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  1. Warpstoned

    To Kick or To Receive...That is the Question

    Kick with Devana I would say. Stack harriers in front of her, last light her and Frelsi flies up in front of her. She claims a lot of table space that way with how dangerous her going last with full setup can be. The tricky part is how to start turn 2 imo, because even if you do get a kill, you are not threatening that much right off the bat - and she is standing roughly 6" from their lines ready to be charged. Possibly a legendary+assist melee kill, but that leaves her pretty dead for following turns.
  2. Warpstoned

    Help with tactics vs different teams

    While the ball is nice, and Rats do take good advantage of it - it is not everything. If the opponent plays super defensive with it, just scrum and work on the take outs and condition game for at bit. Graves and Scourge scrum well, and miasma keeps knockdowns off you. Piper is no slouch at escorting people off the pitch either. If you get a take out or two the board rapidly starts to open up for you to advance on the ball as well.
  3. Warpstoned

    Help with tactics vs different teams

    Mostly by winning momentum and getting a double activation with Piper to have him go obscenely far (with 2 haunting melodies). If you kick to a guild you think they have a good ball killing (like oBrisket + tenderizer) , then maybe leave Bonesaw home I guess. vGraves can sometimes get into a good ball steal position with a late Reverie to set up before next turn, but again, that probably needs you to win initiative to be reliable too.
  4. Warpstoned

    Rat's Off to Ya, a S4 Article

    I can write up something yeah.
  5. Warpstoned

    Rat's Off to Ya, a S4 Article

    I have no super strict rules. I like to receive against ranged teams like engineers/hunters to at least get to dictate something. Or like against butchers who can either just store the ball on brisket. But Piper in general is very good at intercepting opposing strikers since his threat on the ball is very long. Rats don't have a lot of super good control effects against a good kicker. So like thresher I don't really mind kicking either. Last activation against smoke is also pretty good I think, to keep her a bit more honest. If I am unsure I just choose receive. But I agree that it is pretty close in general. And I mostly go by gut feeling. You can also vary the kick off by kicking with either Bonesaw or Piper.
  6. Warpstoned

    Are Rats to hard to begin with?

    It took a while before they started to click with me with how they wanted to play. But other than haunting melody being a bit of brain wrinkler sometimes, they have no real difficult interactions, but I would not call them an easy team no. Don't fret too hard on what other people say to swear by. Myself I haven't gotten that good of a use of new graves either, he just doesn't really fit with how I want to play. And Miasma can be huge value with her salve if you get yourself diseased up, but she is the easiest to take out, so she shouldn't be too near the front lines. In general rats are the best when momentum is low on both sides (I.e there is not a full on scrum yet), and you can start to dictate a more bit with disease + kd. They are not the best fighters in a scrum either because of rather low tac being sensitive to armor and crowd outs, and they are quite flimsy themselves. So try to be a little stand offish and go late in the turns, and try to get the opponent split up/isolated with help of Piper/Squeak, and try to play for some kd+disease control. Don't be afraid to use reverie for just the movement on Scourge/Pelage too. But in the end, if you find Rats to be an interesting puzzle, keep at it that is what keeps me around playing them - it never gets repetitive for me. But sometimes even I take some time off to play say brewers or butchers where you can relax the brain a bit more and just run screaming at the other team with big sticks.
  7. Warpstoned

