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  1. Azreal13

    Hunters Guild Ball Draft Prep

    Ball retrieval remains the thing I struggle with most. As it stands in season 3, the only player with a or on one result is Snow! Plus there's no version of Close Control or Ball's Gone to aid with retention once you've got it back and all too often possession is returned immediately in a counter. Now we know that's changing for Skatha, but while Hunter's are strong in controlling players, is like someone who was efficient in stealing the ball, retaining it and/or disrupting the ball carrier. A ranged would be great and thematic.
  2. Azreal13

    Rat changes.

    Anyone notice that carrier has let slip a little change? It now says "During the end phase, before conditions are resolved, this model suffers the disease condition." Under current rules you resolve conditions in the maintainence phase, so his would imply that's changing.
  3. Azreal13

    Vet Hearne is now pretty hot

    Can't say I'm surprised, although it's only a moderately modified Follow Up at the end of the day it would still be majorly strong on Hearne's chassis. We tend to play around Parting Blows in my local meta as much as possible, so the circumstances never arose.
  4. Azreal13

    Vet Hearne is now pretty hot

    Lunar Eclipse now makes him a massive nuisance with parting blows, if I read it correctly? Resolve parting blow. Choose a damage result. Place vHearne directly in front of model, 1" away. Model is now re-engaged and additionally has to try and move around a 40mm base/2" reach to get where they were going. Although I guess that's not new, just without the Snared requirement much easier to trigger. Haven't used it enough in S3 that it even came up in a game!
  5. Azreal13

    S4 Skatha

    On reading the blog I was disappointed that Snow Ball didn't allow for the pass and move shenanigans anymore. Then I just reread the card at the top of the thread and realized I'd misread it and it still does! Yay!
  6. Azreal13

    Scapel S4

    Yep, I approve of all the changes. Albeit with a hint of irritation because this past Monday was the first game I played where I really felt I "got" what she was about and didn't spend most of the game wishing she was Obulous, and now I'm going to have to adjust my thinking again!
  7. Azreal13

    Gut and string nerfed.

    Trying to be objective about it, Jaecar can essentially drop a -6"/-6" penalty on basically any model for 1 Inf, which is enough to shut down almost every model currently. As a Hunter's player that's extremely useful, but I can see that being no fun for opposing players, and it does slow the game down when players get locked up tight like that. As long as there's other ways of exerting control on opposing players, or everyone has their defensive abilities mitigated a little to facilitate easier scoring, I'm ok with this. Besides, there's no guarantees J won't get Caught In A Trap which is functionally the same as current G&S, or I Can't Get Out which increases the MP cost for clearing conditions if the model is snared.
  8. I eventually went for some bases from an eBay seller under the brand Fat Spider. I'm assuming they're a home made enterprise, but the quality is decent and the theme works with my mat, which was a priority, without being stupid expensive. They're not going to scream custom bases, but they've got some logs and stumps moulded on and also (the clincher for me) recesses for puddles, and water was something I wanted to feature.
  9. Azreal13

    Daughter of Falcons - First Impressions

    I own both Falconers and Ratcatchers, and I've seen both boxes of Farmers and Smiths up close. This isn't about expectations for resin or metal (and as a war gamer of some three decades, I somewhat resent the inference that we're all green noobs who don't know the difference nor how to set our expecatations accordingly) this is about them not matching up to the same standard as existing and extablished PVC.
  10. Thanks chaps, hadn't checked some of those links so I'll take a look.
  11. Ok, so on a whim I've decided that I may use some scenic resin bases for my Falconers rather than simply dressing the stock bases with flock etc I've been doing so far. The issue I've initially encountered is that the specific combinations of base sizes needed for a Guild isn't really compatible with the packs of bases many retailers sell, meaning, in the absence of any other suitable projects, I'd need to buy a lot more bases than I'd need in a given size, especially the larger ones. So my question is has anyone got a U.K. friendly source that sells resin bases in smaller numbers/individually, or are people just buying the bases and sucking up the excess?
  12. Azreal13

    Possibly tweeks in S4

    What might be more feasible is something like Snare introduced to a few players. What makes Hunter's Prey so powerful is that it lacks any sort of cost or drawback. Issuing players with a character play means that there's either an actual cost or opportunity cost to using it. or results without damage or an influence cost to offering out snared is probably a lot more fair. But then, 7 of the Guild can generate snared already in some form or another already, so it's questionable how much use it would actually be.
  13. Azreal13

    Season 4 Changes

    Well, as a Hunter above any other Guild, that's instantly impacts both Captains, either making one of their traits dramatically less flexible, or meaning that those traits are in for some changes. (Just let them drop them at any point in their activation instead and I'll be happy!)
  14. Azreal13

    Minerva, The bird is the word.

    No, of course not. People are getting excited for the new Falconers, and understandably so, but as with Hunters now, looking at the ideal scenario of if you do x followed by y then player A is so broken just happens very rarely against a competent player. Anything that can't be achieved in a single activation can be countered, disrupted or mitigated, or requires further setups and activations on the part of the Hunter in order to prevent those counters from occurring, opening up further opportunities for the chain to be broken. What I'm excited for from a Hunter's perspective is that Mataagi and Minerva both signicantly reduce the linearity of the setup. It will no longer be a case of "Theron's put the forest there, so that means Hearne is going to jump into that area in some way, so I have to be mindful that those players don't get ambushed" and other variations which my regular opponents are familiar with. Now it will allow the Hunter greater opportunity to mask his true target until he's ready, and greater flexibility to adjust to his opponents plays should his first choice no longer offer the opportunity expected. Ambush, surprise and adaptability, the true Hunter way.
  15. Azreal13

    Model distribution needs to change

    I think the issues around seaBrisket and 6 man boxes are a separate thing. I'm not a fan of customers potentially needing to buy a 6 man box containing models they don't want/need in order to obtain models they do. I have less of an issue with models having their faction adjusted for gameplay reasons, which, to all intents and purposes, is what's occurring with SBrisket. While I'll happily bang on about how dumb I think the current retail model is, I still retain every confidence that changes to the game are given due consideration and are made because SFG feel it allows for better balance or opens up new design space, and I'm relatively content to suck it up now and again if a model I own isn't valid in a specific context any more (which is competitive games, let's not act like existing sBriskets that aren't accompanied by all the other church models in their owner's collection will disintegrate the second they're no longer tourney legal.) People need to ask themselves if needing to sack off one model is really that big of a deal in the context of the bigger picture of the growth and development of the game as a whole. I write this post as an owner of sBrisket since January, who will now probably never use her for the purpose she was purchased for (Union) as the odds of me getting that far down the paint queue before she leaves are tiny. But then, I'll be able to paint her up in a Church scheme instead!