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  1. Alexv

    Alchemist ball ideas

    I am going with the flask idea I just sculpted it but I can't attached because it doesn't fit in the standered and I took a picture of it on my phone
  2. Alexv

    Alchemist ball ideas

    Do you guys any picrues of your ball ideas I thought of perfect one so far and until I do it I will post a picture of it
  3. Alexv

    Alchemist ball ideas

    I could do the flask the ball the base make the cork and neck and paint the ball as a poison in the bottle with little cottons as smoke
  4. Alexv

    Alchemist ball ideas

    I need some ideas for the alchemist team ball the only thing I thought of was painting the ball neon green with the logo on the side and that's about it
  5. Alexv

    Just started with alchemist guold

    Thanks I'll keep those in mind but I always debate on weather or not using midas legendary play at the start of the turn or not
  6. I have all of the season one players for my alchemist guild I was wondering if I can get and tips or some advice on how to play them 50/50 scoring and killing that way when I get the season 2 characters I can expand game plays or work on one play either scoring and or killing.....this is my first mini game I ever played and I have played only two games my formation usually katalyst at end of my left then calculus then vitriol then midas then murcery then flask to finish formation and advice will really help my improvements to at least kill or even score a goal my only two games I've played lost both times never scored or killed anyone so thank you for any hints or tips or tricks I played against the masons and the unions idk who I'm playing next week but just need some help