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  1. Yes but even in less random games like WMH there is a higher dice factor than GB. No dice game will be without that chance of frustration.
  2. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    To make more money seems a legit reason.
  3. https://singledout2016.wordpress.com/how-do-you/ is also excellent.
  4. @FourOfPipes Obulus has a double dodge on 2 hits, so unless you can get base to base with a 2" melee model there is a good chance he'll just dodge off on the counter attack. It is also the design of the model: Obulus is a slippery guy with unpredictable movement and a good counter attack. To counter that he only has 14 HP, making him on of the more easy to kill captains once you do get your hands on him. Whilst newer players usually think KD is a great counter attack result, it usually isn't because you can clear it with momentum. The whole counter attack business becomes second nature after a while. Yes sometimes a spike will ruin your day. But there are ways to manage it to an acceptable level. Concerning clock etiquette: I just flip the clock over myself if I want to think about declaring a counter attack, def stance or counter charge. Edit: reading stuff is a thing.
  5. If I play newer players I tend to do this with guilds/players I don't play that often. I tend to try to play clean and whilst I dial it back to a decent degree I don't tend to give too many freebies, although giving up the odd goal or take out that could be avoided will happen. I will offer some advice, but like Beaston said, it isn't always that easy and to my experience not everyone enjoys getting extensive advice. In general I don't play newer players often because I don't feel like I'm that good at making it an enjoyable experience for the opponent whilst still having fun myself. We have some great people at the LGS, including our pundits, who are far better at that. I do feel GB has a very relaxed and cool competitive ( compatatibe? :D) scene. There is the odd game that might be a bit off but it is more the exception than the rule. Coming from Warmachine, I don't find GB that harsh for newer players. Thanks to the alternating activations newer players can still get some attacks/ goals in even if they only have a very limited knowledge of what they have to do. What might be interesting for newer players is breaking down plays to it's bare minimum. One of the things I loved when I started out was Singled Out "how do you" https://singledout2016.wordpress.com/how-do-you/ .
  6. Christian Metz wins Belgium Champs with BS.

    She gives quickfoot, and is pretty quick herself. And trying to hit a 2/3 in cover isn't that great.
  7. Christian Metz wins Belgium Champs with BS.

    Yeah your use of Farris was pretty interesting. Lot of people find Farris underwhelming but she posed problems.
  8. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    What is there to say? I think it is a genuine estimation of the time it will take to set up everything and get it produced. I don't really see a reason for SFG to overestimate the production time, because it will turn people away from the crowdfunding. With Farmers I had the impression there was some learning money to be paid by the company as it where the first plastic figs they did.
  9. Let's Revisit Lucky

    Also his Stack the Deck also triggers when kicking because the receiving team automatically has the initiative.
  10. Printable Tokens

  11. Power creep

    Once Tresher hits the field Dirge will become a superstar. Running down all those harvest markers.
  12. Superior Strategist YouTube battle report! Fish vs Union

    Will give it a proper look later. One thing though: a permanent score on the screen? Hasn't have to be big.
  13. Decimate

    Well judging by the sculpt we saw at the WTC I'd say it will be some vet version. And no worries, those drunks won't take our Deci away.
  14. WTC with Masons

    Yeah, had someone do this with Hammer against me. 9 inches is quite the distance.
  15. Hello from Belgium !

    Hey, welcome! In Belgium we have active playing communities, to my knowledge, in Hasselt (where I play), Antwerp and Namur ( L'Imaginarium). Good to see Guild Ball spreading to more places in our little country.
  16. Yeah the English online sellers are a good call. Also there is an active German Guild Ball forum at http://forum.page5.de/4.1 where most German players post. They might be able to give you guys some more local options.
  17. Can you do a knockback (push and dodge) with an attack that will result in a take out? In the time sequence you check for take out after all the effects of that attack have been resolved and knockback is addition to a successful attack.
  18. Rise of Zarola

    I'd argue MO does a lot for the victory condition. Move people/bears into position? Pull people back out of threat ranges? That's pretty powerful stuff.
  19. Rise of Zarola

    OK her tackle on 3 is pretty bad but Momentous dodge on 1 is quite decent. Also defense 5, UM and decent speed (and light footed) means she isn't a liability like Stave. I think she pretty decent.
  20. Rise of Zarola

    I think it is tied to Theron's buffs. Being able to generate a bunch of momentum with character plays and running outside threat ranges is pretty valuable.
  21. GIC Game Feedback Thread

    For LOS he can do that, for intervening models he can't. Edit: I'm wrong, it doesn't matter for LOS. Checking for distance and checking for LOS are 2 separate steps.
  22. GIC General Theory Thread 

    This is where I'm at. The only thing you can do at this moment is compare between Guilds or with the default no GIC situation but the comments by the SFG crew appear to indicate that the latter isn't the purpose of the playtest.
  23. GIC General Theory Thread 

    If heroic landing was worded as Another Round! is would be way better. You need to have the momentum to regain it with plot card. With this GIC you don't even need that. Spigot popping his heroic on the first turn when you are kicking with having to send that damn cat across the board to get that momentum is very big for Brewers. Or being able to use Hooper's Heroic when activating first without first having to spend a attack at TAC 5 to generate the momentum. Or heck, just spend it on Tapper's heroic, one momentum extra at the end of the turn.
  24. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Well if you don't give us all the cards, it's hard to know that, no?
  25. Theresher. Fix before he hits please.

    I find this all pretty premature. Yes he can be a beast but he also pretty killable.