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  1. el009

    Vileswarm and pelage proxy

    Malifaux - Serena Bowman as Pelage maybe?
  2. el009

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    @DrDoak Skulk isn't crazy good but he's solid. I'd say he's better versus teams that don't play the ball all that well - football focused squads will outplay him. I'm thinking about Dirge catapult on turn 1 when receiving. You give 1 inf to the bird and 3 Hemlocke. Hemlocke sprint with bird following with tag along, passes the ball on 3+ for dodge, midnights him and on his own activation Dirge jogs and scores. 8+4+8+8+4, 32" goal threat but 2 activations so might be countered.
  3. el009

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    @DrDoak It's hard to pick 12 at the moment, I'd take: Scalpel Obulus - I guess both captains have their matchups Dirge - Free charge is fun but outside of that VSwarm doesn't do much. I'd rather have the bird for his mobility and assisted. oGraves vHemlocke - two swiss army knives Ghast Casket - bruiser duo, I think that Ghast is better overall but Casket Time is too awesome to give up Bonesaw - the only dedicated striker, more reliable in scoring than Hemlocke Silence - situational but should me MVP in some matchups Cosset - not as vulnerable as before and assisted is easier to setup (tag along), lure might be super valuable for Scalpel Skulk - does his stuff with little or no influence, decent parting blows, consumes significant amount of clock to play around Pelage - I have mixed feelings here, if she had 2 more hp or TAC6... I guess she's first one to leave when Edge arrives (or Layne, we didn't have an update from SFG for quite a while)
  4. el009

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    Yeah, with some unlucky spike our players tend to die in a single activation. It's not a bug, it's a feature! This way You can easily reposition them near the edge of the pitch. More than once my master plan failed when a player survived on 1 or 2 hp...
  5. el009

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    Yeah, combine that with Tag Along Dirge. Now that bloody bird follows our crazy lass requiring no previous setup to use Assisted. And after she's done with a poor guy she can disengage with 4" dodge leaving him in Dirges melee zone so he can't charge... Bananas She's still 4+/0 and 12 hp though. Chisel deletes her in one activation with no external buffs... I'm not convinced by VGraves and Swarm though. B&M might also be benchwarmers this season. We'll see...
  6. el009

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    Bigest things for me are 20'' built-in threat range (even more with plot cards!) not depending on rolls and being far less MP starved. Now he can do stuff on his own - start the activation with the ball and 0MP, charge through models, generate momentum and score easily with meditation being crazy snapshot turret. and on 1st and 2nd row with TAC5 are also solid, now he can disengage with counter attack (not super reliably though). His 'perfect christmas scenario' might not be that appealing anymore but our crazy monk is far more independent and reliable now.
  7. el009

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    Had two games with updated Spooks vs Masons and Farmers. New Bonesaw is nuts and Scalpels chews through armored targets in no time. 2/3 Influence on Ghast makes him more competitive pick. Our players are still insanely squishy but now we can fight back and score! I'd like to have one more football oriented player form the drafy so Layne or Edge are the guys I want!
  8. el009

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    Bonesaw being more reliable is huge for me. Now he's at least decent. Stamina, 5+ def all day, meaningful counter attack ( on 2 hits!), meditation lasting entire turn... He's solid turn 1 goal threat and snapshot turret. If we get another aggresive football player (Edge or Layne) we can score for days. I'm not convinced by vGraves. He's fine as a setup piece, KD+ -1ARM on 2 hits is great but unless You play also Vileswarm I'd rather take Ghast since he's 2/3 inf. Dirge is cool, still super fast but also tougher, able to hit SO without charge and with 2/4 kick! Launching him towards the goal post with tag along might be fun.
  9. el009

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    I have so much playtesting to do now! Good changes overall, what are your thoughts? Who's out of 12 now? I guess B&M are benched for now but others? Hard to tell...
  10. That's the spirit! Edge seems to be that player to me, she's like a Champ but looks like she can play dirty. We should get as many games in as possible, doesn't realy matter who do You support, just play and report!
  11. I'd take Edge > Knuckles > Layne, we don't need more jank, I'd like to see some aggresive player with both damage and decent playing football. Vote Edge!
  12. Brawler with 2/X influence? Im in! What I realy dislike about current state of Ghast and Casket is they make inf inefficent team low on inf so Knuckles might be my guy. Either him or Edge for now.
  13. I guess we have enough lads in the midfield to set goal run up. Either captain and Hemlocke can recover the ball and pass it to a striker. We need a guy to seal the deal in a relatively safe way. That's S4 bonesaw I think. So, who do we need next? I'd say damage oriented player that is fairly mobile and can survive a few blows dealing reliable, momentous damagage. Someone like old Decimate maybe?
  14. Edge is my favourite for now, I believe Bonesaw gets a solid buff this season though so maybe we don't need another striker?