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  1. Just because his thing is not what you want or envision is supposed to be, does not mean it is nonexistent at the moment. For me charging with the ball for a 3<< and then WTG (before or after) -> score with blood scent is one Ulfr moment for me. Another is when the ball is punted away and he sinks 4 attacks into Tater instead for 4xm2 damage, from a striker that is impressive. The combination of damage and strikery stuff along with Ambush makes Ulfr uniquely Ulfr. Sure, you might want less damage and more striker potential or vice versa, or any particular ability to be improved, but I would certainly say he has a "unique thing".
  2. Hearnes on a part-time leave

    I like Egret. (She should have light footed however xD) Going in for a goal run while arrowing someone in the process gives her a knee slider-esque ability on demand which is very cool. (Back to the shadows + run the length) She is a fine model. She does what she is designed to do.
  3. I see a lot of people have a lot of strong opinions on these models, and I don't believe what I write will change any of that. But here is my 2 cents: I think the HoWM are in a good place strictly competitively (personally I think vHearne needs a small something something, but others have differing opinions so I'll let that point be undecided) However. I think they could use some quality of life changes to make them more satisfying and easy to use. Not that I think that quality of life changes will (nor should) be included in any errata - but a good time to incorporate them could be the season 4 update. On the models themselves and my suggestions. These are purely my own ideas put down for fun, and obviously aren't deeply analyzed balance wise. Skatha - Love her. She is strong and snowball is an very interesting and unique mechanic - I don't mind that it may miss. I don't really think "at the start of the activation"- abilities are very enjoyable for players as a general rule since they tend to be forgotten, or a missed attack/play may make the AOE in this case be rendered ineffective and yield frustration. Just let it be anytime. BotMG is in the same tier as a lot of situational plays that only might get used turn 1 - which is fine, but (as SFG seems to have picked up on with new teams and changes) these buff plays should be 6". Being able to target herself is also a nice QoL change just for the ease of use thing, but I don't really mind either way since she got a legendary with almost the same effect. Snow - I personally love Snow and think he/she is great. Could possibly be 6/8 move and/or let the "ooh ball" be simply "towards" for more interesting uses of the ability. More options are always fun. vHearne - Would just like something small here. Like having a m1 on 1 to make his lunar eclipse more satisfying to use these fortune favored nights when he gets to use it by making them momentous. It would make for a great "cool vHearne moment" and make his momentum generation at least "guaranteed". I've had a lot of times when he misses his KD attack 1, then gets his kd, then gets 2 hits for 1/> which feels very disappointing activation for such a slow and fragile player. Such slow, fragile and combo-ish models should have a higher reward when getting them set up into their perfect situation (which is hard in itself). Last light could be just a 1inf cost reduction on the characters next play - would make it more generally useful and less a "quad boombox play" on top of solidifying his role as a support player. Ulfr - I was very down on him at first but I have started to love him. If that depends on me learning him or something else I don't know. Personally what I would do is give him a kick of 2/8" and making blood scent +2/+0. That way he is a better kick off model, and he never gets in the situations where he can't choose the momentous result needed for the shot because then he would be outside his kick range. But you would still be rewarded for triggering it in kinda the same thematic feel as the designers wanted it to be. I feel the Lone Hunter trait is enough of a potential pit fall to avoid to have his kick range be variable too. But on a positive end note: I personally I very frequently play with Skatha, Ulfr and Snow, and enjoy them.
  4. I'm the worst Corsair there is.

    Corsair has a lot of unique and strong tools to deal with basically anything, which makes him very strong and is in my opinion one of the best captains out there. However. Strong does not mean easy to use. He is a lot about making the right game decisions and good placements - on top of having quite an unique style to him. Don't beat yourself up if it does not work out perfectly straight out of the gate
  5. Your favourite 6.

    It does vary over time and vs opposition of course, but if I were to name my current fav 6 it would be: - Skatha - Snow - Jaecar - Ulfr - oHearne - Chaska
  6. Random Thoughts after a Tournament

    They do indeed. I mean the bear is very inf hungry too. But I don't feel I am inf starved as a lot of people around here seem to be. I guess it could be a playstyle thing. I generally prefer hungry models that bring value when I commit them over models that are efficient but lack in total output when I would need them too. Minx don't really bring a lot more to her activation in ways of damage if you give her full inf. And if you don't want to commit her, then she really isn't any more efficient than anyone else who givers 2 inf. If that makes sense? That said, I don't know if A&G are wortwhile in hunters. Just that I would at least want to try
  7. Teach me how to vHearne

