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  1. Nightshade

    Escalation league starting team

    Here's my take: Go for the cheesiest setup ever with Ox, Meathook and Boar. Turn one, go first with Meathook, tool up Boar. Go second with Ox, walk forward, pop the legendary play, try to get Butchery on whoever came forward. Then go with Boar and if you're lucky you can maybe take out two people? If you got the Butchery off then you're getting +4 to all your damage results. It's probably overkill, but something tickles me about doing 25-30 damage in one activation even with poor dice rolls.
  2. Nightshade

    Guild Ball Tournament at GameKnight's Fall Game Day (Winnipeg)

    It went alright! We had a somewhat small showing with 6 players, Masons, Morticians, Hunters, Alchemists, Union and Farmers. Everyone had a good time and it went well for our first proper tournament, from an organizational standpoint. The Mortician player took the victory in a climatic final game against the Alchemists, making the final standings this: 1. Morticians 2. Alchemists 3. Masons 4. Hunters 5. Union 6. Farmers Sorry for the short notice! I'm going to make an effort to start advertising stuff earlier for future events. We're going to be holding the Kick About Escalation League on Saturday mornings from November 4th to December 9th. I'm expecting our next standalone tournament to happen in January 2018, so keep an eye out for information on that!
  3. Come test your mettle in a fun, casual tournament! It will be held alongside Game Knight's Fall Game Day. Barring exceptional attendance it will be a three round tournament using the Pre-Season Friendly format. Just bring a roster of 6 models and the ambition to rise above the competition. We'll be using the official OP kit as prizing, so there will be a Limited Edition Mist figure and Chibi S1 Captain cards up for grabs! Location: Churchill Park United Church, 525 Beresford Ave, Winnipeg MB Time: Saturday, September 16th. Registration starts at 10:00 am, tournament runs from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm. See the facebook event here.
  4. Nightshade

    Casual Guild Ball in Winnipeg, Manitoba

    GameKnight Games in Winnipeg, Manitoba is having casual Guild Ball meetups every Saturday from 10:30 to 2:30ish. I'm there every Saturday organizing it and I'm happy to run demos for people who want to learn! We usually get another two or three people out besides myself and we try to keep the atmosphere friendly and welcoming. If you're a new player, an old player or anything in between we'd love to have you down! GameKnight is located at 726 Osborne St, Winnipeg, Manitoba (map).
  5. Nightshade

    S3 card sizes

    http://www.arcanetinmen.dk/products/dragon-shield-sleeves-standard-size-100-ct I way prefer these to UltraPro as the little holostamp drives me nuts. The quality is a lot better too, although they can run a little pricier than most other sleeves.
  6. Nightshade

    S3 card sizes

    I've been using Dragonshields, because I love Dragonshields. I imagine anything larger than a perfect-fit will do the trick though, that size is meant to be put on cards that will then be going into regular-sized standard card game sleeves to give extra protection on the top.
  7. Thanks! I'll try downloading it on my computer and then transfering it over, see if that helps. Edit: Yup, that worked. I guess my phone was mucking something up while downloading it. Thanks for the help!
  8. When I tried to import the new card pack I got this error: Phase 2 Error: Cannot read AIO pack manifest: /storage/emulated/0/Download/GuildBallAIOPack_S3_Early_Release.apak Any idea what that's about? I got the same error trying to import the AIO pack for season 2, but was able to get around the problem by downloading and importing the packs individually.
  9. Nightshade

    Icy Sponge tokens

    Maybe the S3 Hunter captain makes use of them in some way? Hence the remarks during the keynote at Steam Con 2016. Would be a weird reason to keep it in the core rules, though.
  10. Nightshade

    A bit of a cold shower wouldn't you say? (S3)

    I think most of the doom and gloom response is from seeing the Meathook and Minx reworks early on, reworks that kind of overloaded them in terms of usability, and then seeing nothing comparable for Hunters Guild members. I don't think Seenah is that good (too linear, not easy enough to 100% the average character for how easy he is to counter) and the changes, while pushing him in terms of his intended playstyle, don't actually make him that much more valuable of a team member. What I think most of us were expecting was a Zarola rework on the level of Meathook or Minx and I'm confused as to why we didn't get one. That she remains the least usable Hunter model is kind of what hurts, especially after the talk of "more options, no obvious choices." I am hyped for a new captain, though. I wish they had shown us the art. Edit: that said, I do agree that regretting buying the Hunters is overreacting. They are still my favourite guild and if I ever get the chance to go to a high level event, I'm definitely taking them.
  11. I've been loving this app ever since I started using it. Any idea how soon the Season 3 update to the card packs will be once they officially release the cards online on Monday?
  12. Nightshade

    Big League wombo combo

    I feel like there's more to this story.
  13. Nightshade

    The only other significant changes

    Isn't this a welcome buff? I don't play Masons myself, but the guy I play against the most does and his complaint about Topping Out is that you basically always have to do it turn one to get max value, after that it's too difficult to set up well without seriously telegraphing. The extra 2" will give you some more room to work with and make Turn 2 Topping Out the correct choice in some cases.
  14. Nightshade

    Lawyer's Guild at SteamCon

    I don't know that they'll be very easy to play. They have okay stats but most of their strength seems to come from abusing confusing rules interactions. I don't think anyone knows the rules well enough to play this guild properly.
  15. I know of exactly 5 other than myself in Winnipeg, but I'm not the most outgoing so I'm sure there are more players that I don't know. It is a growing community.