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  1. Hey Mudge! Nice meeting you a couple weeks ago. We owe you a return visit!
  2. Snakeskin OK?

    Finally won a game vs Corsair Fish last night with my "footbally" Union team: Mist, Snakeskin, Minx, A&G, Coin, Blackheart Won the game 12-10 (so just barely!) with two goals and two takeouts. Minx definitely proved her worth - she's a high efficiency toolbox with fantastic threat range. Her ability to dole out Snared - especially when combined with Snakeskin inflicting Poisoned - can really eat into your opponent's mobility and Momentum, to say nothing of her choppiness in general. She, Blackheart and A&G freed both Greyscales and Sakana from the burden of living and completely shut down one half of the pitch. Feel like I've got a much more viable team now. Was getting frustrated playing with Hemlocke - stands to reason as I was essentially playing a man down!
  3. New Union Captain

    Did you just pull a "this looks shopped" reference on us? Heh.
  4. Do support@ reply to emails?

    I sent support an email regarding getting a replacement for a lost chest plug for Avarisse, had a reply within 24hrs. I was satisfied with that turnaround time.
  5. New Union Captain

    Assuming she's the Solthecian that Mist can trigger his Shadow Like dodge with, she can't really be Brisket, Honour or Harmony, right?
  6. New Union Captain

    Don't care who she is, or where she came from; love the sculpt and the concept! Can't wait to add her to my team.
  7. Snakeskin OK?

    I have played a few more games now and am still quite happy with Snakeskin for this football-oriented lineup. The only real weakness - and this may be a mark of inexperience and/or a failure of imagination as much as anything - is that Hemlocke, played in more a passive support role, just doesn't contribute enough. And in fairness, after splashing out 12 Inf between Mist, Snakeskin, and A&G, there's just not much left for her. I'm really feeling that Minx's efficiency may be a good solution, if only for area denial via her mobility and potential damage and movement debuff output. She'll be able to play sort of a dual role, helping with both the football attack (tackle on 2) as well as having damage interplay options when combined with Blackheart and A&G in "unit delete" mode. Harry might be good, too, but I question how often I'd have my attacking players close enough to him to take advantage of his hat ability. And he's influence hungry in a way that Minx isn't. This is a fun game! Much to learn, but interesting choices throughout.
  8. Snakeskin OK?

    I definitely like the mobility of Mist and Snakeskin. I'm finding that in S3, both are great at getting a ball off a ball carrier, dodging away and scoring. Hemlocke is an interesting piece in that she has a momentous tackle on 1 result, so can be an option for a tackle & pass up to Mist or Snakeskin. I often find her with just 2 Inf left, however, after having maxed out both of the previous two... meaning that idea (walk up, attack / tackle, attack / dodge away & pass) is more theory than reliable practice for me at this point. Her Noxious Blast isn't much of a threat in a team with such low overall damage output, and I've invariably failed every Blind roll I've made with her, so her auxiliary support role isn't proving too helpful. I can see replacing her with Harry and plan to try that out in the near future (I've been made to understand that I've been a good boy this year and Santa's got me a Hat for my stocking). A&G are tricky to use well in S3 but I can't see replacing them. I feel like their skill floor is a bit higher, but can see there's quite a bit of potential and utility on offer. I normally max their Inf out, just to give myself options. The above see Blackheart and Coin winding up with 0 Inf much of the time in the early game (when I'm focused on scoring with Mist and/or Snakeskin), but towards midgame a maxed-Inf Blackheart can prove tremendously useful for getting the ball back and then firing off some quick passing (via On My Mark) to get the ball back up to scorers. Guild Ball is definitely a great game, and although I'm absolute trash and have yet to win a game against an experienced opponent, I'm pleased to say I'm now losing by less! Ha! I am happy with my pick of team and am really enjoying sinking my teeth into learning them.
  9. A&G Changes

    http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/35446-detachreattach/ http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/35484-new-ag-influence-allocation/ http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/35542-simultaneous-activation/#comment-96678
  10. Snakeskin OK?