    Rat's Off to Ya, a S4 Article

    There are sometimes I am not that super keen on kicking with Piper. Some teams can pass dodge a beater model forward early and force Piper to activate (and I am loathe to activate Piper early T1), or if they have ranged control plays. Or if I just feel that the opponents team have no super great ball holders to stop Bonesaw. In those cases I rather kick with Bonesaw, and put some pressure with him, and if it doesn't work out or he is threatened I can happily just reposition with him, since Piper can still make Scourge/Pelage threaten basically the whole board with reverie, so I still have stuff to do. Piper can cover a lot of ground himself too if need be with melody. 4 on Bonesaw, 6 on Piper and 3 on Scourge is a pretty normal Bonesaw kick off allocation for me and it keeps the opponent guessing.
  8. I were never all in on any strategy in s3, I have always been a "path of least resistance" guy - doing whatever seems easiest given how my opponent plays. What I did find with s3 rats were that the team heavily centered around Piper and Scourge. Piper needed to move models around (friends and enemies), make the goals happen and chase down the ball. And Scourge cash in take outs. However now the burdens are a lot more shared. With Bonesaw helping with ball pressure and his long threat means you a lot of times can get a goal without using reverie. So you are a lot more free to use Piper for other stuff, moving others around or using reverie on Scourge/graves to engage or disengage. Pipers cheaper pay the Piper is actually used now, since you can reasonably pay for it before you attack when you expect a counter. So if you miss getting a m>> you still get a momentum for standing yourself up if they KD you for example. It generally pays off several momentum too. But, Piper really wants to go late, when his repositions gets to affect already activated models. With new salve, scrummier graves and skulk with kd you are actually a lot better at scrumming properly now, it just yields fewer points. Which does feel better imo for both parties. With salve you are encouraged to be diseased yourself without being as vulnerable to kd and hence putting out a lot of momentum drain. You are however less likely to heal with your players taking damage and it being expensive (sometimes removing disease to heal is a good idea) - but it feels more thematic in any case. I have yet to be impressed with packmaster - the momentum is barely worth 2 inf on squeak. And when he wants to hit what graves have KD:d his first momentous result is on 3 (bar taking shriek for momentum) and it is just a m2, having a worse playbook, less speed, less furious, worse def stats than Vileswarm is not super great - but sometimes you get a useful shriek, so swings and round abouts I guess. I have mostly used it to let squeak run and pass actually when needed. Graves himself is solid however, so not much to complain about. Though as I am a Skulk fanboy I do not always take vgraves as other seems to deem autoinclude. Piper, Scourge and Bonesaw eats up a lot of inf and Skulk/Pelage are just allround better models at standing around and surviving/being annoying for free. My autoincludes are basically always Scourge and Bonesaw, after that I am pretty flexible (though Miasma naturally comes in a lot). I do think that the team has become better, in any case they *feel* better to use. But season 4 have seen a lot of other teams getting a power increase too. I see Bonesaw as the biggest gain for the guild. They really needed someone fast like him to counter act the loss of snackdigger.
  9. Hi guys! A bit slow in this subforum so I thought I would try to stir something up. Season 4 is now upon us in full effect. And I know people had different opinions on whether Rats got better or worse or sidegraded. But that was all theory then. So now, how have you been feeling the rats on the table now in season 4? (Good/Bad, Fun/Boring, Same/Different, Easier/Harder?) Any and all opinions are welcome I do have some opinions myself, but I will wait a bit before writing them, as I am curious how everyone else are feeling them and I don't want to put words into anyone elses mouth. Cheers /Niclas
  10. Warpstoned

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    There is only one correct choice for me. Knuckles for butchers!
  11. Warpstoned

    Trying my best not to break the NDA

    You at least have kicker momentum in S4 to clear KD. But she is much more likely to be blinded/goaded/pinned now as well. But unless she gets a better KD (which she might), she can't engage models with a low <</>> on 2 anymore. And if a model with a high >> spikes to it she can't even second wind back either. We obviously need to know her new playbook and such, but right now in a vacuum she got a lot worse, even more so into control match ups where she was most needed. But we will see how things shake out - I have faith. Boiler himself looks really good though. So better to just embrace our new lord and saviour - Captain Ox.
  12. Warpstoned

    I love Falconers

    A big difference is how they interact with 2" models. At under 3" Rundaas can shadowlike to melee and if they counter disengage can use his normal movement to engage again. With his tough hide he can also hang out in a scrum a little longer. Or if he rather just disengage with the shadowlike (unless 2" b2b) His 6th column result is gross too. As it both double taps of off a Harrier for 5 dmg, lowers defence and inflicts poison in addition it can be sent to other models if you don't need all the damage on his target. Jaecar is ofc also very good, but they do stuff a bit differently. In any case, Rundaas is a beast.
  13. Glad you like it and welcome to the rats! My normal core is Scourge, Miasma, Graves. And then I flex between Skulk and Pelage normally. Pelage is a bit better when you receive as a reverie target and can put decent hurt into some models. But if you kick you are less likely to get an early reverie. In addition Skulk is stronger against teams with strong counter attacks or unpredictable movement that Pelage doesn't get to do too much. But I mostly just go by gut feeling, both are ok. Bonesaw (pre season 4 anyway) is basically only when you receive and value his longer kick over Pelages abilities. But try stuff out and see how it works for you you learn "why" you like some models when you leave them out too.
  14. Warpstoned

    Finally Found my Next Guild

    Falconers might not be good tacklers, but they are very good at snap back goals due to the speed of models like rundaas and mataagi. In addition you have a very easy goal when you receive with Ikaros. So if you are receiving and play against someone who would like to score early too, it is not that hard to get 2 goals. 3 goals almost requires your opponent to score a second time when you are at 8vps which they are very unlikely to do. Or, you get to get to sneak in a tackle somewhere. It is certainly not impossible, I've gotten 3 goals once with them, but it feels a bit more than what you generally could expect.