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  1. Benediction the Shark destroyer

    This was just one example even if you win the momentum race on top of 2 if benny is not near anyone it would raise the risk alot if you wiff that roll or dont get the result you want it could be devastating to the fish and could potentially kill alot of influence. Out of your options for Union he is the best to slow the shark opening turn goal and top of 2 legendary.
  2. Benediction the Shark destroyer

    @Melos No problem have you had a chance to try it out or anything with him?
  3. Hemlocke in S3

    @MechMage I was trying to think of one that would push Hemlocke into the 10 condition Smoke? Ester?
  4. Hemlocke in S3

    @MechMage I run into that alot shes good but who do you drop? and is it worth dropping a staple or a model that is more efficient into multiple line ups i just dont see Hemlocke taking one of the 4 spots in any of those lineups. Do you agree? Like its such a small window of usefulness vs what u might loose.
  5. Benediction the Shark destroyer

    No to mention the ark of Red Fury and if you really really need to kill the ball for a turn Blk Hearts legendary making Benediction a 4+/2 a 4+/4 with braced and if you charge a 5+/4 on a charge good luck!!!!
  6. Benediction the Shark destroyer

    Melos How I use him is put one or two influence on him and he is extremely efficient he has the ability stop a knock down or lock down a player if he is braced or can at least kill 2 influence. What happened with me against Shark I got the ball on benediction first turn and put braced and stand firm on him in the corner which completely took away Sharks first turn pressure (which can break a fish player and stops the top of 2 legendary) he charged in with Shark I then defensive stance making Bene 4+/4 and can’t be knocked down so 2 of sharks influence wasted I then got my free counter only needing 2 success to pull shark base to base by doing this in the corner he no longer has enough influence even if he is rolling hot fire to get a goal off worst case for u he gets the ball off dodges still within Benes and maybe kicks it but leave Shark near the edge of the board without the ball locked down by Bene all favor you in any Fish match up. In my case I won the roll off and put four on him ( at this time decimate got the ball and second winded herself back in the corner) I activated Bene attacking shark who had a full stack only needing 2 influence to push 6 influence of the board get activation back in my favor I then put braced and stand firm back on myself, my next activation kick the ball to him from decimate got my free dodge with harry and she was back in the fight. This is one example how he is a monster ball killer for union especially a VRage fighting team.
  7. Benediction the Shark destroyer

    The Dojo recently won the Southeastern Team Championship and the last match of the day Benediction was my MVP keeping the ball away from shark for 2 rounds. I am curious on if anyone else used this tactic or as a fish player how do you approach getting the ball off Benediction. His ability to kill influence off ball retrieving/scoring players for 1 to 2 influence to me is the one of the most efficient ball killing players along with Naja and Mash.
  8. Fangtooth in Season 3

    I feel like he is too much of a liability for momentum farming when the strength of union for the most part is always winning the momentum race? And I do not like any player that has 1/3 influence but not bringing something to offset it like a free charge or vindictive male. All in all a 1/3 player that is a momentum farming focus point and the negative effect he can have on his own team it’s just too many Pros to Cons for me to have him in my 10 especially with Beny now.
  9. Union List-making and Power Level After 9/5/17

    My Blackheart lineups are as follows When kicking off Blackheart Mist Harry Benediction Strongbox Decimate When receiving Blackheart A&G Harry Strongbox Gutter Benediction These, of course, can be altered depending on the opponent and your game plan regular Rage is included if your going scrummy or Minx against high armor teams (Masons) you sub either in to make up for Blackhearts low damage early playbook.
  10. Tournament Cheat Sheets for Guilds

    I like also have it on players that ignore first KD,Push, or Tackle and also players that get a free counter or dodges
  11. Tournament Cheat Sheets for Guilds

    Marbles have to dealt with Wrecker? thats one nasty little ball
  12. Tournament Cheat Sheets for Guilds

    I am starting with Alchemists first one I have to play against them more than id like to admit and 2 they seem to be the top team right now with most top players running them.
  13. Tournament Cheat Sheets for Guilds

    I'm setting it or trying editing skills are playing catch up with my idea, but the goal is you show up to a game see you playing Alchemists pull the sheet out has such things as if he is running a Midas, Vitrol, regular Kat ...... fill in the blank line up look to run a blank type line up beat em up, kill ball or scoring team look out for Midas UM and watch a blank set up. Watch out for a sic em with intensity on flask or keeping lock down with Naja. So you can concentrate more on your own game plan and movement spacing and not waste so much time going over it in your head while on the clock I like the Idea of making a list for each goalkeepers and when to play them and which players they are a must play against such as Tenderiser if someone plays anyone that looks like there you opponents scoring threat that doesn't have a dodge of their own and only has a 8" kick
  14. Tournament Cheat Sheets for Guilds

    To funny you say that cause when i was starting to make a list UM and 2 inch made it to the top. 3rd was tough hide models and characters with nasty counter attacks
  15. Tournament Cheat Sheets for Guilds

    Have anything that you would want to add to your guild you run or something you look out for from a team guild you play alot?