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  1. Warpstoned

    March Errata

    Well I think that is true, and always has been. A melee guild with no playbook movement and low printed speed kinda needs that. I always thought that was a fun minigame with brewers, getting the times called to work with your activation order and positioning. That said, it is a bit of a shame that it is on a model with a veteran version.
  2. Warpstoned

    March Errata

    I like Tapper, he is a good brawler and his aura buff is much more efficiently used in a scrum over Esters buffs. People who complains about Tappers speed are usually the same people who takes the opportunity to play vSpigot when they play Tapper - in that case he can be a bit slow. I know, I know, vSpigot is nice, he really is, but just don't play without oSpigot folks. I like that Tapper facilitates different models than Esters. Lucky, Pintpot and Scums influence efficiency and low momentous damage pairs well with commanding aura for example. However the more stand offish the game is, the better Esters buffs become. I kinda would like to have Tappers 4 inf back though, as the team become very dependent on him and his heroic, and Stave is out of the question almost automatically for that reason.
  3. Warpstoned

    Errata thoughts?

    I mean it is still a mascot, so we are not talking heroics here. Obviously if you get the ball and Frelsi is in a decently safe spot, it is decent to get the ball to her - and such she has done a handful of goals of opportunity for me. hack back helps with the mobility as well. If you have 2 on Devana and Frelsi, and Devana has the ball, a pass-dodge and a hack back moves Frelsi up 9" and can sometimes get out of any threats. But thge most common use is turn 1, Devana goes 3 to last, and moves a harrier to a target, and hack backs Frelsi (who has 3 inf) up. Frelsi charges the target for 2 momentum, snare and maybe some damage. Then Rundaas or Mataagi (mostly mataagi unless against a team who has trouble killing Rundaas quickly) pours 4 inf into that model, who is crowded and snared. Mataagi is ideal, since he can stay at 6" and do a far strike and 3 snap fires. Next turn the model in question either has to activate immediately and only has Loved Creature Frelsi there, or Mataagi threatens to set up harrier, bleed, and/or kill the model at range and walk away. Preferrably you engage a model on a flank, so if their main models who is still left to activate T1 needs to go towards the flank and Frelsi instead of your center. Also Frelsi puts some concerns about the momentum race for them as well. It is no big wombo combo, but it lets you start to dictate the game flow a bit to your terms. And don't be afraid to let Frelsi die, use the bird. Your other models dies just as easy as the bird anyway, so keep using the 1vp loved creature instead. Hack back can let Frelsi come in faster, and retreat after an engagement as well. This is just my latest experiences. YMMV ofc, but I have been much happier now that I play Devana more like a support model than before, activating mid turn, moving harriers and bird, air mail if possible, legendary if possible. It is liberating using your inf for other things than Devanas playbook She still threatens to kill a 6-9 hp model at range with 2 inf too, by legendary, move harrier and DFA. If needs be
  4. Warpstoned

    March Errata

    No worries mate. Forums are here for discussion. What I am specifically talking about is: Kicking with Esters, Quaff, oSpigot, vDecimate, X Decimate kicks off. Decimate gets 4 inf, Hooper 3, Quaff 1, Esters 5. Spigot sets up free times called on both Hooper and Decimate. Esters gives quick foot to deci and hooper, and tooled up for hooper (but really isnt needed a lot of times). Quaff gives Pick me up and Second wind to decimate. X does whatever Decimate activates heroic and jogs 9" to get in melee with someone and hit them 4 times with m>> towards your lines (Hooper) (if less distance is needed you can sneak in a stagger or m3>), she follows up back to your lines after each hit, and ends with Second wind dodge to a good safe position near spigot and esters to prepare for next turn. Hooper jogs 9" and free heroics, knocks the target down and sets them really low. Momentum lead, you choose to go first turn 2 Hooper starts by free heroic, kills target, and puts up tough skin on decimate. Decimate is ready to go out and drag someone in again this turn. That is of course just the rough idea. You can of course sneak in a stolen ball into a goal, or something. But the deathball of Hooper, Esters, Decimate, Spigot is pretty daunting to go into. Especially a player, an activation and momentum down. And the brewers ball powers up with every activation and threatens far and have second wind. The distance decimate threats on her kick off with both her heroic and second wind for safety is pretty rude in my opinion and synergizes well with the amount of buffs the team puts out. That is why I think she is one of the strongest kick off threats in the game. Of course personal opinion FWIW
  5. Warpstoned

    Errata thoughts?

    Haha, I love giving Frelsi inf xD Reliable momentum, snare, crowd out, fast (esp with hack back) and loved creature. quite capable of scoring the odd goal as well, whilst just giving up 1 vp.
  6. Warpstoned

    March Errata

    Noted. Let's just leave it at we disagree on this matter. 🙂
  7. Warpstoned

    March Errata

    Well, I think it can be okay with a 2/1 1" model to be good in melee is all I'm saying 😅
  8. Warpstoned

    March Errata

    Yah, for Stave to be truly interesting he shouldn't be all about a barrel, but also have some sort of utility in his playbook (since his stats are not that fun to shove into a fight to begin with)
  9. Warpstoned

    Errata thoughts?

