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  1. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    Pray tell how the Ratcatchers have more content than Farmers or Blacksmiths? And what makes the price point of 45£ for one and 35£ for the other same or fair?
  2. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    I know that. I still feel we cant' put reprints of old stuff and a very limited product nex to the new majors tht may come. Still i might be mistaken of course. Just my opinion
  3. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    I might add my 2cents here. While i am not too keen on a 10£ increase (50 PLN for me is way more), i understand why they did it and i believe that MAJOR Guilds will come with 35£ price tag. Here is why. You should consider, that SFG look to sell way less boxes of Minor Guilds than Major Guilds probably. And even if it isnt true, MAJOR comes in two boxes rather than one, so the price may be dropped a little for them as you expect to sell twice as much of that Guild compared to the MINOR.
  4. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    No. Just no. Like Kanye said sometime ago, 'Imma let You finish but let me say...' Abandoning the modelling part of Guild Ball is like getting in bed with only half a girl. And You dont get to chose which half. Honestly, the playerbase where i live is quite healthy now, it consists of around 11 players only in my town and is currently one of the biggest in here. Competing with 9th Age when it comes to numbers only. Now if they would go and abandon the modelling part, i think only 1 or 2 of those players would stay. I believe ours is not the only case like that. We are laaughing through tears that SFG allowed unpainted plastics into tourneys, tho most of us have unpainted minis, but we strive to get them there and it is completely opposite if SFG does this. In all honesty, if they abandon the hobby part all together, i would either drop out and go play Infinity or 9th Age, or never buy a team again and play with card board cutouts. Cause if minis are unpainted and generally unattended to we may as well play with only bases with names on them.
  5. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    Please do not get me started on the valentine trio. Hare them through and thorugh
  6. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    @Mako I get all of it. But if I am running the company, I just don't do it until i feel the time is right and I might be able to. I'm not saying "SFG take the plunge and make it happen on your own!!!11oneone", just that IGG may not be enough to gauge real interest as noone who doesnt know the game laready is gonna back it. Thing that especially 'hurts me' (yes i want the Buthcers badly, but i can't accept those terms and it isnt really about the money, which is good for what u get there but the bussines model it presents feels bad for me) is how badly timed these campaigns are. Exactly as u said. Can't go with Minors and Godtear along with OgPVC so we squeeze tchem there and if it goes off we happy, if not well let's push tchem back a few years. Without the need on the market, sure they won't do it, but the market is divided into 4 things now so that gives crooked results on what people essentially already have compared to new stuff. Okay, rant over. I Wonder if IGG fails, which it most porbably will, will they allow to get some of the sculpts through the 3d Printing service? Must get that upscaled Ox, new Fillet and Tenderiser, hell maybe all of the new sculpts barring Boiler even. I think it is something they should consider after those campaigns. Cheers Varred
  7. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    You see that is also a problem with me. I cant understand a company not talking any risk. Imagine everyone would do it. People criticise CMON for being an established company funding projects on KS and somehow they are okay with it. I mean, lets split it 60/40 or even 70/30 but take some of the risk on yourself. Afterall they will be making money on it after it hits. For me it is somewhat u fair to be putting everything on your loyal playerbase.
  8. Captain pairings and ponderings

    Dont agree on Farmer matchup. Played thresher several times now and only W i could get where with Ox. Farmers dont love the scrum as much as Ox does. At least it felt that way playing him. If You are cautious enough You force Thresher to come into the scrum and then block the counter charge with Princess or either Brisket. From there it is an uphill battle for them in the scrum and not for us.
  9. Hi. As in the topic. Have Chibi Princess never touched with paint. Looking to trade for LE Tater or Theron. Based in Poland.
