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  1. Warpstoned

    The Reign of Obulus is over....

    I don't know if it was said on another place too, but in the Discord Jamie did bring up Obulus as one of the examples of models they felt were working as intended and were not due to a change. That was the only spoiler he was willing to part with.
  2. Warpstoned

    Minerva in Hunters.

    There are certainly play and counter play to her. And she is not the end all be all or even close, text conversation makes it sound harder than I intend it to. It is probably just a bit of my kneejerk reaction to one of the top guilds getting a(nother) powerful piece. It is also devalues the minor a bit when one of their powerhouse models can play for the major instead - for minor guild longevity/uniqueness.
  3. Warpstoned

    Minerva in Hunters.

    I agree Guantlet. It is mostly the no once per turn restriction on Nocturnal Hunting that has been feeling most off for me. It either does nothing, or it can snowball real hard for the player who is already winning. I just generally dislike snowball mechanics and that is one reason I love GB so much with scoring giving over the resource - i.e. come back mechanics. It does however have some interesting implications, such as she cannot come on mate herself, meaning she is a prime target to take out, and that mascot kills can be "more valuable" than normal without giving extra points as other abilities might.
  4. Warpstoned

    Minerva in Hunters.

    With how insane she is in Hunters it makes me wonder if there are any changes coming to the Hunters in S4 *puts tinfoil hat on*
  5. Warpstoned

    Falconers tournament outing

    Just to give my 2c. I have played against grace a couple of times now, and every game both me and my opponent felt another player would have been better. Since she has no real counter attack (rundaas/Devana just need to glance at her), needs to be close to the Harriers, and you can always position the harriers more defensively if they are important (and move them up with Devana). It is probably not black and white tho, and more games will tell for sure. Against Brewers and the ball, it is Friday that is the problem if they decide to keep it on her. One game the brewer player had her in cover in spigots aura and I just had to wait for him to do something with the ball, since there is nothing that takes the ball from her even semi reliably. Falconers are good at stealing the ball from most other brewers models though, so could at least threaten other players to limit the ball use. Mataagi has been a sleeper for me. He gets 1, and sometimes there are no good openings to activate him, so he goes last and puts a m2 + bleed into someone and suddenly the hp math for the next round is way off for just one inf. Mataagi in cover is a decent spot to keep the ball "safe" in falconers too. However, models like oDecimate just hound him down so positioning feels key, and sometimes leaving him on the bench could be right I suppose. Still learning. Falconers are really good at snap back goals though I feel, with the board position you often have and the quick models in Rundaas/Mataagi or sometimes just Frelsi.
  6. Warpstoned

    Falconers tournament outing

    I have been finding that T1 I set up Devana (of course), but later on I tend to set up Rundaas instead. Killing someone and spreading dirty knives on everyone in the process (oh man that col6 result is bananas). The poison and the bleeds do amount up for a bit of softening up if your opponent are low on momentum or you do it last activation. The biggest problem I've found with the falconers against some sort of tempo game is good counter attacks, because Devana or Rundaas can't really go in and kill Decimate (either version), Benediction, Shark or similar without the KD - meaning you are putting a lot of faith in MInerva/Hearne for KDs or using death from aboves instead, in which case you are probably killing a model that already has activated so it is quite a low tempo affair) if that model already took out a model or scored you are behind anyway) If you can leverage the first turn pressure/take out that death from aboves give you, and keep the ball fairly safe from early activation goals, you get a bit more leeway to do your thing however. I also need to try and use the death from aboves for tackles more, but I am too wary of missing and giving up the damage. Only used airmail once, and it was glorious so I want to explore their footballing a bit more.
  7. Warpstoned

    Why I don't like veteran gutter

    I mean. Getting a loyalist would have meant another in guild veteran for butchers. So I am pretty sure butchers are better off with Gutter anyway.
  8. Warpstoned

    Why I don't like veteran gutter

    My experiences: Fan favorite has been great. Starting a turn with killing a low hp model sets you way ahead in the momentum run for the turn. Spikes to wraps are 2 momentum results as well. Resolute/chain grab has both come into play a couple of times. Not the best rules, but better than nothing. Don't think they are supposed to be the stars of the show anyway. Starting a turn hitting a model within ox aura has been great. Especially against annoying counterattack 1" models that ox hates. Her kd threatens a parting blow keeping them stuck sometimes. A great model for tooled up. 4 inf and 2" with all damage being reliable and momentous. Another decent kick model have been nice when receiving. Her wraps are absolutely amazing and are both easier and more reliable than other butchers. (2" and AP, sometimes they aint tough or legendary helps) this in turn makes her synergizing very well with the +Tac gameplan cards. She have not been amazing with fillet. But not particurlarly bad either. Mostly because that line up is filled with inf hungry models and are less likely to scrum up. In summary there are a lot of good butcher models you can play. So play what works for you. But she has felt very rewarding to use for me with Ox. Could she use a little bonus in comparison to the other exiles? Yeah probably. But that is a fruitless line of thinking. I would give her a high >> to maybe make that resolut feel a bit more rewarding perhaps. If people think she is boring to use, then I can't really argue with that. Each to their own. But I enjoy her.
  9. Warpstoned

