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  1. Zerachial

    My Fish

    That's really good! And I love her skin tone - how did you do it?
  2. Zerachial

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    Shame - maybe they'll release it as a LE alt Seenah sculpt...
  3. Zerachial

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    Did they scratch spirit bear vet Seenah? She was a cool looking sculpt but I seem to remember them saying it wasn't going to happen after all...
  4. Oh ok - so even I lose every game I still get to play. Cool. Now I need to wait and see how S4 pans out and choose a guild to take
  5. Zerachial


    What about Flea and his "strange affinity for animals"?
  6. If you go to the LVO registration store @Malritch I see the LVO 2019 Guild Ball West Coast National Championships tickets for $20. There is absolutely no other information about it because this year they seem to be doing a poor job with their event descriptions so that's all the info I have. It's a shame because, assuming I lose all my games, I don't know how many I'd get. Do I get knocked out in the first round and end up paying $20 for one game? That doesn't seem like a great idea to me...
  7. Hi all, I'll be at LVO next year and I see there's a West Coast Championship scheduled. Now, for those that haven't been following along, I have hunters and farmers painted up, as well as the odd model here or there for Rats, Brewers, Masons and Union. Here's my question: I've never actually played this game. Should I buy a place to play in the championship and learn against the best players or do you think people there would be willing to have a side game and teach me how to play?
  8. Zerachial

    New player want to punch people

    I really think your title is a little misleading... You should look at Butchers or Falconers for straight damage I think. Butchers are obviously an original guild with a lot of options, whereas Falconers are a new minor guild so will have a smaller investment if that's important. Hope that helps.
  9. Zerachial

    Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    And by "someone" you mean you. You've pretty much done it all haven't you @Mako ? You're very talented and I'm very jealous Nice work - again...
  10. Zerachial

    Throwing paint at models to see what sticks

    Lucky enough to pick up this fellow for my ratcatchers. Can't decide if they're going to be all this color or if I'm going to use the shoulder pads as their main color for the rest of the team.
  11. Zerachial

    So close you can taste them in the air...

    The other thing you can do @ADG is cover the flying stand in blue tac or some sort of equivalent. It masks the stand really well and you can spray over it, paint over it etc., then remove it once you've finished the model. Hope that helps
  12. Zerachial

    Advice on attaching small part components

    The other nice thing about using green stuff is that it's inherently sticky so you won't have to hold the ends in place while the super glue dries. That said, gluing yourself to the model is still a challenge and I've managed to do that often
  13. Zerachial

    Our minor, the cooks Guild...

    It's funny - the more I look at these models, the more I think I'm going to have to buy them cos they look so good. Each to their own I suppose.
  14. Zerachial

    Season 4 Changes

    I really feel like you missed an opportunity here. In my opinion there really could be a case made on both sides for whether emphasizing text is a valid way to bring the player's attention to important and tactical decision made with each player. Highlighting them or no, it could be argued, creates the possibility of keeping the important play secret from your opponent purely by accident by not explicitly pointing out to them that there's an aspect of the card that will affect play. On the other hand there could be a message here that this clarity of text keeps the game fun and easily accessible to both players. Perhaps things should be kept hidden from your opponents? In this way the game becomes more tactical. Then again perhaps it's important to keep the cards clear. At this point I think I'm just rambling on so I'll pass the torch on to the next person. Perhaps they'll have a more honest opinion.
  15. Zerachial

    Advice on attaching small part components

    One thing you could do instead of using an actual pin is to use a tiny amount of green stuff at the contact point. I make a sort of super glue sandwich at the join - in this example I'd apply a drop of super glue to Angel's hand, then apply a small amount of green stuff, then super glue to Angel's arm and attach the hand to the arm. You don't want so much green stuff that when you push the two parts together it bulges out of the join because with all that super glue it's going to be really hard to remove excess green stuff. The green stuff creates a solid connection between the two parts. You should also score both parts a little so that glue/green stuff has a rougher surface to bond to. Hope that helps.