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  1. el009

    March errata - what to expect?

    Ah, I didn't notice it's 2" dodge, expected 4" for this price. Not worth it indeed, my bad ;)
  2. el009

    March errata - what to expect?

    3" jog for 2 inf is too weak. Why wouldn't we just give Hemlocke Quick Time instead of MO and call it a day? Doesn't seem overly harsh but cuts Scalpels range significantly. I like both of those ideas!
  3. el009

    Brainpan and Memory

    Aye, we'll see what next errata brings but in their curent state I doubt I'll bring them to the pitch - they are not rewarding enough. Obulus, Hemlocke, Bonesaw, B&M and Graves? That doesn't seem to pack enough punch nor goal threat to be honest. I rarely take Bonesaw, don't get me wrong, Stamina and Dervish are cool but rooster is tight and I'd rather score with Hemlocke as she brings so much utility...
  4. el009

    Brainpan and Memory

    They are not worth the effort imo. The only real thing they bring to the table is I'm Open with a serious threat range and that is situational ability. Bringing the duo for shear damage output is a misunterstanding with the current state of Scalpel. With Tooled Up she can do more, requiring less setup and bringing utlity/reposition. And You can't possibly feed them both with Influence as they're super hungry.
  5. el009

    March errata - what to expect?

    That would kill her. It would be good old S2 ans S3 Scalpel warming the bench. 1" melee is a serious disadvantage that van be exploited easily. Without ranged push she doesn't do anything vs models with decent counter-attack.
  6. Shall we expect being smacked with the nerfhammer? Our Guild WR is around 55% for the last 3 months and Scalpel sits at 58% - way above average. On the other hand Obulus has 45% WR. Looks like Spirit Weaver might expect some nerf. What You guys think it will be? Obvious one might be a nerf to midnight offering, hitting both Hunters and Spooks. What else? HP reduction? And should some players get slight buff? I guess Ratcatchers might get some love and B&M seem sad compared to all the other shiny toys we have.
  7. el009

    What's your morts 12?

    That's good question. I don't think I played her in last 10 games even though she's in 12. I'd say she might work as a turn 1 goal threat when opponent depends on momentum damage and he doesn't expect her launched via Midnight and teamwork. Tried that vs Butchers once and it worked fine - they can't grind MP on her, leaving her as a snapshot turet isn't great either and she could hunt down returning players. But there is so many good players she's benched more often than not.
  8. el009

    Scalpel woes

    Midnight offering yoyo FTW! You can drag Silence back unless he's knocked down. Wisely placed fire AoE can also reduce threat range of the farmers. Also - Silence has no blind, unluckily.
  9. el009

    What's your morts 12?

    We have access to 15 players so instead of choosing 12 I'll just drop 3. Brainpan&Memory - overcomplicated, prone to disruption and not rewarding enough Vileswarm - I don't feel like I need 2 mascots but they're both fine. I just feel like Dirge is additional ball killer / emergency striker. Free charge is nice, I like the rave more though. Cosset - less setup-dependant than before, still insanely squishy. Can't handle enemies with solid counter-attacks, feels like a liability being close to the scrum and that easy to kill In the end 12 looks like: Obulus, Scalpel, Dirge, Ghast, Graves 1, Graves 2, Casket, Hemlocke, Silence, Pelage, Skulk, Bonesaw Gaffer might push Pelage out of the rooster.
  10. el009

    Coming Back

    You're right, that's what B&M are for me - overcomplication, prone to disruption. Why would I set them up whole turn to kill 1 model when I can go Stab! Stab! Stab! with Scalpel with the same end result while rest of the team does other things?
  11. el009

    Coming Back

    Sure, in magic christmas scenario it can be deadly but it's so telegraphed that can be seen from miles away. For my taste they are too easy to counter but I get that they do work for You. Bonesaw is fine, now he can reasonably tackle the ball and disengage with a . And he loves +2"/+2" move card after scoring his first goal and dying right after ;)
  12. el009

