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  1. Ridiculus

    Switzerland Tournament Calender

    Hey everyone, A Introduction first, I’m Richard, we may have met at some International Tournaments somewhere around and we have a small slowly growing Community of around 20 Player so far here in Berne Switzerland. I’m have taken over the job of organizing our Guild Ball Tournament’s and Events for our Club (and FLGS) and in this Thread should help to keep it a little together for our International Players. I’ll try my best to keep this Updated. Our FLGS: Zwergenschmiede Our Club: Ordo Cubus Bernensis (OCB) Forums If you have any Questions, just PM me. Our Next Events: 16.12.2019: Sixth OCB Bear Cup 13.1.2019: Guild Ball Monthly Tournament 10.2.2019: Guild Ball Monthly Tournament 14.4.2019: Guild Ball Monthly Tournament
  2. Just want to clarify this: Can I use gliding while Kicking Off? While kicking off, there are only two actions allowed jog followed by an pass, but gliding isn’t an Action. So it should be possible? for Example: I choose to kick off with Tresher, use True Path from Ploughman to Glide for Free, Jog into the rough ground, ending it’s Movment there. The whole purpose for that is when Tresher get’s Puppet Master’d he only would walk 3” instead of 5” But then again Gliding is until end of Turn? I don’t think there some kind of reset between Kick off and Maintenance Phase.
  3. Ridiculus

    The Engineers Minor are the Miner Guild.

    I though so too, but then again Ratchet doesn’t fit the slow and resilient playstyle, he is litteraly the squieshiest model on Engineers. But yeah he would be quite amazing. Even though he is probably the Most picked Engi Model, maybe SFG wants a Model that sees a little less Playtime. As far with all the Information we have, I think it’s also him.
  4. It was reveald on the SCUS2018 Keynote by Bryce. EDIT: Offical Keynote Blog Update. http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/18-10-2018-guild-ball-reveals-at-steamcon-guild-ball Stream from Rage Quit Wire: Miners Guild Logo: Captain Shaft: His Pickaxe gives him 2“ Melee and he has a Mechanica Arm. Fuse: Specialist which handles Explosivs, apparently he lost his Legs (in the war If I‘m not mistaken). Maybe the Guy playing for Engineers? Mule: Likes to shove people around and them (Full Mechanica). Alternate Colossus! Drills! Explains Maybe why he now has on Five on his playbook. Edit: Spade! SFG handed out a Puzzle at SCUS, sadly the could finish it: Intended Playstyle: Hard to Read: - High Resilience Team, similar to Engineers. - High goal Scoring focus, capable of 3 Goals. - Highest number of „place“ effects of any Guild. - Medium to Low MOV . - Emphasis on accessibility and new player friendliness. Updated with High Quality Pictures.
  5. Ridiculus

    Transfer Window...?

    Engineers want Chaska. Please. also Flask, Jackstraw and the Morts Puppet.
  6. Two Questions came up about Mainsprings new (awesome) Character Play Thief. 1. If I’m Base to Base with a Target Model with Beautiful can I still use it? Because it’s range is just reduced to 0”? 2. Can I target a Model without the Ball to trigger Resilience?
  7. Ridiculus

    Free Cities Draft Event

    I think everyone forgets that a 2” Model would be nice and should b on the list. (I know SFG probaly won’t let that happen).
  8. Ridiculus

    S4 Hoist speculation

    I think True Replication changes to Squadie Only. And SFG said that CP with 0 Inf becoming 1 Inf but it is Increasing the Maximum to 5 (so 2/5 Inf). Maybe he gets the Trait Drained [True Replication] back, like he had in S2. Or it is becomeing Trait on it‘s on. I‘m pretty sure he loses Tough Hide and Sturdy and hopefully gets Stoic or Close Control or Both. Compare him to The Locus and you begin to wonder why he is much tougher than an actual Mechanika twice his size.
  9. Ridiculus

    S4 Salvo speculation

    I know but with the release of Harriet, there is a possibility that might change a little. ...and I think it makes sense in the case of Salvo.
  10. Ridiculus

    S4 Salvo speculation

    Salvo is competing mostly with Velocity. So I think SFG is not going to completely overthrow him. But giving him more Flexebility in what he can do. I suposse they change his Playbook a little Hopefully Momentus 2 on 2 (probably more on 3). Hot Shot would actually be really cool (and fitting).
  11. Ridiculus

    Squinty-eyed Cooks Spoilers

    Probably more like Charmed. [Human].
  12. Ridiculus

    Minor guild speculation

    Great Suggestion, that would be really great for a Captain from the Clockmakers. I think some of SFG even like Rick and Morty (series inspired by Back to the Future), so the the Mad/Crazy Inventor isn‘t so far away.
  13. Ridiculus

    Minor guild speculation

    What I relly like to see, Hoist becoming full Sentient, Pin Vice makes Him Vet. Cap. for the Minor Guild (Mechanika Union?) and their thing is going full Jank, modularity just buffs what you need. (Hoist back card has to change though for S4, best would be giving though hide and sturdy to Locus, and Locus gives Stoic to Hoist). Exchange players would be Vet. Velocity and Locus. On the other Hand a Guild that focus soley on ranged plays, more so than Falconers, probaly a Guild wide rule to reroll range CP? Exchange players would be Ratchet and Salvo.
  14. Hey Guys, On the behalf of Team Switzerland ( Yeah right 2/3 of Team Switzerland from WTC ). We‘d like also to send a Team, now on organizing where to Stay (probably under the Table of some Pub.. ). Where is everyone staying? or are there any good recommendations? Thanks in Advance!