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  1. LogicCrash

    [W] Lucky

    Who doesn't want to get Lucky? No seriously, I do too. I'm in the states.
  2. LogicCrash

    Mystery box!

    It was two, one regular package of Alchemist's dice (10 is a regular package) and another that was half and half of Brewer's and Union.
  3. Finally got my Mystery Box and I'm not into all of this chibi stuff that seems to be going around. Quite frankly I would like to get rid of this stuff in case it's contagious. Chibi cards for Brewer's (Esters and Quaff) and Hunter's (Theron and Fahad) also got the Ballista and Mainspring chibi pin. On a side note, I also now have an extra set of S3 Plot Cards and Big League. PM me if you are interested in any of it, located in the United States, Arizona.
  4. LogicCrash

    Mystery box!

    Mine arrived just a few moments ago. Kick-Off Brewers 6, Hunters 8, chibi cards to match, (10 Alchemist's, 5 Brewer's and 5 Union) dice, Young Theron, Ballista and Mainspring pin, S3 Plot and Big League cards. Not such a mystery after the first day or two but hopefully we can all get passed this when they have all arrived and get back to playing the game.
  5. LogicCrash

    GIC General Theory Thread 

    I'll go ahead and throw my two cents in on this one. It's probably to early to be trying to determine the balance of the cards without seeing the others so I'll skip that. I love the idea though, it's something I've wished was in the game back when I got started. It seems like it would be natural to include these with the next round of Big League. And while we are at it what about changing it so everything isn't dependent on the season. Want to change the plot cards to use from last season? Put it in the OPD. Have some more plot cards you want to add, go ahead and put out another pack and update the OPD if you need. Want to be able to use Big League past season 2? Put the new Big League cards for the new guilds in the boxes with everything else and don't make them season dependent. Let's roll the last experimental rules into this one as well, make one or two of the GIC options for each guild some formations (anyone else think of GIC as G.E.C.K. for Guild Ball?). That's what I have been thinking all day anyway. I'm looking forward to seeing more and figuring out what else we can do with Guild Ball because it is great.
  6. LogicCrash

    Mystery box!

    Schrodinger's Mystery Box. The not knowing is the worst part but we will all get our Hunter's and Masons'/Brewer's eventually.
  7. About a year ago SFG did a survey and was a little surprised by the results, I wonder if this poll will be similar. From the seasons we have received so far and some of the interviews I have heard SFG seem to think there is a critical mass for the guilds and their answer seems to be add more guilds. The options for this poll aren't mutually exclusive, that is to say that wanting more guilds doesn't mean no new players for example. I posed the question so I will start. I think the emphasis should be on expanded player options for the current guilds. There are several reasons I feel this way and the first and foremost for me is loyalty. I like the Alchemist's Guild ascetic, playstyle, and fluff. How attached are you to your favorite sports team, is that going to change next season because of a new expansion team? Another reason is character development. I would like to see the Alchemist's grow and change over the seasons. We've had a lot of the later with Midas alone and the former doesn't necessarily mean new players. Let's take Brisket as an example, she's a striker, her veteran version changed some of her ways and then she got even saltier (I mean seasoned) and changed playstlye and guilds completely, that's interesting and neat. What would she be like as a rookie though? New players aren't the only way to expand a guild. Any how that's what I think, how about you folks?
  8. LogicCrash

    Balefirestorm's WIP

    Keep on getting better and better. I think you've missed a guild or two though.
  9. LogicCrash

    LogicCrash's Combined Guilds

    Been a while since I finished these but finally hauled out the mini-lightbox for the photo update. Here's Grace in all her... Benediction which has quickly become one of my favorite players for the Union. Keep having fun on the pitch. Steamforged should hurry up and show us what all the new poses for all the guilds look like so I can start planning on what guild/s to get next.
  10. Did you see that ninja update they did to finally add Grace & Benediction to the Union? I almost missed it too.
  11. LogicCrash

    MaiquelPS' minis

    Great work on the minis and good luck keeping it up. I like the sarcasm that seems to be dripping from Chisel. As far as the images go it's best to use an image hosting service like imgur, photobucket, or the like.
  12. LogicCrash

    LogicCrash's Combined Guilds

    Also adding in a couple of updated team shots for Alchemist's and Brewer's since all the currently released stuff is painted up.
  13. LogicCrash

    LogicCrash's Combined Guilds

    It's been a while since I updated this so let me get it all caught up before I fall behind later today after picking up Grace and Benediction. First up is Veteran Katalyst. He may have lost his fire abilities but only because he grabbed the sun. If not for the mask over his mouth it would be painted shiny and chrome. Like a lot of these Alchemists I couldn't leave well enough alone so I "fixed" some of the tubing and such. Next is the Herald of the Chose One. Will Midas save her or is she doomed to suffer an early and horrible death? Think the albino came out fairly well on her though her hair is little more pink than I may have wanted. Last but not least for now is Seasoned Brisket to lead some ball playing Union folks. Not quite ready for that yet though because I'm not getting Mist until I can get the Limited Edition. As always comments and criticism are welcome and appreciated. Get out there and paint up some Guild Ball folks!
  14. LogicCrash

    Mounting Models on bases?

    I saw a suggestion on another forum about a year back that was a real eye opener for me. I've never liked slotta bases and pinning holes in feet can be tough, especially on some of these Guild Ball models. What I learned though. Trim down the slots on the model to make the pins. Don't cut it off completely and then pin the feet. Trim down the slotta they put on most models and mount it with those. It's a stronger connection to the model and takes way less time. If you are doing your own bases you can leave a little extra space for sand or do that part first. No matter how you do it though good luck and I hope you find a solution that works for you.
  15. LogicCrash

    RYOAHB Breaksdown Crucible

    Seems like a very good assessment of our newest player. Can't wait to get some games in with her and see how she shakes out. One thing I think we might be overlooking with her is how she is at odds with herself similar to Venin. She wants to go early to put Nimble up but she also wants to go later to put out some of those conditions and get into a good position. I know Venin is on the outs but it seems he'd be a good combo with her too. Venin only applies bleed if they have poison, so if she is nearby they can agonize over paying extra to remove poison or wait for him to slam in some extra damage with a round ending coagulation.