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  1. So how do Reinforced Plating and Spirit Bomb interact? Both Burnish and X, who is within the aura, are under the AoE. I resolve Burnish first and my opponent chooses to not ignore it. I push him outside 1" inch of X. Can my opponent still choose to ignore the hit on X? I'd say no because Reinforced Plating triggers on hit.
  2. HuggyTheBear

    "Guilds" aren't strong or weak.

    I think there are some match ups, not that many, that warrant some discussion. For instance Masons into a Smoke Gunline isn't that obvious on first sight.
  3. HuggyTheBear

    Updraft Duration

    I can imagine a few cornercase scenarios where you first want to use Take Flight before your standard advance. That is why my question is: what is the timing on gaining Flight and the extra jog? Can you choose to first take the jog and then gain Flight so you can use Updraft on that extra jog? From the wording I'd say the extra jog is an active trait (may) and the gains Flight part is a passive trait. So I'd guess you can't choose and Flight will be switched on immediately, denying Ikaros the fast ground benefit.
  4. HuggyTheBear

    Updraft Duration

    Also Taking Flight gives him Flight with ignores ground. Does this mean he can't gain the movement bonus from Updraft for the Taking Flight jog? (and subsequent advances).
  5. HuggyTheBear

    Need a better team list, Model question,

    - Pint pot should be on a 40 mm base (same as Esters). - at this moment oSpigot and vetDecimate are outincludes. Stave and vetSpigot seem to be left out of most tournament rosters but some people like them. - getting goals: Friday can do it from a long way away but needs other Brewers to generate the necessary momentum.
  6. HuggyTheBear

    Guild Ball in Brussels?

    Yes, if you want to play GB in Belgium Hasselt is the place to be. We play on Tuesday and Friday evening, but on request a game on Saturday afternoon is also possible. Drop me a message if you are interested and I'll link you to the proper facebook group. Other places where they play GB is Antwerp (Thursday evening) and Ghent (not sure about when they play). If interested I can point you in the general direction.
  7. HuggyTheBear

    Tackle on 1 - Episode 1

    Really enjoyed that. Missing the goal was rough and losing the 50-50 die roll for initiative after boar went into Hammer took away the last chance of a comeback. Mattias made the most of his chances!
  8. HuggyTheBear

    Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    One redeeming quality it that GB allows people to score points even if they loose. There is no "I placed this miniature 1 inch to far forward and now I lose instantly.". You can easily allow your opponent to score a few take outs or even goals. Also just understanding concepts like threat ranges and statistical odds will get you pretty far in GB. I had a dozen of games under my belt when I played my first tournament and I did just fine. And I sucked at my previous wargame (Warmachine). And I have seen plenty of players do pretty decent at tournaments without extensive play experience. All in all I can highly recommend going to a tournament, even if you get your ass handed you'll learn a ton.
  9. HuggyTheBear

    Brewers Player Summaries

    Friday: + Triggering Dirty Knifes out of her playbook against lower def (or KD'ed) models is a way to debuff high defense models. - She struggles to generate momentum on her own. She is automatic in scoring goals if you got 3 momentum in the bank but grabbing a goal with her on your first activation can become iffy.
  10. 1) You can also play a casual game and be an asshole. One of our players got out of 40k because several of the locals kept throwing cheese lists at him that countered his army. 2) 95% of the tournament p^layers I know are fun people who play hard within the rules but are perfect gentlemen.
  11. Pretty interesting. My take on Esters is different. She can do a lot of burst damage herself if she puts the damage buff on herself. Which makes that I almost always give a full load of inf. She can switch gears between brawling and support pretty easily and her ranged CP makes that your inf is never wasted.
  12. HuggyTheBear

    Unsportsmanlike But Legal

    Judging by the activity on Longshanks I don't see GB losing players as a whole. Individual player groups might suffer but that is with all games. Early in season 3 when goal scoring captains like Shark and Midas were ruling the waves we had the inverse of this discussion: players complaining about goal scoring being too powerful. And in comparison with season 2 season 3 is still a lot more centered on goals. Also I am not knocking the original posters message but more his tone. There is a lot of ground between "I am experiencing something I can't solve" and "this game should change one of it's core mechanics because of it".
  13. HuggyTheBear

