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  1. Sherwin


    Just to jump in here, she’s absolutely not.
  2. I’ll step in here and see if I can shed some light. We’re tracking two different things during this campaign. Firstly the total number of games played for each Guild. This determines the position in the draft. To be clear, this isn’t dependant on which player you report for - all games will contribute, regardless of the player chosen. Secondly, we’re tracking the popularity of each player at each Guild. When your draft comes up, you’ll automatically draft your most popular player, unless they've already been drafted, in which case you’ll get the next most popular player that is available. Hopefully that helps!
  3. Sherwin

    The Free Cities Draft

    Assuming Jamie doesn’t play around with the order, Monday’s child has pretty solid hair. Like the rest of him, in fact.
  4. Sherwin

    Gaps in fiction?

    Pleased to have been able to help.
  5. Sherwin

    Salt ftw!

    The amount of people who are asking me to murder the poor lass is remarkable. One has to wonder how she won, considering.
  6. I very rarely troll people, good sir. Far too much of that already existing on the internet. Yes, you can safely assume the Alchemist's Guild do not have a seat on the Shadow Council.
  7. ...perhaps not. Worth mention that having a team in the game at present does not equate to a place on the shadow council. At present, I count mentioned by name Butchers, Morticians, Fishermen, Astronomers, Engineers, and Messengers. Blacksmiths were only fairly recently confirmed also.
  8. Sherwin


    100% confirmed. Seenah has a doctorate in Thuganomics
  9. Sherwin


    Morning guys! Just a quick update - at the SteamCon US we had a couple of art briefs with older (and incorrect) names from Doug. The correct names for these players are Minerva (Minnerva), and Mataagi (Falcon). Sorry for the mix-up. If any of you guys had seen my hastily concealed look of confusion last night, I imagine it was quite a picture!
  10. Sherwin

    General Question about Death on the Pitch (fluff)

    Nope. It's safe to say that so far the Hunters have shown no interest whatsoever in the machinations of the other Guilds. By nature, the Hunter's Guild are very different to each of the others, having only recently come to the sport and with barely any of the unspoken agreements or understanding existing between the other Guilds. And some players, like Hearne have their own issues - it's entirely feasible that his actions could have indicated a darker twist in his personality as he struggled against the Winter Queen's influence. Will this change? Well, Obulus' letter might well have something to do with that...
  11. Sherwin

    Wake up and smell the chains!

    No comment..
  12. Sherwin

    Proposal about Harry...

    #vengeanceforquistis just became my favourite thing about this campaign. You guys are awesome.
  13. Sherwin

    An unexpected ally.

    I'd wondered how long before the canny Farmer and Blacksmith players started negotiating their services to the other Guilds. Just make sure you earn yourself that influence or coin you're in need of...
  14. Sherwin

    Let's Bring Decimate Home, Laddies!

    Leadership struggles between rivals may be one thing, but there's only one true Usurper...
  15. Sherwin

    Hemlocke not Minx?

    This would be correct.