    What about... both? I am new to Guild Ball so this is probably a terrible idea, but I'm having fun running a very footbally Blackheart / Coin / Mist / Snakeskin / A&G / Hemlocke lineup, all using Season 3 rules. Mist, Snakeskin and A&G are all very credible goal scoring threats, with Blackheart, Coin and Hemlocke providing support. Very low damage output but high mobility and lots of momentous tackles and dodges early in playbooks makes it fun to try to string plays together. Anyways, just IMHO.
  11. Kick off

    The issue isn't whether someone can figure it out - they for sure will, given enough time and motivation. It's not too difficult. It's really just a user experience thing. Tiny images in the tutorial, less-than-obvious identifications for minis vs cards, etc. all add up to a subpar purchase experience. It's not a deal-breaker, it's just something that could (and should) have been better. Take a look at your set, when it arrives, with my feedback in mind. I'm not saying you'll agree with me, but I don't think you'll be able to say I'm dead wrong. Hopefully it can be improved with time. Guild Ball is a fun game and I hope it is successful. This box set is a fantastic value and a great starter that could have been even better. I offer my feedback only in that regard: towards helping make the next iteration better.
  12. Kick off

    Others have discussed the minis at length, so I'll offer my feedback on the rest of the materials: 1) The "Kick Off! Read This First!" manual: Failure to Launch Beautiful idea absolutely hobbled by the tremendously small size of the images depicting the tutorial. It's simply impossible to see which characters are supposed to go where, and you've got to step through the whole thing and work backwards via a process of deduction to try and sort out who goes where. All this before you get to the actual "playing through the tutorial" part. It's made harder by the fact that the tiny profile images used to depicted the player tokens in the board state images feature artwork that is not repeated on the player cards. The only 100% positive ID comes from the two medium base characters - the rest you have to deduce and infer, and it makes the whole process needlessly confusing and unpleasant. The end result makes the entire Quick Start guide a bit of a fail in my book in the sense of quickly, clearly and comprehensibly explaining the game to an absolute newbie... and isn't that the intended audience for this very board-game-like set? The actual descriptions of the rules and how they work is great, but the execution of the example images leaves very much to be desired. If you're an experienced Guild Ball player, you'll of course have no trouble filling in the many blanks, but that of course completely misses the point and in no way excuses the product. The consensus of my group was to scrap the tutorial and simply get on with playing the actual game, as it'd probably be less confusing and more fun. Whomp whomp. 2) Tapper / Hopper and Harmony / Honour: Which Mini is This, Anyways? Further exacerbating the confusion caused by the quick start guide, as part of that alleged "Quick Start" process you have to try and figure out which of these nearly identical-looking miniatures pertains to which of their cards. The cards feature different poses than the minis, so you're left with the task of carefully studying the artwork and trying to divine which of the miniatures is "most like" the drawings presented. Sound like fun? Not for someone brand-new to Guild Ball with no idea who the heck any of these characters are, nor what they look like. 3) Hard smooth board surface + plastic minis = Guild Ball on Ice The minis slide around quite easily on the supplied board surface. It's not a total dealbreaker (not in the way that playing, say, X-Wing on such a surface would be), but it does lead to a bit of fuzziness around positions. In a game where precise measurements /can/ be extremely relevant, it's a bit of a miscue. With that said, both sides of the board are beautiful and it will make for a fun play surface, so long as sufficient care is taken to avoid jostling. Anyways - these are just visceral feedback on the box contents. I am quite a fan of Guild Ball and Steamforged and don't want this feedback to sound too harsh, but I just feel strongly that the Quick Start guide in particular needs to be addressed if this box set is really going to be able to stand on its own as a tool to boostrap new players. Maybe offer a link to where people can see a web page with the Quick Start guide in glorious high resolution? That'd be a completely fine solution, something that a new player could pull up on their phone and then really sink their teeth into. The examples given are great, it's just that the execution is quite lacking in my view. Hopefully a better solution can be found.