    Unsportsmanlike But Legal

    1) There are tons of games outside GB where it is gun line vs melee oriented rushers. Smoke nor Ballista aren't dominating the tournament scene. Is it unpleasant that first turn? Sure! But GB is a very difficult game to keeping running away from your opponent. 2) Shark: Your opponent killing off a player bottom/top of a turn is also not very pleasant. You have to plan accordingly. Yes there things that won't be fun in a game. Your opponent will try to outfox you, as will you. If you want a game where everybody rushes towards each other, meets in the middle and you roll a ton of dice to decide who win, there are other options.
  14. HuggyTheBear

    Unsportsmanlike But Legal

    My main problem is with 2 things: - Qualifying ball killing as unsportsmanlike: it is an integral part of the game and there are a lot of ways to combat it. - Demanding a change to the rules because people don't have the experience to deal with it. It is a different kettle of fish if the original poster would have asked advice on how to tackle ball killing. I'm pretty sure he would have gotten a ton of tips.
  15. HuggyTheBear

    Game Plan deck discussion

    "Seize the initiative" is a lot less impactful than Kneeslider plus can also backfire if used careless. You want to go first to take out that model in the scrum? Now he dodges out off the scrum. You are going to grab the goal? Your opponent dodges closer to yours for the snap back goal. Plus whatever effect their card gives them. It is a lot better than losing a +3 ini roll and seeing your opponent grab a goal and dodge back to safety.
  16. HuggyTheBear

    Mulligans during play.

    I tend to remind people early in the game. Later on in the game I might not be as nice, although when I play something with counter attack I'll usually will put a 6 inch measuring stick to help out with planning stuff.
  17. It is different I think. GB is a lot more tit for tat. So it is easier to get advantages by out playing your opponent. That being said, in WMH the advantages seem more definite. In GB you still have to play to a decent level until the end.
  18. Yes but even in less random games like WMH there is a higher dice factor than GB. No dice game will be without that chance of frustration.
  19. HuggyTheBear

    PVC Fishers and Butchers

    To make more money seems a legit reason.
  20. https://singledout2016.wordpress.com/how-do-you/ is also excellent.
  21. @FourOfPipes Obulus has a double dodge on 2 hits, so unless you can get base to base with a 2" melee model there is a good chance he'll just dodge off on the counter attack. It is also the design of the model: Obulus is a slippery guy with unpredictable movement and a good counter attack. To counter that he only has 14 HP, making him on of the more easy to kill captains once you do get your hands on him. Whilst newer players usually think KD is a great counter attack result, it usually isn't because you can clear it with momentum. The whole counter attack business becomes second nature after a while. Yes sometimes a spike will ruin your day. But there are ways to manage it to an acceptable level. Concerning clock etiquette: I just flip the clock over myself if I want to think about declaring a counter attack, def stance or counter charge. Edit: reading stuff is a thing.
  22. If I play newer players I tend to do this with guilds/players I don't play that often. I tend to try to play clean and whilst I dial it back to a decent degree I don't tend to give too many freebies, although giving up the odd goal or take out that could be avoided will happen. I will offer some advice, but like Beaston said, it isn't always that easy and to my experience not everyone enjoys getting extensive advice. In general I don't play newer players often because I don't feel like I'm that good at making it an enjoyable experience for the opponent whilst still having fun myself. We have some great people at the LGS, including our pundits, who are far better at that. I do feel GB has a very relaxed and cool competitive ( compatatibe? :D) scene. There is the odd game that might be a bit off but it is more the exception than the rule. Coming from Warmachine, I don't find GB that harsh for newer players. Thanks to the alternating activations newer players can still get some attacks/ goals in even if they only have a very limited knowledge of what they have to do. What might be interesting for newer players is breaking down plays to it's bare minimum. One of the things I loved when I started out was Singled Out "how do you" https://singledout2016.wordpress.com/how-do-you/ .
  23. HuggyTheBear

    Christian Metz wins Belgium Champs with BS.

    She gives quickfoot, and is pretty quick herself. And trying to hit a 2/3 in cover isn't that great.
  24. HuggyTheBear

    Christian Metz wins Belgium Champs with BS.

    Yeah your use of Farris was pretty interesting. Lot of people find Farris underwhelming but she posed problems.
  25. HuggyTheBear

    PVC Fishers and Butchers

    What is there to say? I think it is a genuine estimation of the time it will take to set up everything and get it produced. I don't really see a reason for SFG to overestimate the production time, because it will turn people away from the crowdfunding. With Farmers I had the impression there was some learning money to be paid by the company as it where the first plastic figs they did.