    Personally I think the mechanics works just fine and would not like to see an overhaul of the harrier effects. (more Ikaros like "affinity" bonuses to the harriers would be cool though!) I would just like some numbers to be a little bit better. Some hp here and there, and like devanas playbook being useful on her own (does not necessarily mean damage, but low good pushes/tackle/kd could also help when not in a set up state). I would like Ikaros to have a tackle with a dodge somewhere in the playbook or close control - i.e. the old 1" striker dilemma. Wouldn't really mind him having stamina and native flying either, taking flight feels mostly just like a hoop to jump trough just for thematic purposes. Would not really mind if Devana was a 4/6 influence either really, but I really don't put much influence on her anyway (which is of course a little bit sad in itself)
  10. Warpstoned

    March Errata

    Decimate with Esters is one of the strongest (if not the strongest) kick off threats in the game. I certainly don't think she needs a buff and it would be detrimental to all the other brewer squaddies if she were better at everything (like the old days). I too would like to see Tapper or Stave get more inf. The kick off team for a new player is now at an atrocious 11 inf xD Personally think Stokers molotov and flame jet could just become fire blast for simplicity, though they will probably not change that because of all the new token sets made. I think he is fine, if perhaps a little niche, but it would be cool if he got something that made him stand out a bit more - like heroic giving mercurys aura, or reduction like burnish, or random light support play. Put realistically in the bigger perspective I don't see brewers adjusted at all, other than perhaps something to Stave.
  11. Warpstoned

    New to Season 4 Brewers

    Hoopers heroic is probably the one you'll use the most. He enjoys being in the middle, where Esters also hangs out and it is relevant basically every turn.
  12. Warpstoned

    Ball retrieval issues

    I think lumping all scoring teams together (and the kick receive factor) can be a bit too broad of a statement to answer in certain model(s). Like, I don't think the gameplan for Order, Corsair, Pin Vice, Navigators, (probably missing something more here) are the same, even though they all want to score some goals as a main plan (usually). It also depends on how you want your gameplan to be. Do you think you will need to score goals yourself? If so, are there unpredictable/close control ball holders, rush keepers or similar to think about? Do you want to mainly take outs? Against butchers you probably need a more ranged approach as they have counter charge and demolish you in a fair fight for example. Are you receiving? Is there a Mist/Fathom to try and deny/pressure or are there a Corsair that wants to drag you in and kill you piecemeal to disrupt your plan? For example against Order I would play both Minerva and Hearne to try and lock down Brisket with 2" and to grind through the midfield beef. Hearnes teleporting can helt in getting around countercharges and sneaking in a goal as well. Against Corsair, both MInerva and Hearne are prime targets to be dragged in, and you are likely to not get big set up plays off, just because of all the movement in hag/corsair/kraken. 2" melee only matters if you actually get to use them. Your kicker will probably be at a big risk of getting dragged. Against Pin Vice, 2" models is pretty great to try and lock/slow her down. Mataagi is probably the best ball holder due to his higher defence against Salvo. Against Navigators/shark, you are probably not going to get big set up plays due to the tempo of the game, so Minerva with her 0 armour isn't that great. Snared from Hearne helps a lot though, and his teleporting gives him great mobility for dealing with spread out threats. I am by no means an Falconers expert myself, but just sharing some of my broad thoughts adapting to certain match ups and how I like to think about these kinds of stuff. Naturally terrain, cards and the actual drafted 6 of your opponents matters too, but those questions needs to adapted to on the fly.
  13. Warpstoned

    Ball retrieval issues

    Mataagi feels like the true Falconer. Useful, flexible ranged/melee/goals, fast, high defence - but very low health and any bad placement of him and he is gone. I really found him pretty useful to end or start turns. Ending turn 1 with some damage and bleed, then starting turn 2 by putting out a harrier, far strike for momentum/dmg/bleed and maybe a snap fire and then retreating gives you a pretty noncommittal way to get momentum, harriers and conditions rolling. And the pretty damaged model is now in a harrier and they may feel forced to activate that model or lose it. For me Rundaas and Mataagi is the ones who makes the team tick, well, tick as well as a Falconers team can anyway.
  14. Warpstoned

    Ball retrieval issues

    Ball retrieval is a big weakness of the Falconers. I would advice not to score against scoring teams, unless you can go last and know you have the first activation to try and grab the kick out. Death form above and hot shot are dicey and not always super worth it, but they are options there for the desperate. Ikaros is pretty bad too actually, since he often wants to take flight then charge, but if they counter tackle he must use his last inf to tackle again and as such can't use the ball. The Full Back card can help him sometimes. Hearne can also be pretty disruptive with his skewered teleport and kd/T on 2. But if they have fighting capabilities you probably sacrifice the model to get the ball too, so beware. Easiest is of course to just hang on to the ball until you are at 8 points and then score (though easier said than done)
  15. Warpstoned

    Help with tactics vs different teams

    Skulk is still pretty nice, odor taxes any shots, pest control can reduce distance, and lightning reflexes can let him counter even if they get a T<< of him (I.e. jogging back into fathom after she dodged away and then taking his free counter attack). Albeit he is never a complete goal stopper, he is just allround taxing and pretty self sufficient. Would personally run go with Scourge, graves, miasma and skulk. But if you feel scourge is bullied a lot, then I would drop both scourge and miasma. But in general it feels that both skulk and graves are great ball holders that let you control the tempo a bit to let you set up some fights with scourge and company. Navs are not fans of disease either since they often run a little light on momentum. Bonesaw is always great if you aim for more a more goal oriented style, though I am not sure you really do want to push goals too fast against Navs. I don't see any significant use of Pelage in the match up.