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  1. Thresher Thread 2.0

    I won't go in on him being too good or not. Because I don't know. However. The mechanic of 3" melee needs to be very carefully applied to models. Because of how non interactive it is.
  2. Theresher. Fix before he hits please.

    I agree that he is far above the curve and is very non interactive which is kinda boring in itself. However, I will reserve my judgement until after some proper play. If this is something the guild needs to be competitive it is kinda ok, however a little boring perhaps for the guilds own options.. If Thresher does go on and become horrible powerhouse in the meta, then I agree he should be tweaked.
  3. We need to talk about Plot Cards

    I don't mind the plot cards most times. Wouldn't be bothered if they went away either. However, I always hate when either me or my opponent get both of "Who are ya?" and "Knee Slider". Those can really tilt an tight and interesting game to one players favor and thus leading to a negative experience. Like "I'm so sorry man but... Knee slider too..." I have no good solution to this, but I just wanted to chime in.
  4. Weighing plastic models down

    Yes, exactly.
  5. WTF happened to quality of miniatures?

    Just to lend some balance to the thread - I do know some people who actually got excited to try out the game when I mentioned GB was moving over to plastic, as they have been accustomed to Malifaux/PP/GW having mainly plastic nowadays. A move to plastic is obviously going to please some, and displease others. I reserve my own feelings about the quality until I have them in my hand. However, I do believe though that the plastic 6-man sets is going to lessen the threshold for people to get into the game - which is an undoubtedly good thing
  6. Weighing plastic models down

    I've used lead weights used for fishing, weighing down lures. They are as heavy as you get per volume and are soft enough to flatten with a hammer. I don't know the exact word for them in english though.
  7. During the Q&A at Vengeance, Mat Hart did discuss that they had been thinking about audio versions of the fluff. But as I understood it, nothing were decided. So if it does come out I think it won't be for a while.
  8. The collected fluff condensed down into a kindle format would be pretty awesome IMO. And a pretty cheap and easy thing for SFG to do as well.
  9. I do agree with you. That is why I wrote "susceptibility to counter attacks". KD is the main way to discourage or nullify a declared counter by a model with an easy << or >>
  10. Yes exactly. GB is extremely KD centric. The existence of KD in a playbook highly determines the value of parting blows and the susceptiblity to counter attacks. It would just be nice to have wider options of dealing with strong counter attacks than KD or 2" melee. (Starting engaged helps a lot too) Though I don't think it is a big problem really. But we were spitballing possible improvements here
  11. Team setup in formations

    At least he can do a momKD (or kd + dmg) for a overclocked charge when on 0 inf. Better than some other mechanica. It depends a lot ofc on your actual team, which mechanica you field and how many etc. Since Colossus also has that option.
  12. It wouldn't surprise me if super fan was a rules test disguised as a plot card in the same vein as tap in and home crowd. A super fan effect (possibly 4" instead of 6", but I don't think it is a big deal) would reduce the randomness of kicking out and let's you have players "guarding the goal" in a thematic sense imo. As for the counter attack thing i don't like your suggestion at all, mostly because how every models playbook is designed around the current rules. However, I do think that there could be some additional effect besides KD to stop counter attacking. Perhaps some trait like Ulfrs "extra mom for def stance" but for counter attacks. Or what I feel would be best is a new playbook result something like "stunned", that has no other effect than cancels a declared counterattack. It would let more players have answers to strong counterattacks without having to give out more 2" melees or putting KDs on every 1" melee model.
  13. Benediction the Shark destroyer

    Well. Siren doesnt care much for Benedictions defenses. I for one prefer Snakeskin if you want a model to protect the ball against fish. She is better att passing the ball too, either normally or with On my mark/Im open. (And no model is particularly safe from Shark getting first activation turn 2 or something like that) Though certainly Benediction is objectively better at defensively holding the ball than a almost all other Union options, calling him a "Shark destroyer" might be a little hyperbolic