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  1. el009

    Morticians in Season 4

    Spooks in season 4 are great but I have yet to get good with them. I attended an 18- player even yesterday. Game 1: Obulus (+Dirge, Hemlock, oGraves, Ghast, Skulk) vs Smoke (+Flask, Crucible, vCalc, Mercury, Venin) - long, grindy game, no goals scored on either side. I received with Obulus but vs 3 enemy strikers decided not to play the ball at all, killing it on the ground or Dirge mostly. If you can't outscore them - kill'em all. So I did, 12:4 for Morticians. Game 2: Scalpel (+Dirge, Hemlock, oGraves, Skulk, Ghast? not sure about last pick) vs Piper (Rat, vGraves, Bonesaw, Miasma, Scourge) - Scalpel kicked off and shortly after went in to steal the ball, put some damage on Graves and score, meanwhile disrupting Rats setup, then she made 8" dodge and Hemlocke lured her back to safety. That was terrible for my opponent but I've become overconfident. Early turn 2 I decided to perform antoher Scalpel rush, this time to finish off vGraves and score another goal. Had I focused on one of these I would probably do it but 2 targets were way too much for 6 inf. I scored 0 VP and had misspositioned Scalpel. My bad. After that Bonesaw scored 2 goal in one round (reverie+normal activation) even though Skulk was nearby (expected the firt goal, not the second) i things looked poorly. Luckily, my team punished Bonesaw and Scalpel killed vGraves at last, dying soon after. Hemlocke scored the final goal, so I won 12:10 Game 3: Scalpel (+Dirge, Hemlock, oGraves, Skulk) vs Balista (Mainspring, Salvo, Colossus, Ratchet, vVelocity) - I don't realy want to talk about it. Seems like Balista, Salvo and Colossus trio are a hardcounter for Scalpel's turn 1 rush. I forgot about arrow to the knee debuff and was an inch short on range and things went south. 12:0 for Engineers. Game 4: Scalpel (+Dirge, Hemlocke, oGraves, Bonesaw, Ghast) vs Blackheart (Coin, Harry, Minx, Fangers, Rage) - I forgot how much raw dmg they bring to the table but my football was much better. Scalpel was kicking again, Union pushed forward with the ball so she managed to steal it but could not shoot. Wounded Blackheart a bit and passed to BSaw. Monk scored turn 2 and I surrounded Minx and then got surrounded by Union. It was bloody. I managed to recover the ball and kill Minx but lost like 4 players in the process (all of them but Hemlocke and Dirge). And then Scalpel came back to save the day. +2/+2 move card and a fast ground AND midnight offering made her move 20" BEFORE ashe activated. That's nuts. She stabbed Blackheart over and over again, leaving him on 4hp and generating plenty of momentum, winning the race and first activation next turn she finished off the pirate and scored a goal. 12:8 for Morts. I ended up with 4th place which is not bad but total failure against Cogs is bitter. I have to rethink that matchup as tons of ranged damage, debuffs and KD combined with CC and sturdy on Colossus are rough for kicking Scalpel.
  2. el009

    Gaffer becomes a Spook!

    We could had another football focused player to score us some VP but we'll get more tricks. Unless he has ranged ball recovery I'm dissapointed.
  3. el009

    When do you not take Scalpel?

    I'd say Scalpel matchups are Masons, Smiths, maybe Butchers. Scalpel shines when You can go for some TO. For 3:0 strategy Obulus works better.
  4. I'm on team Edge aswell, all of my votes were Edge. But I'll be fine with Layne joining spooks. His recent overdose might make him kind of zombie-ish and therefore fit thematicaly in. Edge is just too sane for a Spook...
  5. IF butchers get more votes than Fish they'll take Kami, Nomad goes to Alchemists and we end up with Layne. Not bad either.
  6. el009

    When do you not take vHemlocke?

