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  1. @Kingpash You can change our (Swedens) team name to "#teamadam?"
  2. Warpstoned

    Being accused of cheating

    Case in point by above posters
  3. Warpstoned

    Being accused of cheating

    Humans are actually notoriously, and provably, bad at judging randomness. This coupled with any competitive feelings often end up with people blaming dice not being "random enough" (with their definition of random oftentimes being more average and less extreme). Behaving like your opponent did was pretty inexcusable in any case.
  4. Warpstoned

    Game balancing the butchers

    Tenderizer brings 2 influence. Princess 1dmg on 1 is momentous and gains hobble trait instead of rabid animal. VetOx gets Rowdy as a trait and the 1dmg on 1 is momentous. Otherwise I am pretty content.
  5. Warpstoned

    Farmers Matchup?

    I have been finding that briskets have a rough time dealing with Tater and Jackstraw. They have ofc other utilities too but worth considering. Shank have been good as the goal threat (and fillet ofc) Def3 models are also very risky, as both Thresher and Tater are very good at deleting them. Ofc Boar likes hitting farmer defensive stat lines too, but Jackstraw can shut down Boar pretty good if he wants to. In my 4-5 ish games I have felt that both Fillet and Ox are pretty even, different strengths and weaknesses into the farmers. If someone would wake me in the middle of the night and ask for a 6 to run into Farmers, I would respond Ox, Princess, Boiler, Meathook, Shank, vGutter. If it is objectively the best 6 is another matter. Just my personal observations FWIW
  6. Warpstoned

    Thoughts on a Tournament 10

    I have an even harder time justifying Tenderizer standing around and costing me an influence a turn now when there are plot cards that can reduce it further. All I want for him is to be 2/4. Also, I have an hard time thinking of Butcher line ups before Gutter release Can't wait.
  7. Warpstoned

    Rationale for measurement in ball scatter

    I would assume that it stems from allowing a missed pass (etc) to scatter 1" and not be overlapping of the players base. Since 1" is less than the balls base width of 30mm there would be overlap. However, it is a bit unintuitive for sure.
  8. Warpstoned

    Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    Growth will always happen in a game until it is laid off. It is simply in any companys and SFGs interest to promote sales, and in mini games that means new models. Sure the major guild crossover models should be from one box, but we are not even there yet. I give SFG the benefit of doubt at this time. They might have a solution planned. I like the minor guild mechanic as a 2-for-1 solution, giving the major guild new toys, getting major guilds off the union chain, and the creation of a new guild with a new take on things. All in one solution. As for the pace, I believe the increased pace is largely due to the size of the commitment that minors reflect, and so that they can get union cut off from the majors as soon as possible (that is the most fair to everyone too). ~2 minors a year would lead us to about 4 years (about as long as since the companys start up!) or so into the future before all the minors were out. Even though the growth means more to get into for new players, I don't think that is the major issue whether a player enjoys the game or stays in the game. All the tournaments I've played in there have always been a very friendly and laid back atmosphere, even at something like Vengeance, Nationals or the WTC. I find people in general are very helpful and understanding if they are up against someone new (or someone new to your guild). Sure if your goal is to be the very best, like in every game, you need to do your homework. But most people just want a fun and social hobby, with a bit of competition thrown in there for spice.
  9. Warpstoned

    vGutter card shown

    I have been enjoying Captain, Dog, Boiler, Meathook, Shank, vGutter. Pretty all round stuff. 13 inf, good redundancy if someone dies, at the cost of some furious efficiency I suppose. And overall good speed and 4/1 defensive stats. Briskets instead instead of anyone if the situation seems appropriate (been facing a lot of countercharges lately, and Shank handles those a lot easier than briskets). vBrisket actually does a lot of damage too. However, one of my biggest enjoyments with the guild is how changeable my butchers 6 are. It changes basically every game for me depending on the situation, as opposed to playing Masons or Engineers where you kinda can get bored of the same models every game.
  10. Warpstoned

    vGutter card shown

    I really like vGutter. vDecimate looks super good. The two are not mutually exclusive for me It is okay with me if Brewers get a good new toy as well.
  11. Warpstoned

    Unsportsmanlike But Legal

    Mako - the hero we need, but does not deserve
  12. Warpstoned

    Butchers in the current meta? (note the question mark!)

    I think they are a well balanced solid middle of the pack team. I myself have been winning some tournaments with them lately too and having a lot of fun. And there are some more good players having good results with them including Alex. But a good player can have good results with any team in guild ball. I think there is a bit of a misconception of butchers and their game plan. They are a seen as a straight forward and no nonsense beater team - A basic gameplan of "kill your dudes". However, fighting in guild ball is not basic. There are a lot that goes in to fighting, such as choosing the right target, choosing the right time, doing enough set up, allocating correctly and handling counter attacks on top of handling the ball/victory points tempo/momentum tempo/healing. A lot of these things can be mitigated by having different kinds of rules, like glut mass, counter charges, tough hide, 2" melee (or 3"), low kds, good <</>> counter attacks, ranged plays, control effects and so on, which butchers does not have a lot of. They are also quite weak health wise. What I mean to say is that Basic/Straightforward does not equate to Easy, but I see that sentiment a lot (more so with new players ofc, "They are so basic, just kills all my stuff, unfair"). As for the meta I think they are pretty decent overall really, after the Thresher nerf anyway, but I don't really feel they have any "auto" wins or "auto" losses (which is of course like it should be) Edit: Also, I really like vGutter. She is just a heap of good stats, while not flashy, is something that butchers wants..
  13. Warpstoned

    Butchers Player Summaries

    Haha, no worries mate. A lot of opponents do as well She basically has gut and string with 1 damage and bleed on 1 hit, on top of the bleed "tooling up" herself and fillet as well. It is "ok"
  14. Warpstoned

    Butchers Player Summaries

    I would like to add Meathooks heroic play to her repertoire. I feel -4 move is super valuable and both good for setups for a take out or to shave off 4" of goal threat making her useful into mobile teams as well. Tooled up plays really well into both captains playstyles as well. Meathook is love.
  15. Warpstoned

    Game Plan deck discussion

    I've played 9 tournament games with the cards now and I have never experienced anyone taking a problematic amount of time choosing a card and never experienced any feel bad moment. In fact rather the opposite - being behind a lot in momentum lets you play one of your really low initiative cards and get a sweet bonus. I like them, and feel that a lot of complaints at this stage are exaggerated hot takes. Sure, the cards might have flaws, but they sure as hell are more interesting and fair than the dice roll and old plots imo.