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  1. Updated that post, Warmachine items are now 20% off!
  2. The Faithful - New Beginnings

    I'm not super invested in either character but I would be super excited if that were true.
  3. Butchers minor guild speculation thread

    I'd love a barber's guild but only if we get a Sweeney Todd reference!
  4. Game balancing the butchers

    I would like to see: Ox: gain 2" melee Fillet: take blood dance back to season 2 Truffles: loses hog wild and gains ramming speed Shank: 2/4 influence, or make him a 2/8 kick brisket2: balls gone moved to column three and loses the momentus T> meathook: loses scything blow, change Hooked to only work on bleeding targets Vox: Loses rowdy and is replaced with a new play that gives him a counter charge, 2 inf/GB Tenderiser: 2/4 influence , 2 arm
  5. Hi all I'm looking to get rid of some stuff anything that I sell is done through PayPal only. Buyers pay for shipping unless they buy an entire lot or their purchases exceeds $50. H: Kraken new in box $85 (68) kraken assembled no base $65 (52) aikos jr warcaster unassembled kickstarter model $15 (12) Skarlock thrall nib $5 (4) Satyx Raider captain painted $5 (4) Soul trapper $10 (8) cephalyx mind slaver and drudges box NIB $30 (24) Satyx raiders with command painted (old metal painted ) $25 (20) satyx raiders nib metal $35 (28) withershadow combine painted $15 (12) death jack metal painted $40 (32) inflector/seather jack box NIB $25 (3 boxes each 25) (20 each) satyx gunslingers nib $18 (14.40) sayx gunslingers nib $18 (14.40) skarre epic nib $10 (8) denny 1 nib $9 (7.20) Total: $368, if you buy the whole lot $300 and free shipping. PoM: Feora 3 nib $20 (16) Eye of truth jack NIb $45 (36) Infinity: Tohaa starter set nib $30 red veil Haqqi unassembled $30 yu jin unassembled (missing ninja) $25 RuneWars: Starter set Humans unassembled $30 Starter set undead assembled and primed black $20 Death Knights NIB $15 Undead command unassembled $10 Undead 2nd hero NIB (box dented) $15 undead archer box nib $15 Wants: Mainly looking to sell but I am up for trading for some Guild ball stuff Masons Box 2 prefer them to be unpainted and unassembled Brewers box 2 same as above Kickstarter Ox model Kickstarter Honour model Thanks for reading!
  6. Model distribution needs to change

    Yea I'm really regretting buying any of my union models especially brisket and the duo, honestly it makes me feel like I got played. And now with the exiles and loyal boxes I'm forced into that situation again! I play butcher's and fish and I wanted to get into union but I feel like the barrier for entry is way too high. I could sell off the models I don't need but I feel like that would cause a lot of bad blood for the lgs.
  7. Farmers Matchup?

    Hey guys ever since the 2nd farmers box came out I've been losing to them every game I go up against them. I know they got nerfed recently but thresher tater and millstone are still extremely good. So whats our counter to them if we even have one? I've been thinking my positioning has been bad when I played against them but the game just feels like its over when thresher is in my lines and popping legendary. My tournament 10 that I use (before Vgutter) is: Fillet, Ox, princess, boiler, meathook, boar, brisket,vbrisket, shank, and decimate.
  8. Thoughts on a Tournament 10

    i dunno I'd drop tenderiser before I would drop either of the briskets. Its a shame but I really feel like Tenderiser doesnt really help even against the teams hes suppose to be good against.
  9. vGutter card shown

    I just wish she had some kind of bleed effect or a self damage buff
  10. vGutter card shown

    So Finally got 2 games in with her so far so good just a reliable beater that can generate a ton of momentum she struggles against tough hide models but butchers can somewhat get past that. Tried her with Fillet worked out decently but with no aura from ox its a fight for who needs Tooled up more, I would have really liked if she had some kind of bleed play but oh well. Captain Ox just loves her, shes a serious threat while in the ox aura . I think what really got my opponents was resolute her becoming a tac 7 really helps to land that GB and get her out of a bad situation. So far shes a reliable beater ( though 2 damage on 3 is kinda rough) and she can be somewhat slippery with grappling hook and resolute.
  11. Butcher Match Ups

    I've had a couple of games against farmers and blacksmiths (first 6 for both), my conclusion is Captain Ox does very well into both teams. I think Ox has a better chance against thresher because he can make himself more survivable while fillet can only increase her defense by 1, and if you get into a fight with the farmers Ox helps push that damage through with his aura.
  12. "balancing" the Butchers