    I often use the Blessing -> Skewered before oHearne takes his first attack, as to more reliably threaten KD a lot of times. It is not exactly the same with a KD on 2 vs a KD on 3 on a snared target, but kinda in the same ballpark. So even there I feel the difference is not that high. Anyways, you seem quite determined on your 6 and how to place your inf, and following your inf logic I get your point and argument. But that doesn't necessarily make it true for me, which of course is totally fine - there is no one true way to go about it. If it works for you, do it
  8. Random Thoughts after a Tournament

    Yeah, it is a bit problematic. Minx plays like a core hunters guild player should, but she occupies the union slot.
  9. Random Thoughts after a Tournament

    Yeah, preach it my dude! He is a little bit wonky though, I will give people that. I was myself pretty frustrated with him the first 2 games. He has bad defensive stats, so he is quite susceptible to counter attacks, should he miss his dodges or tackle. But he also has above average striker HP, so may actually survive a little bit longer to escape with WtG. Also never rely on his blood scent range first activation (that is to say a wrap). Momentum already in the bank and/or blessing of the moon goddess helps a lot. His counter attack against 1" melee models are really money if he hasn't used WtG yet too. Pretty situational, but every little bit helps. Blind is great. It does however want a momentum early in the turn to bonus time - which can be more or less problematic depending on your guild/line up/playstyle. Just something I have noticed I guess (and likely all other blind players already knew). It sometimes have meant I had to make the choice of blinding, say thresher, or defensive stanceing his charge. Next Hunters test subject is Avarisse & Greede. It would solve my roster a bit by "upgrading" Seenah to A&G and letting me fit Zarola. However, at the cost of Minx - so not a clear cut easy decision.
  10. Teach me how to vHearne

    The model is indeed awesome. He looks at me with sad, betrayed eyes everytime I leave him out of my carrying case.
  11. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    With Therons Blessing and vHearnes Last light. Preferrably with sun strike too, as to self fuel the momentum for the last light boom box.
  12. Teach me how to vHearne

