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  1. el009

    Choosing a 10 post Hemlocke

    Alchemists - will drop Smoke like 99% of the time. Take high def models, control vKat, play the ball and it should be fine. Butchers means Fillet&Co - gang up after she over extends, 2" melee models are great for that, look for 2 goals and 2 oportunistic TOs. Brewers - probably Esters bombardment, avoid scrum at all cost, play the ball Farmers - like Brewers but weaker Hunters - that's pain in the ass, probably my 2nd worst matchups (Engineers are the first one) Fish - very swingy matchup, both of You need to outsmart the other, vs Shark You have to go full DPS (like Graves, Hemlocke, Cosset, Pelage, Skulk is also an option) and look for 1:4 or even 0:6 but versus Pirate you need to focus more on scoring and avoid scrum, B&M are fun for blocking drags and sneaky goals, go for 2:2 or 3:0 In meta without Masons or Smiths I'd leave Scalpel at home. Casket I feel is hard to get value from versus competent players, Ghast is situational. Drop one of these and take Skulk instead.
  2. el009

    Vs Farmers

    I'd take Obulus, Dirge, Graves, vHemlocke, Pelage and Cosset for crazy fast scoring team that can erase players lured out of position in no time. You dont want to scrum with farmers, go for super fast 2:2 or 3:0 and you're golden.
  3. el009

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    You just make Ghast 2/3 and they're different yet both usefull.
  4. el009

    VHemlocke Play Test

    Vileswarm doesn't have 11" threat, he would not reach the target. And even then Alloy could just CA for <<. Dirge is mediocre but swarm is even worse...
  5. el009

    VHemlocke Play Test

    I missed two tap-ins in 3 games, managed to recover in the first game but in the final it was too much. My last hope was Graves charging Alloy that was less than 2" from the edge of the pitch yet 4 inf wasn't enough to push him out. Pity. It was very intense game
  6. el009

    VHemlocke Play Test

    vHemlocke is stupid good. She scored me a hat trick versus Fillet on a local tournament yesterday. Excellent mobility, on 1 with 2" melee, blind - at this point she's even more obvious pick than oGraves. I would've won the tournament yesterday but Pelage missed 3 dice tap-in...
  7. el009

    "Guilds" aren't strong or weak.

    There are better and worse guilds, that's why SFG swings the nerfhammer every now and then. Midas & Vitriol, Corsair's Crew, Shark, Thresher & Co. were nerfed in past months, not even mentioning S2 Obulus and Fillet. Denying imbalance between teams is ignoring. We're in pretty good spot since last errata, vDecimate seems to be an outlier but the rest is fine. Not perfect but close enough. Skill matters more than guild You play though and that's why I love GB.
  8. el009

    Puzzle Time - Engineers vs FIsh

    There is also ~`19% chcance for Colossus to miss his tackle after GS failes to wrap. That puts fish at a little above 60% chance to win and choice made by Cogs is a minor change in probablity, less than 5%.
  9. el009

    Puzzle Time - Engineers vs FIsh

    I'd say he's able to do it if he can wrap, Fish have no other choice at this point, either they win in this activation or lose the match. They could even take more direct route, charging between hoist and colossus as parting blow from hoist is irrelevant at this point. This way Greyscales can 100% pull it off if he wraps.
  10. el009

    Puzzle Time - Engineers vs FIsh

    Engineers are screwed. Either You declare CA and pray Greyscales doesn't wrap (9 dice vs 2+/2 and 5 long playbook so 54% for momentous dodge + ball is gone) and then he might just dodge out of melee, "where'd they go" and shoot with bonus time. If You go for defensive stance there is 65% 'balls gone' lands, old man can attack once more for << and shoots but without bonus time. Either way - pray to RNGesus and cross Your fingers as there is very little You can do at this point.
  11. el009

    VHemlocke Play Test

    In my world it's not worth it unless You can steal the ball and score. And that's not likely as You are to low on inf for PM (2x confidence, charge) so You have to tackle it and that's something is seen coming from miles away. All in all You've invested ton of influence (at least 8), gained little momentum and dealt 6-7 dmg to 2, maybe 3 enemy models. At the same time You have 2 crucial models deep within enemy lines that can be killed easily. You've probably lost momentum race in this case so most of the damage You've dealt is healed in first activation turn 2 and that's when things get ugly. I'd let anyone perform that wombo-combo against me as it does more harm than good.
  12. el009

    VHemlocke Play Test

    4,6 net hit on average, not likely to wrap. And that's 4 inf on Obs spent, he can't PM to disturb goal run.
  13. el009

    VHemlocke Play Test

    In a perfect world As soon as your opponent uses defensive stance (and he willa have mp from passes) it's nearly impossible to do. And You have overcomitted 2 important models for little reward event if that works.
  14. el009

    Help with Morts

    For me vHemlocke and oGraves are must-have in Scalpels team. 2" melee, easy tackle, great supporting skills. You just don't enter the pitch without them. The rest is kind of flexible. Don't underestimate Cosset, she's squishy but does her job well. Lure is super important for Scalepl and free charge with tons of damage is great. Dirge is her best friend and VS does nothing without influence (and You will never have enough influence) so there is no choice. Pelage is very good, I love launching her for turn 1 goal as she gives very little MP to your opponent after scoring and dilemma damage/snare is nice bonus. Skulk is situational, I loved him at first sight but it appears he doesn't realy do damage nor score, he is another support piece but it's hard to justify another such model in 6. Situational imho. Bonesaw just sits on the bench waiting for season 4, so is vGraves and Vileswarm.
  15. el009

    VHemlocke Play Test

    I'd rather score with Pelage. Midnight offering makes any 3/x kick a decent striker so there is no point of taking Bonesaw that contributes nothing but scoring when You can go for someone that actually does something. He is out of 10 at this point for me. Feels like Obulus, Dirge, Graves and Hemlocke are my core at the moment. Flex picks are Brainpan, Skulk, Pelage, Ghast and Cosset, depending on matchup. The last slot is either for Silence or Scalpel - vHemlocke makes voodoo queen more viable so I might start to pick her in certain matchups. On the other hand Silence shuts some solos heavily with his plays (looking at you Hammer...)