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  1. In my day...!

    pfft. you had tv! Oh this could degenerate fast...
  2. In my day...!

    OMG I'd forgotten all about those cassettes. They were... well. I remember them fondly but I suspect today they'd be awful.
  3. Bonesaw

    I'm guessing it has something to do with that stance they gave the model. Both him and Ghast have much bigger bases to accommodate their crazy wide stances?
  4. Teach Me To Paint

    This might not be possible based on location but it's worth noting that if you have a Warhammer store near you they will often be happy to help teach you to paint right there in the store if you have some of their models. Sometimes just being able to paint while someone watches on is really helpful. They'll get you to a pretty decent army standard fairly easily. Of course if you live in BFE like I do, not such a good option.
  5. Swissmade is painting Masons

    @Malritch was right! These look great. Thanks for posting @Swissmade
  6. Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    wait so are you telling me you painted an entire miniature in just one day!!! (maybe I should investigate this... )
  7. Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    The internet is no place for your reason and logic sir. How dare you!
  8. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    So good!
  9. Balefirestorm's WIP

    Those are some really nice rats! Great work
  10. Bases

    @Malritch to the rescue!!
  11. Bases

    @Mako has instructions somewhere for taking them off their bases. It looks pretty easy actually.
  12. Brewers, Masons, Union & Fish

    nice work on the waves on Salt's base!
  13. Bonesaw and Vet Graves models

    I can confirm that Bonesaw has the ratcatchers symbol on his shoulder on the alt-sculpt. Sadly I'm like @Mattyg2787 First I bought hunters, then I got a brewers, then I got engineers, then fish... you can see where this is going...
  14. Throwing paint at models to see what sticks

    Hold on one cotton-pickin' minute! He's only gone and finished a whole field!! Well couldn't you just knock me over with a hay bale. Alright, fine. I'll give up on weird not-really-farmer speak. You can't really tell from the photo but I'm very happy with how Bushel turned out. My problem now is I have the next box of farmers, or my box of ratcatchers, or vHearne...?
  15. Exiled to the Peaceful Grave

    Couldn't the snake be the source of Blind? Spitting venom or something?