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  1. Varred

    S4 Tournament Help

    Sooo, core of Ox, Boiler, oBrisket, Princess is very good. I would add Shank to that in every single matchup. Now You have this: Ox Princess Boiler oBrisket Shank FlexPick Now, the flex pick comes in with personal prefference, matchup dependant, whatever. Usually a good pick would be Tenderiser now that he generates 2 inf. If You are feeling brave, take Boar but you have to look out for plays that controll him. Then again if someone controls Boar rest is free to roam. Then there is vGutter when You need more range. That would probably close my list, I add Fillet, vOx and vBrisket just to make it to 12. Played 20 straight games with Fillet in S3 nearly the end, now i think she is redundant but keep your opponent guessing. Hope that helps a bit
  2. Varred

    Our minor, the cooks Guild...

    I love and hate them at the same time. Super stoked for the Guild and new play experience as a Butcher exclusive Player. Love that it is Cooks Guild, love Wellington, love Sugar, love Roast, love Ferret, love the cinammon Lady (ne Miss GB that will dethrone Brisket). Spice is ok, not too keen on the weapon, but too tall, nothing i could t fix myself with a little putty. Then come the hats. What ever You say in their defence, imma let You finish, but you are wrong. They are ridicolous and awful and i will cut each end every one that i see down (maybe barring Wellington cause his look somewhat decent). Tenderiser is a mistake, Shank is a blessing for all people, after the operator on the hat he will get rid of his old sculpt which is crazy stupid and Just bad. Over all I am all in on the Cooks Just get them to me now before i spot some annoying things 😛 No but serious get them to me now SFG!!!!
  3. That is a crazy good idea Mako Just as I was wondering how to get that sweet moonshine effect on Falconers and maybe Hunters later. That is how I'd do it if You only let me steal that idea a bit. Great painting!
  4. If You look at it like that then all is good. But only thanks to You as the TO. In my community we do not require painting at all cause all think the regulations are a big stinky pile of BS. However, as has been said, grey primer is not a variety of colours and shading any way i look at it. Of You want to stricte adhere to the OPD You should disallow grey primed models. It's not about paint visible on the base and the mini. Anyhow, this is not about weather painted requirement is good or not and neither is the discusson about what a single OT allows or not. Believe me i know people that wouldnt allows primed only minis just because the rules say so (thanks the Allfather they dont play our game). If i was organizing an event and someone would come with minis cover so thickly in paint all details and shapes would be unrecocnisable i wouldn't allows him to play those minis, as i believe this game requires it's minis to be recognisable on a whim. The discussion itself is about the SFG trying to sit atop the palisade and not taking one side or another. It's bad and shuold be call out. Cheers Varred
  5. Yup, here it says right there grey primer only is a basis for TO to disallow your metal minis from play. Imma just call it as it is. Current painting regulations in the OPD are BULLSHIT. Either demand painted minis or don't. You cant have it both ways. If they played Witcher 3 they'd understand how having it both ways work.
  6. Varred

    Game balancing the butchers

    Ox - gains Tough Hide or Sturdy Fillet - Haemophilia either changes to work at the end of activation or back to S2 trait Boar - gains Stoic or turnus concussion to MoM concussion on four Boiler - switch place for >< and KD on his Playbook oBrisket - gains momentous T< on two vBrisket - gains non mom T on one Meathook - looses Scything Blow vOx - dunno, needs a complete rework IMO Tenderiser - 2/4 inf Shank - make him Vindictive or 2/4 vGutter - gains either Smell Blood or Crucial Artery Princess - gains a 5th column with non mom KD to make her parting blow feared Truffles - Hog Wild becomes a trait That is probably way too good and i can only dream. But still it is a pleasant dream. Cheers Varred
  7. Varred

    Would you guys be interested in my ramblings?

    Yeah, pretty much interested in anything that has to do with Butchers and tactics for playing tchem as I am at a complete block right now
  8. Varred

    Farmers Matchup?

    I know Boar can be controlled, but that is just why i take him. If my opponent is spending inf controlling Boar he isnt controlling Ox, Boiler, Meathook aor Fillet if i run her with Boar. I try to essentially use Boar weakness to further my gameplan.
  9. Varred

    Farmers Matchup?

