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  1. VHemlocke Play Test

    I guess I didn't make that clear: provided I had 3 inf to spend I'd tackle Flint twice, pass the ball to someone and then blind the lovely Mason. With TAC reduced to 2 tackling would become quite hard for him
  2. VHemlocke Play Test

    Ok, makes sense now. Vemlocke just can't do it all on her own. I'd rather blind Flint and wish him good luck
  3. VHemlocke Play Test

    2x Tackle (close control), pass, and midnight offering? Thats 4 inf.
  4. Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    Neither do I, just a simple wish...
  5. Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    Some models would have to be reworked to make this work for sure that's doable. Drag can be hard cast at any point, chain grab is the tricky one. For me it's rape on logic but it doesn't happen all that often to make me dislike the game.
  6. Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    I'd like to see it changed in S4 so CP triggered via playbook can only target the original 'victim'. It doesn't bring any significant depth, feels awkward and is illogical.
  7. Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    Doesn't make sense as you're rolling vs low def model and hit the high def one. It makes no sense fluff-wise yet it's perfectly legal.
  8. Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    On her own she's solid but not impressive but interaction with Hoist is a bit too strong. I hate the mechanic of atacking 1 model, choosing CP and hitting other player instead, it just doesn't make sense for me when I try to visualize that. Even though it's legal. Without Hoist she's justa nice inf battery, doing stuff (Hat aura and Tutelage) for free. I guess Hoist is the problem, he brings so many options that he's basically no-brainer for Cogs.
  9. Choosing a 10 post Hemlocke

    At this point I'm not even pretending that I could pick Scalpel on a tournament as we have so many choices now No-brainers: Obulus, Dirge, oGraves, vHemlocke, Brainpan&Memory Meta-dependant: Scalpel, Pelage, Skulk, Ghast, Casket, Silence, Cosset No-go-zone: vGraves, Vileswarm, Bonesaw My 10: Obulus, Dirge, oGraves, vHemlocke, Brainpan&Memory, Pelage, Skulk, Ghast, Silence, and either Casket or Cosset After playing Pelage I'd say she has a hard time hitting Singled Out reliably. VS 4+/1 model it's only 50/50 chance and it get's even worse with cover (31%). And, as soon as SO lands, it's still only 50/50 to reach that juicy So, unless You can bonus time at will she's a hard sell as a DPS for me Casket - he's a liability more often than not, unless You can use his Legendary he does more harm than good unluckily.
  10. Veteran Hemlocke

    Silence is a situational pick, I'll keep him in my 10 but he rarely sees play. His plays are high risk - high reward and I don't quite like that. Yet, in my book Hemlocke has totally different job as a semi-striker with access to support.
  11. Veteran Hemlocke

    I'd rather take jog instead of sprint and keep the blind, even Bonus Timing it in order to ruin last activation for my opponent . 18" goal threat + 4" teamowork is probably enough With plenty of momentum one could even heal her to full hp but that is expensive all together - I would need B&M to generate more MP with passes.
  12. Veteran Hemlocke

    She makes Bonesaw obsolete I wish the 2nd column was nut that would probably be OP I can see her making 1st turn goal run. 1 for sprint, 1 for offering (-3hp), 0 for blind (-3hp) and 1 for shot. She's gtting screwed right after but 6hp + dark doubts + 5+ def makes farming MP kind of tricky. And You don't care that much for her dying as she comes back quickly and doing her things from behind Your lines. She's also kick-off presure and improves our overall ball game. Obulus, Dirge, Graves1, vHemlocke, Pelage/Cosset, Ghast/Skulk sounds fun
  13. Obligatory Hemlock Speculation

    My "wishlist" is she keeps blind and gets some push/dodge character plays with a defensive tech. Something simmilar to Hag. Maybe she could work as a striker/support and remove BoneSaw from 10. I highly dislike this guy...
  14. When to vet graves?

    Why'd anyone take vGraves when oGraves is so much better? Pointless model.
  15. The Puppet Master / balance equation

    Graves 1 - yup, seriously buffed Bonesaw - as garbage as he was imo. He's even more squishy (used to have 13hp and reanimate) but he gained ureliable and MP hungry football dervish Cosset - shorter playbook helps, trading Damge support for Assisted sucks (when You have ton of dice), minor buff I'd say Ghast had control back in S2, when You could activate him first, knock 2-3 models down and they had very limited options for 1st activation without free MP. Bringing Ghast and/or Casket also limits Your influence pool. Even more if You give them some inf to do things with. Toremented agony is highly situational I'd say and Silence is unreliable with his control abilities. Does it justify weakness of other players? In my book no. PM (and Cossets Lure, Silence vs low def teams) are only control worth mentioning.