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  1. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    1) My opponent is a pretty good player but I did catch him flat on his feet. We talked about it and even if he didn't kick with Thresher that is still preferable for me because Thresher is not in a position to threat. 2) Failing to Pin would suck. Suck a ton. But we play a dice game, so I'm gonna try regardless. If Theron fails to Pin Zarola would pull Theron back to safety as I curse. I also get two tries at Snipe to build momentum so I can bonus time Pinned on a hopefully snared Thresher so odds are pretty favorable to land the Pin. 3) I don't fail to Boom box, it's too important. If I do, hopfully Thresher is still chipped up enough to take out on the first activation of turn two. 4) Egret sucks.
  2. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    Can't figure out which thread to put this in, and I don't want to create a thread so here we go. So one of the regulars in my meta picked up Farmer's and has been thrashing the other guys for the past few weeks with Thresher, since it was my turn this week I dropped a build I've been interested in trying out against Farmer's. Theron, Snow, Vet Hearne, Chaska, Egret, Zarola Vs Thresher, Buckwheat, Tater, Millstone, Harrow, Jackstraw He win's roll off and elects to kick, which is what I want. He kicks off using Thresher and the game is over from there. A fully loaded up Theron Sun Strike's himself and Chaska and chips Thresher up with some shots and lands Pinned onto Thresher and BOTSF Chaska. My opponent uses Millstone to place harvest markers next to Thresher giving me my out with Theron. I Midnight offering Theron out of charge threat and behind his forest and now my entire team is out of his threat range and unable to generate momentum. I pass the ball to Chaska to dodge him into position, and thanks to Pinned he is safe from Thresher until I decide to unload on Thresher. My opponent gets Tater up to threaten countercharge, but I'm not too concerned because my character plays can play around his threat. I eventually go in on Thresher and Quad Boom Box him to two health, and I win roll off with a fat stack of momentum. Next turn I kill Thresher off with Snipe and his Tater with Pinned, then use my last influence to run behind an obstruction. With Tater and Thresher controlled the entire match, my opponent had no chance to ever find his groove. I eventually win 12-2 with 4 kills (Thresher x2, Tater, Jackstraw) and a goal from Egret (she still sucks). As Thresher likes to kick off to get into position, this felt like a great game. I could do without Egret, and the only thing Zarola did was the first turn Midnight Offering which likely was the lynch pin to the rest of the game. I honestly fear Grange more than Thresher. He brings in a ton of boxes and Fallow looks like an absolute terror into Hunters.
  3. Let's Talk Hunter's - Jaecar

    Yes, that is a way it can be used. This is why Jaecar's push/dodge on 4 is so important as he can push a model into his own trap. He can also position it so the second the model moves it becomes snared (no dodging out to avoid the snare). One way to mitigate this is to have another model trigger the snare or even better, have a model already snared activate the trap. If you didn't like Jaecar's trap shenanigans, you're really not going to enjoy the Chaska "I Boom Box you 1 micrometer to trigger my snare and now my remaining Boom Boxes are easier to hit."
  4. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    I think a big part of my Vet Hearne boner comes from my Chaska experience. Dude, have you ever quad boom boxed anything? Because it's a drug, and I'm addicted. This may be why I prefer Vet Hearne's playbook. My normal activation with Vet Hearne is to give him zero or one inf and use him to Last Light Chaska. That's usually it. I can see oHearne being bette should I want more, but between Theron, Minx and Chaska I am already low on influence to give. If I were to not use Chaska, my play with oHearne would probably increase.
  5. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    I'll give oHearne more love and try him out. I disagree with the playbook argumebt at this time. I don't use Hearne as a damage dealer, but more intermittent support. Momentous damage is nice, but I'm already not using Hearne for his damage output. Momentous KD see's way more action than oHearne's momentous damage. We already have enough models dealing damage that the influence pool is already strapped, and to me oHearne is at the lower end of the priority list for influence allocation. Vet Hearne's teleport is non-existant so I'm fine with cedeing how good the forest teleport is with Vet Hearne. I don't buy the boring argument as well. Boring doesn't have anything to do with the efficiency and effectiveness of a model.
  6. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    I'd like your input on this. Why do you think oHearne is better with Theron that Vet Hearne? Outside of the obvious forest synergy, what does oHearne bring to your Theron build? Yes, the forest teleport is strong, but how often do you load up oHearne with influence? My experience has been that Vet Hearne's last light is very synergistic with Theron and he brings an extra influence to the party. Being able to fuel up character players, with character plays with the Last Light/Sun Strike combo has been very strong in my games. BOTSF is a good heroic, but it feels redundant with Theron.
  7. Let's Chat : Seenah

