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  1. Zerachial

    Squinty-eyed Cooks Spoilers

    From twitter this morning:
  2. Zerachial


    I'm also not convinced ... but... just to play Devil's Advocate here - the money *could* be just a smokescreen to make Piper *think* it's about money when it's not really?
  3. Zerachial


    So the season 1 story for Stoker mentions a rumor that he murdered a guild official in Eisnor. "They said Stoker cut the man down in his furnace room and then dragged him into the heart of the flames..." So I'm guessing that guild official was a Blacksmith, but that's only if the "rumor" is to be believed. Hooper certainly believed it was a possibility. The other thing I've found so far is a line about Hooper was a part of an undercity gang. The rest of his bio talks about how he is "unflinchingly loyal to his guild" and that "For the rest of the Brewers, Hooped is a dependable ally..." Also, apparently he wants to be the warlord of the Brewer's Guild. Finally for this post it's interesting that apparently Friday (in season1) was considering "a change of allegiance to another guild"...
  4. Zerachial


    This is what intrigues me. I'm busy re-reading all the fluff from S1 onwards to see if I can glean anything but I'm not coming up with anything right now. The school teacher in me would like to remind everyone that further speculation should now be accompanied by your supporting work and references...
  5. Zerachial


    Sheesh! Repercussions better be on their way...
  6. Zerachial

    The Character Design for this Game is SO Good.

    It's funny because I love the aesthetic of the cooks minor. I can't even explain why! I also agree with you in your OP about the strength of diversity in this game and their models. Holy crap do they succeed big time to my mind on this. I don't begrudge anyone their opinion and as such all are entitled to theirs but I'm always interested to see people who just hate the aesthetic or idea behind x or y and their justification for such. Seems like we have as diverse a bunch of players and Steamfroged has created models and that's great! To the original question, I do love the KS Midas, and the frivolity of the alt sculpt Bolt. I'm a big fan of the LE Mist sculpt as well and I foolishly parted with lots of money for it instead of waiting to see if he came back around from SFG, because I liked it so much. I don't even have a team I can use him in!
  7. Zerachial

    Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    I'm looking forwards to seeing the whole team with the complete logo now - that sounds awesome! I'm assuming I can expect delivery some time in the late 2050s?
  8. Zerachial


    First Blood and I'm gutted. Of all the people to kill off...
  9. Zerachial

    Compson's Painting...

    Those look amazing!
  10. That's really good! And I love her skin tone - how did you do it?
  11. Zerachial

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    Shame - maybe they'll release it as a LE alt Seenah sculpt...
  12. Zerachial

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    Did they scratch spirit bear vet Seenah? She was a cool looking sculpt but I seem to remember them saying it wasn't going to happen after all...
  13. Oh ok - so even I lose every game I still get to play. Cool. Now I need to wait and see how S4 pans out and choose a guild to take
  14. Zerachial


    What about Flea and his "strange affinity for animals"?
  15. If you go to the LVO registration store @Malritch I see the LVO 2019 Guild Ball West Coast National Championships tickets for $20. There is absolutely no other information about it because this year they seem to be doing a poor job with their event descriptions so that's all the info I have. It's a shame because, assuming I lose all my games, I don't know how many I'd get. Do I get knocked out in the first round and end up paying $20 for one game? That doesn't seem like a great idea to me...