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  1. bastus

    Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    Hola! Spanish guy here I think I really tried to not allow that happen. I had Naja, Vitriol and Midas roaming round the same zone but you just joged out of their melee zones, taking very harmless parting blows as relocating out of crowding out position. I feel there's little I could did right there as I choose a heavy scorer team and had to focus on the ball to get a chance. Either way, I think you only wrapped once, enough to kill her, but it would had happen easily too if Hoist had Tooled Up on it. You can keep Sucker Punch unchanged if you ask me. But Hoist has to lose that replication thing, or see it twisted.
  2. bastus

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    Pretty new into spooks but please don't remove tormented agony. In my last game I was able to move 3 Inf from Avarisse to Benediction. Those moments are golden.
  3. New season, new changes announced. Til we still know little thing about it, a rapid look to Longshanks Statistics exposes such a wide gap between Union's three captains. Why is Rage so much favoured over BH/Brisket? Only Theron/Skatha are more games apart, and -IMO- there's an evident power different between these two. I don't see such evidences between Rage-BH. I actually find BH much more amusing, and I think he can face almost any team. So, should there be any changes? Rage down? BH up? A subtle mix? Don't get much into brisket cause she's moving to the minor.
  4. bastus

    What do we need from a minor guild?

    I'm afraid we can't get access to tooled Up, cause v.kat would be Madness. I'd like to see something not much focus into the conditions game. Something more Midas' way. Light/dark tokens? Haha no idea.
  5. bastus

    Farmer Errata has landed

    So you claiming we all (community and designers, all but you) just wanted to drop them to the lowest spot is not making assumptions... They were the dream team. Thresher been the most played captain in Longshanks and also been the most succesfull one is indeed really significant, don't you think so? Great changes. I like them all.
  6. bastus

    Christian Metz wins Belgium Champs with BS.

    Congrats for the win! As I can see in Longshanks, it's as if one player'd dropped after the first round and you'd had to continue with 29... Strange, but hope that didn't prevent you from getting that free trip to the world event. O also hope to see some of you in the Spanish National, which already has more than 30 players signed up!
  7. bastus

    Idea for Thresher Change

    What I would change: 4/6 MOV (or 5/7 with 2" melee zone) Don't fear the... Removed or changed (It is insane) That legendary (no + TAC, maybe change it for rowdy, or not a pulse) I also like your thoughts on Millstone and Tater, ForestRambo
  8. bastus

    Idea for Thresher Change

    Much time's passed since the last reply on this topic, so I wonder if people have changed their minds about this and now they're more able to face "the dream team" with enough success. Cause we had last sunday our first tournament since Thresser released and the game experience was awful. Are we going to get over this or will It be basically the same infuriating match up all over again?
  9. bastus

    Breach! KD order

    Thanks. By the way, I didn't mention it but I guess this aply to the seismic kick play too, as Breach! is practically a better seismic kick.
  10. Are all enemy models in the ball path knocked down at the same time (and then the engineer player can choose the order in which each model is KD) or must it be resolved in the same order as in the interception rule (closest enemy models to Ballista first)? Never needed such aclaration before. But now with Millstone might be important.
  11. Can a model snap the ball at any point of its move, as long as it remain within 1" of the ball, or has it to snap the ball at the point It get within 1"? For example: In order to snap the ball I have to enter in an enemy model's melee zone. I get within 1" of the ball while still in enemy range so I decide to not snap the ball so I can aboid been tackled in a parting blow. When I pass through the melee zone I'm still within 1" of the ball so I snap It at that point and continue my way. Correctly done? I guess so, cause if not I could always pass the ball and return within 1" to snap it. But there's still that little doubt and haven't found clarification (surely It shouldn't be needed, sorry :p)
  12. bastus

    Spoilers: vHarry

    Clearly a kid not older than Boiler. Can't be Calculus... but broke my heart when I saw It and that wasn't Harry
  13. bastus

    Thresher Thread 2.0

    I find the counterattack topic a bit silly... It could really spoil the game. So, as it's suggested, you could counterattack even if the attacking model push/dodge out of both melee zones? Even if not, that makes the more reach utterly unworthy as anyone would get out of your reach with a single push/Dodge result. That would force you almost always to attack the clossest posible to the enemy model. No sense.
  14. bastus

    Mystery box!

    Near ten have our group ordered, and we´re just the humble Madrids community (a fairly strong one, though). Can´t imagine how many have already been sold
  15. bastus

    Longer Field

    Much have to be tested yet, but in my group we´re a bit concerned about the new goal beasts -Midas SuperSnapBonusShooting seems prety crazy IMO-. But instead of that proposal, we´ve been talking about the idea of try increasing the TN test to 5+ for shootings -snaps including- leaving all the new rules unchanged. Of course this is a huge change, and surely we all have failed shots attemptings on 3/4 dices, but statistics seems more in accordance with the new changes -and make a great difference when snap shooting, if you´re not within 4" of the goal post-. Just my two cents