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  1. Ukogre

    Harriet - Who to replace

    Managed to get two games in on Sunday. Both game against an excellent local player who wanted to get some more time in with his proxy heavy Falconers. First game i dropped Ratchet, kicked and he hid the ball on V Hearne. Velocity scored me at textbook goal bouncing off the big hunter and i manged to get a single take out before losing 6-12. Boy can the falconers churn out some damage! Second game i switched Velocity for Ratchet (gulp) with the aim to get the gun line further up the pitch and make use of him to remove some snares. Not great. The lack of a striker hurt me and despite a late Hoist goal the game went the same way as the first with the falconers getting some great positing and making the most from the AOEs Harrier and Death from above. In conclusion: I'm not sure i made the most from the Hats latest incarnation. I liked the free ranged dmg whilst close to Ballista, and i made some use of the free teamwork mechanic but i felt i'd lost more than i'd gained. Next time drop I'll Compound :)
  2. Ukogre

    Harriet - Who to replace

    Thanks for the feed back guys. I've manged to sort out a game for today so i'll report back. So far my plan is to drop ratchet and let Harriet pick up the slack. I'll be looking for 2-2 so keeping Velocity feels safer. I did consider taking out the big fella,() but having him protecting the gun-line and providing an influence battery ensures he keeps his place.
  3. I've been enjoying an Engineering resurgence recently. Having some success with a Ballista gun line: Ballista, Mother, Compound, Ratchet, Hoist, Velocity. However i want to take Harriet out for a spin this week so who gets cut? I think its down to two: Ratchet; keep the ranged 2 dmg for hoist to copy, swap the condition removal and free charge for some speed and some ball control (or lack of) Velocity: Moar guns less goals... Any thoughts?
  4. Over the Weekend I played my 4th league game against the butcher winning the game 12-6, with one goal and 4 takeout’s. I played this game at Steamcon, and even though I’d already bought the S3 cards my opponent and I agreed to have this final round under S2 rules. I won’t write it up however, S2 is so old school now J Still a wins, a win and it took me to 3-1 in the league so far. For your information it was a Typical gun line/Bug Bomb outing and a pleasing way to close out the S2 Engineers. Hunter next and Season 3 await me.
  5. Ukogre

    Season 3 Games Yet?

    Just be careful, you can go blind playing with yourself. Oh and on topic How squishy did you find Pinvice? I cant help feeling that Reanimate doesn't make up for the low hit points...
  6. Ukogre

    First game with new Ballista

    As people are getting underway with S3 Ballista, what is the feeling about Minefield. Are you putting it up every round without fail or is it more situational? Is it worth a constant 2Inf tax?
  7. Ukogre

    First game with new Ballista

    I have a big league game tomorrow vs. Hunters and I've been considering a similar line up, albeit with mother and not the bug. Last slot is looking like a toss up between Salvo and Harry... The ball recovery looks like the clincher for me at the moment
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    Try These
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    Not mine, Grabbed off FB Mine Field no longer Legendary!
  10. Due to the league schedule and more importantly Steamcon, this week’s game won’t happen until next weekend. However, always keen to get a game in I managed to play a couple of friendlies over the weekend. The most enjoyable was a game against the Hunters. It was the first time I’d played against them with my cogs, having been savaged a few times whilst using the Brewers. I also saw this as my last chance to play a different Engineer line up before Season 3 hits us. I wanted to try and get a couple of S2 Engineer achievement plays done before the change. We lined up like so: E: Pinvice, Mother, Velocity, Hoist, Colossus, Compound H: Theron, Fahad, Chaska, Seenah, Zarola, Jaecar I won the roll off, which never bodes well, and elected to receive… T1 – Win Roll Jaecar kicked off and Velocity retrieves, he passes to Pinvice who dodges forward. Theron tries to pin Colossus and drops a forest. Not been put off by that Hoist advances and TR boom box off Chaska. S2 Achievement! Colossus limps along towards Theron Mother drops a nest centrally and scuttle up the field and Compound sits at the goal and looks menacing. Pinvice activates her legendary, moves forward over some fast ground and passes to Velocity who passes back using an oil token allowing Pinvice a second dodge. Pin vice is in range, 4 dice shot and 1st turn goal! S2 Achievement! The ball comes back out to Theron, Fahad changes into Pinvice 4-0 T2- Lose Roll The Hunters win the roll and immediately Theron and Fahad look to make Pinvice pay for the 1st turn goal. Seenah charges in on Colossus for a mega base matchup and inflicts some hefty damage. Mother burrows into Seenah, puts out second nest marker and just supports, go Colossus! Pinvice is killed. Theron passes to Jaecar; who charges into Velocity beats her up and dodges into scoring range. Jaecar scores Ball out to Hoist 4-6 T3-Win Roll I win the Roll off and Hoist moves up field and blasts Chaska with boom box (lol) Passes to Velocity, who dodges out of engagement. Mother burrows away from Seenah to within shot threat range, Zarola comes in on her but doesn’t attack but costing me a dice for the snap shot. I decide to go for it any way, Hoist passes to mother for a bonus timed (back up to 2 dice) snap shot… 5, 6 Goal! S2 Achievement! Ball out to Chaska, on to Jaecar. Meanwhile off the ball a poorly positioned and recently returned Pinvice is killed again, and velocity has to reanimate before Fahad comes in and finishes her off. Colossus and Seenah continue the dance midfield; Tough hide is a wonderful thing. 8-10 T4- Win Roll I win the roll for the third time and Velocity and Pinvice had returned again but having learnt the hard way Pinvice skulks near my goal. The initiative win is a game saver as the Ball is with Jaecar who is off to my left well within goal threat, he’s within an inch of Theron but reachable with Compound. Compound charges Jaecar engaging both him and Theron, tackles the ball and passes to Velocity, she dodges up field, Fahad comes in but close control is king. Velocity activates getting some vital dodges of the cat and gives the ball to hoist. Theron does some damage but hoist Moves up the field and Scores the Winner! 12-10 First game out with Pinvice and the Robot twins, and I was suitably impressed. The game was close and I felt a lot of pain as the take outs started to mount up, but there’s a lot of utility in the velocity/Hoist line up and reanimate is a real treat the first time it happens and your opponent has forgotten! Hopefully my league game will be played at Steamcon, right on the cusp of S3, after which I’ll be revaluating, my line-up. Hoist, Harry and Mother have all earned consideration depending on what changes we see to their cards
  11. Ukogre

