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  1. Morticans and mercenaries

    Gorgeous. The skin tone is really nice.
  2. Zarola fluff question

    Hey So I notice the rookie Zarola is carrying what appears to be a Solthecian themed set of bolas. Is this something that is consistent with her fluff? I thought there was some competing theology between the Hunter's pantheon of Sun Father/Moon Goddess and Solthecius? Or is it commonly held that the Sun Father and Solthecius are different faces of the same god?
  3. Squaddies?

    Same - seems weird to me every time I see it. I'm sure I'll learn this new use but in the meantime...
  4. Falconers pics

    I'm super excited by these now. I'm just not sure I can stand the wait..
  5. The Rookies are here!

    well that just removed a barrier to purchase...
  6. The Rookies are here!

    Wait so just to be clear I can use these as alternate sculpts for their regular players instead at a tournament?
  7. Vet Honour?

    I too have a dog that will chase all the way after the ball only to get distracted at the last possible instant, leaving you to realize that the dog's favorite ball is a bloody long way away and the only person doing the fetching is yourself. Sometimes I wonder if my dog isn't much smarter than I give him credit for, making me fetch his ball for him...
  8. The Rookies are here!

    Hmmm... so something I could get our local group to play but not so much at the larger conventions?
  9. The Rookies are here!

    I want these. But can someone explain to me why I want these? Is this going to be a different format than regular GB or will they be usable in regular GB games too? I don't really get it. Are these like the opposite of veteran models?
  10. Vet Honour?

    This! Make this happen
  11. Guild ball ball

    Yeah I'm gonna want to see these now please
  12. My Butchers :)

    I think I've said this before @Kueller but you really do have a really great way of doing eyes on your models. They look fantastic
  13. Finding Single Figures

    That's interesting because the online stores over here in the US mostly have the other 3 fish singles in stock. I'd search around and if the worst comes to the worst, you could always order from over here.
  14. Throwing paint at models to see what sticks

    I did. I couldn't work out how to get a good "eye" in there and, if I'm being honest, I gave up. Hah! One of these days @Mako you and I will not only have one guild finished, but will clash in an epic battle of mediocrity on the table and our titanic struggle will herald the end days. Actually at the rate you're painting Morticians I have a sneaking suspicion you might have a guild painted before I do