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    Bags and Storage

    Pirate Alan studios here, great bag, took it to SteamCon and it fit well on a flight holding 4-5 teams with tokens and dice. Also foam is only 4.99 a piece and quick process/shipping in the US.

    Old Jake's HOWAT?! 2018

    https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/old-jakes-invitational/feedAttention sports fans! This IS the event you've been waiting for. For the first time ever the Dojo Gaming is proud to present Old Jake's HOWZAT?! Guild Ball tournament. This event will be very special as it being hosted by Bird's Fly South Ale Project!!! That's right...a guild ball tournament in a brewery. Come out and test your skills at THE premiere Guild Ball event in the South East United States. Located in Greenville, SC Bird's Fly South will provide our tournament with a great landscape to play games all day and refreshing craft brew made in house at the brewery. For this event we will have our own space in the brewery as well as a private bar and bartender dedicated to our event! Amongst the copious amount of fresh brews you can enjoy you can expect food that day with food trucks and local restaurant White Duck Taco that is adjacent to the venue. For your entry fee you will receive a minimum of four rounds of Guild Ball, event exclusive swag, and tons of prize support! You will receive exclusive items just for participating! This will be a standard Guild Ball event based off the Regional Cup OP document found here: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5a0c25980d9297328db044ed/1510745499783/Guild+Ball+Regional+Cup.pdf Of note if this document changes before the tournament we will play by the current rules in play. We are hoping to see as many players as possible at this event but we will capture event at 64 players due to capacity. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me directly or post in the event page. Hope to see you all there!

    3 Goal Team

    I played A LOT of games at Steamcon US and to be honest I found a lot of success with three goal Alchs. In just about every game I took Midas, Naja, Mist, Vitriol, a Katalyst, and a flex. Receiving is an almost automatic win getting that first goal and then two flankers for a quick takeaway and goal. The teams I had the most trouble with were Brewers (as usual) and Blacksmiths (tons of armor and reach). Kicking was a little bit harder as most good players are gonna burn the ball so Mist and Vitriol can't snag it back. Any thoughts on this or how you would drop Smoke in?

    3 Goal Team

    That’s kind of along the lines of what I was thinking. My biggest concern I think is losing a control piece in Harry to shut down low Def kill teams with Goad, Molotov, and Rising Anger. They will most likely still kill Harry but I can dictate the terms where.

    3 Goal Team

    Hello once again everyone. I wanted to pick your brain on experiences trying to win games with three goals instead of a standard 2-2. I could be wrong in this but I’ve found I’m having a hard time getting more than one takeout post Harry. Kat1 is usually good for one if I supplement Decimate but I can’t seem to get the second takeout before my opponent wrecks me. I’ve tried AG but they are too slow and take up way too much influence to be effective. I get condition damage can wear down a team as well but Smoke is awful at retrieving the ball so I prefer to use Midas in most games. Is anyone using a lineup with Mist? Thinking that a potential lineup of Midas Naja Vitriol Mist Venin and Compound could be great for 3/0 games but not sure if they can survive long enough. Also worried that Harry is too good of a control piece against Tapper, Blacksmiths, Ox, Farmers, Masons to not include. Any opinions would be most welcome!

    Art Files

    Anyone have Farris and Bolt art files yet? Looking to print some cards for proxy games. I know there are photos on FB but I would like to have the actual card art if possible. Thanks.

    Die Obulus Die

    Dudes. Has anyone played a a game against Obulus yet. I'm posting this post Hearth and after a just announced Burnish but I have played the OG six several times against him and it is insanity. Currently only Ferrite can make a pure goal run on the Morts but after that I've got nothing. Low Def and solid kick stats allow him to essentially bully the entire team into a corner in fear of losing the ball. That being said, I know new tools have released such as Hearth's three inch melee and two inch natural as well as her legendary, Also, Burnish can pay to ignore Puppet Master (assuming good ol Ohs hasn't used that Legendary yet). Just curious as if anyone else has had fun yet trying to solve this problem? Looking forward to hearing from you guys.
  8. In a new matchup for the Blacksmiths they take on Corsair and his smelly fish! The lineups fort this game were as follows: Hearth, Alloy, Cinder, Furnace, Anvil, and Sledge against Corsair, Tentacles, vSiren, Sakana, Greyscales, and Jac. The fish were able to get an early 8-2 lead with Corsair being smashed to pieces by Furnace, Hearth, and Anvil after scoring a goal and getting a quick second goal from Greyscales. After this the Blacksmiths put the ball in their corner on a decoyed Cinder until working it up the field to Furnace. During all of the commotion Sledge was able to use the tutelage of Anvil and a Vengeance token to drop 11 hits on poor Sakana doing a momentous 11 damage and then finishing him off with a follow up attack putting the score at 4-8. Furnace would collect the ball from Cinder as Hearth passed the mantle and allowed a tooled up Furnace to polish off vSiren as Hearth, Anvil, Sledge, and Alloy moved in on Jac. Furnace would score a goal as the fish team began to clock and would win 12-8 by gaining two points from the clock. After the game Anvil would pull Harry aside and reassure him that joining the Alchemists was the right decision.

    Smoke Burns the Farm

    In this matchup Smoke and her chemical frenzied crew face off against Grange on the Honest Land. In this game Jackstraw was able to get an early goal at the top of turn two. After this Smoke's conditions continued to wear down the Farmers while Smoke set up a snap back goal. From here Tater fell and they would also lose Bushel to condition damage. Another tackle from Mercury would seal the game for the Alchemists!

