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  1. Anudem

    Let's start taking tactics

    My suggestion is to keep him on an extreme wing outside the threat of other models after his first goal then use Devana's air mail to deliver him the ball.
  2. Anudem

    Let's start taking tactics

    If that build is "made for speed and goal scoring" then why is Mitaagi not in the line up?
  3. Anudem

    Thoughts on Playing for Takeouts?

    You could make him a 3/2 pretty easily, and 4/2 with a little work.
  4. Anudem

    Let's start taking tactics

    I've been playing the Falconer's mainly since I started painting them up. My impressions so far is that they are unimpressive. I am struggling to figure out how to make them "flow" better. I'm not here to be negative, I would really like to discuss in depth strats to make this team not feel like a self inflicted handicap. My main issue with the Falconer's is how it feels like you're always setting up Denava for a big turn. While she can certainly deal impressive damage, using my models as a one model set up is not a viable strategy. I think individually every model is great in their role, but something cohesive is missing when I play them, and if I were to pick out one thing it feels like their damage output is strung up with Denava. Rundaas is a great model, but he'll chip damage and set-up other models. Same with Minerva. And maybe it wouldn't be that bad if the Falconer's didn't die to a stiff breeze. Rundaas is the tankiest model on the base team, but he is about as tanky as a Blacksmith apprentence. In the games I've played Falconer's I have won pnce against a Mason's player who over committed Brick, who I one turned with Denava. Up to now I've been playing the base team. Again, individually I think they all have their merits. New Vet Hearne looks good, but unsure who I would swap out. I have no hope for Egret in Falconers.
  5. Anudem

    Misprint or intentional?

    I think you have it correct.
  6. Anudem

    Misprint or intentional?

    New Flurry is not a pulse.
  7. Anudem

    Question about traps

    Also, character plays (Tudal surge, puppet string) that move your models and make them friendly to your opponent during that movment will also trigger traps. So beware of that.
  8. Anudem

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    If they only damage the model, you get an auto 1" dodge plus your counter which can potentially get you disengaged from most models.
  9. Anudem

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    Flea has a kinship with animals, and Ulfr could use a bro. #ABro4Ulfr
  10. Anudem

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    So I've been fairly bombastic with my thoughts on Flea, but then something gave me pause. Reviewing the hunter cards last night I remembered Ulfr has the animal trait. I love Ulfr. Could you imagine if we could give Ulfr a bro? I have softened my stance on Flea on this alone.
  11. Anudem

    Minerva in Hunters.

    Mitaagi's ranged tackle and 8" kick is strong with Skatha. Minerva is a very strong support model. I don't think you'll ever regret having access to a Harrier AoE.
  12. Anudem

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    The scraps keep us hungry
  13. Anudem

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    Says a lot about Flea. People are too enamored with the animal idea. He's not gonna sync up with Seenah, he's gonna have charmed animal. Champ and Layne sound like the impact models but people gotta have "muh fluff." I'd be ok with Edge.
  14. Anudem

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    Nobody wants Flea yet Hunter players want him the most. It's a wash. Striker's win games but for some reason nobody is interested in a model that was compared to Shark and Mist.
  15. Anudem

    Entire Hunter and Falcons release date

    Why? It's what Theron does now, just changing the name of the CP