    He just feels so unsatisfying to use imo. He doesn't generate super consistent and useful momentum like oHearne. Often times he mKDs, but then often doesn't reach m3, so keeps pushing people around. And Last Light drains 2 momentum if he wants to use on himself, which oftentimes gets a little bit clunky. When he intends to use Lunar Eclipse he usually needs to make do with non momentous damage, and the 3 inf cap make any real interesting goal runs harder, if they declare a counter. Sure he brings 2 inf, good mT and good mKD. But 3/1s always needs a little babysitting and he just keeps falling a little short of what I am wanting him to do and in the momentum race. And oHearne just runs so smoothly now. And is super consistent in output and momentum, even without a forest.
  13. To be fair, his playbook and blood scent seems to have been designed with blessing of the moon godess in mind. Slap that blessing on him and you'll see his disappointment rate go down significantly. That means m<< on 1, or m<2 on 3. Higher up and it gets even better.
  14. Hi guys. I finally took the leap of faith and brought my Hunters to a tournament this Saturday. (I have always chickened out in the last second for another guild - the woes of owning to many guilds ) I have done some reflection and thoughts since and I did not originally intend to post this, but work is slow and I thought maybe someone could find it interesting. As such it is just my own opinions with rather small sample size and not facts, so treat it as such. Preface: Local 14 man tournament so 3-4 rounds. I was going to try Hemlocke as my Union slot as there were going to be some brewers, masons and farmers present. And for science. The Line Up: Skatha Theron Snow (shut up, I frikkin love the dog ) Jaecar oHearne Egret Ulfr Seenah Hemlocke Chaska Game 1: Thresher So first game I got matched with one of the top contender for the tournament rockin' his Farmers. So, obviously a though pairing, but I was glad I got try Hemlocke right off the bat. Skatha, Snow, Jaecar, Ulfr, Egret, Hemlocke v Thresher, Buckwheat, Millstone, Tater, Harrow, Jackstraw. I received. Score: 11-12 loss. 2 Ulfr goals (and one missed shot), Jaecar kills Tater and 1 clock point - Thresher/Tater kills Skatha and Jaecar, Jackstraw goal, Buckwheat goal. Hemlocke kept Thresher blinded. But he legendaried to counteract it one turn. So didn't feel super exciting. Her mT on 1 was at least a reliable ball steal threat. Ulfr was great. Easy access to momentum, wtg to get around counter charge or getting bogged down was really useful. Egret felt superflous here, but at least she is slippery. Snow is great. He makes it risky for Thresher/tater to go in, since missing the KD lets me dodge out, or they choosing a < instead of damage, or being forced to commit deeper. He was a missed tackle, a bad scatter upfield or a missed buckwheat goal from losing on time. I could have positioned Hemlocke to screen off a bit of the scatter angles, but I didn't see the ridiculous movement and kick range from Bucky. As close as it gets and a great game. Game 2: Midas Skatha, Snow, Jaecar, Ulfr, Chaska, Seenah v Midas, Naja, Vitriol, Mercury, Calculus, vKatalyst. I received. Score: 16-12 win 3 goals (2 Ulfr, 1 Skatha), Seenah killed Calculus, vKat Witnessed himself - 1 Midas goal, Vitriol pushed Chaska off the pitch after he received a super wide kick off, Mercury killed off Ulfrs last 3 hp with a flame jet after vKat failed to finish him off, vKat killed Seenah with witness me getting us both to 12 simultaneously. Ulfr slotted the goal after that. Ulfr was great. 2 goals, and got an opportunity for another but missed the tackle on Midas. While Seenah was pretty great. Influence was pretty tight receiving turn 1 when you want to pass around and have a goal run inf gets eaten up quickly. So I will probably use Seenah more when kicking, to have a powerful last activation. Chaska, gotten pushed off early did not impact too much (3/6 kick was useful though), the choice however was to let vitriol have the ball but I figured the ball was more important. Jaecar mostly kept Vitriol in check on a flank. Game 3: Blackheart Skatha, Snow, Jaecar, Ulfr, Chaska, oHearne v Blackheart, Strongbox, Mist, Minx, Gutter, oRage. I received. Score: 12-8 win 2 goals (Ulfr, Skatha), oHearne/Jaecar killed off mist after a failed goal run (missed his m< on Jaecar who promptly dodged away due to pack mentality leaving him stranded to kick the ball home) and Chaska caught a Gutter within 8" of the table edge and boomed her off - 1 Blackheart goal, Ulfr and Skatha both died after scoring. I really liked this line up. oHearne once again cemented to me his superiority over vHearne, he just runs so smoothly even without a forest. My heart ached a little leaving the lovely model home in the morning, but I am now firmly set on leaving vHearne out of the 10. Chaska was solid. Received and kicked it back, while setting up a trap to lower mists ball threat and tough skin on himself to prevent momentum farming. Ulfr was great. With blessing of the moon goddess, snowball momentum, pass dodge, fast ground, and a model he got a charge off, he zoomed over the board and was in tap in range with blood scent end of turn 1. What a rock star. Paid the iron price for it though, as he is wont to do. Tournament ended at 3 rounds. End result 2-1 (and 39vps in 3 games despite losing one ) End thoughts I received every game. This obviously is nice and makes the Ulfr experience better than might be the average (that 1st turn goal is sweet). But I have been pretty down on Ulfr before, and he smashed my previous beliefs by scoring 5 goals even after 1 missed shot and 2 missed tackles on Midas for another (not being able to charge UM models makes it less consistent) Skatha. She might have had an edge in stealing the ball from unexpected opponents due to them never seen her. But her 4" (snowball) + 9" (fast ground sprint) + legendary + 2-3" (m><</><<< off an nearby model) + 1" (mT>< off the ball holder) + 6" (shot) = a very non linear 22" Blackhearty kind of goal run. Takes 6 inf for this particular move though. Otherwise she just turns up the turn 1 of Ulfr and the Bear to 11 or just gets 2 inf for snowballing herself or someone else out of danger or just a cold snap. I actually never missed Minx. This was surprising to me. She will probably still be in over Hemlocke, but I didn't feel like the world depended on her. Snow is bae. Fits my noncommittal playstyle better than Fahad. Ooh ball and extra kick dice helps a bit when passing around and such, and anatomical is just the cherry on top. Hunters are bloody fun! And I really liked the dodgy/trappy playstyle with a lot of movement and goals. I was never ever near timing out, whilst some opponents were and did. This takes a lot of mental stress away from me during tournament days - hence why I prefer Skatha over Theron, since his games tend to be more grindy and ending with a goal. I probably will try to fit in Zarola in the 10. I think Seenah and Egret are the most likely to go, but both have their uses. So we will see I guess. If you read this far, thank you for your time and Happy Hunting!
  15. Idea for Thresher Change

    Just as an aside on that. When we are talking numbers. If we are specifically talking about Thresher (which I suppose we do given the thread name), then we should not confuse farmers winrate (or other statistics) with Thresher win rate. There is an argument that there are different players in an LCQ at steamcon too. Some players buy the new toys and stick em on the table for a fun time, then dropping for seminars, and some come prepared looking for that qualifying spot. Anyway, I would not take any super deep conclusions from just these few events. And however you want to twist it. The data are still fairly small.