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  1. Keel

    Brick's blind spot

    Brick is still very powerful. Still a fantastic battery, and unconditional counter charge is still something your opponent has to play around (even if it is now easier to play around). Not to mention the double bubble with Marbles. He won't be in every six anymore but he's not the guaranteed drop from my twelve either.
  2. Keel

    Brick's blind spot

    I mean, that hardly is surprising. The change to his melee range had the intention to open up more counterplay to countercharge to bring Brick's pickrate down. Other things this affects is that a single mov reduction now reduces his bubble. Unpredictable Movement also offers more protection now. Your example is even one that can be countered rather easily by bringing Marbles (which you still will if you bring Brick). His bubble can cover Brick's blind spot and a 2“ model that is placed to use it is also in position to be pushed out of melee with it's target by Marbles.
  3. Keel

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    Quite happy indeed. Seenah was the obvious "Fuck yeah" moment. That bear became the monster the story made him (her?) out to be. With up to mom 6 dmg (before Isolated Target or Harrier), Crucial Artery and early KD he will bring the pain. Add that he can even function as a minor battery now and I can finally play one of the models that brought me to Hunters without feeling handycapped. Ulfr was underwhelming at first glance, but upon further consideration is now a very solid striker. 20" goal threat, Lone Hunter actually being a bonus due to his shortened playbook and easier mom T mean he can score on his own, but goes to eleven with Skatha. Chaska is also great. While he lost the triple (quadruple ?) Boombox the increased range and damage mean he can be a great battery if blessed. Mom 2 on 2 also greatly improve his fighting capabilities, especially paired with his mom >> on 1. Skatha we knew about, but her changes can´t be overstated. Both her personal goal threat and support capabilities improved greatly with the change to her blessing. Snow is also interesting. Lost "Oooh, Ball..." but gained loved creature. I´m not sure yet if the change in Pack Mentality is a nerf, buff or lateral change. 2/6" Kick is great to have on a mascot. Zarola might be usefull for something besides Midnight Offering now. Theron´s only change makes him so much simpler to use, which I am incredibly happy about.
  4. Keel

    S4 Masons complete spoiler

    Looks really great. Right now I don´t see a dud among them yet. Most players are functionally or entirely the same. Even Hammer, who maybe got a slight nerf in that he lost one attack of he fully buffs himself, but in turn gained a permanent kick dice. A few more subtle things I noticed: Honour gained a generated influence. Mallet´s Forefull Blow doesn´t require to damage with the charge attack, only to make a successfull attack. Knockback doesn´t affect plays anymore (not that it mattered since Tower lost Shutout) Loved Creature might trigger even on a parting blow? No more mention of advances in the text. The big changes are obviously Granite, oChisel, Wrecker and Vet Harmony. Granit we saw before. oChisel finally deserves the title of glas cannon. Native Tac 6 and 5 long playbook with the usual Mason damage spread and Iron Fist, which she can use for both influence or momentum. And she became better at kicking and gained 1 HP. Wrecker is in permanent Roller Ball mode, but can still attack. Lost "That´s not the ball", which was a fun trait but rarely if ever mattered. Also Battering Ram, but that we knew allready. VetHarmony now truly is an attacking midfielder. Mom 2 on 2 mean she can do decent fighting, and Field Medic means she cleans conditions while doing so. Also gained 2 HP. So yeah, really great. I think we are in a good spot in season 4. Edit: Missed that Brick lost 2" reach. Well, I suppose we couldn´t get away with only buffs.
  5. Keel

    S4 Masons complete spoiler

    The two who mainly needed changes were oChisel and Granite, and we know the latter got a nice rework. I expect Chisel to get a pretty big rework actually, considering what they said about unused traits and plays. Besides Crazy none of the traits or plays of Chisel really have an impact whenever I play her. But besides those two plus Wrecker Masons got a pretty good internal balance, so for the rest I expect mainly wording and global changes but nothing too deep.
  6. Keel

    Traps mechanics changing.

    Farmers don't have models for their markers either. I don't see trap markers needing specific representations now that they all do the same. Any 30mm sized marker should do.
  7. Keel

    Gut and string nerfed.

    Some maybe, but not universally. Hammer's Iron Fist was given as an example and that changes to cost 1, with Hammer going to 4/6 in “return“ (no mention of if and how the steal influence aspect changes). We'll have to wait and see.
  8. Keel

    Season 4 changes

    So far I like all the mechanical changes that come to season 4. How they will impact my Masons I'll wait and see how the models change. Speculating on that based on partial information won't help.
  9. Keel

    Resin Hunters

    Yeah, at least the ones I had hopes for (Skatha, Vet Hearne and Ulfr) took everything I dislike about the original scultps and added to that... I do really like most of the Sun Father team though (minus Hearne, who has a weird pose, and Fahad who didn´t change), and the goal is the nicer one, so I will get that. Not immediatly, though.
  10. Keel

    Tokens after S4?

    Season 4 will also bring a balance pass though. Changing, removed or new plays and traits are quite likely. I´ll wait with my marker purchases until season 4 dropped.
  11. Well, split background would be useless since the minor guilds share their parent guild's background (both Mortis and Ratcatchers are black, both Hunters and Falconers are green) anyway. Split logo could be argued about, but I'd say the logos on the back are all that is needed. Other keywords are also only presented there. Not to mention season 4 will most likely get rid of the friendly/friendly guild split anyway.
  12. Keel

    Mascot Time! Frelsi

    Not really. Eagles are quite commonly used as hunting birds.
  13. Keel

    The Captain: Devana

    A few thoughts. It seems likely, that Rundaas will also have access to Harrier (since Harrier is OPT while the blog post states Falconers can place a max of three Harrier effects, and Rundaas has a bird on his shoulder like the two known Harrier providers). Frelsi will have a massive threat range . I think we can safely assume he´ll have "Flying", and I´d be very surprised if he had a base move below 6". "Hack Back" is also not towards Devana. Since he is a huge freaking eagle I also assume he is on the Fahad/Scum/Princess/Buckwheat/etc. side of mascots, i.e. aggressive and damage oriented. Definitely a 1/4" KICK. Really looking forward to next week, since Big Bird seems to be quite important to the team. As for Devana herself... - She is not as squishy as I expected her to be based on Mataagi/Minerva. You still don´t want her stuck in a scrum. - She is fine with both just a couple of inf and fully loaded, depending whether or not you want her in the thick of it or a bit back. Best case activation (Frelsi and Harrier already in position) is awesome and allows her to kill pretty much anything, and even if she has to move either or both she will bring pain. Even if she gets pushed away or dodged away from she can finish with a massive "Death from above" strike if the enemy is within a Harrier AoE. - She really wants/needs both those Harrier AoEs and Frelsi. But neither is that difficult to get in position thanks to her character plays (and the fact we can place up to 3 Harrier AoEs). She definitely wants to activate late/last and pick her targets carefully though. - She can move the ball around quite well. The ball carrier needs to be in a Harrier AoE, but Tac 9 means her 4 success tackle is reachable, meaning she can move the ball over 20" in a round. Frelsi goal runs will certainly happen, even if he has 1/4" KICK.
  14. Keel

    Next Minor Guilds

    Next is Falconers (for Hunters), then technically church for Union, though they will be part of union proper until season 4, when they'll become the minor guild. Navigators (for Fishermen) seem to be after that.
  15. Keel

    vMinx card shown

    They do, but VetMinx pairs well with just about anyone (Seenah, Fahad and Ulfr less so but still well enough). Egrets goal threat is just covered well enough by VetMinx with a imo better tackle and just 1“ less threat range.