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  1. Winter Painting Contest

    Please tell me you didn't just ask how we're faring in this little project of yours? I mean, if you did then I'd have to say so far it's going great! I've thought about which model I might use. I've contemplated basing ideas. I've even ruminated on possible poses or scenes.... So I'd say I'm making great progress!!
  2. What about a "Creator" sub?

    Um... the Display Cabinet seems to be empty... ?
  3. Winter Painting Contest

    Of course it's a "paint" and not a "basing material"...
  4. What about a "Creator" sub?

    Personally I think so. Make it nice and easy to find all my podcasts when I need to
  5. Winter Painting Contest

    One idea I've seen is to mix Baking Soda and PVA glue. Otherwise various companies make premium snow. GW used to have something if you can find it, otherwise Army Painter or others have snow-like products.
  6. Winter Painting Contest

    I'm ok with this timeline... At least it wasn't DnS... amiright?
  7. Winter Painting Contest

    Closing date of January 14th huh? Clearly you get a pass because you're running this competition but for me that doesn't leave me nearly enough time to actually complete a model... Ok. Fine. @Mako I'm a sucker for your competitions so let's see what I can come up with in the incredibly short amount of time you've given me. Roll on the speed painting (relatively speaking of course)
  8. Missing team photos

    Yeah - I knew they got a new painting studio (Giraldez or something if I remember correctly) but I couldn't remember who their original painter/s was/were. Thanks for the link @Hunter I'm still hopeful that @Mako can get us a gallery on the main site because quite frankly, those miniatures are beautifully painted and an inspiration
  9. Missing team photos

    Yeah - I found this shot of the brewers on CoolMiniOrNot: http://www.coolminiornot.com/378793?browseid=4513305 But I can't find the full Mason's team at all.
  10. Missing team photos

    Awesome! Thanks You totally should...
  11. Missing team photos

    So with the release of the Kick Off! box Steamforged have removed the photos of the painted original 6 brewers and masons and I'm struggling to find them on google. Can we get them back? I rather like the inspiration and whoever the artist was that painted them did such an amazing job it's disappointing that it's such a struggle to find them. I also note that some of the team photos that we do have seem to have art instead of minis even though I'm sure I've seen official SFG painted miniatures floating around the interwebs. I wonder if they could add a gallery of their professionally painted teams or something? And since I have no idea where to make this suggestion, I'm sticking it here!! I would tag SFG staff if I knew who they were but since I don't, I'm tagging @Mako cos you seem to know people who know people...
  12. Not About Guild Ball

    Score! Congratulations!! (potentially commiserations to the poor girl... )
  13. Starting Painter

    I don't know how accessible it is for you but if you have an LGS or even a Warhammer store nearby, they often do hobby classes and I can't recommend them enough. Of course some of us (myself included) live in the boondocks (or BFE if you prefer) so that's not really an option, but getting immediate feedback as you paint up your first (or second, or third, or thousandth) miniature can sometimes be much better than trying to capture your art in photography (which is a black art if you ask me).
  14. Not About Guild Ball

    This is awesome! Good luck mate - such a romantic too, waiting until you've got her to the middle of the rink so she can't escape...
  15. Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    That is a great guide - thanks @Mako