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  1. Csjarrat

    Wrecker, anyone use him much

    He's a good annoyance and can be useful with 0 influence just rolling around and engaging people to piss them off. Nice and fast if someone does dedicate the time to take him out (often they don't bother). Marbles better if taking brick/honour but wrecker nifty if not
  2. Csjarrat

    Vet Minx in May

    Meh, its just money I'll spend on infinity instead
  3. Csjarrat

    Vet Minx in May

    That's all well and good on launch, 3 weeks later though you're likely to be shit out of luck for splits as everyone is likely to already have them. This is a bad move for long term sales and newer players joining the game later in the year likely won't buy it as way too pricey for the one model they need for their team
  4. Csjarrat

    New to masons - tackling blacksmiths

    I've found so far just playing football seems to work alright. The amount of armour we both have seems to make the killy game difficult for both sides
  5. What's everyones thoughts on 1st turn goals? If receiving I think zarola could achieve one with some help of free character play and pass dodge 4". Think she'd get 4" dodge, free jog, sprint which should put her in range. Skatha seems doable as well with her ability to generate dodges and mom off passes
  6. Csjarrat

    Season 3 is not for Brewers

    You know what I think would really help brewers at the moment? A really solid goalkeeper. Our main problems are with mobile scoring teams and that would help so much
  7. Csjarrat

    An Ode to Snakeskin

    Might be nifty with sbrisket too. I'm open combined with a safe haven for the ball seems like a good mix to me, especially if you take a couple of hitty players to round out the list
  8. Csjarrat

    Advice on vRage

    Helpful. Its why visiting these forums is always a joy.
  9. Honestly, I'd ditch hemlock, she's too easy to kill and doesn't really bring much to the game. I'd take a and g in her slot because they can fight and score, so between gutter/minx and decimate, you've got takeout options too
  10. Csjarrat

    SFG @ GAMA Trade Show 2o17

    I hope the plastics are stronger because there's a lot of bendable parts on those minis!
  11. Csjarrat


    Yeah, think pintpot is solid. Had him in all four games in a tournament with both captains and was pleasantly surprised at both his hitting power and his resilience (that heroic is class)
  12. Csjarrat

    Vs Morts

    If you're sticking with esters, highly recommend ospig, tooled up and her artillery can strip some of the Mort's models to half health and force them to use mom to clear conditions as well as glide over the tough terrain. Have to play deep and defensive though and take scalpel down first.
  13. Csjarrat

    A Cut Above the Rest: A New Union Captain Arrives!

    Pretty psyched for this, she seems ace on paper. Looks like you can really create a proper superstar football team with her!
  14. Csjarrat

    Vet kat, OP or OK?

    This is what I was thinking, the interplay between smoke and vet kat just made it seem way too easy. Soften up multiple targets with aoe very easily, charge, witness me, Rinse repeat. 58% is a big chunk off the midline for a win rate yeah, that's a bit concerning
  15. Csjarrat

    Vet kat, OP or OK?

    Ball of legends in hull, fish or hunters iirc.