved by a heroic that helps you be un-interactive. I play this in every Smoke game as it enables me to gain points without giving up momentum or control of the game. Mercury: Must take with Smoke. Leave him at home for Midas Vitriol: Not what she once was and a bit over-nerfed IMO but still worth the include. Union: This is a complex issue with only 4 real options. A&G, Decimate, Harry, Mist. I don't like mist. We are in a renaissance of ball-killing and if you are playing mist and trying to score as many goals as possible you are on the wrong side of history. And even if you are convinced I'm wrong Decimate can do 80% of what Mist does and has fighting ability. Harry has been nerfed to the point where he is barely Harry anymore but a second fire AOE and low pushes are good in smoke. Avarisse and Greede are a duo I need to play more but if you are considering Midas as your main captain I think this is worth a look (I have not fully explored this pick). Decimate is my choice for a few reasons. Grace absolutely hoses Smoke with her remove an AOE nonsense making it difficult to play Smoke into grace. By taking Decimate we are giving Midas a list he can win with into Vet Rage and Farmers. Decimate also help so much in the Corsair matchup allowing us to second wind Calculus blind corsair and run away. Decimate is also the second highest damage output model in our union picks. Decimate also helps our Masons matchup and I think that the main reason Alchemists are strong right now has to do with our favored matchup into masons (one of 2 "S tier" factions.) Crucible: Crucible is my 11th slot. Back when Midas was very strong I used her as a flex slot into Alchemist's (when kicking,) Engineer's, Hunters, and Morticians. The idea was to tax low momentum teams by having her follow around Katalyst and apply her aura. She can jog 6" and is likely close enough to one of Kat's victims to dodge 4". She is fragile but if they go after her they will likely have to overcommit right next to Katalyst. Venin: A lot of people accuse me of hating on Venin thinking that I haven't given him a fair shake and believe me I have. The unfortunate truth is that he is outclassed in his role by a bunch of the alchemist's roster. He suffers from a ton of design issues (he wants to be both the first and last model to activate and isn't that great at either.) Venin's mini is sweet but unfortunately, his rules are not. Whoops, guess I did it again.If you guys have questions about guild ball hit me up on twitter: @TheCurkov. Check out my YouTube: Vincent Curkov. An listen to Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast.
  10. Forum, Episode 13 of Run the Length is up! In this episode, I finally take on the dreaded Corsair! The very matchup I complain about on Strictly the Worst. I hope you guys enjoy! This is the thirteenth episode of Run the Length a gameplay commentary series for guild ball. Join me as I break down an Alchemists vs Fisherman game against Pat Van Value explaining my thoughts and decisions as I played this match. Pat is known for seeking value not only in guild ball but in all aspects of life. He also Co-Hosts a podcast with me Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast. Skip the Draft: 3:14 Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ How to play my Smoke list: http://forums.steamforged.com/topic/38884-how-do-i-play-smoke-well/
  11. Captain and Mascot Artwork

    I'm not too proud to piggyback off of someone else's hard work...any chance you could share the original photoshop file with the layers?
  12. Forum, Episode 12 or Run the Length is out! In this episode, I play my WTC list against our local pundit Ben Lang. Enjoy! This is the twelfth episode of Run the Length a gameplay commentary series for guild ball. Join me as I break down an Alchemists vs Engineers game against Ben Lang explaining my thoughts and decisions as I played this match. Ben is the local Chicago Pundit and has won the famed Who's the Boss event 5 separate times. Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ How to play my Smoke list: http://forums.steamforged.com/topic/38884-how-do-i-play-smoke-well/
  13. The Giant Counter Charge Thread

    Just going to give this a quick bumpy bump.
  14. How do i play Smoke well?

  15. How do i play Smoke well?

    Alright, I have stayed out of this as long as I can. This is a fundamentally different list. Its goal is 2-2 or 1-2 not 3-1 (Takeouts-Goals.) I could go on a long rant about how I think trying to get more than 4 points out of the ball is a fool's errand (at least against high-level players) but that is a totally different conversation. I think this list is just better with Midas. In point of fact, my Midas list is Midas, Flask, Mercury, Vitriol, Flex. My flex players are Compound and Calculus. Kat1 vs Kat2 I glazed over this a little bit above, but yes I agree with the fact that Kat1 is better than Kat2 at nearly everything. In fact, I talk about it quite extensively here. But the reason I play Kat2 is he kills himself which robs the opponent of momentum and spending his influence in useful ways. When it comes right down to it they are models that fulfill different roles. Kat1 is straight up one of the best brawlers in the entire game where Kat2 is a highly fragile Victory Point Missile. Kat1 wants nothing more than to get stuck in leveraging his high tac, low KD, and Pulses of fire to win the day while Kat2 loses an attack when he gets stuck in and doesn't want to fight anyone who doesn't have a condition. I suggest you drop one of your fire AOE's near him with Harry or Mercury then shake conditions and walk into the fire. Naja vs Flask I know I am in the minority of players that prefer Flask over Naja, but here are my reasons. Naja and Flask are equally survivable. When a model is Tac 6 5/0, 4/1, and 3/2 are statistically similar and the lower your tac goes the better 3/2 gets. Flask is in cover more than half the game and in a smoke list, you will always be dropping a cloud to jump into, so if you can use his it's like he brings an extra influence. Flask is a better damage dealer while Naja is a better ball killer. I consider them pretty equal. The thing that puts Flask over the top for me is that he makes a real player I am taking better. Flask use to give vitriol the speed buff for free and I was sad to see that go, but the extra influence on Mercury can be so clutch. Brawling with Smoke In a post-errata world, alchemists have lost so much of their once formidable brawling power. It is still doable, but so much harder than it once was. To make matters worse Smoke brings almost nothing to the brawl since she cannot contribute to the fight once it starts. This weakness compounded by the fact that if AOE throwers are spending their influence attacking or are being killed by the opponents players smoke cannot spend her influence moving clouds. It is really best to avoid the scrum or just win before it starts in earnest.