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  1. TBS January Cup

    If you're in the Northeast US and want some pre-CaptainCon event practice, we've got a tournament on 1/28 at The Battle Standard in East Windsor, CT. Hope to see you there! https://www.facebook.com/events/835894139915113/
  2. Pin Vice vs Ballista (again) the 6 player box question

    I'd recommend both eventually because Mother, Hoist, and Compound are all great, but the Ballista box is where you should start. If you want to play competitively, Ballista outstrips PV pretty heavily. Both have a Legendary that focuses on scoring a goal from far away, but B's requires less dice rolls so has less points of failure. B brings ranged momentum gain, a ranged knockdown, more durability, more area denial and control, and more consistent melee ability than PV. PV has some fun tricks, but just can't stack up.
  3. Engineered to Perfection?: Mascots

    I used to like to take Mainspring when receiving, and Mother when kicking. Then the OPD changed and I couldn't make that choice anymore, so it became Mother full time.
  4. Gencon results

    Yes, VPs were used as second tiebreaker to keep from people having to sit there forever while I made Google sheets do math... No video, but there are pictures that I posted on fb on the GUBS page after the event.
  5. Engineer GIC Theory Thread

    With the rest of the cards revealed today, I think Clockwork Perfection is the winner for me. +1 VP for Snap Shots? Please and thank you!
  6. Engineer GIC Theory Thread

    That's honestly baffling to me. Maybe it's just my playstyle, but I think other than Deadbolt, playing character play focused Engineers is a huge trap. I rarely use Blast Earth past turn one, and I wouldn't be caught dead with Salvo or Locus on the table.
  7. Engineer GIC Theory Thread

    I'd think no, since no dice are technically rolled from the Remote Control play. Remote Control allows you to make a Kick which you roll for, but that's not actually the play.
  8. Engineer GIC Theory Thread

    Eeehhhh... he doesn't have a role he's super good at IMO, and just takes slots from people who are better at what he does. And this card is totally just a balance patch for them with heal rate.
  9. Engineer GIC Theory Thread

    So the Engineers GIC is probably the worst one revealed so far, right? A free bonus time on character plays for non-captains only really affects Ratchet (and occasionally Hoist) out of the models that are competitive, and doesn't really do enough to make Locus or Salvo good.
  10. Gencon results

    Thanks! I consider it a success. Everyone seemed to have a good time, and Rich Loxam generously donated a Farmers box for prize support.
  11. Strengths vs Weaknesses

    I played two games with them last night, vs Masons and Brewers. They're pretty damn good. They do the Brewers thing better than Brewers (snowball strength from controlling the scrum) and get some pretty nuts armor when they bunch up. I think Stave is going to be crucial in that matchup to disrupt the shield wall.
  12. Gencon results

    Team breakdown was: 0 Alchemists 2 Blacksmiths 0 Brewers 2 Butchers 2 Engineers 1 Farmers 2 Fishermen 1 Hunters 0 Masons 1 Morticians 1 Union
  13. GenCon Events?

    Copied from my post over on FB: Hey everyone planning on playing in the Unofficial GenCon Cup: First off, sorry to clutter things up here with these posts, GenCon doesn't give me a way to directly contact people who have signed up. For those of you signed up to play, the start time is listed as 9:00 AM on Friday. I'd really appreciate you being there as close to 9 as possible to give me your info and fill out your rosters, I'm planning on starting round 1 pairings no later than 9:20. If you are not there by 9:15, I'm going to consider you having dropped, so anyone interested in playing should come by with generic tickets. If you are interested but didn't get in in time, please contact me to get on the waitlist. I've had word from two people so far (Neil Burns and Larry Moshel, if you're reading this), so anyone who contacts me ahead of time will get priority over walk-ups for filling in for drops. As for other general info: Farmers and Blacksmiths will both be legal to play. Proxying of Thresher, Buckwheat, Tater, and Millstone will be allowed for the Farmers as long as you have physical printouts of the cards. Please choose an appropriate model for those if you plan on proxying them to minimize confusion. I'd love it if your teams were fully painted, or as close to as possible, for those of you not playing Farmers or Blacksmiths. I'm not going to turn you away if they're not, but it'll make for much nicer pictures! Finally, a huge shoutout and thank you to the Indy locals who have generously offered to bring mats and chess clocks. This couldn't happen without you.
  14. Post-Errata Union in Engineers

    If you're looking for the Singled Out it's better to do it with Greede since his is momentous. I've been playing more and more pure guild as most of my Ballista games tend to be 3-goal wins. Harry was mostly only coming out when I needed more 2" melee on the board. He still has a stronger counter-attack than Gutter, and is more reliable for control, so I think he's still going to be the Union choice in my 10.
  15. Single or double captain in the "new" OPD?

    If they kick in a place where Ballista can get the vall, pass, and make a Bonus Timed Deadbolt, it's absolute money for shutting down Vitriol/Mist/Fillet. I don't think VVel has any place in a competitive roster. Upping the TN by 1 against a 3 or 4 die kick isn't a very reliable way to stop a goal, and relying on a missed goal to do something cool doesn't exactly engender confidence. She could maybe do some cool stuff in Fly Keeper mode, but then why aren't you just taking regular Velocity?