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  1. Alternate Sculpts

    I would love a alternate sculpt of Velocity as Qustis.
  2. Union in Chains: What's going on guys?!

    Yes. Pin Vice is called Artificer Queen and Ballista was Lord Artificer before he got exiled.
  3. Union in Chains: What's going on guys?!

    Finally the Fluff is here! http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/harriet-the-hat
  4. Your plans for 2018 in Guildball.

    Guild Ball wise I just orderd the Masons and Brewers Terrain set, I'm sick of 2D Terrain. And since I don't really have a Farmers 2 Box, at least I have something to Paint, next to practicing with my Engineers. Haven't decided if I focus on Farmers for Season 4 yet. Tournament wise it's a little bit difficult here in Switzerland, our Meta in Berne barley has a suitable and affordable space to host bigger Tournaments. But Thanks to the WTC, some people realized Switzerland had a Team there and those people connected now with us. So there are hopes for our first Big Tournaments. Internationaly speaking I'll (or We) try to come to BonesCon. We also heard the French want to Host a Tournament in Paris, if we can manage we'll go there too. And of course Team Switzerland can into Poland WTC2018? We have a title to defend #BestSportsmanship #swisslegend
  5. Alternate Sculpts

  6. Veteran Honour -- 2017 Steam Con model

    How about Superior Heerding: Costs 3 Inf Similar to superior Strategy but it can only affect the Dog, and only the Dog gains an additional activation with 1 Influence. And then she has a Legendary, which replaces Superior Heerding with Superior Strategy. But that's seems broken, considering Fallow with making Hay...
  7. Alternate Sculpts

    Not true, in the Dark Harvest Box is an alternate Mainspring.
  8. Steamcon Keynote Discussion

    Well, for German SFG did translate the SE2 Rulebook in German and you could download it for free (With all the Fluff). For SE3 the Basic Rules are free to Download and for the whole thing you have to pay, whichs seems fair to me. So when I got the Farmers Box I was surprised to find the Cards in 8 diffrent languages, so I assumed they translated the Books too.
  9. Union in Chains: What's going on guys?!

    Well, what can we guess from the Render? 1.Has a Hat, will it be Inspring Hat or some new cool Aura? 2. Has Braids, like Quistis used to have, well at least Velocity has some. Maybe Ballistas new Appretince? (She Warmed up (and reminded) his old hearth and what's on the stake if Pin Vice completly takes over the Guild. 3. Same Belt as Harry used to have even Molotov is still there. Weird Thing with Cog Symbol on it, reminds me of Remote Mines. (Think of Trap Markers except for Burning or Damage and Snared). 4. Same Old Wrench. 2" Melee? 5. Mechanical Arm, surely Mechanika. 6. Shorts. Charmed [Engineers] ? 7. Proper Shoes. Light Footed Character Trait. And why not just Guess here Stats, If I'm right I might should apply to SFG. 6/8" MOV 5 TAC 4/6" KICK 4+ DEF 1 ARM 2/4 INF
  10. First run down for me with the Oldfather. Tresher; Peck; Tater; Bushel: Jackstraw; Harrow Definliy needs a Planter more Fisherman: Corsair; Tentacles; oSiren; Sakana; Angel; Greyscales 12:8 For Fisherman Fish go first, Sakana goes in for the win.
  11. VP, MOM, Goal trackers/counters

    For Momentum I use a Dial which goes up to 99. 😏 It's from the Magic Commander Anthology Box and it's really handy and readable. For Score I use a D12.
  12. Union in Chains: What's going on guys?!

    Keep'em coming Guys! I sense a trap from the Alchemist to swing back hard!
  13. Least errata impacted players

    Are there any old .pdf player card of season 1 & 2 collections?
  14. Engineers: Control Team?

    I can't see the use for Mainspring as long Mother is as it is. (Please no nerf SFG!). I wish I could blow up Mainspring more reliably.
  15. Pin Vice vs Ballista (again) the 6 player box question

    OMG. Just checked it, you're right. Thanks for pointing that out, This could be huge.