    I'd like to throw in my opinions on what could change for butchers going into season 4. Ox: Over all I think the errata from earlier, was a very nice buff that took me awhile to really appreciate it. I do think though that he should gain 2 inch melee but I don't think that will happen especially because of the recent UIC results. FIllet: I feel like Fillet is kind of suffering, shes still arguably our best captain but with a growing meta of farmers and blacksmiths shes losing her appeal. I would like to have her old blood dance back or she lose pain circle in place of something that might help her kick better as she is a striker. Truffles: I would like to see him/her lose vindictive and gain furious instead. Truffles is our worst mascot but I think that's more of the synergy of boiler that makes him a huge main pick in butchers, truffles on the other hand is more pro active and I feel like putting influence on truffles and not ever feel that I wasted influence on it. I think both Briskets are fine though I feel like their TAC could go up by 1. Shank: I've been using him a lot more but more as a flanker/ball getter/striker and its been mildly successful. The 3 influence max is definitely hurting him but so is the 2/6 kick. I think we've argued the need for him to be a 2/4 or a 1/4 enough but I'll make another suggestion and say that his kick could change to something like a 2/8 or a 3/6. I also think that because hes actually pretty good at getting the ball that Close control on him would be great and would finally give butchers some ball control. Tenderiser: I would like to see him be a 5/7 movement.
  13. Hey guys got another game in with one of my local brewers player. Had a great game and I managed to get a win out of it! My team: Fillet, Truffles, Meathook, vbrisket, Shank, and Vox His team: Tapper, scum, Hooper, oSpigot, Stoker, and Luckey He won the roll off and elected to receive: I give the ball to vbrisket and she jogs up and kicks it which lands in front of ospigot and hooper. Seeing as there was really no better option I let it stay there. End of Turn 1: He starts the turn by having luckey activate and move up, snap the ball, then pass it to ospigot, then he does his ability to dodge and dodges back into the brewer lines. I use my free dodge from that ability to move up Vox. I activate Truffles and have him sprint up towards the rough ground. He activates Hooper who puts tough skin on himself then moves into the rough ground. I activate Shank and sprint him towards the rough ground then have him do where they go and dodge him near hooper but out of his melee. oSpigot activates puts tooled up on the cat then passes the ball to Tapper, the walks up the pitch. Meathook activates puts tooled up on Fillet then sprints towards the rough ground. Tapper activates puts commanding aura up and does his heroic play giving scum 2 then he moves in range of Shank and manages to miss. Fillet activates and not seeing any viable targets moves up the pitch next to meathook, gives Vox quick foot then does pain circle on hooper and tapper hitting them both. Scum activates and charges Shank dealing 7 damage. Vox activates and charges Spigot which my opponent then does def stance and brace for impact, Vox gets MOM whirling chains which grabs hooper moving him into base of Vox, Spigot ignored it. Stoker activates charges Vox and knocks him down. vbrisket charges Stoker while being within 8 of the edge, but only getting MOM 2 damage he counter attacks and does a double push, vbrisket does quick time to get back into melee I use 2 mom to stand vox up. Score: 0-0 End of turn 2: I lose the roll off and he starts the turn with Hooper and puts tough skin on himself then he knocks vox down and deal some damage, then he moves up to engage fillet and meathook. I activate Vox and stand him up and attack stoker doing mom get stuck in then I end healing three. He activates tapper and does commanding aura then he knocks down shank and does some damage then walks away and kicks the ball to spigot. I activate truffles and spend 1 mom to glide and he charges, and gets mom Knockdown. He activates spigot and puts tooled up on luckey then he moves him toward the goal. I activate meathook and give fillet tooled up then i have her engage hooper and she fails to do any damage but manages to push him and free up fillet. He activates Luckey and has him charge vox dealing a ton of damage knocking vox to 10 hps, and knocking him down. Shank activates and does field dressings and clearing both his and vox's knock down conditions, then he moves around the cat causing to cat to proc unpredictable. The cat activates and engages fillet dealing 1 damage. Brisket activates and moves towards hooper and does quick time on fillet allowing her to get within 1 inch of Hooper. Stocker activates and throws out a molotov catching, vox, meathook, hooper, and vbrisket on fire, then he knocks vox down again then attacks brisket doing a double push. Fillet activates and does blood rain on hooper hitting luckey and stoker, then she does what fillet does and takes hooper out, she then dodges into stoker and pops legendary. Score: 2-0 Beginning of turn 3: I win the roll off and I start the turn with Shank. Shank charges spigot and does a wrap doing a mom tackle and 1 mom damage, then he makes a goal kick which was good. Tapper activates, does commanding aura then does a double push on the pig, then he moves to get within range of meathook and does a knockdown. Vox activates stands up then end his activation healing for 2. spigot puts tooled up on luckey then engages shank and does some damage putting him to 4. Fillet activates, does blood rain on stoker and luckey then takes stoker out, then walks into luckey and takes him out. Hooper smashes shank and takes him out. Meathook takes a breather then engages tapper and does a double push, tapper knocks her back down with a counter attack. the cat charges meat hook but does some damage. vbrisket clears conditions and positions herself to take the ball for next turn. Score: 10-2 Beginning of turn 4: I lose the roll off and he begins with Tapper who does commanding aura then smashes meathook and takes her out, then he moves to the ball and then moves back towards hooper and then he drops the ball letting hooper pick it up. Fillet activates walks into hooper and spigot and does a non mom blood rain hooper counters and does a 1 inch push, fillet attacks again and tackles the ball, then she makes a goal kick and bonus time it, ending the game. Final Score: 12-4 Really great game, just wish I could get better at handling the ball as I'm still too reliant on take outs.
  14. Butchers Civil war part 2?

