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  1. Mascot Time! Frelsi

    Not really. Eagles are quite commonly used as hunting birds.
  2. The Captain: Devana

    A few thoughts. It seems likely, that Rundaas will also have access to Harrier (since Harrier is OPT while the blog post states Falconers can place a max of three Harrier effects, and Rundaas has a bird on his shoulder like the two known Harrier providers). Frelsi will have a massive threat range . I think we can safely assume he´ll have "Flying", and I´d be very surprised if he had a base move below 6". "Hack Back" is also not towards Devana. Since he is a huge freaking eagle I also assume he is on the Fahad/Scum/Princess/Buckwheat/etc. side of mascots, i.e. aggressive and damage oriented. Definitely a 1/4" KICK. Really looking forward to next week, since Big Bird seems to be quite important to the team. As for Devana herself... - She is not as squishy as I expected her to be based on Mataagi/Minerva. You still don´t want her stuck in a scrum. - She is fine with both just a couple of inf and fully loaded, depending whether or not you want her in the thick of it or a bit back. Best case activation (Frelsi and Harrier already in position) is awesome and allows her to kill pretty much anything, and even if she has to move either or both she will bring pain. Even if she gets pushed away or dodged away from she can finish with a massive "Death from above" strike if the enemy is within a Harrier AoE. - She really wants/needs both those Harrier AoEs and Frelsi. But neither is that difficult to get in position thanks to her character plays (and the fact we can place up to 3 Harrier AoEs). She definitely wants to activate late/last and pick her targets carefully though. - She can move the ball around quite well. The ball carrier needs to be in a Harrier AoE, but Tac 9 means her 4 success tackle is reachable, meaning she can move the ball over 20" in a round. Frelsi goal runs will certainly happen, even if he has 1/4" KICK.
  3. Next Minor Guilds

    Next is Falconers (for Hunters), then technically church for Union, though they will be part of union proper until season 4, when they'll become the minor guild. Navigators (for Fishermen) seem to be after that.
  4. vMinx card shown

    They do, but VetMinx pairs well with just about anyone (Seenah, Fahad and Ulfr less so but still well enough). Egrets goal threat is just covered well enough by VetMinx with a imo better tackle and just 1“ less threat range.
  5. vMinx card shown

    For now I'll replace Egret with her. Never really had much success with her for some reason. 1“ linear goal threat and her ranged plays are an acceptable price for what she brings.
  6. vMinx card shown

    Charges still involve attacks and AoEs that require TN tests are usually still character plays, so Heightened Senses applies to both. To be honest, she pretty much is an auto-include for me. She is indeed different from oMinx, but provides all I hoped for and more. I expected Furious, but cheaper and longer charges for everyone else is much prefereable to me.
  7. vet minx traps and tough hide

    Since it's not the play itself dealing damage but rather the trap, which is a trait on her card, it should bypass Tough Hide and deal full damage.
  8. My Blacksmiths (:

    Looking really great. I'll be stealing how you used the colors to break up the armor's monotony, especially on Iron.
  9. Who Dis.?

    So no regular release at all, or just not of this particular sculpt with a regular one coming later? The later seems more logical (because an exclusive and limited player seems rather unfair, while a limited sculpt has more than enough precedent).
  10. New Hunters info in SFG blog

    Rulebook explicitly says that placing is not a reposition (see page 13). But since it was clarified allready it's resolved anyway.
  11. New Hunters info in SFG blog

    What I meant was snared model leaving vHearnes melee zone, triggering a parting blow. With damage vHearne gets again placed within 1“ of the model, and so on if the model keeps on walking out of the melee zone. This would circumvent the “No movement“ rule of parting blows.
  12. New Hunters info in SFG blog

    Hm, couple of interactions that'll need clarification (unless they were clarified and I missed it): 1.) Snowball and regular ball both on Skatha, she get's tackled (counterattack or parting blow), does she loose both balls or could the snowball be sacrificed as a close control replacement? 2.) This was brought up back when vHearne was leaked. Lunar Eclipse on parting blow, does it work? As written it should, but is it intended. That being said, I like them even if the tactic write ups and Theron's assesment are rather... optimistic.
  13. New Hunters info in SFG blog

    Though the example activation given in the blog post won't work if he was 2/3 (unless he can deal damage without influence). Sprint, Where'd they go?, attack (for the damage for better kick) and kick makes 4. If Blessing or Last Light was required I feel they would have written it differently.
  14. Back of Marbles' card

    It´s mainly the reversal of expectations I guess. The dangers of hype. They made so many changes to reduce dependencies between players and and to ease up required positions, only to make Marbles quite unappealing outside of very specific positions and groupings. As said, I will wait until I have used him a couple of times to form a proper opinion but the first impression is that, unless they made changes to his playbook, I see little reason to use him outside of giving Honour her assist. The again, I´m pretty bad with properly rating players on paper, so let´s wait and see.
  15. Back of Marbles' card

    That´s a bummer. I thought they wanted to reduce dependencies between players, and yet they even increased them for Masons. I will wait until I see the full picture until I form my final opinion, but I´m really not liking that I either have to have fixed half of a team (Honour, Marbles, Harmony and Brick) or accept that I don´t make full use of the player. Not to mention that, unless they changed Marble´s playbook, it doesn´t really need this restriction for balance reasons either. I sure hope Granite´s synergy with Marbles and Brick is of a more general kind. It´s a shame, really. This is literally the first Season 3 change I don´t like (and yes, that includes the nerfs to Honour).