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  1. Luthon1234

    First tournament need to do some theory balling

    So I've been using a cagey strat with butcher's for awhile and so far I haven't had a opponent able to deal with it, though I have not used it against farmers and I don't think it would work against them. So the line up is fillet princess boiler decimate meathook and either boar, shank, vgutter, or briskets. You can kick off or receive it doesn't matter though receiving is stronger, but you basically buff fillet with all the buffs send her out throw pain circle then retreat into your lines super easy and forces your opponent to come to you.
  2. Luthon1234

    National French Tournament - 10 man roster

    I'm surprised about the vox love lately can't imagine a situation he's good in. For your list I wouldn't keep both shank and vbrisket I think they both do the same job but in different ways so I feel it's one or the other. For me tenderizer has been a good choice against masons so he might be good. I would definitely take a look at decimate over minx, decimates pb is pretty good she has good stats another anatomical model and second wind is nuts on fillet.
  3. Luthon1234

    First tournament need to do some theory balling

    Vox is imo worse than tenderizer atm. But you can get some use out of him by using him to tie up multiple models, unless they have good damage or damage buffs. Lash out can be nice and his heal makes him tough but any dedicated killer can end him pretty easy. He's in a rough spot.
  4. Luthon1234

    Selling Exiles singles US only

    It is pending right now but Ill PM you if there is an update on it.
  5. Luthon1234

    Selling Exiles singles US only

    Have: Vet minx with tokens - SOLD Harriet Hemlocke 10.50 each buyer pays for shipping.
  6. Updated that post, Warmachine items are now 20% off!
  7. Luthon1234

    The Faithful - New Beginnings

    I'm not super invested in either character but I would be super excited if that were true.
  8. Luthon1234

    Butchers minor guild speculation thread

    I'd love a barber's guild but only if we get a Sweeney Todd reference!
  9. Luthon1234

    Game balancing the butchers

    I would like to see: Ox: gain 2" melee Fillet: take blood dance back to season 2 Truffles: loses hog wild and gains ramming speed Shank: 2/4 influence, or make him a 2/8 kick brisket2: balls gone moved to column three and loses the momentus T> meathook: loses scything blow, change Hooked to only work on bleeding targets Vox: Loses rowdy and is replaced with a new play that gives him a counter charge, 2 inf/GB Tenderiser: 2/4 influence , 2 arm
  10. Hi all I'm looking to get rid of some stuff anything that I sell is done through PayPal only. Buyers pay for shipping unless they buy an entire lot or their purchases exceeds $50. H: Kraken new in box $85 (68) kraken assembled no base $65 (52) aikos jr warcaster unassembled kickstarter model $15 (12) Skarlock thrall nib $5 (4) Satyx Raider captain painted $5 (4) Soul trapper $10 (8) cephalyx mind slaver and drudges box NIB $30 (24) Satyx raiders with command painted (old metal painted ) $25 (20) satyx raiders nib metal $35 (28) withershadow combine painted $15 (12) death jack metal painted $40 (32) inflector/seather jack box NIB $25 (3 boxes each 25) (20 each) satyx gunslingers nib $18 (14.40) sayx gunslingers nib $18 (14.40) skarre epic nib $10 (8) denny 1 nib $9 (7.20) Total: $368, if you buy the whole lot $300 and free shipping. PoM: Feora 3 nib $20 (16) Eye of truth jack NIb $45 (36) Infinity: Tohaa starter set nib $30 red veil Haqqi unassembled $30 yu jin unassembled (missing ninja) $25 RuneWars: Starter set Humans unassembled $30 Starter set undead assembled and primed black $20 Death Knights NIB $15 Undead command unassembled $10 Undead 2nd hero NIB (box dented) $15 undead archer box nib $15 Wants: Mainly looking to sell but I am up for trading for some Guild ball stuff Masons Box 2 prefer them to be unpainted and unassembled Brewers box 2 same as above Kickstarter Ox model Kickstarter Honour model Thanks for reading!
  11. Luthon1234

    Model distribution needs to change

    Yea I'm really regretting buying any of my union models especially brisket and the duo, honestly it makes me feel like I got played. And now with the exiles and loyal boxes I'm forced into that situation again! I play butcher's and fish and I wanted to get into union but I feel like the barrier for entry is way too high. I could sell off the models I don't need but I feel like that would cause a lot of bad blood for the lgs.
  12. Luthon1234

    Farmers Matchup?

    Hey guys ever since the 2nd farmers box came out I've been losing to them every game I go up against them. I know they got nerfed recently but thresher tater and millstone are still extremely good. So whats our counter to them if we even have one? I've been thinking my positioning has been bad when I played against them but the game just feels like its over when thresher is in my lines and popping legendary. My tournament 10 that I use (before Vgutter) is: Fillet, Ox, princess, boiler, meathook, boar, brisket,vbrisket, shank, and decimate.
  13. Luthon1234

    Thoughts on a Tournament 10

    i dunno I'd drop tenderiser before I would drop either of the briskets. Its a shame but I really feel like Tenderiser doesnt really help even against the teams hes suppose to be good against.
  14. Luthon1234

    vGutter card shown

    I just wish she had some kind of bleed effect or a self damage buff
  15. Luthon1234

    vGutter card shown

    So Finally got 2 games in with her so far so good just a reliable beater that can generate a ton of momentum she struggles against tough hide models but butchers can somewhat get past that. Tried her with Fillet worked out decently but with no aura from ox its a fight for who needs Tooled up more, I would have really liked if she had some kind of bleed play but oh well. Captain Ox just loves her, shes a serious threat while in the ox aura . I think what really got my opponents was resolute her becoming a tac 7 really helps to land that GB and get her out of a bad situation. So far shes a reliable beater ( though 2 damage on 3 is kinda rough) and she can be somewhat slippery with grappling hook and resolute.