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  1. WTC Friday Night GRUDGE MATCHES

    Sounds good to me... you guys might be the first to see some interesting new sculpts too.
  2. Scholar's Guild Summer Challenge Results

    I'm glad that you did. The touch of humour you injected into the piece when Toolbox was searching for something to use against Boar was a very nice touch - not overstated, just subtle enough to earn a chuckle and then move on with the story so that the pace kept up. Great work! I really hope that this is encouragement to keep you writing!
  3. Scholar's Guild Summer Challenge Results

    I look forward to it. The best part about events for me is having the chance to speak with our fans that really enjoy the world and characters in it, and the seminars are always a lot of fun. You guys really humble me with your enthusiasm. With regards to Red Skies at Dawn, I really enjoyed how you captured Honour in your story, I think you smashed your take on her character out of the park.
  4. Hi guys! Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who took part in the Scholar's Guild Summer Challenge. It's been great to see so many of you get involved, and I've had an awful lot of fun reading through your submissions. I especially loved how several of you interwove existing characters and the Guild Ball universe into your stories, often in subtle and characterful ways. Choosing winners was very difficult as so many entries were of a very high standard, but I've read through them all and posted winners below. Congratulations to @TwoBands, @Paelan, and @Cutegoth13! 1st Place - Red Skies at Dawn, by TwoBands. 2nd Place - Bag of Tricks, by Paelan 3rd Place - Waiting for the Wheat Poppy to Ripen, by Cutegoth13 Also, just a quick shout-out to the following - each of your stories were extremely close to the top three, and I wanted to just give you a well-deserved word of appreciation. Seyfret, Astronomer Savant, by Siberys A Rookies Reflection, by Charlie Call of the Wild, by Lumpyseven Welcome to the Big Leagues, by Redtiger7 Thanks everyone for taking part, and I look forward to the next one! Sherwin
  5. Season Four Solthecian Player

    I'll keep that in mind. Just in to confirm though, the Solthecian faith really doesn't get along with Mechanica. In their view, the Mechanica are vessels possessed by demonic entities.
  6. Hunters have too many 2" melee zones

    The disparity between the Sun Father and Solthecius isn't as great as you'd think...
  7. Dead Players **Fluff Spoilers**

    Probably a combination of both. I imagine the swarm explodes into a mass of biting and scratching fury, only for the live rats to skulk back when Graves calls them.
  8. Scholar's Guild Summer Challenge

    Sure, go for it. I don't see why we wouldn't have a Carpenter's Guild of some description or another.
  9. Dead Players **Fluff Spoilers**

    At time of writing, this is correct. For the sake of completeness however, several Dirge and Mainsprings have also died / been destroyed, and technically Velocity was destroyed in season two, before Pin Vice rebuilt her.
  10. [spoilers] Season 3 Brewers Fluff

    I like '#saveamber'. Don't worry, I'm sure it's not the last we've seen of her.
  11. Theron's Backstory

    Thanks guys. For those Athena fans out there, don't worry - I'm sure it's not the last we've seen of her...
  12. We'll be learning a little more about the standard in Part V. If you're looking to keep canon, Theron's coat is Red, and his trousers white, like an old English Red Coat. Hope that helps!
  13. Guild Ball Violence Levels?

    In the first Season Rulebook there was a short section called 'Of Life and Death in Guild Ball', which might be missing from the PDF sheets (I'd need to check). In this the Physician's Guild were discussed, and their mysterious and wonderful craft - crucially, how it may be that they are able to heal players who have been injured on the field. One of the vital things that they are capable of is 'magically assisted healing', which is never directly challenged by any of the other Guilds. It's one of the very few instances of magic in our world, and is definitely a secretive (and undefined) science, the treatments for which are as unlike the medical science of our world as Alchemy is to Chemistry. With regards to the Game Rules, player deaths on the field are definitely frowned upon, and extremely rare instances. Any time one occurs, it is a significant event, which is not commonplace in the slightest.
  14. Theron's Backstory

    To be fair, Compound has never been a particularly nice character...