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  1. Azraelthedark

    vGutter card shown

    I'm not sure I see a place for her, I feel SFG have just gone in a little too average(safe) for her. Grapple Hook sounds fun but being a jog it's just so situational and as a few people have mentioned would most likely be better used in counter attack. To me she seems a bit like a weaker version of shank, if you look at the math his more likely to out damage her with his 3 inf as he has a much stronger playbook, his tackle is on the second column and although his max threat isn't as good it's way more reliable. It's not all bad though, that model is amazing and I might play her just for that (casually)
  2. Azraelthedark

    Winter Painting Contest - Finished Entries

    I painted buckwheat as part of an Xmas present.
  3. Azraelthedark

    Idea for Thresher Change

    http://midwestwargaming.com/interview-2017-guild-ball-world-champion-alex-botts/ interview with Alex, he actually says he thinks thresher needs a look at and potentially a couple of other player. I’ve not personally played against thresher so I don’t have an opinion either way but I thought you guys might find this interesting.
  4. Azraelthedark

    Mystery box!

    Mines arrived, pretty much the same as the first picture. Masons and hunters players Mason and Union Dice Limited Edition Mist Honor Chibi Plot cards and big league deck.
  5. Azraelthedark

    Guild Ball: Balance Errata

    I know there aren't any current plans for physical copies but this is something I would be very interested in. A small updated pack containing all cards.
  6. Azraelthedark

    Hunter's Current State

    The new hunters will certainly help, in that the team now have more options. They still won't be competitive and this comes down to a few things; Complexity- Hunters have a lot going on and this all require planning and setup, this will eat away at your clock. Predictable- With all that planning and setup hunters turns are telegraphed. Unforgiving- Hunters don't adapt well, if everything doesn't go to plan it's very difficult for Hunters to overcome this. I find they aren't particularly good at anything, Egret is the most consistent striker in that she requires the least setup but she's below the curve of every other teams striker (including none footbally teams: Brisket, Friday). They have some options for damage, Jaecar is a beast and the Bear if position well can do some work. You'll probably get one or two take outs but you are going to win the takeout game. The captains are both sub par really. I like Skatha and some of the ideas but she just requires too much setup and hoping nothing goes wrong (2 influence for snowball pass and a possible dodge, really?). The hunters really needed a superstar captain, Skatha's sadly not it. The solution- That's the million dollar question, how can you change the hunters to be more competitive but not lose their aesthetic. I don't have the answers but I've been rolling a few ideas around in my head. TheRon- His playbook is confused, his supposed to be a bit of a bruiser and his really not. I'd probably give him mom 1 on his first column, remove the mom result from the second column and replace the 2>> for a 3 on the 5th column. It's just silly he needs 6 hits to get 3 damage atm, even on a snared target it's unlikely unless they are a tank. I also feel he needs a new trait since he lost forest sight. I was thinking of a sort of marksmen theme, once per turn adding a free bonus time to a Character play. I've never like pinned, in my opinion it's a bit out of place or perhaps it's just named incorrectly. I'd like to see it replaced with a 3 cost 3 damage 10" (or dare I say 12", probably too far) character play but Christ lets give him some range his got a long bow after all. Anyway that's enough for now, I've got a few other ideas I might share at some point. Stay strong hunters.
  7. Azraelthedark

    Vet kat, OP or OK?

    Fillet or V. Rage can pretty easily take him out in a single activation. He is really strong but his also very vulnerable and easy to play around. Then once his down to 19 boxes the Alchemist player need to be very careful with his placement. His the epitome of high risk, high reward.
  8. Azraelthedark

    First Light of Solthecius - 2 new union players

    includes one model and stat card for each of the following. That's two models and two stat cards.
  9. Azraelthedark

    metal in the future?

    That's simply not true, I've had them both side by side and there is a real difference. Some of this could be over come by adding more detail free hand and if you are mainly into the gaming side this difference may not bother you. Now I'm not saying they are bad, they just aren't as good as the metal or dare I say it the resin. Now don't get me wrong, I'm excited for this new plastic, I can't wait to get a close look at the Farmers guild and I'm hoping for good things. I equally enjoy the gaming and the painting, I expect the best from both aspects of the game.
  10. Azraelthedark

    metal in the future?

    I know there is, there is also multi piece models in The others but the vast majority of their models in these games are single piece and it is those I'm comparing. Both Blood Rage and the others use multi piece models to get extra detail in there big guys.
  11. Azraelthedark

    Steamforged Blog?

    Whatever happened to the Steamforged blog? Wasn't it supposed to be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday? We haven't had a post since the 21st December. I used to look forward to reading the latest blogs and it seems all news from Steamforged has slowed right down. Additionally we have Pint pot and Granite coming out in a few days and we still haven't seen their cards.
  12. Azraelthedark

    metal in the future?

    They said during the key notes at SteamCon they would be 1 piece PVC. I also believe this was confirmed again on a pod cast with Matt Hart (I can't recall which one). I'd love to be wrong however.
  13. Azraelthedark

    metal in the future?

    There is a difference between high quality plastic and the PVC which both the Kick Off models and Farmers Guild use. Games Workshop despite their many problems are a shinning example of how to produce detailed plastic models, one of the main reasons they look so good is the multi piece sprue molding something Steamforged has stated they aren't doing with there single piece approach. Now I own a whole load of games which use single piece models (zombicide, The Others, Blood Rage) and I can categorically state that although the minis do look great, they are a long way behind the detail levels seen in a number of top miniatures games. If you are fine will less detail for ease of use then you'll have nothing to worry about, unfortunately I'm a sucker for detail so the move to PVC is quite worrying for me. Anyways we haven't seen any good pictures of the Farmers guild yet and Steamforged had stated they have some new version of PVC which holds the detail a whole lot better. So lets wait and see.
  14. Azraelthedark

    Do support@ reply to emails?

    Support have always been top notch for me, I've had to contact them a couple of times re-some missing arm or leg which fell off the sprue.
  15. Azraelthedark

    Existing guilds metal models

    Not something I've experience often, I mean yes it does happen but in my entire gaming experience it can't have been more than a handful of times. Also you can get a hard box carry case for airports. If your foam trays inserts are the right size the models should barely have any movement, you can also mark the case as fragile and pad out the minis with off cuts of foam trays.