    Ratcatcher's hopes for s04

    I think exchanging swift wind and unexpected arrival for slip past would be kinda cool. Keeps the theme of moving over models and turns his big base into a possible bonus. Plus you give him a sort of buyable dodge without sorting to the standard acrobatics. Meditation as an heroic could also be a small QoL change. I don't think dervish needs to exist really. Give him I'm open or something else that already exists in other places. Only thing against that is that brainpan is already in that design space.
  10. Warpstoned

    Ratcatcher's hopes for s04

    Ratcatchers in general are cursed with victim defensive stats (Piper/Pelage perhaps excluded), so I don't think he worsens that bit. But he does do something for free the way I see it. He can re-disease Scourge or disease enemies. His char play can be payed for instead of triggering for playbook, which makes it a lot more flexible than you think, against low def/high arm models for example. And drawing an analogy to Frelsi I think is unfair. Frelsi is very much designed interwined with Devana, and Frelsi fits quite thematically as a rather powerful mascot in a falconers guild imo.
  11. Warpstoned

    Ratcatcher's hopes for s04

    I don't mean any jab at ├Żou, but how is Squeak "deeply frustrating"? I guess I just don't see it, or maybe I am just used to mascots that doesn't have very high impact.
  12. Warpstoned

    Ratcatcher's hopes for s04

    I really like the ratcatcher models and I think they are in a pretty fine place. That said. It is no secret that Bonesaw is a bit behind the curve. I personally don't think he is that far off from a useful model. Which buff he could use depends on what the devs envision his role to be. I really like vGraves in rats. But his cards back is blank which is a bit boring perhaps. Packmaster could be an passive aura possibly. Then you get his interaction with Squeak a lot more often. Squeak is quite a tricky one. Because of how powerful dreadful shriek is. It is not always relevant, and mostly he just jogs around diseasing people, but when the opportunity for it comes it can be really good. Mostly it is his low movement with tag along that makes him a bit clunky. I would really just like tag along to be "towards" rather than directly towards in s4, since "get over here" and similiar is just towards anyway. It would make him much easier to use. And considering ratcatchers design definitely were done with at least some consideritation of s4 in mind - I wouldn't worry too much.
  13. Warpstoned

    Hammer Masons

    I am vary of answering this question too generally. It depends a lot on a couple of things, some being kick or receive or how the 10s look - Do they have knockdown protection/removal for hammer? And vChisel is spoiled which will impact a bit, but in the same box is vCinder which yet is to be revealed. But in general, Hammers strength is threatening take outs on your apprentices whom are your work horses and often loaded with your influence. Try to get a turn 1 Alloy goal, bog down brick and hammer with masters eventually and try to find take outs on squishies like Flint or Harmony or more goals. Cinder with instruction helps a ton if they try to hang back with the ball, she is also "immune" to Hammer which helps your board position a bit too. Punish an overextended hammer with knockdown and crowds and go to town with Iron/Cinder. When receiving I kinda like Burnish too, getting some ranged damage does help things. With the ball Burnish can move up to belch and then pass-dodge back. If they play without condition removal, a shoemerang can end the kick pressure comfortably too.
  14. Warpstoned

    Being taken for Granite...

    If you receive, why aren't vDecimate goaded? (even then you can jog out Granite with team player, though you might want Tower for tooled up in that match up) If you kick against a ranged/second wind team, you are most likely not playing Granite. Just to be clear, my post was in general about Granite, I don't see her that useful against esters/decimate brewers in particular. And I don't see you setting up her as the main plan. She is just a sturdy midfielder that can get a lot of work done if the opportunity presents itself.
  15. Warpstoned

    National French Tournament - 10 man roster

    I would 100% run Decimate in the last slot. She is so incredibly good with Fillet. But considering you don't have her, I would run oBrisket. If you are a able to make do with just your favorite Brisket, I would pick Minx. If you are a big Ox fan I think Tenderizer can help him a lot in some match ups too, but I dislike that loss of influence personally.