    Byron coaches the Engineers

    Welcome back brother, in Cogs we trust Looking forward to hearing how you get on
  12. I'm tempted to try him instead of Rage. His pass utility, goad and Molotov will give me some more solid control options. Of course, we've practically a fully teams worth of changes to come yet so its early days...
  13. Game 3 –Fishermen Putting aside all thoughts of last week’s Bad Dice and after a heartening game against the Union over the weekend I eagerly anticipated this week’s league match up. Playing Football fish as opposed to the Fighting/Attrition version feels simpler for the Engineers. It also allows me to focus on the football as opposed to having to avoid the trials and tribulations associated with scrummaging in the middle of the pitch. I also hoped that bringing a surprise scrapper like Rage to the mix would be invaluable and therefore I dropped Decimate to line up like this: Engineers: Ballista, Mainspring, Ratchet, Colossus, Rage, Velocity Fishermen: Shark, Angel, Tentacles, Greyscales, Sakana, Jac Of course I lost the roll and Fish elected to receive. T1 –Fish win and receive the ball, Score! Ballista Kicks off and tries to assume a central position. Angel recovers and passes back into Shark for some early momentum. Shark charges into Ballista, looking for more momentum and some dodges which he duly receives and scores, Ratchet receives the throw out and passes to a nimble velocity, who hopes to hold on to the ball for a return goal attempt. Some tooled up shooting and positioning happens: 0-4 T2 – Fish win and try to win the ball back Fish win and Shark charges into Velocity and tries to take the ball, it takes him all his influence but he get through close control and recovers the ball. He can’t pass though. Velocity tackles it back but after using all his influence only manages a << back up the field. More Shooting and softening of the Fish, Rage charges Sakana who counter attacks, receiving a bloody nose but manages to << away. Jac runs in and retackles Velocity taking the Ball and dodges across the field. Bug moves centrally, near Angel, Sakana and take 4 dmg from B.E alongside some fish. 0-4 T3 –Engineers win - Minefield Trauma and Ball Scatters Ballista activates and shoots Shark nearer to the pitch edge, Minefield is applied, and Jac moves charges into the bug and uses doges to get into a position to pass to Greyscales, taking 6 dmg along the way (yay Minefield). He passes and Greyscales fluffs the snapshot! Ball scatters off the pitch, and reappears in the bugs’ possession centrally. Colossus moves up the field, Rage kills Sakana. 2-4 T4 – Engineers win – Points start to appear. Sakana returns. Velocity pushes shark off the field edge, and Sakana pushes Velocity off. Ratchet Drops a single Blasted earth on the crowd, Killing Angel, and causing the bug to Blow. The Blast kills Greyscales. 8-8 Colossus retrieves the ball and scores 12-8 Phew. Late mine field T3 and a more threatening Mainspring (no overclocking this time) took its toll on the fish who spent momentum, on counter attacks, goals and trying to win initiative. Both players were fighting desperately to get possession; (I lost count of the number of ball scatters) meaning that the fishes depleted health cost my opponent dearly at the end. Butchers next
  14. Ukogre

    Fate of True Rep

    Id like to see a OPT play where Hoist could replicate, another friendly Guild Models Character Play. Sounds too OP I guess, changing from 2 Salvos to 2 Velocity's on the board as the turns played out but could be very thematic Maybe an heroic play to help with influence costs. if only...