    Hey guys, I had a game last night against one of the new people in my group thats been doing fairly well with his butchers so I thought I'd get a game with him. My team: Fillet, Truffles, Vox, Vbrisket, Shank, and Meathook (this is my attempt at a kicking focused butchers team which you can find out in the other butchers forums) His team: Ox, Princess, Boiler, Obrisket, Boar, and Tenderiser. With the conclusion of the Morticians vs Hunters war, there has been some members voicing their concerns on whether or not we should still keep fighting for Gutter. Fillet is here to silence those voices and focus the rest of the team into one goal of BEATING THOSE SLIMY FISHERMEN! I choose to receive: Boar decides to kick so that he can get closer to his victims. End of turn 1: Shank grabs the ball and kicks to Fillet, Boiler rushes up and puts marked target on Shank. Truffles dashes forward in front of Shank to protect him from Boar, oBrisket moves up and tries to put dirty knives on Shank but misses. Meathook activates and puts tooled up on Fillet and moves up to be in between truffles and shank, while Captain Ox moves up and puts tough skin on boiler and Butchery on truffles. Vbrisket activates and rushes towards the fast ground, princess sprints towards boiler, then Vox charges captain ox and does a double push, pushing him closer to the fillet butchers. Boar begins his assault against Vox but Vox is a lot tougher than Boar thought. Fillet sees her first victim and charges Boar, Boar takes a beating and falls too Fillets knives but unfortunately Fillet doesn't have enough influence to pass to Vbrisket so she hangs on to the ball. Tenderiser ends the turn but shifting into a defensive stance against Fillet. Fillet Butchers 2-0 Beginning of turn 2: Ox butchers win the roll off and Boar comes back on to the pitch. Captain ox activates and does some damage to Vox and puts butchery on him, then he knocks him down and charges the pig dealing some minor damage. Vox is not looking so well so he activates stands up and does momentous get stuck in then takes a breather and ends his activation and healing for two because of never say die. Boar see's his opportunity to get revenge against Fillet and charges her, he does 4 damage on the first hit then gets a knockdown on the berserk attack causing the ball to scatter towards his goal, then he boar does 7 more damage but fails to take out Fillet. Meathook activates and slashes Captain ox while doing a come on mate on fillet standing her up. Obrisket activates and grabs the ball kicking it back to Tenderiser, Shank activates and walks into the scrum attacking captain ox leaving him on 4 hp, Tenderiser activates and goes further back to protect himself from a possible fillet charge. Vbrisket activates and charges Captain Ox taking him out. Obrisket activates and moves further back trying to stay out of fillets range, Truffles activates and gets next to Boiler crowding him out. Boiler activates but isn't able to take Vox out, then Fillet activates and takes out Boar again. the dog activates but isn't able to do much. Fillet Butchers 6-0 Beginning of turn 3: Fillet wins the roll this time. Captain ox and boar come on to the pitch from the other side. Vbrisket activates and does quick time on fillet then moves up to engage the dog. Tenderiser fearing a Shank charge moves over to the left where ox and boar are and drops the ball behind him. Meathook activates and puts tooled up on Shank then moves up to engage Boiler. Obrisket runs towards the ball but isn't close enough causing my opponent to fear that Obrisket might be taken out. Shank charges Boiler does some damage but leaves the boy on 3 hit points. Captain Ox activates recovers the ball and puts they ain't tough on Obrisket, then passes the ball to boar. Vox activates does momentous get stuck in then takes a breather and ends healing for 2. Boiler activates but fails to kill Vox again. Fillet then charges Princess does blood rain getting boiler, then she takes princess out. Boar sprints further towards my goal. Fillet Butchers 7-0 Beginning of turn 4: Boiler is taken out during the maintenance phase making the score 9-0 Fillet wins the first activation again. Boiler and princess join the rest of their team. Meathook activates and puts tooled up on Fillet. Then he moves boiler down the pitch putting swift stance on himself,vbrisket gives fillet quick time and moves up, then Boar moves down the pitch and unsnaps the ball. Fillet charges tenderiser and takes him out. Princess activates and moves next to Boiler. Ox puts tough skin on oBrisket. Shank activates charges Princess and takes her out ending the game Fillet butchers 12-0
  15. Butchers kicking team

    I had a game last night against a fellow butcher player. I ran Fillet, truffles, vox, meathook, shank and vbrisket He ran ox, princess, boiler, obrisket, boar, and tenderiser. I'll have the game posted up in the UIC forums later today, but the issue I found was that if someone plays the keep the ball away like we do and just either punt it off to the edge somewhere or have a player run across the board, we just don't have the abilities to get them back. My opponent was also pretty smart for being new to the game. He would basically turn the situation into a "yea you could steal the ball from me but who ever comes to get it is gonna meet boar and ox by themselves", he would also unsnap the ball behind his models making it difficult to retrieve them which was a pretty smart play against a team that doesn't have ball shenanigans. I eventually won the game by slow take outs, but so far a poor showing in my kicking team, of course I can't really make a solid conclusion from one game so I'll try this team again later.