    The Union Witnesses Vet Kat

    In another GIC, Alternate Deployment game Smoke and her Alchemists take on Blackheart and his band of filthy pirates. The lineups were as follows: Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Venin, VetKat, and Compound Blackheart, Strongbox, Grace, Benediction, Gutter, and Mist With a poor kickoff Benediction was able to move up from the front line and score an opening goal. This left him exposed with a Vengeance token for the Alchemist team to sink their teeth into. Moving the ball out first the Alchemists positioned themselves around Benediction full of conditions for VetKat to unload on. This wouldn't get the take out but the top of turn two a Smoke legendary would take out Benediction. After this Blackheart attempted to get the ball off of Smoke but was unable to do so with Compound crowding him out. This would allow the rest of the team to gang up on Gutter who would take massive damage from Calculus, Compound, Venin, Flask and finally vKat, Kat was able to engage top of turn three and kill Gutter then charge Grace while engaging Mist who just took 7 damage from Venin mainly by conditions. After the free charge and an intensify from vKat he would turn his attention to mist who only had one health left and set off a Witness Me. This would leave the score at 8-6 with the Alchemists in control of the ball for Smoke to kick in for an easy 12-6. Harry what are you waiting for?
  11. Lineups today consisted of Smoke, Flask, Katalyst, Decimate, Calculus, and Venin vs. Fillet, Princess, vOx, Brisket, Boiler, and Meathook. This game was predetermined by the Longshanks that it would be played under the new Alternate Deployment format and with Guild Influence Cards. Filet and her Butchers opting for Crushing Force and Smoke and her team just wanted to sit and Watch the World Burn. Not too many pictures here but Butchers receive a Smoke kickoff to which they get to Brisket for protection. As she spends two turns holding the ball Smoke was able to get poison on five Butchers on turn one to allow Venin to also stack the bleed effect on them via coagulation. After turn one the Alchemist team had proceeded to deal out 21 points of condition damage slowly wearing them down. During turn two Fillet was able to remove Calculus and Venin was removed by Boiler with his buddy Princess but Fillet suffered almost 10 damage at the hands of Katalyst. This is where the game changed and Smoke deterioration of the Butcher team paid off. With most of there health near zero Smoke began the turn by watching vOx die of poison damage during the maintenance phase. After this, Smoke called out her legendary to inflict the taken out condition on Boiler and Meathook with one AOE and deal another three damage to Fillet leaving her with four hp. Smoke would then casually walk up and with 6 attacks do four damage on Fillet using multiple Bonus Times and a gang up from Katalyst. Brisket would go on to score a goal the following turn but a handy Super Fan plot card allowed Decimate to run the ball up the field quickly and pass to a wide open Katalyst who would take the ball in for an easy game winning goal! Once the game was over all that could be heard was the crowd chanting, "WE WANT HARRY!" over and over again.

    The Honest Land Hoedown!!! 10/14

    https://www.facebook.com/events/143697196230724/?ti=icl October 14, 2017 Borderlands Comics and Games 1434 Laurens Road Greenville, SC 29607 Howdy Y'all! We will be having a Guild Ball tournament to celebrate the recent release of the new guild: The Farmers Guild!!! This tournament will follow the standard Regional Cup format which I have a link here: http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/pqx2w1b3o02izb4fu38c9p84bm253u In addition this Hoedown is a free for all!!! What does that mean? Farmers and Blacksmiths will be legal. Tater will be legal. Guild Influence Cards will be legal! http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/nhz7p1fesfa3ij7kvc176dwqqqw53q We will play with the newest format of Alternate Deployment Rules listed here: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/597b476e29687f566e5ec79d/1501251439367/GB-Pitch-Formations-2.pdf For Prize support we will be offering a Farmers release kit, a Kick Off league kit, and a standard OP kit as well as a few other surprises. Please be sure to PRE REGISTER on tiebreak as it helps for prize support and planning. Preregistration will be $10 day of will be $15. https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/farmers-release-tournament/feed There is no cap on this event. If you have any questions feel free to ask! Hope to see you all soon! -Jake

    First game with Hearth and Alloy

    Hearth goes in and KD, Furnace (Captain) with a tooled up and 4 attacks easily does 12 plus damage, in this situation the KD model was Harrow and Bushel.

    First game with Hearth and Alloy

    I played two games last night with Hearth and Alloy dropping Anvil and Sledge. I know they don't have to be in the same pairs but they worked really well together. Hearth made Cinder a star, multiple Tackles from 6 in away is damn near Obulus like from 6in away and less influence. I often found myself not at a point where Alloy and Ferrite couldn't get the ball and put goals in while Hearth and Furnace were taking models out. First game was against Brewers Tapper, Hooper, Mash, Spigot, Stave, and Scum. Won 12-8 with three goals, gave up a goal and two TO. Second Game was against Farmers starting box. Won 12-6 two goals two TO...gave up a goal and a takeout. Played alternate deployment and the pass the mantle GIC for reference.

    First game with Hearth and Alloy

    Do you feel like Iron would have been a better beater to have in the middle of the scrum or Cinder on the wing? Tooled up with 2 in melee Iron could be mean...