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  1. Where is EpicChris??

    My reaction bingo list, might win some points here.
  2. Can we please address Bait the Line?

    Agreed, but only because Jaecar and Minx (If played) can sprint 9" would be nice to get everyone in on a snare and possible charge if they were so inclined, I feel in this case Mr Auto include got a tiny kick in his danglies but hey ho, (I know there are cards which effect only a few models in a guild). Have to remember before the card, snares max range was 9" via Minx or if using a Hunter 8" Snipe, Pinned and Cold Snap.I know I do seem like I'm moaning a lot, just the frustration boiling over. The card has gone from anywhere on the board to same distance as we already have. Yes it grants us a possibility of a snare, and it is only a possibility because it comes with a range attached. Please make it at least ten inches, make it look like an advantage. Pretty please?
  3. Hunter GIC Theory Thread

    My mistake, Winters training is the GIC which in turn means all friendly models gain Winters Blessing, which means the activating model. Makes sense once you realise that one is the card name that grants this ability. MY bad. Still Heal +3 please
  4. Hunter GIC Theory Thread

    One of the only cards I got the impression we liked on this forum liked and now its ranged. sad puppy. Losing the VP gaining the heal rate would of been fine, but giving it a range.... I hope Winters blessing is reworded to all friendly models, and does not remain THIS model. I suspect it will of course, but needed to just point this out in case it was an oversight. Ironically for a INF starved team, I think I would of really liked either The greater Good or Honour among Thieves. Which brings me to a question WHEN can you move your influence on a Mason, one hopes prior to activation of a model, rather than mid attack. i.e. attacked twice got great results if only they had one more influence to attack once more and take someone out. Also if fully stacked, if they spend half, can they suddenly move more onto that model to bring it back to full? I assume NOT, but again needed to just ask.
  5. Hunters being swept under the rug?

    I do like this, however there are some others that would be interesting: Loved Creature Gluttonous Mass/Come on Then Sturdy Counter Charge
  6. Hunters being swept under the rug?

    I would certainly hope she did retain the Furious trait, after all Boar also has Furious so a precedent has been set (not that it makes it a MUST). That also said Boar comes in with 1/1/ inf, therefore I would be slightly aggrieved if she dropped to 0/1.
  7. Help vs Brewers

    This of course is true, but first he needs to get around the amount of KD's his team is suffering, as all the troops will not be present because they are sitting on their bottoms twiddling thumbs.
  8. Error?

    So Ulfr does a legendary play. Converts into a Werewolf Gains Isolated Target, Berserk and Furious with +4 TAC with his same playbook (cough). Not that I'm dreaming, Of course his movement may reduce to match Manpig and his kick stat be non existent 1/6 but for shits and giggles make it 1/12 no control but goes on for miles and miles.
  9. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Two very obvious choices would either: Raise the goals and take out scores to 5 and 3 respectively, or lower the win required total to 10 instead of 12. What we have instead with GIC cards, are some which grant a +xVP for some form of action for SOME Guilds not all. To which to top it all off its, xVP per that action for that guild i.e. multiple xVP's
  10. Help vs Brewers

    One model to consider could be Hemlocke, against so many KD's she throws out an AOE to remove conditions., if your getting that many KD's it might be worth a try.
  11. Best Control Units

    The best control player is Theron, simply because he is the only model that has any real control powers in Pinned. After that, welcome to Hunters.
  12. Taking on Fillet Butchers

    Major way possibly not, but she gets AOE snares.
  13. Taking on Fillet Butchers

    Lightly boil with Theron and Pinned then as @EpicChris suggested... Jaecar in for G&S and do not forget to put out your pitfall between Fillet and Theron. (cough)
  14. Hunter GIC Theory Thread

    Anyone play tested this card yet? I know I have read few in the main area in regards the oHearne bouncing about, but he could of done that anyway. I mean how many folks have decided to play the GIC cards and a rough ground was in place you liked, to actually play this card over GIC card. Most play tests of course have been to actually deliberately adding a rough ground for this card to be specifically played. I have been saying for years on this forum, for players to take a forest in their kit bag and add it to the pitch, because of what oHearne could possibly do. Now they are giving us a forest to place, how many are considering this option when Theron can place a second one down now and then. I'll be honest I do not think this should be a card as I believe the terrain rules should be updated to have a single piece of every terrain including a forest on the pitch. Once the terrain rules are sorted and this slot was open, I would be happy with something like all Hunters get Isolated target, or all Hunters are Furious or all Hunters are light footed or all Hunters get Ambush. EDIT: Apologies the correct wording should be All friendly Models get..... AP
  15. GIC: Bait the Trap

    The card however only allows one snared, the opponent has five more models to make mom, to remove the condition on the model it was placed upon. Even with your line up Theron to snare with Jaecar and Chaska with traps (ok Chaska did nothing that game) thus only Theron fully loaded and giving it out, the max is three snared using Snipe as it is not OPT but you used pinned which is OPT. Thus he would still have four models open to generate mom to buy off the conditions. Of course this is assuming all rolls were successful in the first place. Four Butchers that are not snared is NOT a team that is tied up. Apologies, to clarify here: Your feedback suggested that it was TOO powerful, however as I read it, I think the opponent did not really think about how to get around it and was annoyed they spent their Mom removing a snare, before doing other things. From the write up it suggested and of course I could wrong, that his only option was to spend his free mom from losing initiative, surely not. Thus if the opponent only did this and felt hard done by, I honestly think the result is to a point skewed making the card appear as too powerful.