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  1. Azreal13

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    Skatha, Theron, both Hearnes, Zarola, Jaecar, Chaska and Minx all have native access to snare, and as Falkman mentioned, Minx couldn't snare before. If you're struggling to snare models when you want to snare models, the issue isn't with the rules...
  2. Azreal13

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    People shouldn't get too dispondant this early. Let me couch this in real world terms: my football team are currently 15th in the league, but because the season is only 10 games in, we are, in fact, only two wins from the top. One win would currently cause us to jump around 12 places. This is the same. Without actual numbers, we could only be a handful of games from being right near the top. However, as it looks like we'll get Flea regardless, it probably isn't worth breaking our necks over!
  3. Azreal13

    Traps mechanics changing.

    Exactly. Exactly how small is the subset of the Venn diagram between "smart enough to be able to learn how to play the game" and "prepared to spend a decent amount of cash on models" that reads "can't be arsed/is unable to make or source 5 30mm circles so throws up hands and gives up?"
  4. Azreal13

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    There's pages all over the shop, and most are private so a link won't work. Just search Guild Ball or x Guild and you should find them. The biggest general group is GuBS (Guild Ball Supporters.)
  5. Azreal13

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    By and large, the GB groups seem to be fairly courteous. Unless you say anything negative about SFG, then hark for the thunder of white cavalry coming over the horizon. But in general you can debate relative player merits etc in good faith.
  6. Azreal13

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    If you don't think Flea is a good choice (he's not) please get in amongst the FB groups and make you voice heard. Groupthink is biting hard on there, and people are absolutely failing to grasp that he could end up as a tippy tally midfielder who falls over in a stiff breeze with charmed animal, it's like everyone thinks he's going to add +1 Dmg to playbook results of everyone on the pitch with the Animal keyword or something and are completely failing to allow for the fact that he doesn't offer us anything as a player aside some vague animal synergy. #TeamKnuckles.
  7. Azreal13

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    Stolen from FB..
  8. Azreal13

    Traps mechanics changing.

    My gut says we won't see anything like a ground up rework on J, while he's been perhaps the closest we've had to an auto take for a good while, that's down to the failings of other players more than his own excesses. (Which SFG coughed to in one of the preview blogs.) Crucial artery would be nice, and as I've mentioned I wouldn't be surprised to see them give us another reason to use the pitfall marker now that it isn't a trap. If he retains nuGnS, AP and BTTS, gains Crucial Artery and another CP to use the Pitfall marker and replace Bleed and keeps the same stats and PB, I'd be very happy.
  9. Azreal13

    Traps mechanics changing.

    The assumption here seems to be that Jaecar may not be able to do anything else with his marker? I'd agree that's probably most likely, but it is just an assumption that it will be useless at this point.
  10. Azreal13

    Hunters Guild Ball Draft Prep

    Ball retrieval remains the thing I struggle with most. As it stands in season 3, the only player with a or on one result is Snow! Plus there's no version of Close Control or Ball's Gone to aid with retention once you've got it back and all too often possession is returned immediately in a counter. Now we know that's changing for Skatha, but while Hunter's are strong in controlling players, is like someone who was efficient in stealing the ball, retaining it and/or disrupting the ball carrier. A ranged would be great and thematic.
  11. Azreal13

    Rat changes.

    Anyone notice that carrier has let slip a little change? It now says "During the end phase, before conditions are resolved, this model suffers the disease condition." Under current rules you resolve conditions in the maintainence phase, so his would imply that's changing.
  12. Azreal13

    Vet Hearne is now pretty hot

    Can't say I'm surprised, although it's only a moderately modified Follow Up at the end of the day it would still be majorly strong on Hearne's chassis. We tend to play around Parting Blows in my local meta as much as possible, so the circumstances never arose.
  13. Azreal13

    Vet Hearne is now pretty hot

    Lunar Eclipse now makes him a massive nuisance with parting blows, if I read it correctly? Resolve parting blow. Choose a damage result. Place vHearne directly in front of model, 1" away. Model is now re-engaged and additionally has to try and move around a 40mm base/2" reach to get where they were going. Although I guess that's not new, just without the Snared requirement much easier to trigger. Haven't used it enough in S3 that it even came up in a game!
  14. Azreal13

    S4 Skatha

    On reading the blog I was disappointed that Snow Ball didn't allow for the pass and move shenanigans anymore. Then I just reread the card at the top of the thread and realized I'd misread it and it still does! Yay!
  15. Azreal13

    Scapel S4

    Yep, I approve of all the changes. Albeit with a hint of irritation because this past Monday was the first game I played where I really felt I "got" what she was about and didn't spend most of the game wishing she was Obulous, and now I'm going to have to adjust my thinking again!