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  1. Hey man, we spoke on our local website, and I have been too busy to check these forums lately, but if you want any support or anything please feel free to message me again and we can work something out!
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    OH ya, I saw the butcher's one as the fisherman logo for some reason. Those make sense. Good on you!
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    I can name all of them except that last one, could be Morticians or Butchers, but I don't really get what it's supposed to be haha Union is still missing though
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    GB keeper s3?

    I too, would like to know this. All of these android apps would have been great when I had an android device! I recently switched, and one of my deciding points was as long as there was a decent Guild Ball app for iOS then I was fine. I hope it gets updated soon! I'd even be willing to help haha
  5. My name is Kyriose and I play games at Great Canadian games and hobbies every second saturday. I will be there this coming Saturday to run some demo games of guild ball. If you are in the area and want to try the game out, stop on by between 6pm and midnight!