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  1. Ratcatchers Guild

    What I love about this game is that the win conditions let You exploit Your enemies weaknesses. Last Tournament my Spooks (Obs, Dirge, Silence, Skulk, Graves1, Mist) faced a TO heavy Fish list (Corsair, Tentacles, Kraken, vSiren, A&G, Hag). I just felt like there is no way I could fight them so went for 3 goals feeding them 1 player at the time as they were unable to kill the ball reliably. It was 12:6 at the end (Mist with 2 goals and 1 from Skulk verse 3 TO - Obulus, Graves, Mist). What I mean is - your Guild choice doesn't determine the playstyle.
  2. Ratcatchers Guild

    Specific. Ratcatchers provide Spooks with Skulk and Pelage and get to play Bonesaw and vGraves.
  3. Scalpel or Obulus

    - Shorter, denser playbook with accesible KD So it's like: / mom / mom mom / mom mom / - Lightning Reflexes to play around some defensive tech That would make me think about playing her - for now it's Obulus in every match. She is no competition for the Ferryman. Other way is making VooDoo Strings a heroic play (probably reducing the range or affecting just one model) and giving her a brand new legendary.
  4. New to Morticians - Advice would be lovely

    That's plain supid for me but well...
  5. New to Morticians - Advice would be lovely

    In season 2 Morts tended to be take-out oriented bu these times are gone now. With less influence, less union players and nerfed obulus we can't keep up in smashing faces. You just can't outfight other teams as they hit harder or are tougher. We have to be more focused on scoring now but we don't even have solid striker but Mist. Most of our players is 2/6 kick and that's pathetic. If they are engaged or there is someone on the ball path it gets even worse. Ghost shot makes a huge difference. You not only get free 2" of kick but also increase tap-in range and You can shot around enemy players. If GIC are allowed - Ghost Shot is a no-brainer for me Keep in mind that it works only with friendly guild models and Memory can't just drop the ball as it has no activation.
  6. New to Morticians - Advice would be lovely

    For me there is only one GIC worth taking - Ghost Shot. Your thoughts are quite correct. My basic setup is Obs, Dirge and Graves 1. But there is no perfect rooster in GB and You have to pick players depending on matchup You play. Everything but vGraves and Vileswarm is a viable option in certain circumstances.
  7. Morticians Gameplan

    Ghost Shot works with 'friendly guild' only and that's like 2,2" extra range that takes BS just over 18" of goal threat. And those 2" extra are a deal breaker for me, cause his playbook is far superior to Mists one and Meditate makes him super reliable (u can even reroll succesful dice looking for a screamer ). If You have GIC AND you can score T1 - BS is a way to go. In other cases just go with Mist Obulus with 3-4 hp left after mis meeting with Corsair will not be as cocky as before He will have to stay out of action and heal up and he usualy does the heavy lifting - without him stacked with inf Spooks are just a bunch of weaklings Take a close look at Skulk, for me he looks like solid support for Graves and Ferryman.
  8. Morticians Gameplan

    Obulus, Dirge and Graves are must-have for me. I'd rather take Bonesaw over Mist if there are GIC allowed - Ghost Shot makes him far better. Cosset is fine if You feel like your team hits harder than opposing one, which is scarce With 12hp, 4+/0, no defensive tech and crazy she dies instantly. Casket Time is solid if you're sure You can catch enemy striker after he shots - so no Knee Slider in enemy hand, no access Second Wind. It's huge tempo swing. The reason I rarely take Ghast is his 1 influence and 4"/7" mov. This team is not efficent (and control eats a lot of resource not realy gaining any VP or MP) so You need that 13-14 to do Your things. And I find Casket more valuable, provided You put someone in the box. Obulus is not super-strong anymore. He's sneaky, slippery and hard to play against but he's uneffecicent damage dealer, poor footballer and, if enemy has a way around his UM and low KD, dies easily. Tapper&Hooper duo just stomps him Corsair is his nightmare.
  9. An Issue with Morticians

    At first glance he seemed a situational pick at best, but the more I look at him the more he seems like a core player
  10. Morts vs. Blacksmiths

    For now Skulk is just a Mortician. As soon as Ratcatchers are out I expect Bonesaw and vGraves to get some love from SFG and we'll also have access to Pelage - that's 3 "new" players that can change meta entirely. Not even mentioning vHemlocke. For now I'm not going to think about the future of the guild but play with what we have. Skulk can make Ferrites life harder and he doesn't die easily for a Spook. Sounds good enough to me If I were receiving vs Smiths I'd go for first turn goal with Bonesaw, prepared for the Casket time after they score, whoever comes close and then tried to finish the game with another goal. Either with Bonesaw or Obulus but Graves can also be a semi-striker.
  11. Morts vs. Blacksmiths

    What I think is that we can't outfight Smiths. Their "easy targets" are as tough as our standard players, it simply doesn't work. My gameplan is probably 2 goals and casket time. I'll take Obs for his sneaky goal threat thanks to PM. oGraves is his best buddy so his always in. Dirge is a no-brainer for me, I don't even take second mascot in my ten. We need a striker so Mist when kicking or Bonesaw when receiving. Add Casket to put Ferrite in the box after she scores (unless Knee Slider happens, this card is plain stupid). That leaves us with 1 slot open. Options for me are Silence, Cosset or Skulk. Each one of them has their advantages but I'd give Skulk a go. He's kind of swiss army knife, like Graves1. Teams up with him and Ferryman very well. Yet I think Smiths have just too many tools in their kit and should be toned down.
  12. An Issue with Morticians

    Tried this guy last weekend. He might not be a star player but he works quite well with little or no influence. Skulk seems like good support for Obulus&Graves duo - 2" reach, hard to leave him behind, free counter attacks. I don't even consider him goalkeeper in typical meaning - he's more like disruption.
  13. Morticians' Playstyle?

    I've never said that that Obulus can't smash faces with his stick. I did it quite a few times, setting casket time up for first activation next turn. Yet calling his damage output 'great' is a huge exaggeration for me. He's not even decent on his own. He get's good with solid setup as he needs tooled up and probably some assist or kd. 'Great' damage dealer is Fillet, Thresher etc. Ferryman is solid, at best. Played vs Thresher twice this weekend. I screwed badly in first game, getting sliced 12:6 or something near that. In the second game I deployed in much wider formation and went for 3 goals. Bonesaw scored first and while Farmers were killing him the Ferryman recovered the ball via PM and scored. And he scored again first activation turn 4. I won 12:4 I guess. Ghost shot GIC helped me a lot. Fighting Thresher farmers is kind of pointless for me, get as much inf and mobility as You can and play football.
  14. Morticians' Playstyle?

    Thats quite a bad trade. 8 influence for 14 dmg and 1 momentum for TO? Not worth it probably. And we are assuming that target has no defensive tech like clone, gluttonus mass, tough hide, fear etc. Rest of the team does next to nothing this turn. Obs NEEDS that Mom 2 on 3 hits to do the beating but he can't reach it reliably on his own, even vs a 3+/1 model, not even mentioning better stats...
  15. Morticians' Playstyle?

    Do we realy think of the same players? Obulus needs 3 net hits with TAC5 to deal decent damage, not even close to "great" And Graves is super-efficent with his scything blow + bleed but this trick works once per turn for me. For REAL damage output You need Cosset