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  1. Azreal13

    Minerva, The bird is the word.

    No, of course not. People are getting excited for the new Falconers, and understandably so, but as with Hunters now, looking at the ideal scenario of if you do x followed by y then player A is so broken just happens very rarely against a competent player. Anything that can't be achieved in a single activation can be countered, disrupted or mitigated, or requires further setups and activations on the part of the Hunter in order to prevent those counters from occurring, opening up further opportunities for the chain to be broken. What I'm excited for from a Hunter's perspective is that Mataagi and Minerva both signicantly reduce the linearity of the setup. It will no longer be a case of "Theron's put the forest there, so that means Hearne is going to jump into that area in some way, so I have to be mindful that those players don't get ambushed" and other variations which my regular opponents are familiar with. Now it will allow the Hunter greater opportunity to mask his true target until he's ready, and greater flexibility to adjust to his opponents plays should his first choice no longer offer the opportunity expected. Ambush, surprise and adaptability, the true Hunter way.
  2. Azreal13

    Model distribution needs to change

    I think the issues around seaBrisket and 6 man boxes are a separate thing. I'm not a fan of customers potentially needing to buy a 6 man box containing models they don't want/need in order to obtain models they do. I have less of an issue with models having their faction adjusted for gameplay reasons, which, to all intents and purposes, is what's occurring with SBrisket. While I'll happily bang on about how dumb I think the current retail model is, I still retain every confidence that changes to the game are given due consideration and are made because SFG feel it allows for better balance or opens up new design space, and I'm relatively content to suck it up now and again if a model I own isn't valid in a specific context any more (which is competitive games, let's not act like existing sBriskets that aren't accompanied by all the other church models in their owner's collection will disintegrate the second they're no longer tourney legal.) People need to ask themselves if needing to sack off one model is really that big of a deal in the context of the bigger picture of the growth and development of the game as a whole. I write this post as an owner of sBrisket since January, who will now probably never use her for the purpose she was purchased for (Union) as the odds of me getting that far down the paint queue before she leaves are tiny. But then, I'll be able to paint her up in a Church scheme instead!
  3. Azreal13

    Model distribution needs to change

    Heavens, what a wonky argument. You can "keep FLGS happy" as much as you like, it won't matter in the least when they're not ordering boxes or blisters because the customers are so pissed off with the availability they're not buying them. You're right that companies like money, which is why if a change sees a net drop in income you'll pretty rapidly see a change in policy. Like producing single models in resin, for instance.
  4. Azreal13

    Finding Single Figures

    Just cause they're available, doesn't mean that retailers are necessarily ordering them. By and large, in the 18 months or so I've been playing, I've seen more retailers condensing their range of GB, or dropping it altogether in the odd case, than expanding/maintaining it. That said, Harry was my last Union model left, and I ordered him through Firestorm on a stock availability of "1-5 Days" which usually means they need to order it in, and I had it in about 2 weeks, so there's obviously a facility there, but Harry is in stock on SFG directly (just more expensive) so I felt fairly sure Firestorm could get one, whereas a lot of singles on SFG or either OOS or deleted completely.
  5. Azreal13

    Finding Single Figures

    That's just not practical. 3 x single figures, assuming a direct translation in RRP are going to be circa £30, then you'll have shipping, which from US to U.K. is never less than ridiculous, then you have the fact that customs watch incoming US parcels like hawks, and if your package is spotted you'll get charged the VAT (20% of order total) plus the U.K. Post Office will levy a handling charge for collecting the VAT which, the last time I got stung, was around £11 on top. At at that point it's better to rebuy the models in the six man box from a U.K. seller and try to recoup some cash by selling the doubles. Ebay has been my friend rounding out my Union, alongside looking for online retailers beyond the usual names most people default to. There's still plenty of singles stock out there it seems, but tracking it down takes more effort than perhaps it should.
  6. Azreal13

    PVC Fishers and Butchers

    There's are still a handful of singles officially available, albeit mostly Union I think (Harry, Mist and sBrisket don't come in either box.) But otherwise, yeah, nightmare if you didn't have either the whole faction or precisely the right missing models prior to the switch. Fortunately, I only needed vGraves and Vileswarm to finish my Morts, and there were plenty of those in any number of places! Rounding out the Union was harder, but kept me occupied during the down time over Christmas, and the extra Fangtooth and Minx I ended up with almost offset half of the very reasonably priced Bloody Coin box I picked up. That's your way forward though, eBay and the less well known retailers, either online or IRL, and if you do end up with spares, be sure to pay it forward and offer them rather than let them gather dust.
  7. Azreal13

    PVC Fishers and Butchers

    It honestly feels to me like SFG didn't want this to succeed. On the less popular platform (irrespective of backer expectations, these are easily managed with clear communication,) with two options which are competing for money, at least for a percentage of the target audience, at a low ebb time of year for many financially, and with zero promotion that I've seen outside of their own ecosystem. I've put my money where my mouth is, I really like the Fish, don't own them and have been interested in getting them since I first got into the game, and responded as such from the first surveys, so I really would like to see a last minute uptake, but it really doesn't look likely...
  8. Azreal13

