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  1. Sold Out when I just tried to check out -_-;;
  2. Is the Exiles and the Faithful still going to be metal and will they get the resin alt-sculpt treatment?
  3. Akai

    PVC Fishers and Butchers

    Unfortunately, the timing of these indiegogo campaigns does not work well for me. I hope they do get funded so that I can purchase the retail versions.
  4. Akai

    Are we all plastic now?

    For Masons and Brewers that are already plastic for half of their members, I would be hesitant to purchase a third copy. As someone that have purchased all the Season 1 and 2 metals, I think I would only go purchase plastic Season 1+2 Guild Models, if all of them is guaranteed to be made, not just the Fisherman's Guild
  5. Akai

    The new season 3 book

    My local store have not received the book yet. Anyone got the book in hand can say how many pages and if there are any additional players not revealed so far?
  6. Agreed! My experience with Steamforged Customer Service have been very positive.
  7. Akai

    Kick off

    Just received my copy of Kick Off and I am quite happy with the product. I compared the plastic miniatures to their metal version: Honour, Harmony, Mallet, and Flint - are about one head size larger than their metal version. I was for the most part ok with the metal size, but now I have the plastic ones, they do look extremely small ^_^. Spigot and Stave - the plastic versions are significantly smaller than their metal counterparts. The plastic mascots might be slightly bigger than the metal ones but not that obvious. The other models are fairly the same size. The plastic miniatures are glued onto the base, so it is possible to remove them with not much of a hassle. For better or worse one of the miniatures I received had one of its its pegs not glued very well so that I could removed it from the base rather easily.
  8. Akai

    Veteran Ox confirmed

    It lists the veteran Ox to be 40mm in size, but the cost of the model suggests 30 mm in size? Or it is something similar to Bonesaw
  9. Akai

    Existing guilds metal models

    Is it confirmed that it will be one-cast plastics or just pre-assembled plastics?
  10. Akai

    Season 3 - What do you think?

    Errata - Compound card listed him as being Season 1 player.
  11. I just recently got into Guild Ball and was reading the background from Season 1. The description of the matches have 7 members on each team in the field (6 players and 1 mascot). In the championship match from Season 1, the Masons had on the field Honour, Flint, Harmony, Mallet, Tower, Brick, and Marbles. The game to my knowledge since Season 1 is each team fields 6 members (5 players and 1 mascot). Was the game originally designed to have each team to field 6 players+mascot? Or is it just a disconnect between the fluff and the actual game? I think I read on the forums a rumor about the addition of rookies in the game for the new season?
  12. Watch It Played posted a preview of the Kick Off game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_yDZbpmSpo Farmer's Guild preview from the Captain's Handbook in Kick Off: Historically, the Farmer's Guild have never performed too well in the big leagues, but that is changing with their new coach driving them harder than ever! The Farmers are all about careful determine strategies and long term investments, planting their crops and then reaping them for great benefits when the time comes. The Farmers have very few abilities that hamper the enemy team, focusing instead on working together towards common goals. Individual Farmer models may struggle to perform alone, but together they are much greater than the sum of their parts. The Farmers fare best in the mid to late game, when they began to reap the rewards of their harvest The Farmer's Guild reward players who like an emphasis on cooperation and a focus on long term strategies over short term goals.
  13. Merchants Guild - unique feature of the guild, throwing bag of moneys to direct enemies away from them Knights Guild - captains are knights with squires and soldiers as the other players. Mascot would be a mighty steed (donkey) Chuk-ko or Cuju Guild/Society - I did not knew about "mob football" until I read about it on Guild Ball's home page. The first thought that came into my mind when reading about Guild Ball was Chuk-ko (ancient Chinese sport with similarities to football). So it would be neat (at least for me) to have a foreign Asian-themed country sending their professional Chuk-ko players to participate in the Empire of the Free Cities' Guild Ball. Mascots could be a Phoenix (embellished name for a rooster/chicken) or a Panda.