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  1. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Crushing Force looks to be exceptionally powerful. I'd like to play into it to see if it is as nasty as it seems. Perhaps if the attacking model had to use 1 MP to gain the benefit of Crushing Force, it would bring back the counter play aspect of Home Crowd rule.
  2. GIC Game Feedback Thread

    Engineers: Ballista, Colossus, Salvo, Hoist, Ratchet, Mother - GIC: Tracer Rounds vs Alchemists: Midas, Naja, Calculus, Vitriol, Decimate, oKatalyst. - GIC: Acidic Coating Engineers Received Result - 12 (1 Ballista goal, 1 salvo goal, 2 takeouts) vs 6 (3 Take Outs ) Turn 1 Vitriol kicks off. Engineers collect the ball with Mother. Engineers begin building momentum with long range bombardments. Tracer Rounds offer some assistance when shelling Midas's def 5. Alchemists use second wind and Lure of Gold on oKatalyst to shove him into engineer's lines. Turn 2 Engineers get initiative and shoot Midas off the table with Ratchet(Tool up +Blast Earth+Tracer Rounds). oKatalyst begins wailing on Ballista. With anatomical precision he is able to wrap his first attack for momentum, KD and external combustion, and then he lines up the punches to set everyone nearby on fire with external combustion. Hoist gets into the scrum to support its captain by pushing oKatalyst out of engagement. Calculus blinds Ballista and poisons EVERYONE with a well placed AoE. Mother gets the ball to colossus threaten goal and alleviate the pressure on Ballista. Vitriol covers Colossus and tackles him once to remove close control. Colossus dishes ball to Salvo. Decimate shanks Ballista a bunch. Ballista Knocks Decimate down with Deadbolt and builds some momentum with attacks. Turn 3 Engineers get initiative and melt a little from conditions. Ballista Kills Decimate. oKatalyst kills Ballista and Knocks ball away from colossus. Hoist gets ball and dishes to salvo. Calculus blinds Colossus. Turn 4 Salvo scores goal. Kick out is near oKatalyst. Ratchet runs to ball and dishes to Ballista on outside who dodges to within goal threat range (near icy terrain). Because on Ratchet's position oKatalyst cannot engage Ballista, so oKatalyst kills Ratchet and sets Ballista on fire with external. Hoist builds momentum. Vitriol kills Salvo. Ballista deadbolts Katalyst, clears fire, runs over ice and uses Breach to score final goal. Summary of GICs: Acidic Coating seemed Great. My engineers felt naked. It made the good playbook results for Midas and Vitriol much more accessible. It took the normally potent oKatalyst and turned him into an insane momentum machine. Most of his punches wrapped. 6-8 momentum off of his activation was common as he also set 75% of the engineers on fire. This nets a huge swing in the momentum race. If the engineers could have kept the bull out of the china shop, the game may have been much more 1 sided. The Heal 2 meant the alchemists couldn't simultaneously protect Midas from the barrage of character plays and keep oKatalyst in fighting shape. Tracer Rounds was nice for putting pressure on Midas and splashing damage onto other fragile players. With his unpredictable movement, the Engineer's tools of dealing with him were limited. As said by many, it doesn't do much after the first round. However it was definitely nice to get Midas and his tricks off of the board early. He had essentially no contribution to the game other than Lure of Gold turn 1 and some order of activation pressure in turn 3.
  3. Engineer GIC Theory Thread

    That's the truth. What I like even better is when they spend resources trying to kill hoist because he's in a compromising position.
  4. Union GIC Theory Thread

    Honour Among Thieves is instant talent. Every turn your opponent has to solve the Kobayashi Maru.
  5. Can we please address Bait the Line?

