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  1. A character targeted (either due to attack area or by being the closest or the aggro target) by a boss attack and sitting on (the edge between) two of boss attack arcs is to suffer two attacks, one for each arc he's sitting into, or just a single one? According to the manual (as i am reading it), the two separate attacks seems to be the case:
  2. This was requested almost 3 months ago. I can't believe that there's no official response to this yet, nevermind gettibg the expansion pdf rule book itself...
  3. Hello, I've just received my DSCG Forgotten Paths Expansion box I've pre-ordered a while ago, and I would like to download the pdf manual (as to not have to use and eventually mess the printed one). From where may I download it, please? Thank you!
  4. adonys

    DS - TCG questions

    Can we get the rules pdf, pretty please? Thank you!
  5. I've just got (yesterday) my DS-TCG mail package. So, I have a few questions for Steamforge/anyone: Q0) Shouldn't we have a rather separate sub-forum for DS-TCG, other than the DS-TBG's one? Q1) Where can I find the digital version of the manual, please? I'd rather use that on a tablet than fumble with the box'es rulebook (same as I did for DS-TBG), please? Q2) Which sleeves would be best for using with it, and how many for each (I haven't unpacked the cards yet, but they all seem to be of the pretty same size to me) Thanks! A2) It seems that the total count of the cards is 407, all same size. The Dragon Shield standard size sleeves leftover from my DS-TBG seem to perfectly fit them. Also, it turned out that Dragon Shield standard perfect fit had problems with the second cards package (the one with the mobs/bosses). It seems that this second package is very very slightly wider than the standard size, and as a result, inserting these cards into the standard perfect fit size sleeve resulted in a slightly bent card. Maybe pressure applied for a while would enlarge the sleeve and ease this bent to obtain a flat card again.
  6. The content of DkSB core box'es content: 27 Figures 4 player character figures (Assassin, Knight, Herald, Warrior) 16 enemy figures (2 Sentinel, 3 Silver Knight Swordsman, 3 Silver Knight Greatbowman, 2 Large Hollow Soldier, 3 Hollow Soldier, 3 Crossbow Hollow) 4 mini-boss figures (Boreal Outrider Knight, Gargoyle, Titanite Demon, Winged Knight) 3 boss figures (Dancer of the Boreal Valley, Dragon Slayer Ornstein & Executioner Smough) 9 Double-sided Tiles (1 Bonfire tile, 6 Exploration tiles, 1 Mini-Boss tile, 1 Boss tile) 4 Character Boards (Assassin, Knight, Herald, Warrior) 15 Dice 5 Black Hit dice (0 hits, 1 hit, 1 hit, 1 hit, 2 hits, 2 hits) 4 Blue Hit dice (1 hit, 1 hits, 2 hits, 2 hits, 2 hits, 3 hits) 2 Orange Hit dice (1 hit, 2 hits, 2 hits, 3 hits, 3 hits, 4 hits) 4 Green Dodge dice (miss, miss, miss, dodge, dodge, dodge) 185 Tokens (121 + 64) 16 Character Board tokens (4 Luck tokens, 4 Heroic Action tokens, 4 Estus Flask tokens, 4 Ember tokens) 32 Damage tokens (4 * 8 red cubes) 32 Stamina tokens (4 * 8 black cubes) 16 Level-Up tokens (4 * 4 white cubes) 12 Gameplay tokens (1 Aggro token, 1 First Activation token, 6 One Wound tokens, 3 Three Wound tokens, 1 Five Wound tokens) 19 Souls tokens (10 One Soul tokens, 5 Three Souls tokens, 3 Five Souls tokens, 1 Eight Souls token) 20 Condition tokens (5 Bleed Condition tokens, 5 Poison Condition tokens, 5 Frostbite Condition tokens, 5 Stagger Condition tokens) 38 Terrain & Board Elements tokens (1 Fog Gate token, 4 Treasure Chest tokens, 5 Gravestone tokens, 8 Barrel tokens, 20 Trap tokens) 252 Cards (177 +1 + 73 + 1) 177 + 1 small cards 141 treasure deck cards (13 Starting Equipment cards, 40 Class-Specific Treasure cards, 60 Common Treasure cards, 10 Legendary Treasure cards, 18 Boss Treasure cards) 36 encounter deck cards (12 Encounter Level 1 cards, 12 Encounter Level 2 cards, 12 Encounter Level 3 cards) 1 small flag top card 73 + 1 large cards 13 Data cards 6 Enemy Data cards (Sentinel, Silver Knight Swordsman, Silver Knight Greatbowman, Large Hollow Soldier, Hollow Soldier, Crossbow Hollow) 4 Mini-Boss Data cards (Boreal Outrider Knight, Gargoyle, Titanite Demon, Winged Knight) 3 Boss Data cards (Dancer of the Boreal Valley, Dragon Slayer Ornstein & Executioner Smough) 60 Behaviour cards 32 Mini-Boss Behaviour cards (8 Boreal Outrider Knight, 8 Gargoyle, 8 Titanite Demon, 8 Winged Knight) 28 Boss Behaviour cards (13 Dancer of the Boreal Valley, 15 Dragon Slayer Ornstein & Executioner Smough) 1 large flag top card 8 Tracker Dials 1 Spark dial 4 Mini-Boss dials 3 Boss dials 8 dial pins 1 Rulebook Is there anything else missing?
  7. Well, I've found them available for preorder is some stores, but I am interested in finding them in some european (UK, DE, etc) stores.
  8. From where can we preorder/buy the 3 currently retailer backer exclusive Mega Boss expansions (The Last Giant, Manus Father of the Abyss and Executioner's Chariot), please? This is where I've found them until now: http://www.justgamesrochester.com https://geekstopgames.com http://store.401games.ca