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  1. Momentous Knockdown in Milton Keynes (June 30th)

    Yes, due to personal reasons from some previously booked in players, we now have three places remaining.
  2. Momentous Knockdown in Milton Keynes (June 30th)

    Two places left.
  3. Snap Fire and bleed condition. Add Egret Snap Fire and poison condition Add Theron with ranged snared condition - If in the hunter team encouraging a lot of condition clearing. Still his other new stuff.... looks very interesting. Have to ask Hot Shot, can attack from 6" does this mean he can tackle at six inches, if you get the correct amount of successes? Ludicrous and awesome if true I know, but better check.....
  4. Momentous Knockdown in Milton Keynes (June 30th)

    There are only three places remaining, the special one off prizes have been selected and ordered and the Secret Judges appointed.
  5. Momentous Knockdown in Milton Keynes (June 30th)

    Hurry hurry hurry, only 12 places remaining.
  6. Momentous Knockdown in Milton Keynes (June 30th)

    Just to keep you all up to date, Some of the Prizes have already been ordered from Art of War.
  7. Your favourite 6.

    Skatha Fahad VHearne (for the extra influence then winters blessing combined with Skatha fast ground for +4/+4, and the Momentous KD or T) Jaecar Minx Zarola (for midnight offering and linked) or Ulfr (for the where did they go combined with snowball)
  8. Momentous Knockdown in Milton Keynes (June 30th)

    16 places gone already, just the 16 places left.
  9. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    To be honest to a point most mirror matches will probably hinge on a set of activation dice roll's, one will succeed and the other will fail, thus an action will happen or worse still, the player does not get, say a snowball to give and go or pass and move (to which I have failed to get the snowball), or that playbook mom dodge (got to dodge and shoot now I was in range), or that bonus timed Fahad goal shot (missed to lose the game) etc., etc..
  10. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    Would be interesting as he did have two mirror matches. Hunters v Hunters
  11. Momentous Knockdown in Milton Keynes (June 30th)

    After discussing some of the criteria for this competition with several of the players, we have decided to withdraw playing the GIC card option's from the tournament.
  12. Momentous Knockdown in Milton Keynes (June 30th)

    yes you did.
  13. GuildBall Tournament - MK in MK II Saturday 30th June 2018 09:00 til 19:30 Wargames Workshop and Chris Grice will host a 32 person Guild Ball Tournament 32 Players, 5 Rounds 1. Tickets £10 - Book your ticket today Before buying your ticket(s) please read section 2 1.1 Contact Chris Grice (me) via Facebook messenger 1.2 I'll confirm your place 1.3 You can post payment via Tiebreaker (https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/momentous-knockdown-in-milton-keynes/feed) 1.4 I'll add your name to the player roster 2. Things you need to bring: 2.1 Fully painted Team Roster (If possible) 2.2 Season4 Plot Cards & Player Cards OPTIONAL - I would be most grateful if you're able to STATE whether or not you're able to bring along an official play mat on-the-day. 3. Agenda & Timings: 09:00 – Player Registration & Introduction 09:10 - 11:00 Game 1 Small Break 11:10 – 13:00 GAME 2 13:00 - 13:30 LUNCH BREAK 13:30 – 15:20 GAME 3 Small Break 15:30 – 17:20 GAME 4 Small Break 17:30 - 19:20 Game 5 19:20 – 19:30 Presentations 4. Prizes 4.1 There will be some, I promise. 5. Format 5.1 Team Roster consists of 1-2 [Captain] models, 1-2 [Mascot] models, and 4-8 Team Member models that play for the selected Guild. 5.2 Players may select both an ORIGINAL and a VETERAN versions of a single named model in their 10 model rosters. 6. Best Painted Team 6.1 A mystery judge will be viewing your entries. 6.2 Bribes to the mystery judge will be frowned upon but still taken.
  14. Yes, its known as a Mouse.