    Please remove that topic before mr Perkins sees it ;) Hemlocke is too good to sit on the bench, can't see a reason not to take her.
  7. el009

    Good models vs each team

    I'd say take Obulus and go for the goals. It kind of depends on their captain choice - Thresher is one-man-army type of guy and Grange tends to gang up more. Just try avoiding a brawl in the middle, be ready to sacrifice some players and focus on the ball but opportunistic take out is also an option, unless it will cost You too much I'd take Obulus, Dirge, Graves, Bonesaw, Hemlocke and one player of Your choice. Silence would be good counter to Fallow...
  8. el009

    S4 - Morticians vs Butchers

    Ox had to be within 15" of Obs with the ball - should've sprinted and PM him, dodge off the pass and pass it back to someone, You had Casket nearby. That's 14" of space so Ox can't get You but the ball is dead for a turn unless You have Brainpan for I'm open.
  9. el009

    Good models vs each team

    Alchemists changed significantly in S4 so that's pure theory-crafting: Scalpel, either mascot, Hemlocke, oGraves, Ghast and flex, depending on their line up. That might be Bonesaw if I'm receiving or Skulk while kicking I guess. Ghast is great for keeping either Katalyst in check. Tooled up Scalpel can easily assasinate most of their team, Hemlocke for goal threat, condition removal and blind. My plan would be either 2-2 if receiving or 1-4 if kicking with Scalepl doing most of the heavy lifting. I guess Unmaskings off knocked down Katalyst are also a thing.
  10. el009

    Good models vs each team

    I'm sure she'll not remove all the conditions from friendly players but will help mitigating the damage. Keep in mind that Smoke works different now - she does not move AoEs around anymore. And many others Alchs benefit from conditions so Hemlocke can toss a wrench in their gameplan. Outside of that, Blind, Midnight, 2" melee and 5+ def are always welcome.
  11. el009

    Good models vs each team

    To be honest, I feel like picking Hemlocke and oGraves is never a bad choice. You can't realy go wrong with Obulus either, even though Scalepl is better drop against Masons and Smiths IMO. Whichever mascot You choose doesn't matter that much, they're both fine. So the last 2 slots are matchup dependant and I didn't solve that puzzle yet with season 4 in mind... I guess we are 2-2 team for the most part (2-1 with Casket time) but in some matchups we have to go for 3-0 (Brewers i.e.) and vs Shark 1-4 strategy is the way to go. But that's my thought with only a handfull of S4 games ;)
  12. el009

    Good models vs each team

    vs Alchemists You want to have condition removal - Hemlocke is Your lass vs Brewers You have to play football because You can't outfight them, get Bonesaw vs Falconers activation control might be crucial, get Silence vs Fish You want as many 2" melee models as possible
  13. el009

    Vileswarm and pelage proxy

    Malifaux - Serena Bowman as Pelage maybe?
  14. el009

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    @DrDoak Skulk isn't crazy good but he's solid. I'd say he's better versus teams that don't play the ball all that well - football focused squads will outplay him. I'm thinking about Dirge catapult on turn 1 when receiving. You give 1 inf to the bird and 3 Hemlocke. Hemlocke sprint with bird following with tag along, passes the ball on 3+ for dodge, midnights him and on his own activation Dirge jogs and scores. 8+4+8+8+4, 32" goal threat but 2 activations so might be countered.
  15. el009

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    @DrDoak It's hard to pick 12 at the moment, I'd take: Scalpel Obulus - I guess both captains have their matchups Dirge - Free charge is fun but outside of that VSwarm doesn't do much. I'd rather have the bird for his mobility and assisted. oGraves vHemlocke - two swiss army knives Ghast Casket - bruiser duo, I think that Ghast is better overall but Casket Time is too awesome to give up Bonesaw - the only dedicated striker, more reliable in scoring than Hemlocke Silence - situational but should me MVP in some matchups Cosset - not as vulnerable as before and assisted is easier to setup (tag along), lure might be super valuable for Scalpel Skulk - does his stuff with little or no influence, decent parting blows, consumes significant amount of clock to play around Pelage - I have mixed feelings here, if she had 2 more hp or TAC6... I guess she's first one to leave when Edge arrives (or Layne, we didn't have an update from SFG for quite a while)