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  1. Silly quesiton but what about less? I may not have access to many players (just my wife and i really) any ideas on a sense of progression for a 2 maybe 3 player league/campaign? Open to ideas
  2. Boze

    Season 3

    I wonder what models of each guild will be available to purchase upon S3 announcement at steamcon
  3. Thanks!!! Can't wait to get some games in
  4. Boze

    Vs Same Team

    Hey folks, been eager to get into guild ball and i may have found a group of people to play with! Lucky me! Now i found out one of the cool peeps there are already playing a team that I was interested in... do you think its important to have different teams in your group? Whats the consensus of same team match ups? Game breaking? Big deal? Would love to hear thoughts thanks! I'd like to compliment the group as much as possible ya know cheers
  5. I'll have to make my way down there, shame its a bit far from me here in Pitt Meadows
  6. Boze

    Guild Ball Demo Day + Free Play

    I had the pleasure of dropping in while I was in Toronto for work. Great store great people makes me wish I lived out here! Great job guys
  7. Boze

    Playing with a noob?

    Hey folks! very new to the game first game tonight as a matter of fact on the table witht he wife. I don't suppose anyone would be down for showing a noob the ropes? I saw a prior post about a tutorial of getting the game going on vassal which i intend on doing so i am not a complete trash noob.. lemme know!
  8. Hey there folks! Long time gamer (board games, rpgs, miniature games) and only just recently found Guild Ball! I love me some Blood Bowl so i am really interested in seeing how this game is in comparison, i just printed off the paper dolls to try the game tonight out with my wife! I expect it will be fun from the videos I have seen! Hopefully I can find some fellow peeps from Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge area to play otherwise I think i am commuting to Ladner! Lol cheers
  9. Boze

    Hello from Canada

    haah cheers! Vancouverite here! Well Pitt Meadows to be specific!