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  1. Has anyone tried adjusting the number of souls so they scale with the difficulty of enemies and encounters? Like, each enemy is worth their combined defense+wound value?
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    Discount Voucher is still active

    Which voucher?
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    add-ons + tretch goals DSBG?

    During the undoing video for the Asylum/Stray Daemon and the Four Kings, they also suggested they may very well sell those KS Exclusives at cons like GenCon. I hope so, as I was fool enough to not 'full-back' the project at the time. I'm a completist, so REALLY want that Executioner Chariot and, especially for the Iron Keep, the Old Iron King... @cougarhunter I'd recommend watching through their unblocking/streaming videos: they answer lots of questions there, usually towards the end of each. As for stuff like the metal Aggr token... pretty sure that won't see the retail light of day😩
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    Game rules

    I can say, with 4 players in the campaign, and starting off with 2 adjacent tier 1 rooms, you can LITERALLY infinite-farm, level up, and restore your sparks. Like... the grind is trivial. You may as well just say you've gone through the encounters, collect souls, reset the spark every 8 souls, and flip a few dozen cards as your group levels up to tier 3 across the board without a problem.
  5. Just curious, as I’m still not clear on this...what’s the point of the first player token?
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    Summons - Has anyone tried them?

    Where's the print an play stuff available from?
  7. What would you like to see in these, if they were ever to become expansions? I’ll start off: Sen’s Fortress -dedicated tiles (6). -‘moving’ guillotine tokens, each taking up 2 nodes, moving when Enemies activate. - 3x serpent soilders - 3x serpent mages - 2x Balder Knights - 2x Vagrants - Undead Prince Ricard - Iron Golem Blighttown: - Dedicated Tiles (6) - Tile ‘Scaffold inserts:’ each with a 1-2-1-2-1 node lay-out that can only have interactions with/between Enemies/Characters while both/either are on them. - Randomized ‘ladder’ tokens to get ‘onto/off of’ Scaffolds - no idea about Enemies... thoughts?
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    add-ons + tretch goals DSBG?

    A summary, confirmed on FB: Wave 2: Add-Ons (shipping in July 2018) Darkroot Basin Expansion 9 Tile Set Darkroot Basin/Iron Keep Gaping Dragon Expansion Black Dragon Kalameet Expansion Asylum Demon Expansion Vordt of the Boreal Valley Expansion Four Kings Expansion (KS Exclusive) Old Iron King Expansion (KS Exclusive) Guardian Dragon Expansion (KS Exclusive) Dice Pack (Backer Kit Exclusive)? Wave 3 (shipping in September 2018) Player Character Expansion & Armour Set Pack Invader & Summons Expansion Pack Core Game Expansion Iron Keep Expansion Metal Aggro Token (KS Exclusive)
  9. This idea is really simple: When an enemy attacks you, roll dice as though you were attacking. Enemy rolls a number of black dice equal to the amount of damage they would normally inflict. If you equal or exceed, you cancel their damage. If they exceed, you take damage equal to the difference. Thoughts? Level the enemies dice colours per their Encounter level? Only allow one Parry attempt an Encounter? Just spitballing.
  10. Thanks, Flamehearted! I know the page. I’m more interested where it says you can spend Souls while not on the Bonfire tile. All underlines are mine: pg. 13 - “Home Base” Another important party resource on the Bonfire tile is the soul cache...and are used in numerous ways when interacting with the non-player characters, Blacksmith Andre and the Firekeeper. pg. 14 - “Blacksmith Andre” When the party returns to the Bonfire between encounters, they may visit Blacksmith Andre to purchase treasure, change equipment, and upgrade equipment. To purchase treasure, remove 1 soul from the soul cache... Characters can change equipment only when they visit Blacksmith Andre. pg 15 - “The Firekeeper The party may visit the Firekeeper to level up and restore luck. To level up, a character must spend souls... characters can also restore luck at the Firekeeper. A character must spend 1 soul... So, that all seems pretty straight-forward and clear to me: you MUST return to the Bonfire if you want to interact with NPCs (thus resetting the encounters), and interacting with the NPCs is the ONLY WAY to spend souls. I cannot find anything in the rulebook or FAQ/Errata that contradicts this. Don’t get me wrong: I REALLY want to find something which DOES contradict this...
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    Parry as an alternative to Dodge or Armour?

    The wording needs to be tweaked, but we’re going to play test this along with the excellent Tiered Equipment/Merchant mod from here.
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    Parry as an alternative to Dodge or Armour?