  10. So as I am aiming for Hunters Guild after i paint pytanie Butchers, i have Vistę their forum and they have that topic that we seem to lack. That is which Cpt into which matchup and why. So let me share my (newbie) thoughts and feel free (obliged even) to share yours. Lets stary up the 'Paint Train' : Masons - Fillet, i feel her speed and single dmg output is edging the Ox team dmg in this one. Also Fillet teams play Ball better than Ox's and vs Hammer that might come in handy Brewers - Ox hands down. I made the mistake on the last match of the tournament this weekend and played Fillet into Brewers. Ox's aura is just too good against multiple Tough Hide. Then Come the fact that Tapper kills Fillet in one activation and she doesnt kill him and no matter what team, we play Ball worse than Brewers. Fishermem - no idea, probably Ox but it's Just because i am more comfortable with him right now Alchemists - Fillet i think, Ox is too słów against Smoke to do anything and they never come close to make the aura worth it. Also this is the only matchupu i feeling Shank is a really big advantage on board. Engineers - Ox, the ability to make every model in a team a threat is great against them. High def means we will have low net hits so every point of damage counts (damn reanimate on the whole team) Union - Fillet i think. She might be able to take one or two pieces in an actuvation off of Rages team, Blackheart plays Ball so no real iea against him, just kill em before they Ball you to lose Morticians - Fillet for me, speed + dmg potential is good and VOx is really good to get Obi to stick in one place i think, grab him into Fillet 1'' and destroy. Hunters - here, after reading the cards mailu as i played against them only once and on Vassal i think Ox is better. Again he makes the whole team a daner not only one model which u can Pin or Snare to uselesness. Blacksmiths - never played against them, but i feel Ox with Boiler and Boar would do much against them. Farmers - Ox Ox so much Ox, Thresher is far less scary (still mighty scary) vs Ox. Also Boar under Tool Up and Aura deals marvelous dmg. Mirror - Ox, Just because i feel him better, but Dmg potential is higher i think after Fillet nerf. That gives Ox-Fillet ratio of 7-4 Okay i think thats all, didnt miss noone i hope. What are your thoughts fellow Butchers? Please share your knowledge.
  11. Thanks all for suggestions. I will take some of them into consideration for sure, but i am an Ass in a way that i am pretty stubborn in some things and shank just misses a spot in my 10 model roster. Currently i have OBrisket and Shank outside 10 and if i change that it's probably for OBrisket. I play more frequently now as i am relearing the game and I see that what @Strahleo said is essentially true. Also true on real life, as it goes: 'Don't pick a fight you cannot win' - i think the most important rule of playing Butchers for me now We hit hard and fast, but if we can't straight up win a fight, we will lose it in the long run. Thanks all again, I am gieven a 'New Hope' to say so. (had to do it, crazy Star Wars fan here :P) Cheers Varred
  12. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    Still, I think that getting thoes in this time of the year and with as many other projects going was a big fuckup. Also, new guild with new mechanics and completely new rules costs 100 pounds for 2 boxes. Why would resculpted old guild cos the same? I mean i understand retail, you have to have some consistency, but lets say we bump the indiegogo to 100k, but put the teams at the price range of 50-70 pounds. I bet they would be backed by now. Bottom line is, for the existing crowd of Guild Ball players, even the sweet sculpts that I personally love for the Butchers and would get them ASAP (just not in January), don't have the same value as a fresh Guild that brings new tactics and new plays (diesase, dilemma play, harvest, Master/Apprientice). I was very optimistic about OG Guilds in PVC, but the more i think about it those IGGs were deemed to fail from the start. That saddens me much
  13. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    Yeah, i mean i know it is much cheaper to do A mould for metal minis, but they wear out fast. Moulds for PVC dont. That is the dilemma i think. Also if there is much more plastic things than metal and plastic is the way forward, why stick to metal on old guilds?
  14. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    I am also curious, if/when SFG switches comlpetely to PVC and the supply of metal minis runs dry, or the molds become damaged beyond use and Indiegogo will fail, what will they do? Switch? or just stop producing old Guilds?
  15. OK, so thanks all for the back up. I know that Butchers are seen as in a bad spot right now, but i see every now and then that someone wins with them on a regular basis. I'd like to achieve the same in some time. I have thought about OBrisket with dirty knives doing 3 dmg a piece, but it is a one trick pony and gone then i think now. My 10 for the upcoming tourny is: Ox, Fillet, Meathook, VBrisket, VOx, Boar, Boiler, Tenderiser, Princess and Truffles. I don't want to use Union for obvious reasons, and i think most Times i pick those sixes: Ox, VBrisket, Boar, Meathook, Boiler, Princess Fillet, VBrisket, VOx, Meathook, Tenderiser, Truffles (if i play a beaty team i switch Tenderiser for Boiler and sometimes take Princess instead of the swine) The problem i seem to have is either i dont get to set things up and lose goals/die quickly (vs. Theresher/Shark/Smoke) or I set things up all good, go up to 8VP and stand in the middle like an ass trying to get that last 4VP (vs. Hammer/Honour/Corsair/Union) Thanks for your suggestions @masterkdog, will try them and i suppose u mean Ox, OBrisket, Meathook in that trick to weather a player. Thanks and waiting for additional info! Cheers Varred