    What is your current 10 man list? Admittedly, I have not played oHearne very much since the errata, but while he is certainly better I find myself playing Vet Hearne way more consistently. Vet Hearne IMO has simply a better playbook, especially the mom KD/T on two. Outside of Seenah, Hunter's really lack in the KD game, and loading up Hearne periodically to KD a couple of models is pretty useful. I think my use of Vet Hearne over oHearne is because of my current Theron lineup of: Theron, Fahad, Chaska, Minx, Vet Hearne, Seenah/Jaecar/Ulfr (That last slot is a doozy to fill, but it as usually been Seenah or Ulfr). Really it's a Chaska rock N' roll build, with Chaska getting a potential quad boom box while fueling up his own momentum. The list is strong, it just struggles with scoring. I'd like to pick your brain a little more regarding your Hunter's line-up, maybe I'll jog over to your main thread after this post. Anyways on topic. I say all this because I think Vet Hearne is good and depending on your 10 man roster, maybe you can fit Seenah somewhere else. I really like to use Seenah, especially into non-punch teams like Engineer's and Alchs. Seenah is also fairly strong into Morts, but if you see Casket keep her in your bag. He completely neuters the bear (which is saying something because it's a female bear!). If playing into Morts (or really any team) reveal the bear pick for last, as players will generally tend to hate pick against the bear. You could try to do some weird psychological game with your opponent knowing this, but really that'd be a waste of time. A lot of people will say that the bear is a momentum farm, or gets ganged up upon, making her less optimal. While this may be true, I've never found this a big enough issue to not take the bear. No, what I think is really the bears biggest weakness is how susceptible to KD she is. I can usually shake off 2-3 models engaging the bear between her roar and pushes. What I can't do is control the pitch with her when she is face down in the mud because Buckwheat knocked her off balance. At def 2, getting knocked down is not optimal. Factor this in with her relatively low momentum contribution towards the team, standing her up with a momentum is quite costly. And you're going to need to stand her up, because should you sacrifice movement, she cannot use her free charge. I say this as a player who is not negative about the bear. I love Seenah. She's one of my favorite models to use. Her low two inf cap is easy to justify allocating to, as she (IMO) does a lot with that two influence. I don't like to use her as a flank. We already have some of the best flanking models in the game, and if you send her out wide, your opponent can keep their distance from her easily. I like to bully her up the board in the middle, behind the screen of the front line. I hate when my Hunter's get engaged, so I threaten the bear behind my juicier targets letting my opponent know that should they commit a model into my side I will answer in kind with a bear to the face (neck, leg, groin, and ass). I don't like to front line the bear because then she gets overwhelmed and controlled by my opponent.
  8. Thanks. Gonna streamline the link a little as this goes to all the video's in the library and not the specific event which can be found here:
  9. Falconers!

    Good thing its a bear market.
  10. Falconers!

    When I was getting into the game, a local at the shop told me when SFG announced Seenah they used the John Cena meme, so I am going with that.
  11. Based only on the score, Botts's first game into Engineer's looked close. I'd love to know the lineups the Hunter players used. I'm sure Peter will be on the DoubleDodge podcast to talk about his games in depth, which I look forward to.
  12. http://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=630 Congrats to all the participants to making it to the world finals!
  13. Falconers!

    I'm sure you think that. If we're generous we can allow the German word j├Ąger for Jaecar. Could you provide the others?
  14. Falconers!

    So Vet Seenah is a thing....hot!
  15. Falconers!

    https://m.imgur.com/r/ImagesOfThe2010s/nkmHw Who's the spirit bear? Better be Seenah!