    Thanks! Yeah, I’ve had some feedback from pretty dedicated boardgame and dark souls players, and we’re thinking something like this: I think the easy answer is that you can parry but if you fail you take the damage (reduced by armor as normal), plus the action costs 1 stamina. If you succeed you take no damage, immediately strike the enemy back, but it costs an extra stamina. The dice rolled would be your shield/great weapon’s stat. "Silver Knight strikes you for four damage" Choose to parry Roll just defensive dice allowed to you for 1 of your equipped and active weapons If you roll "x" you succeed, where X could be a number of successes equal to the enemies dodge characteristic. You MUST spend 2 stamina You MUST attack the target that you parried with a standard attack If you roll "not x" you fail You roll your armor check as normal, but without the dice you would get from the weapon you used to parry You MUST spend 1 stamina.” Now it shares a mechanical similarity to dodge, but with enough difference to feel unique, and makes you choose between taking the hit, parrying, or dodging...
  13. Great! Can you point to the page in the rulebook or FAQ where it says that?
  14. So, here’s a ‘duh’ question I’m sure, but... after an encounter is cleared, do you have to go rest at the bonfire to spend Souls, resenting all the encounters? Or can you spend Souls/reset your endurance, and then move onto the next encounter? Replect FAQ thread says you don’t have to go rest, but the rulebook seems to say that you do, and it resets all encounters. Seems clear, but I just wanna make sure.
  15. So, I've been combing through images on Google, and I'm having a hard time finding a nice, crisp image of what-exactly-the coloring on regular (NOT Royal) Sentinels is. I believe the tabard is white (not blue), but is the armor a brassy color, or silver? edit: never mind, I see what 'my' mistake was: the minis are Royal Sentinels, though they're called Sentinels: brassy armor and white tabard a it is!
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    Painted miniatures

    Yeah, but that's way more then just paint and moss! The bases are flat and plain, not covered with cobblestones and tiles!
  17. I’ve been playing DSTBG solo a lot recently, and played with a few other players last night, which really got me thinking about the game as it stands right now, as well as possible future plans that Alex and the game devs might have/want to hear... -an official Tier/Firekeeper mod released as a mini expansion for the treasure deck. The house rules on here are THE way to go for spells/miracles and leveling equipment, IMO, and I’d love to see an ‘official’ release (or at least stamp of approval!) for them. As well, the mini-expansion could have lots more cards (Tier/Firekeeper indicated on the card itself...) and even different types of souls (Wary Traveler, Forlon Knight, etc.) of different value you could use with Andre...or the Shrine Handmaid for items (*cough*withamini*cough*nudge nudge, Steamforged!) -Boss Boards (similar to the player boards). I’m working on these already, but I’d love official ones. Artwork, spots to flip heat up and cool down tokens, an actual damage track with the bosses’ health amount (and heat up graphically marked), a spot for the behavior cards/face up bevaiour cards, the bosses basic stats and relevant icons for that boss, etc. -plastic fog gate -endurance bar/stat progression add-ons (just an easy piece of cardboard with columns and rows for Tier 4/5/6 and additional room for stamina/health cube slots to accommodate future leveling with releases/treasure). This could even be included in the Shrine Handmaid/Treasure mod expansion...just call it collectively Firelink Shrine Expansion... -Plastic Firekeeper and Andre (ok, I REALLY want a Firelink Shrine Expansion...) ——— As for future expansions/boss releases I’d like to see...well, they’ve already mentioned The Painted World, but I wasn’t clear if that was supposed to be Ariamis, or Ariandel. I hope it’s the latter (Millwood, baby!), or both. Corvians, Crows, Millwood, oh, my! They’ve also confirmed Nito, so...awesomeness. Obviously, I’d love, Love, LOVE to get a Twin Princes official Mega Boss, Deacons of the Deep would be fun and unique, Abysswalkers are just badass, and...Yhorm? (just cuse he looks awesome). Id also like more verticality in future tiles, where you can’t dodge or move onto levels, have to use ladders, etc. Blighttown seems an obvious expansion for changes in verticality. So, what would everyone else like to see?
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    Painted miniatures

    Damn, I want base inset packs just like those! Are they custom made for each mini?
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    For the Knight, the EDIT: I MESSED UP EQUIPPING!
  20. Read through the FAQ again, as well as the book. Still a little unclear... So, I’m just doing a solo with a Knight. I’m fighting a Large Hollow. The Large Hollow activates. Is the following the correct order of operations? -The Knight is pushed off the node where both she and Large Hollow are, taking no damage. -Large Hollow moves into node with Knight. -Large Hollow targets Knight. -Knight is pushed to adjacent node, and rolls to Block.