    The change from v1 to v2 seems like a reasonable trade off. I'll have to play it to see. My main concern is that 8" may be too short. At the end of turn 1 teams are often spread further than 8". In such cases this GIC does nothing on both turn 1 and turn 2. That is a problem. A free instance of isolated target would be badass, though probably over the top on Theron. Perhaps something for a non-captain to really watch Jaecar shank people.
  6. Blacksmith GIC Theory Thread

    BS definitely have issues with ranged character plays. Although IMO Tracer Rounds is a bad pick into BS. A free bonus time is redundant on any model that is def 3 or def 2. Sometimes the bonus can be nice against Sledge, but its not too important as he's still getting hit 75% of the time by 2 dice character plays. Perhaps if they had a Shield Wall style GIC that forced the opponent to roll one less die or use +1 TN when outside of a certain range on character plays.
  7. Hunter GIC Theory Thread

    Winter's training is pretty slick. oHerne and Chaska essentially gain 2 move as they tend to cluster near rough terrain. Additionally theron's forest can always do something worthwhile now. Theron at least gets +2 move, and placement can also give jaecar +2.
  8. Rise of Zarola

    'What is my purpose?' 'You pass butter' Zarola is an interesting piece. I think of her like Stave in the sense that all of their abilities are gimped due to their potent CPs. She really highlights the control style available to hunters by enhancing their speed drastically. Her playbook is trash. Her kick stat is lousy. Her inf is 2/3 so she can't sprint, MO herself and shoot a goal in one activation without a BotSF. I think the change to the efficiency of oHerne and Theron and the existence of Skatha have made her a much better piece. Previously the opponent could largely ignore the captain and work to shut down Zarola's hi jinks. Now the opponent is under more pressure to deal with Hearne and our captain, and often Zarola is free to execute her schemes. Ideally she's holding onto the ball and either sending jaecar/minx into squishy models or handing the ball off to them for a tap-in.
  9. Best move steppers?

    I have been using the new steppers sold by Dave at thewolvesglade.co.uk . One nice benefit to these is that he included 1/2 inch steppers in addition to the typical 1 inch and 2 inch.
  10. Hunters win the Canada nationals?

    Interesting! I run that lineup all the time. In my experience Zarola maximizes the potential of Jaecar and Minx. You getr great target selection and tap in goals from across the pitch. I would love to hear the Champ's take on the matter.
  11. Yeah, my aversion to the fantasy soccer and the Victorian setting kept me out of the game until Season 3. Also the models are way behind the curve as compared to other miniatures companies. However, once I played I was hooked. The mechanics are great.
  12. GIC Game Feedback Thread

    Hunters: Theron, Fahad, oHerne, Seenah, Jaecar, Minx - GIC: Bait the Trap vs Blacksmiths: Ferrite(Captain), Anvil, Sledge, Furnace, Cinder, Iron. - GIC: Passing the Mantle Hunters Received Result - 12 (2 Seenah Takeouts, 2 Jaecar Takeouts, 2 oHerne takeout) vs 2 (1 Sledge Takeout ) My opponent is experiencing a lot of growing pains with Blacksmiths, so it's hard to evaluate the utility of these cards in the match. Still I'll try. Bait the Trap was a nice bonus. Each turn ended with 3-5 of the Enemy models Snared. I didn't get any extra VP out of it, but the snare candy was nice. The extra snare helped this lineup go into full kill mode despite the low influence stat. Heal 2 means I piloted this team as complete glass cannons. I never healed once. I would remove conditions. However, any model he started to kill I would only save by killing the models that threatened it. It's hard to predict how this would have gone in a match with more resilient targets. Passing the Mantle to Anvil kept my team from killing more than one of his models on Turn 3 as Anvil Handed out Tough Hide with his legendary. Turn 1 Ferrite had used her Legendary to get everyone up the pitch and in my face.
  13. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Gencon wasn't much of a data point for anything. It was a 10 person tournament with no weight other than the fun of playing, and 3 of the players were almost entirely new to the game.
  14. GIC Game Feedback Thread

    That is wrong. That would be a 'starting-roll' as opposed to the 'initiative-roll' during the initiative phase of rounds 2+
  15. Error?

    I think you're taking the lycanthrope thing out of context. Those paragraphs are talking about legends and old stories.