    I always pick Ox for Farmers. Focus your play entierly on defence. Yes he will probably take out a model with Thresher, but then u come in and take him out. Try to get into a sacrum but on your terms. Use either Brisket or Shank to tie up Tater to prevent Counter. I usually pick Ox, Boiler, Princess, Boar, Meathook and a flex out of Brisket/vBrisket/Shank may try vGutter now that she is here.
  10. Yeah, sort of 'Achievement' list I was to a tournament like that albeit in Infinity. Basically the guy with the most unlucky Rolls got an awesome price. And to get it to GB language it was the sort of: -miss a tap in - 1 point -not score a single hit on a chargé - 1 point -miss 5 passes in a match - 3 points and so on so on That was good stuff
  11. I'am now working on some Farmers and Hunters guys!!! What are you all working on? Hope you like tchem Cheers Varred
  12. Varred

    vGutter card shown

    Here i think her absolutely THICC mini serves the second purpose
  13. @Balefirestorm what you are suggesting would only make Ox unplayable. Right now i am on the fence who is the best cap in Butchers (i play them exclusively), but both are designed with different pros and cons in mind. They are the opposite poles of the Butcher indentity for me. Fillet is fast and precise, Ox is the brawler. If you take Ox's aura away and give additional +1 TAC then he is garbage and I leave him out of 10 Tourney always. Problem with Butcher output isn't TAC, we have plenty (apart from Gutter :P) but if i go charge a +4/1 model or a +5/0 model and get defensive stanced (as i should) +1 tac does nothing, while +1 DMG does everything, literally. I'd just switch The Owner to be a Heroic or Character Play if it has to be changed at all and I don't think it needs to be. In my mind SFG are somewhat afraid to do Butchers good with memories from S2 when we were unpleasant to play against (or with for that matter). I also think that S4 will se that mindset changed seeing as we are nowhere near top guild now. Also damn You @Slothrop for playing Butchers good, You are destroying the buff we all were working for this season
  14. Varred

    Unsportsmanlike But Legal

    @tehlon, okay maybe i exaggetated a little But as said earlier ta hat was half serious post, half frustration about the topic seemingly worked over a few times now. Maybe not the top of the top, Shark and Midas are still strong Caps. Way stronger than both Butchers, Esters, Ballista, Honour. All those are subjective and based on my experience playing against various teams. The point is, scoring goals is many times easier than taking players out in terms of resource investment, so there shuold be some tactic to make it that much harder
  15. Varred

    Unsportsmanlike But Legal

    I think, that nothing about killing the ball is unsportsmanlike or an exploit of the rules, but i play Butchers exclusively so.. First off, the amount of pitch where you an hide the ball is minimal, unless you want to stop the momentum train coming in and that is as hard a blow to any team as losing a goal. Then there are players like Shark, Piper, Shank, that have so good reach You will probably fail at killing the ball in a corner. Now how i tend to kill the ball? I have to think killing it will be beneficial at the start of the game when picking my players. SO that already influences my choice of the team (my oponent will be bashed much less cause one player will be keeping the ball). Most of the time, how I kill the ball is put it on OBrisket, get her to cover and maybe get Swift Stance on her. (if i feel real unlucky go put Tough Skin too) That makes a 5/1 or 6/1 player with Unpredictable Movement in cover that Fish or whoever plays ball has to get the ball off. Now is that frustrating? People who say ball killing is an exploit would probably say YES now. But tell me please how is that more frustrating than Shark, scoring 1st turn, then grabbing the ball on top of T2, scoring again and Legenadrying away? That puts any bashing team at 0:8 (well 2:8 probably now without Knee Slider) and a lost T2 cause of low ranges. I don't want to soun rude, but there is a reason scoring teams are top of the meta right now and bashing teams are not. Thing is GB is such a wonderful game, that almost nothing is broken OP and everything has a Chance against anything. You just have to play better than the guy in front of you. So, to end my banter here, didn't want it to sound like that, but maybe think about getting a better understanding of the guild You play and test some things out rather than say someone is unsportsmanlike and exploits bad rules. NOTE THIS POST ISNT TARGETING ANYONE, IT'S JUST A SHOT AT VENTING MY HOT THOUGHTS AFTER READING THE THREAD. Cheers to all and may you play long Varred