    Coming Back

    Give opponent good time? With Morts? That's not the point. Playing Spooks You have to make them suffer, make them bite tables edge in a helpless fury. Only THEN You know You play them the right way ;) To be honest, Scalpel is our main captain now. Obulus is still decent but, being an old man, can't keep up with the current pace of the game. He has some matchups but VooDoo Queen is better in like 75% of games. Don't leave home without vHemlock and get ready, I'd say nerfhammer is coming her way ;) I'd say B&M are a weak link now. All the other players are at least decent now, though might have better and worse matchups.
  13. el009

    Morticians in Season 4

    Spooks in season 4 are great but I have yet to get good with them. I attended an 18- player even yesterday. Game 1: Obulus (+Dirge, Hemlock, oGraves, Ghast, Skulk) vs Smoke (+Flask, Crucible, vCalc, Mercury, Venin) - long, grindy game, no goals scored on either side. I received with Obulus but vs 3 enemy strikers decided not to play the ball at all, killing it on the ground or Dirge mostly. If you can't outscore them - kill'em all. So I did, 12:4 for Morticians. Game 2: Scalpel (+Dirge, Hemlock, oGraves, Skulk, Ghast? not sure about last pick) vs Piper (Rat, vGraves, Bonesaw, Miasma, Scourge) - Scalpel kicked off and shortly after went in to steal the ball, put some damage on Graves and score, meanwhile disrupting Rats setup, then she made 8" dodge and Hemlocke lured her back to safety. That was terrible for my opponent but I've become overconfident. Early turn 2 I decided to perform antoher Scalpel rush, this time to finish off vGraves and score another goal. Had I focused on one of these I would probably do it but 2 targets were way too much for 6 inf. I scored 0 VP and had misspositioned Scalpel. My bad. After that Bonesaw scored 2 goal in one round (reverie+normal activation) even though Skulk was nearby (expected the firt goal, not the second) i things looked poorly. Luckily, my team punished Bonesaw and Scalpel killed vGraves at last, dying soon after. Hemlocke scored the final goal, so I won 12:10 Game 3: Scalpel (+Dirge, Hemlock, oGraves, Skulk) vs Balista (Mainspring, Salvo, Colossus, Ratchet, vVelocity) - I don't realy want to talk about it. Seems like Balista, Salvo and Colossus trio are a hardcounter for Scalpel's turn 1 rush. I forgot about arrow to the knee debuff and was an inch short on range and things went south. 12:0 for Engineers. Game 4: Scalpel (+Dirge, Hemlocke, oGraves, Bonesaw, Ghast) vs Blackheart (Coin, Harry, Minx, Fangers, Rage) - I forgot how much raw dmg they bring to the table but my football was much better. Scalpel was kicking again, Union pushed forward with the ball so she managed to steal it but could not shoot. Wounded Blackheart a bit and passed to BSaw. Monk scored turn 2 and I surrounded Minx and then got surrounded by Union. It was bloody. I managed to recover the ball and kill Minx but lost like 4 players in the process (all of them but Hemlocke and Dirge). And then Scalpel came back to save the day. +2/+2 move card and a fast ground AND midnight offering made her move 20" BEFORE ashe activated. That's nuts. She stabbed Blackheart over and over again, leaving him on 4hp and generating plenty of momentum, winning the race and first activation next turn she finished off the pirate and scored a goal. 12:8 for Morts. I ended up with 4th place which is not bad but total failure against Cogs is bitter. I have to rethink that matchup as tons of ranged damage, debuffs and KD combined with CC and sturdy on Colossus are rough for kicking Scalpel.
  14. el009

    Gaffer becomes a Spook!

    We could had another football focused player to score us some VP but we'll get more tricks. Unless he has ranged ball recovery I'm dissapointed.
  15. el009

    When do you not take Scalpel?

    I'd say Scalpel matchups are Masons, Smiths, maybe Butchers. Scalpel shines when You can go for some TO. For 3:0 strategy Obulus works better.