    Gameplan deck

    Probably (although not definitely) the likely genesis of squaddie comes from the fact that members of a sports team that are eligible to play but aren't necessarily starting the match or even participating on a given day are referred to as the squad.
  9. Azreal13

    Ratcatchers Guild

    Cool, thanks. That's how I thought it was going to work, but wasn't 100%. Also didn't know we knew for sure what two it would be (although Skulk was pretty obvious.) Would have perhaps been nice if all 4 of the non-Captain, non-mascot players had been selectable, but with perhaps 2 out of 10 limit on the roster, but understanding the Union balancing issues the minors have been introduced to solve, I can live with 2.
  10. Azreal13

    Ratcatchers Guild

    I'm sure this has been self evident, but it's something I've not been 100% clear on. With the introduction of minors, 2 of the major guild players will be eligible to play for them, and, as I understand it, 2 of the minor will be eligible for the major. Is this any 2 from the minor, or will it be a specific 2 as it is with the major?
  11. Azreal13

    Wild Speculation on Minor guilds

    I can see Furriers or Trappers for the Hunters. The Furriers can have all sorts of unpleasant stuff surrounding very sharp knives and noxious chemicals, sort of like an Alchemists/Butchers hybrid play style, while the Trappers can extend on what Chaska and Jaecar do, with various markers that inflict nasty things and means to manipulate the opponents into setting them off, probably where the superior trap makers aren't the ones with the movement shenanigans to echo the concerted play that Hunters are supposed to emphasize. Ooh, or Taxidermists! 😂
  12. Try the contact info on https://store-uk.steamforged.com/ Don't know if it's any different, but this is the latest site, I didn't know store.guildball was still active.
  13. After an away victory a few weeks ago, could the Hunters capitalise on their home field advantage to do the double over the old pirate? In short, no. After disproportionately bad luck in the opening rounds (Theron failed to pin Kraken on two separate occasions, for instance) the Fish pulled out an advantage that the Hunters were never able to overcome. Despite Hearne threatening a goal early doors and Jaecar stealing the ball from an imminently dangerously placed Siren to threaten the opposition goal in turn. The Fish won out, in no small part to pinning down Fahad and raining repeated blows down on his head on multiple occasions. Still, Seenah got to do unpleasant things to Sakana for the second game running, so she went home happy at least. The whistle went at Fishermen 10 - 5 Hunters.
  14. A rare away game for the Hunters, will the icy wastes of Corsair's home ground prove too tough to overcome? The Fish kicked off, and Egret ran forward eagerly to collect the ball. However, despite the calls of her teammates to pass, her eyes glazed over and she simply rolled the ball back to Siren. This began a lengthy exchange down the Hunters' right where Jac, Siren and the vicious sea-weasel Salt tried to engineer a run on goal while Theron, supported by Egret and Jaecar, used every trick he had to stop them. Meanwhile, in the centre, Corsair began to question the wisdom of actually encouraging a bear to get closer, as with roars and swipes of her mighty paws Seenah broke clear of the attempted scrum before turning and descending on Sakana, already beleaguered by attacks from Hearne and Fahad, and sending the Fisherman back to the sidelines. First blood to the Hunters. Undeterred, Corsair and Kraken backed away from the bloodied and angry ursine to support the Fish attack down the flank, trapping Egret with her back to the crowd. She had nowhere to go, yet she ducked and weaved and somehow managed to stay in play. The pressure began to tell, and the triumvirate of Jac, Siren and Salt moved inexorably closer to goal. Theron found himself caught on the prongs of Jac's trident and pushed off the field before he could act, and Siren found herself with an easy shot on goal, albeit at the expense of leaving Salt lying bleeding and motionless on the field. Hearne sprinted back towards his own goal, in a desperate attempt to prevent the inevitable, and despite appearing to emerge from thin air within touching distance of Siren, couldn't do enough to prevent the goal. The Fish take the lead. Seenah looked around and scented the air, fixing her gaze on the Fish Captain, who found himself off balance and exposed after his attempt to send Egret into the crowd. Charging at full speed into the old pirate, the bear condemned Corsair to the fate he sought to inflict on others, driving him clean off the pitch and into the stands. Meanwhile, the mercurial Siren found herself at the wrong end of the wily old man's spear. Having been unable to prevent the goal, Hearne determined he wouldn't let Siren escape his clutches. Unable to bring her down, he called to the jungle cat prowling nearby, dragging Siren directly into the animal's path. Fahad hunkered down and was about to pounce when Siren, fearful for her life, tried to flee. She found the old man wise to her trickery, and as she tried to run, he flipped his spear in his hands, stuck the end of the haft between Siren's ankles, and sent her stumbling off the pitch. This would be the last action of the match, as the sun began to set and the light was failing. While neither team had scored the decisive win, the Hunters walked away with a 7-6 lead and were declared the victors, and the Fish ruing the fact they hadn't had a larger than standard pitch!
  15. Azreal13

    Fight for Hemlocke?

    I get why people are advocating for Minx, but whose to say that vMinx would be as good a fit as oMinx, who'd still remain Union, even if vMinx wasn't, presumably? Equally vHemlocke could bring all sorts of lovely goodies, maybe she'll do things with poison and actually help Egret not be an embarrassment to herself and the rest of the team? 😆