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  1. Cogs sure are a quiet bunch...

    Keep calm and roll 4 dice to kick.
  2. Union picks in the current game.

    It has been about 5 months since harry got his attitude adjustment. Given that our minor guild is probably further than a year out, it seems worth giving union a thorough look. What has everyone been running? I often use a pure guild roster, but I find that often makes a 2-2 game much harder. I'm looking to add some muscle(right now with Gutter). Who has had good experiences with Decimate, Gutter, or Rage? It seems like Decimate is the most reliable damage, with momentous damage and good goal threat. Whereas Gutter takes setup, but can be far more damaging and versatile. Rage remains the most efficient. However he requires support to avoid getting killed, and has almost no goal threat to speak of. AnG are extremely potent, but I don't think those slow pokes mesh well with the engineer's game plan.
  3. Skulk is a new Spook

    Oh, I get it! Because when resolving a scatter, you place the ball marker and then roll scatter dice, and then determine the ball path, and then finally place the ball marker again when the scatter is resolved. That's an important nuance. Thanks for the proactive FAQ.
  4. Union in Chains: What's going on guys?!

    I think the results will be interesting regardless of what happens.
  5. Union in Chains: What's going on guys?!

    Oh, I did just find that in their second blog post. My mistake.
  6. Union in Chains: What's going on guys?!

    I prefer to process things in batches. It saves time. Also I don't consider myself late. It's their schedule that changed. "Remember that any games played at SteamCon UK can count towards the final reckoning."
  7. Union in Chains: What's going on guys?!

    I woke up too late to post my games. Too bad they closed the voting early. I had about 16 games ready to post.
  8. Tips for Farmers

    Key on your mobility and spread the field. You won't win a scrum with the farmers. Slow them down and pick your targets wisely. IMO it's also best to get the ball from them and shoot frequently. Farmers take forever to kill, and they don't have many good ways to protect the ball.
  9. Vet Minx?

    You don't tug on Obulus's cape You don't spit into the wind You don't pull the mask of that old Decimate And you don't mess around with Giblin.
  10. Union in Chains: What's going on guys?!

    Hoping mechanica & 2" melee. Anything else is gravy.
  11. Union in Chains: What's going on guys?!

    I have 12 games to post, so that could change things. I was going to put them on Hemlocke, but this little brat looks cool. Any idea what her name is?
  12. So I did the PV, Ratchet, Hoist thing with GIC

    It's always quiet here. It's either we're too busy doing math or we just seem to have a potent and pleasant set of models to put on the pitch. WCRB is an interesting way to compensate for PV's CPs. I'll have to try it. I like to use Ballista over Pin Vice for the gunline approach. IMHO momentum is much more useful than some extra damage. Sure it takes longer to kill anyone, so maybe that's the balancing factor. I'll give it a shot your way.
  13. GIC Game Feedback Thread

    I heard this is the preferred template: Engineers(Clockwork Perfection) vs Morticians(Misery) Engineers win 12-8 (3 goals, 1 takeout vs 2 goals) Matchup background: -Both players have tournament experience in S3. -Both players consider each other their most frequent opponent. -Games involving these teams result in Engineers win approximately 9/10 games. -Normal margin of victory 6 or 8 VPs -Games normally finished with time on both clocks. Teams: Engineers - Ballista, Mother, Velocity, Hoist, Ratchet, Colossus Expected path to victory - 3&0 or 2&2 GIC: Clockwork Perfection Morticians - Obulus, Dirge, Silence, Brainpan, Mist, Bonesaw Expected path to victory - 3&0 GIC: Misery Game overview: Engineers win 12-8 during turn 4 with about 20 minutes left on each player's clock. It came down to a single activation/ initiative roll in the end. Silence had the ball in scoring range at the top of turn 4. If engineers had lost the initiative(with overall +1) Silence scores to win. Instead the engineers win initiative, Velocity tackles ball, Agility to dodge away, and sprints to kick a goal. Thoughts: Engineers used snapshot once to take advantage of the GIC. Saving 1 momentum seems like a lousy waste of a GIC. The Snapshot would have been just the same without the GIC, as I had enough momentum to pay and bonus time. If Engineers weren't in control of the momentum race, then this might have been good. However, if the engineers are working the control game well, then this GIC offers no advantage. Misery was good for the morticians in this goal-heavy match. During turn 4, The morticians player allocated a demoralizing 18 influence. On the other side of the table, I felt like a peasant.
  14. GuildBalloween

    It's probably just some alternate sculpts, and they will probably only be available through the webstore.
  15. Post errata Theron match reports?

    There are a handful of match reports with Theron in the GIC discussion thread.